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Hour Glass Design to Save Water and Counter the Effects of Climate Change

By John Paily Grace New Age Research Water is the most essential element for life and its sustenance. The resources of clean water are depleting for many reasons and we are heading for water Crisis. [I overlook the data] The crisis is manifesting because of Accelerated Climate Change which is 1] Increasing the rate of evaporation loss 2] Increasing the runaway water [flash floods] 3] Depleting of ground water 4] Reducing the time water is available to life. It is important that we link this to energy cycle of nature and understand this as cyclic phenomenon. The energy cycle of earth is governed by two basic forces Sun and Earth that are opposing and gives way to one another smoothly over a period of time forming the day and night and climatic cycle, in which water plays an important role. The sun creates evaporation loss of water, earth opposes it by holding it. As the evaporation loss peaks and life is stressed the clouds are formed resisting the sun light leading to warming. After a crucial point the system give way to earth forces, thus rain manifest giving new life to earth. The cycle is typical of Quantum Design and communication See fig below

Peak of Earth Cycle

Peak of Sun Cycle

Earth has parallel world design. Just as in day and night cycle, where when one part of earth peaks with sunlight another part of earth peaks in darkness and they give way for one another to form a day and night cycle, earth peaks with sun cycle and earth cycle forming climatic cycle. The dual world design

is fundamental to nature. It helps earth to sustain the heat and thus life of the system. But the reality of earth is multiple world design. This means earths environment has many grid points through which the climate changes smoothly to maintain heat and sustain life on earth. When humanity influences this cycle unilaterally and exponentially by increasing the heat of the environment and intervening into the night cycle in which she creates order, the multiple grids begins dissolves and the earth begins to experience the Accelerated Climate Change. Here the heat of the environment shows sudden peaks and falls. This manifests as increased forest fire, fire accidents, wind-bound destructions as well as destruction through flash floods, flash snows. Since earth forces are winding, it increases the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. This means we begin to experience huge destruction from natural forces. We are already experiencing this around the world. This situation is augmented by loss of forest, which converts, energy and heat into biological mass. I have stressed on the need to awaken to the Principle and Design on which nature functions to maintain certain energy to matter ratio and thus the temperature, for last one and half decade to survive Accelerated Climate Change and increasing natural catastrophes. Unless the world awakens to the Principle and Design on which earth functions it is poised for destruction. The principle effect of Accelerated Climate Change is on the water cycle. This manifests as quick evaporation and flash floods, leading to defertilization of soil, dipping of water table leading to stress on plant and living systems. It would be catastrophic to our ecological system. This problem led me to inventing a simple design to resist the water loss almost a decade back. This is based on Hour Glass. Hour glass is two part system with a small opening the center. See fig below.

When one side of it is opened and is filled with sand or any water holding material with capillary action [chopped coconut fiber] they resist the evaporation of water. One can cut a plastic coke bottle and invert the top end on the bottom part to create an hour glass design to resist evaporation. They can be kept under the top soil [root zone] to resist the runaway water, capture runaway water, store runaway water and make it available for plants for longer time so that water stress on plants and ecology can be effectively countered. Various modification of this can be developed to deal with problem to counter water stress and make earth green. I would not like go deeper into this aspect at this point. Note This innovation can only be assistive to repair the damage done to earth and its ecosystem. But the important thing is that we need to awaken to the Principle and Design on which earth functions to maintain certain energy to matter ratio and thus the heat of the environment. Otherwise we are going to pay heavy price for our fundamental ignorance. A second important point of my life time research is the restlessness of our mind. This is related to the environment and its instability. This is being exploited by religious people for quantitative development than qualitative development of humanity. Thus the world is polarizing in the name of religion and heading to war and self-annihilation. With the amount and type of weapons of mass destruction developed by humanity, this I feel turn out to be a greater threat to humanity. This calls us to evolve science to know the Truth of God beyond religion. A step in this direction is also made by inventing The Parallel Space-Time Reality that creates and opposes the space-time reality of the material world and sustains it. This is shared in small article -The Reality of God and Nature in Brief Please viral this article and awaken the world