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Mate Dugandzic likes a good read!
and other things you didn’t know about our star no. 23

I’m so glad I don’t play for Victory any more... the way these guys rip into them.

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A word from the Editor
ell, well, well. Eight matches to go, and Heart is sitting in fifth place. If you told us we’d be there in round five, we would have laughed. If you told us we’d be there in round thirteen, we would have cried. But all in all, it seems about right for the season we’ve had. Our awful stretch at the start is long behind us, and the boys look unlikely to hit such a patch again, but our winning streak also looks a long time in the past. Injury to Fred has taken some of our midfield sting, and the departure of Adrian Madaschi has left us a little disorganised at the back - the results have borne this out - and now we are without everybody’s favourite future Socceroo Aziz Behich, as well as Mate Dugandzic and Jason Hoffman, who are on Olyroos duty. Tonight will be Heart’s toughest derby yet, and despite our recent results, the team must take confidence from the Visitor’s poor run of form and ongoing backroom drama. Expect things to get very edgy out there. Onwards and upwards. In edition 4 we have some cracking stuff for you. Another “real proper writer”, Tony Wilson, lends Schip Happens! his pen on page 6, and opens up about Heart’s devastating impact on his wife’s love for him. On page 13, Mate talks about his love for KFC and Mountain Dew, and we find out just what his favourite literary work is. And we have yet another special centrefold for the derby - this time dedicated to the third most-famous Costa Rican (behind luminaries Francisco Amighetti and Claudia Poll), Carlos “Juan Tonne” Hernandez. Remember, if you have a tale to tell, a review to write, or a picture to paint, send it to us at Allez les Coeurs! Luke James

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4 Letters to the Editor 5 Preview: Melbourne Heart v Visitors 6 Heart Ruined My Wife by Tony Wilson 8 Bits and Blogs 9 Change of Heart 2: The Transplant 10 The Biggest Loser 12 Jonny’s Football Quiz, Twitter Twatter 13 Q&A with Mate Dugandzic 14 3rd Kit’s a Winner 16 febfast 2012 19 The Derby Crossword 20 Today’s Squads



Uncanny I was watching an episode of the Irish comedy series ‘Father Ted’ and it occurred to me that the Father Jack character had an uncanny resemblance to Visitors’ manager Jim Magilton. Was Jim an actor before he went into football management? Ardol Hi Ardol, We are not sure if Jim was an actor, but we know he is doing a poor rendition of a football manager at present. Ed Bitter litterer I was at the derby game on 23 Dec and as I collected my issue of Schip Happens!, a Melbourne Visitors supporter also took one. When he got to the top of the steps I saw him rip up the magazine and throw it on the floor. What do you think upset him – A. The front page saying that there are two teams in Melbourne; both red B. The Losers logo on page 2 C. He realised that it was not a picture book and had far too many words with more than 5 letters? Anyway, congratulations on a fine read and also for being able to upset Visitors fans so quickly. Tom Roberts Tom, I suspect it coud be all three reasons. We try our best. Ed
Jim Magilton

Sleeping with the enemy I was intrigued by the ‘Change of Heart’ photos of Melbourne Visitors fans attending Heart games in the last issue of Schip Happens!. At the last three home games v Perth, CCM and Brisbane, I have noticed Visitors fans sitting with the away fans. How puzzling to see them celebrating when the away team scored. Do they not realise that they are actually celebrating teams moving above their team on the ladder? It would be like Liverpool fans sitting with Man Utd supporters in the away end at Man City and celebrating a United goal against the blues. Unbelievable. Jason Best not to think too much Jase – God knows they don’t. Ed Fanzine a hit Was at the last derby and picked up a copy of Schip Happens! First time I’ve seen it (although I attend every game as a foundation member) - perhaps you got distribution better organised this time. Great job, really good read ... funny and plenty of info. Keep it coming. Jeff Fisher Thanks Jeff, we aim to please. Now get those articles coming in to us. Ed.

Match Preview Heart v Visitors by Aaron Petrucci
espite the Heart’s season stalling after an incredible run of seven wins in eight games, the team and John van ‘t Schip still have many positives to take into today’s derby. Heart keeper Clint Bolton, who recently moved into second place for all-time national league appearances, is in career-best form, and wing-backs Behich and Marrone have revelled in their midfield roles under JVS’ 3-4-3 formation, pushing forward to shoot and support the strikers. A demanding schedule, injuries to Fred, Srhoj and Germano, and Madaschi’s departure to Korea have given youngsters Sarkies, Hoffman and Williams the opportunity to establish themselves in the starting line-up, and all three have impressed despite the dip in results. Credit must lie with coach JVS, who persisted with the Heart’s attacking formations, and his faith in the players nearly paid off with an outstanding performance against the league leaders Central Coast before a late goal robbed the team of a deserved victory. This was followed up with another quality performance against defending champions Brisbane Roar. Bolton, four time NSL/A-league winner, recently felt that Heart was losing intensity and letting opposition players have “a sniff that you’re letting up on them”. Victory in particular needs no more than a sniff of weakness to take the initiative on derby day. Armed with new coach Jim Magilton who claims to play an attractive brand of passing football, navy-blue supporters demand revenge after feeling like the turkey over Christmas. While Heart can play well and lose, Victory can play very badly and win. So just who is Jim Magilton? Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Magilton was known as a talented midfielder who spent over 15 years and played 580 games in the English football leagues, most notably alongside English international Matt LeTissier at Southampton in the Premier League from 1994-97. A natural box-to-box ball fetcher and carrier, he also made 52 appearances for Northern Ireland and scored five goals. His first managerial role was at Ipswich Town, a club he played for from 1999-2006. He lifted the Tractor Boys to eighth position in his second season, narrowly missing the 2008 play-offs for the Premier League. The following season he was sacked, but was quickly picked up by Queens Park Rangers. He left that position within six months after reportedly head-butting a player in a dressing room. After treading water as assistant manager at Ireland’s Shamrock Rovers, he was signed as Victory caretaker coach for the remainder of this season. He has shown passion for the Victory cause by celebrating their goals like a fan, and his half-time thrashing of the players in Perth shows his determination for the team to improve.

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Aloisi 10, Terra 56; Kruse 37 Sibon 10; Kruse 12, 28, Srhoj og 54 Aloisi 10, Terra 56; Kruse 37, Srhoj

Heart 2-1 Victory

AAMI Park. Att: 25,897 AAMI Park. Att: 23,059 Etihad Stadium. Att: 32,231 Etihad Stadium. Att: 39,309 AAMI Park. Att: 26,579

Heart 1-3 Victory Heart 2-2 Victory Heart 0-0 Victory

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A Thompson 21, Hernandez 90

Heart 3-2 Victory M Thompson 37, 39;



Author, tv and radio presenter and Victory fan Tony Wilson gives his view from the other side.

She said that she preferred the Heart colours, that she liked the Heart’s name.
missed, Harry missed and the game swung so comprehensively your way that by the thirty-minute mark it was almost embarrassing. There’s Only One Team in Melbourne, the Brigadiers sang hopefully below me, even as the wrong Thompson kept burying chances. I admired our supporters pluck, I admired their choral cohesion, but this time I didn’t share the sentiment. For game-plan, work-rate, intensity, finish and results, we were being blown off the park. Only one team in Melbourne? That night, we were doing your heckling for you. Tonight, though, it’s a new match, a fresh derby, and every football fan in the city will be rejoicing for the fact that there are two teams in Melbourne. There’s us - the establishment, with our blueblood playing roster and overblown sense of entitlement. And you - the upstarts, with your younger sibling insecurity and our Fred! Give us back our Fred! And while you’re at it, give me back my wife!
Tony Wilson is the author of Australia United. To purchase a signed book for $10 plus postage, contact him at tony@tonywilson. or on Twitter @byTonyWilson. Australia United is reviewed in ‘Bits and Blogs.’ We have 2 copies to give away to Heart fans. See page 8.


football tribe, the one which daren’t speak its name aloud in this esteemed red and white publication, it is our ability to sing. We’re North End, we’re North End, we’re North End over here! We’ve sung that since year one of the A-League, beckoning our South End brethren to answer, relocating the chant from Olympic Park to Etihad Stadium to AAMI Park without fear nor favour as to whether the North End is actually in the north, or the South End is actually in the south. We’ve sung Oh Melbourne is! We’ve sung the minimalist Archie Thompson, de de de de, and lately, the Blue and White Brigade has even been dabbling with the Triumphal March from Aida, which is classy and operatic, and quite frankly, considerably better than anything you scumbags have pumped out on the song front. Damn. It’s only paragraph two and I’ve already accidentally called you ‘‘scumbags’’. I don’t really mean it. Although you do have to admit Victory the Brave is better than Underneath the City, which resembles the sort of melancholy dirge you might belt out after nine hours on the booze when last drinks have been called at the Irish theme pub, and your wife has just telephoned through to say that she’s leaving you. Okay, that’s a bit harsh. But I am feeling none too charitable towards the Heart. It actually has a bit to do with my wife. You see, I think she might be in love with ... no, it’s too terrible to admit ... at the very least she has a crush on ... should I go public with this? Okay, I’ll be out with it. I think my wife, Tamsin Wilson, has the hots for John van ’t Schip. My suspicions were first raised when I returned from the World Cup in South Africa, where I had been filming

If there’s one thing I admire about my

one-minute pieces for the SBS comedy show Santo, Sam and Ed’s Cup Fever. Tam and the kids picked me up from the airport, and after the tearful reunion, I waited a diplomatic 45 seconds before asking which of my segments she’d liked the best. “The one in which I was dressed up as the pirate Barbarossa?” I proffered. “That one was okay.” “The one where we chanted ‘Where’s your Montenegro’ to the Serbian fans?” “Yes ... although ... “ “What about the one with the South American commentators competing to see who could summon the longest ‘goooooooooal’.” She nodded distractedly. We were about to move off topic when Tam inexplicably dragged it back. “You know what segment I did enjoy. Their interview with the new Heart coach – John van something-orother. He seemed very ... nice. And he had a cute accent.” “Van ’t Schip,” I told her curtly. “He’s Dutch. You know if you marry him your surname will have a bewildering apostrophe and lower case ‘v’ in it.” “I’m not going to marry him,” Tam said reassuringly, before following up less reassuringly with, “As if he’d want to marry me,” as though that was the real stumbling block to the negotiation. Nevertheless, she did start barracking for the Heart. She said that she preferred the Heart colours, that she liked the Heart’s name. But I saw through these little red and white lies. I took to approaching her with pin-ups of Ernie Merrick. “Look at the bone structure,” I’d say. “How can you not admire that blotchy Scottish complexion?” But my wife was van ’t Schipwrecked in a delusional world of cute mispronunciations and preternaturally tanned skin.

Is Harry upset by the noise, Dad’s hat or the colours? No, he just wants his Mummy‘s team.

The fight now is for the allegiance of the kids. I’m so far holding the day by plying them with blue and white merchandise and playing Victory the Brave on repeat during every car trip. It’s been a heady cocktail, and every screamed request for “Victory Song!” is taken as just that, a victory. I’ve been dragging them to matches, investing twenty-odd dollars in decidedly average half-time fish and chips, all in the hope of consolidating their enthusiasm for Archie and Harry and everyone’s favourite chicken impresario, Roddy Vargas. It’s been moderately successful, although my two-year-old Harry is terrified by the noise when we score (picture inset). Which, by the way, HARDLY EVER HAPPENS! It’s been such a disappointing season. I remember watching the December derby, the one in which we dominated for twenty minutes, but then Carlos missed the penalty, Archie



Bits and Blogs
Reviews of football paraphernalia
Book Australia United by Tony Wilson
In Australia United, Tony Wilson recounts his month-long trip of a lifetime to follow the Socceroos at the 2006 World Cup finals in Germany. He begins with Aloisi’s priceless penalty against Uruguay, shares the agony and the ectasy of the three group games, the dejection of the Italy defeat and concludes with his experience as a neutral at the final in Berlin. But it’s not just a book about football or being a football fan.There are plenty of diversions and distractions both cultural and comical along the way. Think Bill Bryson (Neither Here nor There) meets Nick Hornby (Fever Pitch): part-diary, part travelogue by a football-obsessive with a self-deprecating sense of humour but with a knack of telling it from a unique, Australian perspective. He explains the quest to deliver a pack of Cherry Ripes to Harry Kewell, meeting an indifferent Shane Warne and Les Murray and the punch-up between Sam Newman and a Socceroo fan in a beer hall. And there’s the chants– like ’Your shirt is a tablecloth’ and ‘You’re s__t but your chicks are hot’ to the Croatian fans. Most of all, for those of us that will probably never experience a World Cup at first hand, Australia United explains vividly what it was like to be in the thick of the World’s greatest sporting, cultural and social carnival. Robinho
We have two copies of Australia United to give away. Send a message to with your reason why we should send a copy to you.

More confused fans wearing Visitors’ shirts have been appearing at Heart games in recent weeks.

Blog Kickette
Kickette claims to be “For those who love the players as much as they love the game”, and it certainly lives up to its motto. It blurs the line between website and blog (slog?), and is aimed particularly at the ladies who love football. The articles are written “by a small but perfectly formed crack team of female journalists, fashionistas and debauchery-chasing champagne swillers,” as they put it. There is a strong focus on European footballers, their WAGs, and whoever they deem sexy at the mo (Cesc Fabregas seemingly a major favourite). The site features several new posts a day, usually based on photos of players and their wives and girlfriends, and also features interviews, exclusives, and the all-important Style Files. Luke James

Andy (left) is a Visitors’ fan and Heart member and attends most of both teams’ home games. He treated Adrian and Gaby to the recent Perth game. Will they be coming back? “Yes, definitely, and not just for the derby.”

Natalie (right) was at Derby 5 and was the guest of a generous and enterprising Heart fan who is attempting to ‘turn’ her. She enjoyed reading Schip Happens! and says she wished more Visitors’fans had a sense of humour like her.

Website 2 up-top
“The online mag about everything that’s important in life” – that’s how 2 up-top bills itself. And what are the most important things in life? Well, according to these guys, footy, music and movies. Run out of the UK, this site features your usual mix of interviews and reviews, although Anorak’s Corner will help you embrace your inner nerd. The lads at 2 up-top aren’t afraid to share their twisted sense of humour either (check out Blog from the Bog, but be warned, the language ain’t exactly what you’d hear at the vicarage). Luke James

Michael (left) was spotted at the post-Derby 5 celebration party at the Olympic Suite. He seemed happy with the result. He’s also a Schip Happens! reader so onya Michael.
Have you spotted any confused iindividuals? Send your photos to




It’s a team effort boys and girls. Hold up your ‘hungry’ signs to distract the Visitors’ Costa Rican Carlos ‘Juan Tonne’ Hernandez when he’s waddling through on goal, just ballooned a sitter, or during his customary 60th minute substitution.



Jonny’s football quiz
1. 2. Heart striker Mate Dugandzic previously played for which A-League club? He is a former Dutch international, he played for Ajax, Inter Milan and Arsenal, but suffered from aviatophobia (a fear of flying). Who is he? 3. Which Bundesliga club is sponsored by the multi-national pharmaceutical and chemical company Bayer AG? 4. Edison (often Edson) Arantes do Nascimento is better known as who? 5. And, having got that answer right, can you name the only two clubs he played for during his senior career? 6. Who did Heart supporters choose as their ‘Player of the Year’ for season 2010-2011? 7. Which club won the English Premier League in season 2010-2011? 8. Who won the A-League’s ‘Golden Boot’ award for season 2010-2011? 9. Has Germany ever won the World Cup? 10. When did UEFA and FIFA introduce the ‘penalty shootout’?
1. Melbourne Victory 2. Dennis Bergkamp 3. Bayer 04 Leverkusen 4. Pelé 5. Santos (Brazil) and the New York Cosmos (U.S.A.) 6. Aziz Behich 7. Manchester United 8. Sergio van Dijk of Adelaide United 9. In fact, no. The three titles won by a German team were won by West Germany. 10. 1970

Q & A with Mate Dugandzic
Star sign: Libra Nickname: Dugaz Favourite film: The Usual Suspects Favourite TV show: Seinfeld Favourite book: TV guide and Schip Happens! Favourite food: Kebabs, preferably chicken Favourite holiday destination: Croatia Favourite thing about Melbourne: The cafés, the food and the lifestyle Least favourite thing about Melbourne: The weather McDonalds or KFC: KFC, always with Mountain Dew. But Red Rooster chips are good as well Australian Rules or Rugby League: I’m more into basketball or American football, but Aussie Rules If Heart could sign anyone in the world, I would choose? Jay-Jay Okocha, or Dennis Bergkamp, or Messi. My hero when growing up was: Michael Jordan If I could have a beer with anyone in history, it would be: Michael Jordan

@MelbourneHeart CEO @Scott_Munn is participating in Feb Fast - To pledge your donation and support this cause, follow the link @Shime04 Simon Colosimo Good luck @kristiansarkies who’s attitude could never be questioned whilst he waited for his chance to get a start. #youra%#^^>€£*sarkies !! @JHoff28 Jason Hoffman Thanks ppl. Just ticked over 1000 followers. #dontknowhow Haha @adrian_zahra Adrian Zahra Thanks for all the support peeps Feeling

really good @MelbourneHeart so can’t wait to be back in the starting 11.. Patience is still needed @bootsa22 Clint Bolton @mishoes yes I do think I suffer from forgetfulness...too many concussions as a kid will do that to ya... @notjosemourinho notjosémourinho Aquarius:as brilliant & charismatic as you are, dark forces marshall against you. The darkest hour is before dawn. Vengeance will be yours. @WayneRooney Wayne Rooney Must be difficult to ref this game. Madrid v Barca

The Worm missed the first few games of the season but is now back in the squad and on form. He has burrowed down somewhere in the pages of Schip Happens! Can you find him? Answer on page 18.

One club I would never play for is: Manchester United My football ritual/ superstition is: I always listen to songs before a game, like Blue Blood by Foals. My celebrity man-crush is: Luke Perry, because he was like the Fonz.



eferring to football strips, Martin Tyler once said if you look great, you feel great and if you feel great you are more likely to play great, or words to that effect. The Heart players certainly looked great and played great(ly) in their new charcoal-coloured kit, but could not finish in front of goal and one defensive lapse in concentration in the 89th minute gifted the league leaders an undeserved win. Not the kit’s fault, surely? Remember when Manchester United played Southampton in “the grey kit they couldn’t see”? It was April 1996, and Southampton blitzed the Red Devils 3-0 by half-time. Leftwinger Lee Sharpe recalled his gaffer’s reaction, saying: “The manager just stormed in and said ‘Get that kit off, you’re getting changed’.” Those were the first words he said at half-time. “Our results had been poor whenever we wore it, and we certainly never played in it again.” Heart will never play in their grey kit again either. But not because they failed to see each other on the field, or for superstitious reasons, or that they eventually lost. More importantly, unlike the United kit, Heart looked magnificent in their grey shirts, white shorts and grey socks with red and white turn-downs. Third kits have always been questionable. More recently they have been a way for clubs to leverage merchandising sales. The Heart third kit is the culmination of a club initiative in conjunction with new apparel partner ISC, which offered supporters the chance to be “part of the on-field team and submit their design for a ‘Third Jersey’.” The winning design would be worn by Heart during the Central Coast Mariners home game only, and a limited number of shirts would be available for fans to buy from Heart merchandising outlets. After the announcement of the competition last year, both the Yarraside and Red and White Unite forums* were peppered with fans’ shirts ideas, with charcoal grey - the Yarraside adopted colour - featuring in many solutions. The club Facebook page displayed dozens of the entrants and three shirts, by Heart members Steve Forbes, Sam Adra and Maxim Shevchuk, were eventually chosen by the club as finalists. The final showcase was then judged by a panel including then captain Simon Colosimo and Socceroo legend John Aloisi, I suspect with the approval of ISC.

The A–League’s first fan-designed kit inspires the supporters, but the players have a grey day.
By Robinho
Forbes was the winner and had been an early front-runner on the Heart social media pages. He had been designing shirts before the competition was announced. Forbes explains: My shirt design started 12 months before the club’s announcement, on a supporters forum discussion around potential sponsors for the club, throwing around ideas about who the future sponsor would be after a move from Reebok. During this conversation I made up around 12 to 15 examples of what each shirt would look like - whether it was Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Puma, or even Errea. One of them in particular was very popular from the start, and so when the competition was announced I already had a shirt available and ready for submission. Originally, it was to replace the away strip to provide more contrast to the home strip by using grey and red instead of white and red. I also thought that using a red and white dual sash was respectful to the original away shirt, and also made reference to the red and white stripes of the home shirt. When the third strip competition was announced, I decided to make a few tweaks to suit the ISC template. I changed the collar, as well as changing the Westpac logo to their traditional red and white colours. My design was one of three finalist designs - both of which would have been deserving winners - but in the end I was lucky enough to win the competition and have my shirt worn against the Central Coast in January. The produced shirt looks amazing - I was quite impressed how well ISC have kept to my design. Often these kinds of things need a few tweaks, but they’ve done a really good job to stay true to the design. I’m really excited to see it used in the game. Hopefully it has good luck! The shirt did not prove to be lucky on the field in that single game, but the kit has inspired the fans, with the first 150 limited edition shirts selling in 36 hours online, and a further 100 being made available for the CCM game. Scott Munn explained that the small manufacturing run of 250 (plus 50 for the players) meant that it came with the hefty price tag of $130. He also indicated that the competition may run again next year, so be inspired and start designing early.
* Yarraside and Red and White Unite forums are now united under one banner at




Above: Just some of the 3rd kit designs including finalists Steve Forbes (1), Sam Adra (2) and Maxim Shevchuk (3).

Show support for your club and create avatars on Facebook and twitter of your favourite HAL, EPL, MLS or national team.



febfast 2012
Sign up to beat the boss
ver wanted to take on the boss and walk away with all three points? Here’s your chance. Heart CEO Scott Munn has put down the drinks for 29 days and signed up to febfast, a national fundraising initiative which challenges people to send their grog on holiday during February and raise money to help young Aussies overcome alcohol, drug and mental health problems. You can sign up to febfast as well and take him on. If your last few months have resembled Heart’s – a bit of a shaky November full of away fixtures followed by a streak of great nights around Christmas, then a bit of a lull last month after a packed festive season – now is the perfect time to put down the beer, get a bit more healthy and see if you can raise more money than the boss. Heart has a great community program – it’s something that all of us as members and fans can be proud of – and it’s great to see Scott get personally involved... but let’s see if anyone can steal the title of “No. 1 Melbourne Heart febfast fundraiser” from the CEO. Don’t worry, it’s not too late to register. And if you’ve got a massive event planned – like tonight’s derby – you can buy a Time Out pass (retrospectively, if you have to) and enjoy a couple of guilt-free drinks. To kick-start your New Year’s resolution and temporarily join the ranks of famous football non-drinkers – think Cristiano Ronaldo, Bill Shankly and Javier Hernandez – go to

febfast factsheet
febfast has seen 20,000 Aussies raise around $3 million in four years. 85% of febfasters experience long-term improvement to their overall health and well-being. A $35 donation helps buy rehab residents breakfast for a week; a $50 donation helps fund workers to collect syringes from alleyways and laneways; a $100 donation buys equipment to help kids through art and music therapy



The Derby Crossword
Clues Across 3. Scorer of the winning goal in two derbies. (4,5) 8. Played for both Melbourne A-League teams and Adelaide United. (7) 9. Heart’s newest recruit Paul. (4). 10. Ex-Visitor and Heart favourite, Mate Dugandzic’s nickname. (5) 12. Visitor manager Jim Magilton’s previous employer, ___ Rovers. (8) Clues Down 1. Scorer from free-kicks in two derbies. (9) 2. Surname of two scorers in the last derby on 23 December (8) 4. Ex-Visitor and Heart favourite left-sider (4,6). 5. Our opponents, the ‘V’ word. (8) 6. Ex-Visitor and Heart Brazilian. (5) 7. Visitors’ newest recruit Mark. (8) 11. Heart have more derby Victories. How many? (3)


The Worm is hiding behind a 3rd kit design on page 15.


Today’s Squads
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Clint Bolton (gk) Michael Marrone Brendan Hamill Simon Colosimo Fred (Captain) Matt Thompson (Vice-Captain) Rutger Worm Kristian Sarkies Maycon Wayne Srhoj Alex Terra Jonatan Germano Kamal Ibrahim David Williams Aziz Behich Jason Hoffman Curtis Good Eli Babalj Adrian Zahra Kliment Taseski Nick Kalmar Mate Dugandzic Nikola Roganovic (gk) Paul Reid 30 Sebastian Mattei (gk)


1 Tando Velaphi (gk) 2 Matthew Foschini 3 Fabio 4 Petar Franjic 5 Mark Milligan 6 Leigh Broxham 7 Matthew Kemp 8 Grant Brebner (Vice-captain) 9 Jean Carlos Solórzano 10 Archie Thompson 11 Marco Rojas 12 Rodrigo Vargas 13 Diogo Ferreira 14 Billy Celeski 15 Tom Pondeljak 16 Carlos Hernández 17 James Jeggo 18 Danny Allsopp 19 Isaka Cernak 20 Lawrence Thomas 21 Ante Cović 22 Harry Kewell 23 Adrian Leijer (Captain) 24 Julius Davies 25 Luke O’Dea

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