Gwen is visiting her cousin, Findabhair, in Ireland.

Since they were kids, they have loved Irish mythology and have tried to find a doorway to another world called Faerieland. Now that they are sixteen, they travel to Tara, the ancient seat of the High Kings in Ireland, in search of adventure.While they are there, the cousins challenge an ancient law by sleeping in a fairy mound. That night the King of Faeries, Finvara, comes to take them away. Since he is King of Dreams, he comes to them in their sleep and asks them to come with him. Findabhair says yes, but Gwen refuses. Therefore, since he is bound by an ancient law, the King only takes Findabhair, leaving Gwen to wake up wondering about her cousin's safety. Gwen decides to rescue her cousin but realizes she is happy. Gwen does not want her to stay with the faeries because they are up to something. Gwen tries to continuously find the Faeries, which is hard because she has to face many challenges created by the king. She meets many good friends, including a businessman named Mattie o Shea, Katie, a farm girl, Darius a king of an island, and even befriends the second in command of the Faeries, Midir.When she finally catches up with the faeries fast pace, she learns that either her cousin or her must be the sacrifice to an evil creature known as Crom Cruac, the Great Worm. Her cousin volunteers to be the sacrifice, upsetting Gwen and the King of Faeries, who has fallen in love with her. In the end, with the help of many friends, Findabhair decides not to be sacrificed, but to be the first person ever to fight Crom Cruac. With their friends by their sides, Findabhair and Gwen attack the Great Worm after being equipped for battle by the Land of Light. However, after a while Findabhair gets blasted with poison from the serpent and falls unconscious. The King of Faeries, in a desperate act of love, gives himself up as the sacrifice. He is greatly mourned, and Midir becomes king. The friends decide to meet in a year.After a year, they meet again and reminisce. Then they suddenly hear music. As they search for the source of the music, they find Finvarra, alive. The worm had only taken his immortality instead of killing him, and now the faerie was mortal and without memory. They understand that it´s going to be hard for the king, because of his loss, but overjoyed and they promise to explain everything to him.

“I’ll have a bit of everything please. She had failed her second test. As for the desserts. Findabhair cares for Finvarra (the king of faeries) and her cousin Gwen while Gia cares for her family. friends. Gwen shuddered and sighed. and brave Reminds me of my cousin Gia. There were chicken stuffed with raisin and chestnuts. Explanation. “Eat no food and drink no wine if you wish to return to your home again. the company burst into rituos applause. nest of quails’ eggs and prawns.” In a matter of seconds her plate was heaped high. Gwen groaned at the unfairness of the trial. Dancing. Stunning convections of marbled cakewith layer upon layer upon layer of icing. “Let the feasting commence. There was cold dark chocolate mousse that frothed like cream. She knew she was facing her most perilous test.” All things delicious and imaginable had appeared. Findabhair Dull. Pyramids of fruit spilled into tiers of nuts so that the soft ripe skins of grapes and cherries burst against the hard brown shells of filberts and walnuts. . She savored her first bright. Caring. All her favorite foods were here. and mountains of pink lobster.Gwen goes to a faerie ball and fails the second test.Strawberries covered in cream and dusted with brown sugar. The moment she swallowed. pretty. Inside Gwen’s alarm bells were ringing. Gwen’s knees went weak at the sight of them. The center-piece was a whole roasted pig with an apple in its mouth. A huge hush fell over the assembly. Beside it stood a shellfish fantaia like a castle of coral dripping with sea flowers. Fighting Findabhair dances at the faerie’s balls while Gia loves dancing anywhere. Did the king know food was her weakness? The feast was laid out was a temptation itself. There was pears dipped in melted chedder and cucumber cups stuffed with crabmeat. All eyes watched. on the other side of the court the king clapped his hands. roast duck with shallots. and stuffed animals.At that very moment. Findabhair fights the great worm Crom Cruac while Gia fights with her brother all the time.” Midir’s whisper was urgent as he passed behind Gwen.

Author Katie flying arrows at Crom Cruac Finvarra and Findabhair fighting Crom Cruac .

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