Strategic & Long-Range Planning City of Kingston March, 2000


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There is a “passion” for the area. Kingston is a gem of a city. One of the best in Canada. People love the ambiance, the natural setting, the countryside, the waterfront, the history, the heritage buildings and much more. There is a strong sense of community. We are proud of our residents, our volunteers, our community organizations and our neighbourhoods. There is a sense of entrenchment. As Will Rodgers once said, “We all love progress, its change we hate!” Nonetheless, we recognize the opportunity in pursuing fresh ideas/attitudes. There is a desire to create a new vision, plan for the future and coordinate efforts across the new municipality. Too much focus on issues and weaknesses. We need to promote our strengths among ourselves. Then, we will be better able to present our strengths to visitors and others outside our community. We are concerned with the size and scope of federal and provincial downloading of responsibilities. Substantial funding support has been lost. We are not sure how to respond to this challenge at the community level. There are specific issues that are foremost in our minds: i) transportation and accessibility ii) sustainable growth: infrastructure, protecting natural resources and rural life iii) protecting our quality of life and addressing the well being of all residents. There are strengths to build upon and opportunities to pursue: i) economic growth sectors such as tourism, knowledge-based industries/ technologies, health and education ii) arts, culture, recreation & leisure iii) heritage iv) co-ordinating the talents and energies of our people to achieve a common vision.

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Strategic & Long-Range Planning City of Kingston

Planning and developing facilities for larger area of new City .History: Canada’s first national capital .Lack of a broad vision. policy and leadership for culture & recreation .Linking economic.Resources: strong base of community groups. downtown.New partnerships/approaches .. tourism and recreation .Uneven distribution of facilities among neighbourhoods and urban/rural .International Reputation: for arts. cultural and recreation goals .. CULTURE & RECREATION .Reduced public funding for programs. culture.Opposition to Block ‘D’ proposal . institutions and neighbourhood facilities .Knowledge of residents about events is poor: need better communication to public . Our people are knowledgeable.People: diverse population with a tradition of volunteering their time and talent for the benefit of the community .Acquiring waterfront property (i. Trans-Canada Trail) Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Strategic & Long-Range Planning City of Kingston .SWOT ANALYSIS Page 3 9. 1. public transportation . B. artists and events. The challenge is to make good use of this valuable resource.Tourism: marketing the larger area of new City .Increasing user fees & taxation . experienced and brimming with interesting and innovative ideas. heritage buildings/districts.e.Community Spirit & Civic Pride . Lemoine Point) and extending trails (i.e. events and maintenance of facilities . BY TOPIC ARTS.Limited neighbourhood opportunities: recreation. waterfront.Volunteer burnout .

family-oriented services .SWOT ANALYSIS Page 4 Threats .Increased partnership activity: refocus/expand role of existing educational facilities.Competitions for new employers industries/businesses. neighbourhood level retail. recreational facilities.Focus on small businesses . parks. with other communities . privatization 2. downsizing local operations. helping organizations.Diverse population . good mix of age.People: diversity. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: LABOUR MARKET/TRAINING People: educated.Focus on growth sectors: tourism.Focus too much of local resources on Block D: negative affect on neighbourhood facilities . build stronger links with business community .Federal/Provincial retreat: reduce funding.Aesthetics: historic buildings. nature Strengths Strategic & Long-Range Planning City of Kingston . technology . matching supply and demand Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities . OUR NEIGHBOURHOODS .“Status Quo Thinking” Threats 3. diverse.Facilities: affordable housing.Aging of volunteers . research facilities Public/Private partnerships & new approaches in use Community networks and organizations Federal/Provincial downsizing Lack of broad vision & common goals Not addressing needs of neediest Lack of linkages: between training agencies and employers.Neighbourhood identities & strong traditions . young “World Class” institutions: educational. income and interests .

cost Funding cuts and downsizing Not focusing on children early enough: infant and preschool programming lacking.Aging population: skills and experience can be tapped .Linking neighbourhoods: public transportation. programs and policies from health perspective: use a “health filter” . HEALTH & OTHER INSTITUTIONS .Municipal decisions on where to spend tax dollars Opportunities Threats 4.Institutions reaching out to neighbourhoods Strategic & Long-Range Planning City of Kingston .New partnerships. roles & approaches .Neighbourhood associations: events. privatization . COMMUNITY SERVICES: EDUCATION. downsizing local operations. communications .Federal/Provincial retreat: reduce funding.SWOT ANALYSIS Page 5 Weaknesses - Increasing costs leading to affordability problem Growing gap between “Haves and Have Nots” Limited public transportation Lack of common vision/goals: between old and new neighbourhoods . roles & approaches Working in “Silos” Not communicating with “Ordinary People” Not connecting with neighbourhoods Accessibility: transportation.New partnerships. information services .New transportation routes: cutting through neighbourhoods . need parenting supports Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities .Poor development controls and property standards enforcement .Increased focus on early years of life: parenting skills & support .Neighbourhood level planning .Lack of vibrant year-round neighbourhood associations who can assist with communications. paths for cycling/walking .Evaluate planning.Strong base of institutions and programs . planning.

compact and intensified development . etc.Transportation & public transit . coordination .Natural and man-made assets: waterfront. open spaces. south of 401 .Restructuring.Community support for: programs such as recycling .Downloading responsibility for child care to municipalities 5.Healthy Lifestyles support green environment: cycling & improved trails . tourism .Privatization: loss of universality.New technology to reduce pollution: car emissions .New approaches to development/construction: recycled materials in use. institutional support .Direct growth in east-west direction.Funding cuts and government downsizing . Rideau Trail.Lack of common vision/goals for sustainable development .Compact development to date: not made mistakes of larger cities .Groundwater resource threatened .Pollution: air.Knowledge Base: ongoing research.Green wedges: along natural watercourses and rock ridges .SWOT ANALYSIS Page 6 Threats .Province not interested in protecting environment . ENVIRONMENT & SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT . funding cuts to health & education . quality control.Coordinated planning for and stewardship of larger area of new City . health.Suburban growth: into rural/agricultural/environmentally important lands . . TransCanada Trail.Focus on clean economic sectors: technology-based.Pollution of water from recreational and tourism activities Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Strategic & Long-Range Planning City of Kingston . water .

Aging population: can we meet needs? lose active volunteers .Community work by students: get them into community service at earlier age . community organizations Strong base of agencies Generosity of community A stable sector with coordination occurring Seniors/early retirees: education. experience and skills to offer Strengths Weaknesses .“Corporate giving has no place to go but up” .SWOT ANALYSIS Page 7 6. lack of coordination among organizations. COMMUNITY SERVICES: ROLE OF NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS People: volunteers.Loss of funding and restructuring/downsizing of institutions .Dumping of government responsibilities onto non-profit organizations . lack of assessment of need.Gaps in meeting needs: lack of funding.Limited understanding/poor opinion of this sector by municipal government: should be advocate for sector to other levels of government . “territorialism” .Better coordination due to larger area of new City .Low return of “usable” funds from fund-raising efforts: cynicism of givers about system of fund-raising Opportunities Threats Strategic & Long-Range Planning City of Kingston .Underestimating (not aware of magnitude of) needs of those in poverty: The Kingston Report on Poverty: A Wake Up Call for the New Millennium .Lack of long range funding: no match of funding approach to preferred long-range planning and multiyear service delivery approach .

incomes.Labour force: can convert displaced public sector workers into private entrepreneurs . ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: SECTORAL DEVELOPMENT . institutions & business . Public sector downsizing and restructuring Shortage of venture capital Transportation & public transit “Status Quo Attitude” Lack of common vision and goals Increasing gap between: skills of labour force.Well positioned to take advantage of growth sectors . etc.Inertia of government.Location on 401 corridor between Toronto and Montreal . skilled workforce .Municipal government perceived as being too slow in providing development approvals .Quality of Life as attractor . BIA.Strong economic organizations: KEDCO. Chamber. GKTC. “haves versus have-nots” .New infrastructure available: fibre optic cable . .Knowledge-base & technology: CFB Kingston is hub of armed forces communications.Affordable place to live and work . etc.Too many youth not participating in local economy .SWOT ANALYSIS Page 8 7.Aging infrastructure .Quality of Life attractive selling feature . Queen’s.Tourism not year round .Build partnerships and networks among government. community resistance to change .Tourism: strong international reputation .Educated.Strong. stable base of institutional employers (despite recent downsizing) .Larger size and resources of new City: can coordinate efforts and planning .Media not supportive: poor messages .“Brain Drain” Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Strategic & Long-Range Planning City of Kingston .

educated with new skills and involved in helping each other .Social.Lack of affordable housing including emergency shelter . cultural.Lack of understanding & trust of our young people by general public .Lack of vision that recognizes importance of youth to Kingston’s future Focus on local needs & sustainable development Redirect local tax dollars to youth needs Link educational/training services and facilities to youth Use existing buildings for emergency housing Take advantage of youth skills: technology. experience and age subgroups . government. etc.Supportive community organizations: many programs.Youth divided: by income. recreational facilities are good: drop-in centre . Boys & Girls Club. Kingston Youth Shelter Project.Lack of training & access to well paid work .Transportation & public transit: access to services and facilities can be too expensive or just not available .Poor co-ordination among services.City is listening .Youth: diverse. .Economy offers many entry level jobs: food and beverage/hospitality/tourism sector . health care . YOUTH . creative arts Match older workers with youth as mentors/advocates Increasing federal focus on youth Increasing gap between “Haves and Have-Nots” Increasing homelessness among youth Federal/Provincial program/funding cuts Institutional inertia Too many other agendas taking precedence Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Strategic & Long-Range Planning City of Kingston .SWOT ANALYSIS Page 9 8. Youth Net . organizations.Reduced programming and funding for supports to youth: counseling.

Threats Strategic & Long-Range Planning City of Kingston . etc. Women’s Institute. waterways.Taxation not related to services used: too high.Continued urban “sprawl” .Environmentally sensitive areas not protected . etc. prime agricultural land .Quality of Life . schools. .Economic strength of agriculture .Improved land use controls for new City: better direction of urban growth to urban areas and away from prime agricultural land . threatens farming . 4H. not fair.Rural voice lost politically in new. volunteer fire fighters.Decreased supply of good water .Education about value of local food supply .Self-reliant way of life Groundwater quality and quantity Smaller voice in political decisions Limited amount of prime agricultural land Loss of events such as fall fairs Lack of recognition of role and importance of agriculture by public/politicians Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities .For new City. churches. family life. RURAL LIFE & AGRICULTURE .Rural organizations and institutions: OFA. schools. spokespersons.People: volunteers.Natural assets: open spaces. larger City government . children/youth .SWOT ANALYSIS Page 10 9.Deterioration of valued services: roads. share information and create vision for urban/rural balance .

Promote healthy alternatives to car: cycling.Integrated housing: more options and better standards and enforcement.Quality of Life: natural and man-made beauty.More opportunities for age integration at facilities and in programs/services . walking paths .Seniors extend time in work force: use expertise in consulting field. products . people and family life .Not enough supportive housing . cost of taxis and special services. health) as well as housing ..SWOT ANALYSIS Page 11 10. etc.People: friendly.Contributions of seniors to community not recognized and appreciated . vibrancy of community.Build on base of existing communication networks: newsletters. .Transportation: lack of parking. cultured and diverse .Rideaucrest: great new facility with potential to meet program/service needs (i.Organizations & volunteers . etc.Good health care .e. access in rural areas .Increasing number of seniors means an increasing base of potential volunteers for community groups and activities .Integrated transit system: meet special needs within main system . etc. . SENIORS .Economic growth: increasing number of seniors who can demand and pay for services. services and programs.Good transportation: at least in urban area .Lack of targeted facilities for recreation & leisure: need seniors’ centre . cultural activities.Not enough coordination of information: senior services and programs. local control available as federal/provincial agencies withdraw from sector . Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Strategic & Long-Range Planning City of Kingston .Political power of seniors .Not enough home care .Winter Blahs: what to do? .

Good transit personnel: friendly.Full range of good transportation facilities: airport.Incidence of poverty among older seniors and particularly women growing . etc. ferries.Some buildings with special equipment: audible indicators for elevators.Lack of long term focus/vision in the community. lack of awareness by residents/consumers of services/programs Strengths Weaknesses Strategic & Long-Range Planning City of Kingston . knowledgeable.Insufficient information on what services/programs are available. more accessibility equipment . facilities.Kingston Independent Living Resource Centre .Affordable transit .Playgrounds and children’s areas still inaccessible . what do we know about future of this demographic group? . accessible washrooms.Lack of transit integration to meet special needs in the main transit fleet: use of special accessibility equipment. inter-hospital service.Elimination of Access Advisory Committee by City . accessible taxis.SWOT ANALYSIS Page 12 Threats .Insufficient coordination of what is available . helpful .Lack of access to family doctors: practices full and insufficient increase in availability of family practitioners .Good transit equipment: lots of it but is it being effectively used? . . areas: curb cuts. rail service. . etc. neighbourhoods 11.Mobility Study (1997) being implemented . ACCESS AND TRANSPORTATION . programs and facilities at a time of increasing demand .Provincial downloading and reduced funding from senior levels of government for services. friends. ramps . road system .Increasing number of accessible buildings.Funding reductions and insufficient funding for special services: Access Bus. scheduling issues .Special services: Kingston Access Bus (KAB).Increased sense of loneliness among seniors as support networks weaken among families.

Not serving poorest households. certain age groups such as youth & seniors .No growth in stock of affordable.Partnerships in use to meet needs .Diversity of housing options.SWOT ANALYSIS Page 13 Opportunities .Re-evaluate transit flows/planning/marketing and dispatch systems .Knowledge and expertise of individuals and organizations .Small but successful demonstration of non-profit housing operating without government subsidies .Standards are being reduced: Ontario Building Code changes are not stringent enough and undermine accessibility Threats 12.Many transit/transportation options have been developed in other countries/provinces that should be reviewed for use in Kingston . walking.Poor distribution of affordable housing within Kingston/ghettoizing Strategic & Long-Range Planning City of Kingston Strengths Weaknesses .Good urban transportation . HOUSING .Ensure that accessibility needs are being considered in the current transportation study being conducted (integrate 1997 Mobility Study) . households with special needs.Affordable for large segment of population including lower middle income households . affordable housing .Loss of subsidies for accessible taxis .Reinstate Access Advisory Committee .Municipality take greater role in ensuring development of accessible. Good quality housing .Need more private sector participation in affordable projects .Land available for housing development .“Can’t expect housing to take care of itself” .Lack of seed capital for affordable housing projects . wheelchairs .Look at healthy alternatives: pathways for cycling. non-profit housing despite increasing demand .Integrated transit service: can now address rural/urban integration as well .

University students consume a large quantity of older. .Develop a Kingston Housing Strategy with 10-15 year horizon . maintenance is poor Opportunities .Slow approval processes/regulatory requirements a barrier ..Land available .Knowledge of general population of housing needs and issues is poor .Poor attitudes towards affordable housing/ NIMBY .Downloading allows local control of issue/decisionmaking .Suburban development form does not address affordability .e.Make good use of local expertise (i. urban housing: demand drives up prices.Build partnerships between private and non-profit landlords to address common issues and better serve low income households .Aging Infrastructure Threats Strategic & Long-Range Planning City of Kingston .Explore success stories in other jurisdictions for options .Instability caused by forced restructuring and amalgamations of organizations . Task Force) to develop and implement strategy . etc.Develop more alternative transportation options: cycling path. migration .SWOT ANALYSIS Page 14 .Federal/provincial downloading: RGI component of projects in danger . economic restructuring.Increasing demand for housing that must be affordable/meet special needs: demographic trend to older age groups.

churches working to support newcomers and to promote participation in community life .community television .Proactive economic strategy for employment and entrepreneurship among newcomers .Good heritage designation process with guidance/advice to owners .Have retained large number of heritage buildings in tact .Strong organizations representing heritage interests .Elitism . Folk Arts Council.People: a helping community. relationship to waterfront Strengths Strategic & Long-Range Planning City of Kingston . attractive feature for new residents.Use media .Too many small pockets of people not melding into larger community life .Organizations such as KDIS. MULTICULTURALISM . knowledgeable persons .Need to promote multicultural activities/events .Lack equal opportunity/access to jobs: need strategy/policies to recruit newcomers into local jobs .Migration adds new professionals and business persons to community .to reach/integrate ethnic groups .Other cities/larger urban areas are more attractive to newcomers Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats 14.Increasing awareness and appreciation of local heritage/national importance .Diversity enriches cultural life of community.Recognize economic value: tourism.SWOT ANALYSIS Page 15 13. adds to vibrancy . HERITAGE .

boating/sailing.Vibrant/vital area: day and night .Decreasing funding from federal/provincial levels .Attitude that heritage interests are “status quo” interests: a hurdle to be overcome .People: experienced and committed business persons.Do more with waterfront: cycling paths.Lack of professional heritage planning staff at City Hall .Unnecessary conflict between heritage and development interests: could be reduced by closer attention to comprehensive policies for heritage and downtown/waterfront development Opportunities Threats 15.Develop a heritage strategy for all of the new.“Abandonment of heritage policies by provincial government” .Economic.Not an important “political” issue .SWOT ANALYSIS Page 16 Weaknesses - Rural areas not as well protected Official Plan policies are not always followed as intended Need greater long range planning Not always doing best job of integrating new development with heritage buildings . linking facilities such as museums and Fort Henry .Promote ‘First Capital’ .Integrate business/development interests to achieve balanced review of proposals affecting heritage buildings/sites: heritage policy . role in tourism.Co-ordinate heritage groups . CITY CENTRE/DOWNTOWN . young and old live in and use downtown . larger area of the City of Kingston: urban/rural integration .Development proposals take too long to deal with: frustration by all interests .Could do better at evaluating the potential economic benefit of heritage: market heritage as tourism opportunity .Organizations: BIA/Downtown Kingston! Strategic & Long-Range Planning City of Kingston Strengths . cultural and social hub . friendly customer service.Connections: waterfront and unique services such as ferries. heritage .

Need better control of signage.Transportation problems: pedestrian/auto conflicts. convention & entertainment facilities outside of downtown . Block ‘D’.Move ahead with developments: Kingston Museum. seen as cultural/heritage destination . traffic bottlenecks and planning . big meeting facilities. ‘friendly’ parking controls .Dispersal of activities: too many malls. niche shopping: independent shop owners Events .Need better enforcement of planning policies & design guidelines for historic area .Lack long range vision/action statement for downtown that recognizes its preeminent role as the retail hub of the City .People: living.More pathways for walking.Lack of: parking.Vision for waterfront: will new developments detract from downtown? Opportunities Threats Strategic & Long-Range Planning City of Kingston .Transportation/transit does not keep up with demand . increase social/cultural activity . cycling . transit . outdoor theatre. .Infrastructure aging/maintenance requirements .Seasonal shifts: winter blahs .Better transportation/transit planning and service . Convention Centre etc. working and playing downtown. appropriate waterfront development.Loss of independent shopkeepers/unique product lines/quality of downtown shopping .Expand entertainment district .Greater international tourism: expand to year round. road maintenance.SWOT ANALYSIS Page 17 Weaknesses Safe & Livable Attractive Streetscapes Unique.

Conflicts between traditional farm practices and expectations of new residents: smells from livestock operations . representation on Council is too small.Safety issues relating to hunting: with guns and bows .Concerns with changes to drainage patterns .Groundwater supply/lack of piped water services . long-time residents: care about area. do bureaucrats understand rural issues.Buried infrastructure: hydro lines . rural ambiance .Government policies that undermine farming .Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area/Authority . By Neighbours Talking RURAL NEIGHBOURHOODS .Attitude that Kingston stops at 401: rural residents are citizens too. friendly.Quiet..e.Improved policing: response times . close knit communities .Agricultural land and local food production . resident associations.Poor public transit .Lack of community focal points for people to meet and talk: community centres .Pressure for urban development .Cost of Kingston Access Bus . self-reliant. 1.SWOT ANALYSIS Page 18 C. etc .Fairmount Home . need one-stop centres for municipal services .Distance to medical services in an emergency . Women’s Institute.Stable.Natural areas: open spaces. 4H.Grass Creek Park .Garbage dumped along roads Strengths Weaknesses Strategic & Long-Range Planning City of Kingston . privacy .Community and volunteer groups such as firefighters.Road improvements and maintenance (i.Severance’s .Taxes too high for services received . snow plowing) needs to be improved .

Traffic and policing issues .More economic growth: home-based businesses .Build ‘one city’ attitude starting at City Hall and with media . Boys & Girls Club.Hold Town Hall meetings in rural locations . sense of community and helping hands.Expropriations of land for public uses: utilities Threats 2. arts & cultural .Rural tourism .Better policies to balance rural/urban realities .Tourist district along Ontario Street .Support volunteers to improve neighbourhoods .People: volunteers.Need a balanced budget from City Hall . socio-economic mix .Multi-culturalism.Improve transit with ‘Park & Go’ at Fairmount Home . Better Beginnings. URBAN NEIGHBOURHOODS .Growth of farm operations to serve urban population .and at what cost to build? .Integrate community facilities into malls and other private sector developments . North Kingston Strategic & Long-Range Planning City of Kingston Strengths . buskers.Limited funding for conservation . .Compact downtown shopping area .Erosion of resources such as groundwater .Do not extend Sir John A Blvd north of 401: limit overpasses along 401 that will divide neighbourhoods .SWOT ANALYSIS Page 19 Opportunities .Urban sprawl .Lack of infrastructure – water & sewer .Events such as those held in Confederation Park.Decision-makers who do not understand/appreciate rural heritage and strengths .Go to GPS system for fire/medical emergencies: get rid of 911 .Community organizations: Salvation Army.Tax increases .Beautiful waterfront: open to residents and tourists to enjoy .Need new strategy for dealing with garbage .Heritage buildings .

Bicycle paths / market / theatre / restaurants in downtown core .City Council divisive: lack focus . Ottawa .Loss of heritage sites .More tourism: more marketing (i.e.Welfare costs high .Absentee landlords not maintaining their buildings .Hospitals: split authority.Open Spaces such as Lemoine Point . Lawrence College .Access to “Rails to Trails” therefore cross-country trails and bicycle trails .Negative image of some neighbourhoods: affects services by city.Queen’s University and St.SWOT ANALYSIS Page 20 Community Health Centre.Inadequate bus service: need smaller shuttle buses and more frequent service.Support existing businesses to stay and grow . CD-Rom.Improve existing recreational facilities Strategic & Long-Range Planning City of Kingston Opportunities .Poor maintenance of neighbourhood recreational facilities .Not enough parking downtown . shorter routes . internet) .Usefulness of neighbourhood associations for communication and consultation Weaknesses .Location: within 2 hours driving time of larger urban centres – Toronto..More information on activities in Kingston and less assumption of local knowledge (to aid increased tourist participation) . restructuring. Montreal. churches .People: volunteers .Sewage problems: overflows into harbour . police .Traffic congestion in downtown .Need more connections from airport . videos.No large conference/entertainment facility .Performing Arts Centre on Block ‘D’: “a public use for a public space” . lack of doctors .Need to address safety of neighbourhoods: Neighbourhood Watch .Employers such as penitentiaries .Building high rise building along waterfront that block views .Blending heritage and modern technology: ‘smart city’ . Pathways.

Increase tree plantings .Small merchants can’t compete with large corporations .Urban sprawl Revised March 10.Building new facilities (i..Build on strengths in health and educational to create jobs: knowledge-based industries Threats . arenas) without adequate parking .Private control of waterfront . housing.Official plans for neighbourhoods such as Portsmouth Village (1980’s special study.e. resulting in increase in crime per capita . involve community) . 2000 Strategic & Long-Range Planning City of Kingston .Strategic Plan for all of new municipality that has broad support of citizens .Under-funded home care .SWOT ANALYSIS Page 21 .Hospital restructuring: reduced hospital sites to one .Infrastructure: address sewage overflows into harbour .Provincial/Federal cutbacks: services.Too many prisons with prisoners and families moving into city. job training .

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