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My Personality Trait

I went through some personality test and these are the results I got;

Extravert 70% iNtuitive 65%

Feeling 76% Perceiving 67%

This test gave me the following conclusions about me
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Enthusiastic, Idealistic and Creative. Able to do almost anything that interests me. Great people skills. Need to live life in accordance with your inner values. Excited by new ideas, but bored with details. Open-minded and flexible, with a broad range of interests and abilities.

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My personality type matches are: INTJ INFJ MASTERMIND COUNSELOR

According to the Keirseyan temperament I am an Idealist by nature And have the symbolic name of the Champion.
(This is just a name, not a career recommendation)

Comparison Of Personality Traits With The Manager
A manager is a person who has creativity, structure, intuitions, knowledge, commitment, versatile n who sees the big picture in small action. I enjoyed interacting with the manager and while interacting I was able know more about him like his behaviour, moral values etc. The interview started off in a formal very manner and later on the conversation was more like a casual talk though both had respect for each other. Throughout the interview I could feel the high energy level of the manager and that’s something that every managers should possess within themself.

. I love to praise my friends and my co-workers.When comparing to the personality traits of stores manager. They prefer to be impersonal and impartial to customers. I will have to work on these things that stand as the barrier in my profession. I have a keen attitude to fulfil the objectives of the work and the work nature to which I am attached. they like to perform the work and enjoy the work nature in a group. Keeping these things in mind. I always try to do things in my way keeping in mind that it doesn’t affect the people around me. I am also a person who enjoys more action and different varieties in my career and in my way of application. I do appreciate my fellow mates and try to motivate them. motivating others will help a lot in making good rapport. Managers are persons who expect action and variety in their career. My decisions are based on my experience and evidence. Influencing my decisions needs sufficient proof or I have to be convinced. I can say that I best fit into STORE MANAGER’S post. I love to work more on my projects rather than finishing it off first so that I can learn more it and this helps me gain more knowledge. The manager does not prefer to work in an isolated situation. Being sensitive can at times catch me off guard in my work in future. his approach to work is practical and that is also something that I look into. also I am pleased when I get appreciation and motivation to do projects from my superiors. I still have to go out and get to know more people so that I can have a variety of knowledge about different personalities. As the stat shows. they are more adaptable to work situations. They prefer a goal oriented career personality that means they are holistic and optimistic persons in order to attain their objectives. along with that I like to be more sensitive and adaptable to customers in order to make good rapport. I am a person who can adapt to situation and I see the same in the manager. They prefer distinctiveness rather than routine work and I am also interested in doing distinctive works.