Written today 27th of August 2012.

Galben Declaration draft addressed to:


My Lady, one will humbly kneel down in the front of your Majesty, thanking you for choosing the path of reasoning and peace. Considering the severe loss in unborn children, badly treated elders that ended up in their death, plus the emigrated Romanian nationals, The Romanian Genocide can be compared to The Rwandese Genocide, without making no mistake at all. The only difference is that The Rwandese Genocide happened in the Black Africa and The Romanian Genocide happened in the middle of European Union, in a country partner in the NATO Organization, in Europe, for God’s sake. It is estimated that the Romanian people has lost 1500 billion dollars and 3.5 million people between this time frame: 22nd of December 1989 – 27th of August 2012, the date when this declaration is being written. All this loss, My Lady, deserves reparations from EU, UK, USA and Israel in the first place. The Idiocracy administration process, started step by step 8 years ago and more intensively 4 years ago, with the Basescu Administration must be reversed and the new Saudi Arabian style plan must be implemented in Romania at once. One will understand by that full reconstruction of Romania’s economy, industry, agriculture and infrastructure with top notch American and British technology, backed by American and British engineers. Romania at this point needs the knife and not the bread. Meaning we need the American and British know how, engineers, doctors, technicians, universities, roads, all that Saudi Arabian style plan that has been so well implemented in Saudi Arabia. We can make bread, but we have no longer any knife at all. We Romanians crave for a sharp knife, knowing the industry that he had 22 years ago. One will understand, My Lady that the agreement is this one: 1. Romania will keep Transylvania and will remain together without any part of it being lost, for as long as the Moon will shine and the Sun will rise above our heads. 2. Prince Charles will be welcome to exploit Romanian grown cereals, crops and other agricultural goods, through Cargill & Co. starting with a period contract of 10 years, renewable with another 10 years, three times in a row, meaning 30 years.

At the end of these 30 years time, considering Romania has risen from it’s ashes in 10 years time, becoming as industrialized and agriculturally developed as any other country in the EU, a new contract will take place, for a period of 30 years time frame, renewable again three times in a row, meaning 90 years time. During these 120 years time frame, NO MONSANTO genetically modified crops will be cultivated. No other brand of genetically modified crops will be allowed to grow on Romanian soil. At the end of these 120 years term, future contracts can be signed down between UK and Romania, starting again the same cycle: three times 10 years period contracts, followed by other three times 30 years each period contracts, if both parts would like to continue this agreement, considering is profitable for both countries, Romania and UK. Extreme care must be shown towards the Romanian soil so that the Romanian soil will not be destroyed. This way UK and The Commonwealth, plus Romania, will benefit together from the Romanian naturally grown crops. My Lady, one thinks that the Romanian nationals should be shown all the respect they deserve, for being the closest children of the ancient geto-tracs, the same forefathers all European nations have. For as long as the Moon will shine and the Sun will rise above our heads, starting with today, 27th of August 2012, no visa should be required for any Romanian national on the British owned territories, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and any other English territories. My Lady, considering one has agreed to this Galben Declaration, terms should be discussed, negotiated and signed down, for the next generations to respect and uphold what has been agreed in this Galben Declaration. First, My Lady, one will bring forth what wise man from the East thinks is reasonable to discuss and agree with your Majesty: 1. No more riots in The Russian Federation. Peace is needed and welcomed in our beloved Mother Russia. If one wishes to be respected, one must respect the others beforehand and what is due shall be received in full. 2. American installations in Romania, Deveselu, must be taken a part and leave Romanian soil. No other similar installations will be erected on Romanian land. 3. Trade should be encouraged and supported between The Russian Federation and Romania, understanding also EU, Romania becoming an open bridge between EU and The Russian Federation, no longer a buffer, allowing Romanian nationals to benefit most. For the moment, these three points are important for The Russian Federation, When other discussion subjects should rise, either Nicolae Marian, Romanian national, or a similar person, will contact your Majesty.

Concerning Romania, My Lady, one thinks that Idiocracy must come to an abrupt end starting with today 27th of August 2012. Those responsible for The Romanian Genocide should pay the hard price. My Lady, one loves the treason, but deeply hate the traitors. Romania now has a President, Mr. Crin Antonescu and a good government, Ponta Government, one thinks they are good for the Romanian people. The Romanian Funeral Team, meaning Basescu Traian, Monica Macovei, Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, Emil Boc, Vasile Blaga, Mrs. Udrea, Adriean Videanu and ALL THOSE WHO SPOILED IMF funds and World Bank funds, must be arrested at once and all their banking accounts and assets frozen and returned to the rightful owners: The IMF and The World Bank. All Romanian debt towards IMF and World Bank, must be paid by those who took and spent the money and NOT by the Romanian people. This way Romania will be free of debt, being able to reboot its economy from zero. No more impunity, my Lady. Romanian people had enough of Basescu regime, expecting blood on the streets. Blood on the streets can no longer be supplied in todays Europe, but JUSTICE CAN. All Idiocray based administration that destroyed Romania in these late 8 years, must be jailed. New Saudi Arabia style reconstruction plan must be implemented in Romania, My Lady, with your blessing, My Lady. This way, Romanian nationals will love you and love all British Royalties. My Lady, you will be loved and cherished in Romania for ever, for generations to come. With all due respect towards the Jewish people, My Lady, considering their HIGH TREASON towards Romania and Romanian nationals, all Jewish people will leave Romanian Territory in 5 (five) working days. The Jewish people having Romanian nationality will be stripped of the Romanian nationality, loosing their Romanian nationality for good and their assets in Romania, if they can not sale their assets in these 5 (five) working days. The remaining Jewish assets on Romanian territory will be taken by the Romanian state and used as best will consider in the Romanian interest. These Jewish assets will be considered part of the reparation process that will start today, towards the Romanian people.

One thinks that for our best interest and future understanding and cooperation, Romania will become for all Jewish nationals The Second Mecca. No Jewish citizen will be allowed on Romanian territories without risking to face jail in Romania FOR HIGH TREASON TOWARDS ROMANIA AND ROMANIAN NATIONALS. No Jewish American ambassador is welcomed in Romania any more. Romania and all 19 million Romanian nationals will be part of The New World Order that they will help reinforce and as such, part of the 500 million people remaining on the surface of the Earth. With due respect towards the Austrian authorities, Petrom Company will return at once to its rightful owner: Romania and the Romanian people. With due respect, My Lady, one thinks that Adrian Nastase should leave jail at once and all his assets and banking accounts be returned to him. Once again, My Lady, one will humbly kneel before you, thanking you from the bottom of his heart for helping restore Romania’s place and honor in Europe and in the world. Kind regards, Marian Nicolae, from The Clan of Romanians. PS. Please confirm receiving this and agreeing with it, plus signing it with the Romanian Government.

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