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GENDER EQUALITY: Article review The article entitled How gender impacts Development was written by Rina Jimenez

David, a staff of Philippine Daily Inquirer. This article is written to promote gender equality, to show the arguments and positions of some people in authority with regard to gender equality and maybe to let people know that this gender equality would definitely lead to development. Experts and some prominent people say that a gender inequity is really existing and experience. The main thesis of this article is to advance gender equality in the country and that gender equality has something to do for the development. In fact, World Bank is promoting a project wherein it aims to promote gender equality. The said project is called Gender Filter. They cite one particular situation among many evidences with regard to gender and they use as an example the use of public transportation to testify that there is really inequality about gender. According to them, men use public transport mainly to go to and from work and home, while women rely on public transport to take children to school, go to market, run errands, go to work and then follow the same pattern before they reach home. Their point is, they want to show that men/women have very different needs for transportation. They see that there is a need to change the paradigm of an individual with regard to gender roles. The study on this issue is still on the process; in fact they have already a paper on hand which titled Towards Gender equality in East Asia and the pacific. In going through the process of formulating this paper they focused on four questions to help them clarify things and possible steps on how to attain gender equality; Does gender matter for development?, Does gender inequities exist in the country?, Why it persist? And what can we do to promote gender equality? Dr. Andrew Mason (a lead economist) said that womens principal responsibility for work and children is the core of persistent inequality between men and women. Then, he forwarded important steps on how to promote gender equality namely; promote gender equality in human development, close the gender gap in economic opportunities, strengthen womens voice and influence, and foster new opportunities and manage emerging risks. Dinky Soliman (the secretary for social Welfare, stresses that gender equality is not just a goal but a precondition for development. She even cited two areas that need to address; the LGBTs, (Lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender) and those women with disabilities, she considers these two situations have more daunting challenges in their struggle for equality. She added that the growing integration of global economy into the region could influence the growth of gender equality and one concrete example for it, is the growing number of migrant workers whom need stronger legal and social protection to guard against all forms of exploitation. Tess Hernandez the womens sectoral representative in the National Anti- Poverty commission, focused on the growing number of elderly among women. She said that women need to organize and to make their voices louder in negotiating with local governments. She even added that a right is not yet a right unless claimed and asserted. The whole article tells about the issue on gender equality which until now is very far to the ideal relationship of individual must have within the society which is the equality, and the clarification of role

of men and women in the country. As I can see the problem why there is still gender inequities in the country is that people cannot break away from the old paradigm about gender roles and still intact to the traditional values. We all know that Confucian value system flourished throughout Asia, that system teaches our ancient fathers that women should take care the household activities, as caring mothers and the value of self sacrifice. While for men they embrace the patriarchal rule (Male role dominant). And this system is the traditional way of life during the earlier times. On the other hand, we cannot ignore the fact that at the first place children really needs the care and guidance of their mothers, as a supporter and light of the family. But the reality is, there are instances and reasons that push women to work and eventually to be a provider on the family maybe because of poverty, single parent, and irresponsible men. I said this because one of the points on this article is pointing to the public access of women. Role gender matters on this issue. Like the dreams of the supporters for the movement towards gender equality, I also promote the gender equality. But women should not forget their duty and obligation to their own family, the men as well. And if we aspire for the development of our country, everyone should contribute in order to attain development. We need to educate our conscience and be a good citizen. We can only attain gender equality if we know our roles and identity!!!