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This I Believe

By Felix B. Cunanan II

Most of the geniuses who have lived in this world would say that the most wonderful things that exist in the universe are those which only science can explain. But, in my own belief, the wonders of nature and science are nothing, if compared to the wonders of Godthe unexplainable wonders that even the brightest minds cannot tell how they happened, and how they continuously happen.

―Where is He? What is He? How does He look like? Why can’t we see Him?‖ The existence of one God may be questionable to humankind, but for someone like me, He existsI am sure of that, no questions asked. This is my belief; or, maybe, this is not a belief after all. This is faith.

As much as I believe in His existence, I also believe that this one God we know is powerfulHe can do anything He wishes, and anything He thinks is right. Most of us believe that we, ourselves, make our own destinies. But, behind us and our choices, is a God who makes things happen. Even if 99% of the choices we made in our lives are directed to one goal,

we will not achieve that goal if He doesn’t want us to. On the other hand, even if we do not have

the tenacity towards the attainment of one thing, if He thinks that is the best for us, He can bring us there without any ado. He can do anything. His power is limitless.

For a powerful God, He is a merciful one. It has been common for us to say ―Prayers can move mountains.‖ Is it true? On some cases, it’s not. The reason is that the prayers are not made properly, in the sense that we pray to the wrong person or thinglike shooting stars, wishing wells, or chain messages. If one prays to the only God, I assure you, your prayers will be heard, and your wishes will be granted. God had the power to create this world and this universethen what shall stop Him in making your requests happen? Nothing. Through prayers, nothing is impossible to Him.

Above all of my beliefs is the belief that God loves us. We ran into different problems every day, every hour, and every minute. We face different disasters and calamities, non-stop.

We encounter not-so-nice people around. Oftentimes, we may feel that God doesn’t love us anymore. But, thinking about it, if He doesn’t love us, why does He keep us alive? Why does He

give us the food we eat every day? Why does He equip us with energy and enthusiasm every second? Why does He grant us happiness? I guess, it is undeniable—He loves us. Oh, wait, I’m wrong. He loves us very much.

There is only one God. And that God is powerful, merciful, and lovingthis I believe.

This I Believe

Felix B. Cunanan II IV St. Augustine