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SITRANS F US SONOFLO Taking flowmetering to ultrasonic heights

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SITRANS F US SONOFLO Ultrasonic flowmeters Delivering industry-leading performance all the way
The Siemens family of ultrasonic flowmeters offers more. More customer-driven innovation. More application possibilities. More customized choices. More ease of use. More performance at a better price ratio. Drawing on experience that dates back to the 1970s when Siemens Flow Instruments introduced the first mass-produced ultrasonic transit time flowmeters, our engineers continue to innovate this technology to improve performance, boost utlization and simplify flow meter operations. As a result, todays SITRANS F US SONOFLO ultrasonic flowmeters deliver greater accuracy, simple operation as well as rugged reliability for a wide range of processes and conditions.
Irrigation solutions: SONOCELL and SONOKIT

Your flowmeter solutions your way Siemens delivers industry specific solutions for: Off-shore and on-shore installations Chemical processes Cryogenics Water & wastewater Irrigation Power & utility

Industry solutions: SONO 3100, SONO 3300 and SONOKIT

District heating solutions: SONO 3300/3000 CT, SONOCAL 3000 and SONOKIT

SONO 3000 The brain behind SONOFLO advanced technology

SONO 3000 is a transit time-based transmitter that can be used on any pipe up to DN 4000.It employs an advanced transit time signal processing technology with an innovative direct ultrasound transmission technique and digital correlation signal detection technique that ensures a reliable and accurate signal detection for a wide range of processes. Direct ultrasound transmission One of the keys to SONO 3000 flowmeter precision performance is its transmission technique. It shoots ultrasound pulses directly to the receiving transducer without bouncing them off the interior walls of the pipe. This way, the presence of any scale build-up on interior pipe walls will not weaken or degrade transmitted signals. Advanced digital signal processing and diagnostics Difficult applications involving many bends, valves or short inlet conditions often require closer examination to maximize accuracy and performance. Knowing that the quality of a transit time flowmeter depends on its ability to
SENSORPROM ensures correct start-up and sensor verification everytime.

determine exactly when the ultrasound signal reaches the receiving transducer, Siemens engineers developed a new correlation method that greatly improves signal detection. These features are deployed in the self-diagnostic menus such as signal level, signal/noise ratio and the quality of the measured transmission time. SONOFLO Accuracy SONO 3000 achieves greater accuracy rates 0.5 % of actual flow than earlier generations of transit time flowmeters.

Since it can detect even weak signals, SONO 3000 can be used for a wider spectrum of applications and is especially well suited for large pipes.

Transmitters Enclosure Compact IP67 / NEMA 4X/6 Separate

SONO 3000 / SONO 3000 CT 19 insert IP 00 19 rack 0.5 % of rate Polyamide 1 ltr/pulse Pre-set values 1 current 1 frequency/pulse 1 relay Aluminium 3 current 2 frequency/pulse 2 relays ABS 3 current 2 frequency/pulse 2 relay 316 SS 1 current 1 frequency/pulse 1 relay 19 insert IP65 / NEMA 4X Separate Compact IP65 / NEMA 4X Compact or separate

Mounting Accuracy Material Outputs

Compact or separate

Display Language Ex approvals

None None None

Alphanumeric: flow, quantity, error, mass flow, sound, velocity, etc. English, German, French Can be used with any EEx-approved sensor SONO 3300, SONO 3100 and SONOKIT when the transmitter is placed in a safe area 115/230 V AC 24 V AC/DC EEx de [ia/ib] IIC T6

Power supply

115/230 V AC

24 V AC/DC

Industrial Applications 0.5 % Accuracy. 100 % Reliability.

Siemens has the experience, technology, and service capabilities to handle virtually all the flowmeterrelated needs of your industry. SITRANS F US SONOFLO flowmeters, SONO 3100 and SONO 3300 offer a great solution for applications requiring robust performance and maximum efficiency. They are ideal for: Industrial processes Water and wastewater Petrochemical processes Cryogenic Fiscal metering

wastewater or petro-chemical flow processes. It is also built for rugged durability and available in both carbon steel and stainless steel. And the transducers can easily be changed without the need for down time or process shut-downs. So for operations that routinely push their flowmeter to the limit, SONO 3100 is the flowmeter that offers the highest possible performance. Pressure ratings up to PN40/ANSI 300 lbs are standard. Materials as Hastelloy, Doublex or Titanium and higher ratings are available on customer specified units. For applications with short inlet conditions, 4-track solutions are also available on request. SONO 3300 is an excellent choice for all purpose applications for water, treated wastewater, energy, district heating, irrigation, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) or general industrial applications. While the transducers cannot be changed and the choice of construction material is more limited, SONO 3300 offers a price/performance ratio thats hard to beat.

SONO 3100 is ideal for difficult applications where scale build-up creates problems, typically treated

SONO 3100 is ideal for applications where scale build-up is a concern.

Sensors Size Connection Pressure

SONO 3100 DN 100 to DN 1200 / 4 to 48

SONO 3300 DN 50 to DN 300 / 2 to 12

EN 1092-1, EN 1759-1 PN 6, PN 10, PN 16, PN 25, PN 40 PN 10, PN 16, PN 40

Class 150, Class 300

SONO 3300 offers a price/ performance ratio that is hard to beat.

Temperature Material

-200 C to 200 C / -328 F to 482 F Carbon/Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, Duplex, Titanium

-10 C to 160 C / 14 F to 320 F Carbon Steel

Design Transducers Accuracy Enclosure Ex approvals

2- and 4-track wetted type Standard type or flange type 0.5 % of rate IP68 / NEMA 6P EEx d IIC T2-T6

2-track integrated

IP67 / NEMA 4X/6 EEx d IIC T3-T6

District Energy Applications From power plants to distribution

Siemens flowmeter systems for district heating and cooling, SONO 3300/3000 CT and SONOCAL 3000, are designed to provide the most accurate, high-resolution energy measurements possible. They provide uncompromising performance for high volume, water-based district heating applications such as those found in power stations, exchange stations or transmission nets. Both systems are designed and approved for custody transfer according to OIML R75. SONO 3300/3000 CT with a wide array of options gives you the flexibility to customize your perfect flowmeter solution. Display with easy-to-configure settings Choose between 3 types of encapsulation Diagnostics capabilities give you total control of all functions Available with cables up to 100 m Free choice of pulse setting options allows connection to any energy meter

SONOCAL 3000 is simply the best choice when it comes to purely energy-based measurements. Use it together with our energy meter type SITRANS F US 105, our measurement instrument, for a beneficial cost solution. Fixed verification values according to country approvals (for more than 16 countries!) Sealed for custody transfer for total data security Pre-set pulse values for optimised functionality with meter type SITRANS F US 105

SONOCAL 3000 combined with SITRANS F US 105 energy meter provides optimised cost solutions.

Systems Size Connection Pressure Temperature Material Design Transducers Accuracy Enclosure

SONO 3300/3000 CT


DN 50 to DN 1200 / 2 to 48 EN 1092-1 Max PN 40 -10 to 200 C / 14 to 392 F Carbon Steel 2-track Integrated 0.5 % of rate IP67 / NEMA 4X/6 IP65 / NEMA 4X IP20 / NEMA 1 Yes

SONO 3300/3000 CT provides flexible solutions perfect for customizing your flowmeter.

IP67 / NEMA 4X/6

Display/diagnostics Approvals


OIML R75 and country specific

Irrigation Applications SONOCELL For long lasting battery-driven power

Accurate water usage measurement is absolutely essential to the implementation of fair billing practices. For that, you need a robust, reliable flowmeter that can work under the most difficult conditions while being resistant to impurities or obstacles in the water. Siemens reputation for exceptional durability and accuracy also applies to SONOCELL, which is engineered for accuracy and meets todays demands for irrigation and other water applications. Outstanding value With SONOCELL you get durable, proven flowmeter technology, long product lifecycles and years of nonstop battery-driven performance at affordable prices. Serious performance Obstruction-free design Tough reliable construction Hot dip galvanized or stainless steel pipes IP68/NEMA 6P approved sensor enclosures Real time measurements every 2 seconds Accuracy better than 1 % of actual flow SONOCELL does not need moving particles in the water to accurately measure flow unlike Doppler-based flowmeters Reinforced wire connections Built-in 3.6 V battery works for more than 8 years without solar panels


SONOCELL (Marketed as SONO 3301 in the US)

Size Connection Pressure Temperature Material Transducers Accuracy Enclosure Output

DN 50 to DN 1200 / 2 to 48 EN 1092-1/ANSI/AS 4087 Max PN 40 -20 to 55 C / -4 to 131 F Galvanized or Stainless Steel 1-track integrated 1 % of rate IP67 / NEMA 4X Pulse for flow

Retrofit Solutions Easy installation on-site

SONOKIT better, easier, smarter SITRANS F US ultrasonic flowmeters, type SONOKIT, offer a simple, accurate alternative to traditional flowmeters. This practical "mounting kit" contains everything you need to install a flowmeter with the help of limited tools. SONOKIT takes the complication out of retrofitting on virtually any type or size of pipe, making it an extremely cost effective solution for large dimension water pipes. You can even install it on pipes with flow and under pressure (hot tap installation). SONOKIT for a variety of processes Water and treated wastewater plants Irrigation systems Water distribution stations District heating plants and distribution Petro-chemical plants Industrial processes using non conductive liquids

Why SONOKIT is so much better Wetted transducers assure superior accuracy and performance compared to other ultrasonic technologies Available in a robust version that can be buried and withstand constant flooding Solid construction and no moving parts for 100 % maintenance- and obstruction-free flowmetering Outstanding accuracy the bigger the pipes, the more accurate the result

SONOKIT delivers outstanding accuracy the bigger the pipes, the more accurate the result



Size Temperature Transducers Accuracy Enclosure Approvals

DN 100 to DN 4000 / 4" to 158" 200 C / 392 F 1, 2 and 4-track wetted type 0.5 to 1.5 % of rate IP68 / NEMA 6P EEx d IIC T3-T6

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