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Service Bulletin

Copier Color Issued by Canon Europa N.V. HARDWARE

Model: iRC2380i iRC2880 iRC2880i iRC3080 iRC3080i iRC3380 iRC3380i iRC3580 iRC3580i Ref No.: iRC3380-034 (F2-T01-NO1-10129-02) Date: November, 2009

Location: ITB assembly Subject: Prevention of the display 'Insert drum cartridge' from being wrongly displayed in low-temperature environment Detail: <Symptom> Before the value of DRM-Life of the drum cartridge [1] reaches 100, the message 'Insert drum cartridge' is wrongly displayed. (Conditions of possible frequent occurrence) a. Low temperature, low humidity environment (approx. less than 15 deg C/50%) b. The value of Life of the ITB unit is over 50% (Mechanism of detecting presence/absence of the drum) 1. Detect whether the current of the primary transfer roller [3] of the ITB unit [2] is not lower than the lower limit and implement the detection of drum rotation. Detection timing: 1. When turning on the power of the machine/2. When starting up from Sleep mode/3. When opening/closing the front door of the machine 2. Detect whether the charging current of the drum cartridge [1] is not lower than the lower limit. <Causes> In the case that the resistance of the internal primary transfer roller [3] is higher, as well as long period of use of the ITB unit [2], the current of the primary transfer roller [3] may be lower than the lower limit and cause wrong display.



P-1 [1] [2] [3]

Cross section of the area around drum cartridge Drum cartridge ITB unit primary transfer roller

<Factory Measures> The version of Dcon is upgraded to v61.01. (Change in software) The function of detecting drum rotation in the abovementioned 'Mechanism of detecting presence/absence of the drum' 1. is eliminated. Servicing Work: To prevent the symptom abovementioned, upgrade Dcon to v61.01 or later. Affected Machines:

DCON v61.01 iR C3580 100V iR C3580F 100V iR C3080 100V : CZG00356 and later : CZH10310 and later : DBC01020 and later


DCON v61.01 iR C3080F 100V iR C2550F 100V Color iR C3480 UL 120V Color iR C3480i UL 120V iR C3580i 120V TW Color iR C3080 UL 120V Color iR C3080i UL 120V iR C3080i 120V TW Color iR C2550 UL 120V iR C2550i 120V TW iR C3580i 220V CN iR C3580i 220V KR iR C3080i 220V CN iR C3080i 220V KR iR C2550i 220V CN iR C2550i 220V KR iR C3580i 230V EUR iR C3580i 230V EUR iR C3580 230V iR C3580i 230V iR C3580i 230V AU iR C3080i 230V EUR iR C3080i 230V EUR iR C3080 230V iR C3080i 230V iR C3080i 230V AU iR C2380i 230V EUR iR C2550i 230V iR C2550i 230V AU : DBD16688 and later : DBZ26485 and later : CZJ02536 and later : CZK06284 and later : DAH00067 and later : DBE02679 and later : DBF06272 and later : DBW00029 and later : DCA07219 and later : DCM00120 and later : DAZ00116 and later : DBB00112 and later : DBX00158 and later : DBY00217 and later : DCP00280 and later : DCQ01165 and later : CZS00390 and later : CZT11323 and later : CZU00013 and later : CZY01355 and later : CZZ01543 and later : DBM00599 and later : DBN20661 and later : DBT00013 and later : DBU01150 and later : DBV01852 and later : DCF44216 and later : DCK02149 and later : DCL02258 and later