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The orchestra students of CRHS did phenomenal at their opening concert; many fans are anticipating more concerts to come.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Presidential election results

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Volume 4, Issue 2

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November 6, 2012 marks one of the most contested elections in the history of our union came to a close. For quite some time, Romney was in the lead. Obama pulled through just in time to be relected for four more years of presidency, thanks to Californias 55 electoral votes. The final tally put Obama at 51% of the popular vote, and 332 electoral college votes. This land slide win over the opponent Mitt Romney has forced the entire nation into an uproar. Even though the popular vote was close, with Romney pulling in 49%, the electoral college again did not represent the people for the second time in 12 years. Romneys 206 electoral votes paled in comparison to the 332 that Obama was able to bring in. This has again formed tension between current, long standing electoral system and the new direct vote system that has gained ground since the fiasco that was the 2000 election. What most people in the U.S. dont understand is how our current system of voting works. Each state in the Union is given a certain number of votes; these votes represent the states voices in Congress. So every state gets two votes for their Senators, and how ever many House of

Representatives members the state has determines the rest of the votes. Then the question arises of how a state votes the way that it does. Each state is broken into smaller districts called counties, and these counties are broken down further into precincts. Since population varies from county to county and precinct to precinct, some areas have a stronger voice than others. So when each precinct has voted the leader in that particular precinct gets the state vote of that precinct. The person who takes the majority of the precinct in a state gets the electoral vote, but this is not true in all states. In swing states such as Florida, Ohio, Nevada, North Carolina the state counties work much the same as the electoral system. So if Idaho was to run this college electoral like system then Fremont County might only have 3 votes, but Boise County might have 12 based on the size of each countys population. Because of this in swing states such as Florida or Ohio the amount of campaigning that a candidate does vary from county to county in each state. With Obamas win, he has four more years to continue his presidency. Many of his plans will continue and America will not see as big of a change as they would have seen with Mitt Romney.

News Editor

After 18 months of spending, campaigning, political ads, and polls, the election is finally over. After one of the closest races in history, Barack Obama is re-elected President of the United States. Millions of people sat at home biting their nails over the close election. Each candidates electoral votes were neckin-neck, but the real states that mattered were Ohio, Florida, Virginia, and Nevada. Romney won Virginia and Nevada. And after some ExTREMElY close calls, Florida and Virginia both went to President Obama. There was of course some confusion about Ohio since the race was called before the entire state was fully counted, but Ohio still swung democratic. Mitt Romney, the multimillionaire who touted his business credentials as the Republican presidential hopeful, failed to convince voters that he was the man to unseat President Barack Obama and jump-start the economy. We have given our all to this campaign, Romney told supporters in his concession speech. I so wish that I had been able to fulfill your hopes to lead the country in a different direction, but the nation chose another leader, and so Ann and I join with you to earnestly pray for him

and this great nation. The result brought an end to Romneys longtime ambitions to become the nations commander-inchief. He had come up short in the GOP primary in 2008, but maintained his ambition and launched his 2012 candidacy on a farm in New Hampshire. He stomped across the nation, focusing on key swing states such as Ohio and Florida, selling himself as the ultimate alternative to Obama -- a man who understood how to fix the economy and who had worked across the aisle as governor in largely Democratic Massachusetts. America is a land of opportunity. But lately, for too many Americans, opportunity has not exactly come knocking, Romney wrote in a recent opinion piece on Weve been mired in an economic slowdown that has left millions of our fellow citizens unemployed. The consequences in dreams shattered, lives disrupted, plans deferred, and hopes dimmed can be found all around us. The son of a former Michigan governor and auto executive, Romney has long been known among friends for his leadership skills. This guy is impressive as far as executive ability goes, Romney friend Philip Barlow wrote his mom in 1982. I think he could be

NHS: Haunted Hall

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The Aca-mazing Whiffenpoofs

Sta Writer

On Monday, October 22, the sound of voices filled an auditorium. They were pure voices, no instruments, nothing but vocal chords working to make absolute magic. It was a night of A Cappella. The Fine Arts Center of CSI had the honor to present the Whiffenpoofs of Yale University to the city of Twin Falls, a group that was founded in 1909, with 14 men and all seniors. As A Cappella masters of 104 years, the Whiffenpoofs perform, as well as prefer, classics such as Grace Kelley, Midnight Train, and even Rainbow Connection. However, this choral concert didnt begin with the poofs, it began with our very own local choirs. The concert started with a quartet of girls from

Kimberly High School named Avidity. These girls who are Aubrey Nield, Jentrie Stastny, Mandi Solomon, and Taylan Beymer decided that they all like singing together well enough to create their own A Cappella group for their high school. Fortunately, it worked quite well as the girls teamed up to harmonize and create a beautiful rendition of Christina Perris A Thousand Years. After their performance was our very own CRHS Synergy! They danced and sang their way into the heart of the audience with a lively performance of Doin It A Cappella. A series of great vocals came alive, and was choreographed by Derek Riddle, the Varsity Boys Soccer coach. Imagine that! The ever popular and beloved TFHS Jive was up next. With a gorgeous

version of Words by Anders Edenroth, Jive did what they do best, singing. And they did it justice, with strong voices and solid dynamics. The charter school of xavier showcased their choral group exquisitely named Eclatant. lead by an exuberant instructor, Eclatant was up-beat and sprightly with their A Cappella song Baba Yetu. To come on stage next was CSIs very own Madrigals. This small, yet powerful group sang the tune of linus & lucy and the song When She loved Me. The Madrigals had an air of class and elegance to them, but they also had a fun and entertaining point of view as well. last, but certainly not least, The Whiffenpoofs hit the stage. With basses and tenors galore, the whiffenpoofs performance

began with an original piece and an introduction by Henry F. Scott Fitz Gottfried. A number of astounding songs later, the Whiffenpoofs decided to introduce themselves. Brandon Its just a P Hayse and Brandon President Richard levin made it awkward and Mr. Daniel I was sliding into first and I felt a little burst dia Reardon, who is a double major in Paleontology and Aviation, stated that when he grew up he wanted to make a dino-soar. The audience was brilliant and thrilled to get the chance to see their very own Makay Nield, who said he was very overwhelmed by the experience, and very grateful of everyone. As the concert came to a close and people went home, many began to look forward to maybe another year of A Cappella visiting Twin Falls.

Photo by Micheala Hawley

Photo by Micheala Hawley

Photo by Micheala Hawley

Photo by Micheala Hawley

Henry Gottfried introduces the group to the audience after their intro song.

The Whiffenpoofs tell a story bashing a rival school, Harvard University.

Michael of The Whiffenpoofs proudly sings Ride the Chariot, a song composed by Yale University.

The Whiffenpoofs join together in their first song just after their introduction.

This year the National Honors Society held their second annual Haunted Hall. The event benefits not only the NHS students of Canyon Ridge, but also allows canned foods to go to Valley House; an organization for rehabilitating those who have had a criminal history. The hall began promptly at 6 the night of October 27. The fundraiser began at the entrance doors to the athletic hallway; it then snaked through the boys and girls varsity locker rooms. The hall then came to an end at the entryway to the cafeteria. Students and many from around the community found themselves walking through several terrifying exhibits. The first featured a black maze; there were scarers hidden throughout the dark and spooky beginning. As they entered the boys locker room, they were greeted by a mad scientist, otherwise known as Mr. Zuercher; as if the stench wasnt bad enough. At this point, one had the choice to either brave the torture or walk on. The torture room featured a poor innocent girl, tied down by ropes, forced to endure the torture of a machete. If one was able to handle the gruesome scene, one walked on towards the cackles of the three witches. The trio taunted and screamed as students shrieked and ran on; add to all of the chaos the morph team. The faceless creatures walked about and continuously frightened the people who confronted the hall. As one leaves the boys locker room, they are greeted by the grisly operation room. Continuing on, the next scene is a lonely bride, imprisoned by her husband and killer. As screams filled the room, people were greeted by the Haunted Halls horrifying clowns. Students then found themselves in the haunted graveyard, the final exhibit before freedom at last. Zerina Mehic, senior and chair of the event, states, There was quite a bit of canned food donated, we were really pleased.Not only was there a considerable amount of canned food, there was a decent amount of money earned. The funds doubled what the society spent on supplies for the hall. Carmen Perez, senior, states, The hall looked really good, people from the community and school came out to support. The annual Haunted Hall is great fund-raiser for everybody. It benefits CRHS and the community. Next year, make sure to come out and support the local community and the National Honors Society! INDEx
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Staff writer Sabryna Schmidt gives the scoop about an unusual kind of salon. Turn to page 11 to find out whats up! page 11

The Drama department starts the year off with another teacher, Mr. Isaacs! See what the drama department has been doing so far. page 07

Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Frosh Alley party welcomes freshmen

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Photo by Bayley Shirley

Riverhawk Review
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While seniors, juniors, and sophomores are busy with school work, the freshmen are busy too. Socially, that is. The freshman class had the chance to party hard on October 19, and many made the best out of their $5 pass for 2 hours at the Frosh Alley Party. Freshman student Sierra Enders said that The best part is getting out of class, while Ashlee Fife claimed she loved Getting to spend time with my best friend Emily Bell. The freshman enjoyed the party, like Sarah Wright who said, Yes, the partys great, any party with food is great. However, there has been a

freshman party in the past, but it wasnt continued until this year. Student Nathan Woolstenhulme alleged that the incoming freshman class for next year should have a party because Its a welcoming for freshman. All in all, the class of 2016 was quite impressed and very received with their introduction to Canyon Ridge High School. These grateful freshmen had their PTA to thank for their food and fun. Frosh Alley is being used to fund the Class of 2016 all-night party when they are seniors. There used to be a grant for the seniors all-night party, but now we have this to fund it instead. said Julie Bastian, one of the PTA members and parent of one the freshmen. The

PTA arranged it, setting up activities such as Twister, Tug of War Basketball, Sumo Wrestling, and the legendary bounce house. After all that bouncing, twisting, and tugging, the freshmen could go get refreshments, including foods donated for the cause, such as Falls Brand Hot-Dogs, Kiwi Loco, and drinks provided by the parents. But the donations didnt end there; there was a raffle for 3 ITunes gift cards worth ten dollars each and Canyon Ridge High School bracelets. Overall the party had a great turn-out and was a most jubilant festival for the new CRHS freshmen, and it hopefully will not be the last. Freshmen of the future, look out for the next, fun-packed freshman alley parties at Canyon Ridge.

Autumn Myers

Layout Manager
Heaven Marsh

News Editor
Sara Buddecke Freshman having fun at the Alley Party by conversing in groups and bouncing in bounce houses.

Sports Editor
Cody Cunningham

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Tyler Schmechel

Features Editor
Courtney Bertoni
Photo by Bayley Shirley

Two freshman burn out some energy by sumo-wrestling while eagar bystanders cheer them on.

Humor Editor
Justice Straub

Blood Drive comes to CRHS Black Friday approaches

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Opinion Editor
Sarah Pak

Sta Writer

The very thought of having a needles in ones arm scares many. Although, people are more than happy to have a needle in their arm once Red Cross comes for a blood drive. Every so often, students of Canyon Ridge hear about an upcoming blood drive. Many may shudder in fear, while others are enthusiastic about the opportunity. Red Cross came to Canyon Ridge on October 19. From 8:30 1:30, students left class and headed up to the blood drive in the upstairs gym. Anyone of the age of 16 and older and eligible to donate, but that doesnt mean that they will. Some people may be ineligible because of low iron, medical issues, ect. Senior Hailey Miller was at the blood drive, donating for her 2nd time. When asked why she donates, Hailey simply shrugs and replies, I want to; it helps others. Everyone who donates receives the Red Cross Honors Program card. These are handed out and signed by Debi Manler, Donor Representative. Each student who donates three times during high school receives the Red Cross cords to wear at graduation, it shows their commitment. Mitchell Nielsen

Photo by Autumn Myers

donated blood his first time at this blood drive, explaining, Since its senior year, its my last year to do anything. I was afraid that I would miss out on all the fun stuff once I get out of high school. Mitchell also shares that to get his mind off the needle, he thought of the delicious cookies that would come after. For those who are afraid of needles, or giving blood, dont be. One blood donation can help save up to three lives. Debi Manler says a word of advice, its a one second pinch; just visualize a small baby with leukemia who could use that blood during that one second. In Idaho, 250 pints are needed each day, and Canyon Ridge contributed approximately 100 pints. 16% of blood donations are from high school students.

Mr. Gemar does his part by giving blood at the most recent blood drive.

Get the running shoes and credit cards ready, its Black Friday time once again. While the biggest discount day of the year may put a dent in Americans wallets, its probably the closest one will get to exercise after the huge Thanksgiving dinner that was consumed the night before. But while elbowing your way past other shoppers to get to that cheap TV, its time to take a step back and think safety. On the morning of November 22 , everyone grabs their grandmas and the newspaper to cut out coupons, and plan the activities. Much like the Super Bowl, the day of deals has practically achieved holiday status in its own right in recent years. About 212 million shoppers flooded malls last year, according to the International Parking Institute, who are billed as the largest association of parking professionals. Some are step by step in planning, have a point to point, store to store plan. While others just go crazy on the town. First time shopper senior Carrie Clifford says I

might get run over by a few carts, have boxes dropped on my head.. maybe take a few punches... I heard it gets pretty epic. In 2010, one shopper in California was arrested for carrying a handgun and ammunition to stores and another was arrested for threatening to shoot those in line, though neither actually hurt other customers. While some smart shoppers choose to stay home on Black Friday and score their deals online, taking deal for places such as Best Buy (who wants to camp out all thanksgiving day just for a computer mouse), and Bath and Body Work (50 hand sanitizers for 20 bucks?!); others choose the more direct approach by waiting in lines from 10 p.m. till open. Then, of course, there was the infamous stampede at a New York Wal-Mart on Black Friday three years ago that resulted in the death of one employee. While one might chuckle over the oddity of the existence of such an organization and question the need thereof, its not a bad idea to brush up on the safety tips and such to ensure a safe and happy Black Friday experience. And may the deals be ever in your favor!

Photography Editor
Azia Nutting

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K Cey Collins Rilee Emerson Tyler Galbreath Katherine Jackson Shanna Madsen Blake Maughan Sabryna Schmidt Bayley Shirley

Weird News
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Pakistans Malala
News Editor

In a home in Philadelphia, what seems to have become the inevitable happened: home intrusion. The suspect was not what one might have suspected to be the intruder, a deer. And not just an average 150 pounder, but a massive 300 pound suspect. Neighbors to the home saw a broken fence, window, and listened as glass was breaking on the interior of the house. The family of the residence was at a doctor

appointment at the time of the incident, but when cops arrived on scene, they called and notified the owner of an intruder. Upon searching the trashed house, authorities found the deer and locked it inside a room while waiting for the Pennsylvania Fish and Wildlife. Once arriving on scene, the officers tried to get the deer out of the home but were unable to and eventually forced to euthanize the animal. The homeowner believed that his personal property insurance should cover the

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Malala Yousafzai is a school girl in from the town of Mingora in the Swat District of Pakistans Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. (Quite the mouth full huh.) Lots of people are probably thinking, Who cares? Well, Malala is actually really important. Why? Well in her small town, the Taliban have taken over and have forbidden girls and women from working and going to school. In 2009, Malala began a blog describing her life during Taliban rule, their attempts to take control of the valley, and her views on promoting education for girls. The next summer, a documentary film about her life as the Pakistani military invaded the region and began the Second Battle of Swat. Malala began to rise in popularity. She gave interviews on radios, through letters, and on television. She took a position as a chair member of the District Assembly District Swat, has been nominated for the International Youth Peace Prize and has won the National Youth Peace Prize. But on October 9, 2012, Malalas life was changed forever. On the way home from school on a bus, she

was shot in the head and neck in an assassination attempt by the Taliban. The first few days following the attack, she remained unconscious and in critical condition. But once it was improved, she was moved to a hospital in the UK for rehabilitation and physical therapy. On October 12, Pakistani officials tried to press charges against those responsible for Malalas death. But, as usual, the Taliban denied having any involvement in the shooting attempt to kill Malala and her Father. Soon, the United Nations launched a petition, using the slogan I am Malala. And encouraging all the children of the world be enrolled in school by the end of 2015. So, how does this affect us? Well here in America, we dont have to worry about dictators, tyrants, or harsh punishments. Sexism is frowned upon and women can to anything men can do. Everyone is invited to go to school, participate in sports, and give their opinions. Here in America, we have Freedom of speech, press, religion, petition, and assembly. But in other countries, women may not have the same rights as we do here. Be a part of the movement! Are you Malala?

Riverhawk Review Advisor

Mrs. Brenda Reichenbach

Mrs. Gayle Bean

The Riverhawk Review will report fairly and accurately while striving to include coverage of the different populations at Canyon Ridge High School. Some material is provided courtesy of McClatchy-Tribune Information Services. Unsigned editorials found in Riverhawk Review represent the consensus of the newspaper staff. Signed editorials represent individual views and are not meant to express the opinions of the advisor, school, administration or Twin Falls School District. As an open forum, Riverhawk Review welcomes brief letters to the editor. All letters must be signed, though names may be held in certain circumstances. Riverhawk Review reserves the right to edit all letters for clarity and available space. No letter that is obscene or libelous will be printed. JOSTENS GRAD PRODUCTS -- EAGAN Letters should be left in Brenda Reichenbachs mailbox or sent to Canyon Ridge High School, 300 N. College Rd. W., Twin Falls, ID 83301.

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Customer: Canyon Ridge HS--Twin Falls, ID Order # 48010 Die # approval Art i.d.# 48010-01.3 Application: Date: 1-08-09 Art: Steve W Time: .5 hr.

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Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ed.Props 1,2,&3 fail at the polls

On November 6, 2012, some major changes were made to America. We voted on Senators, Governors, and of course the President. But here in Idaho, we were fighting our own battle. Propositions 1, 2, and 3 were being voted on. Opposing sides campaigned hard for votes. In 2011 the Idaho Legislature passed a package of three laws which made sweeping changes to the states education system. The laws were introduced and championed by Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna and are known as Students Come First, though opponents call them the Luna Laws. The laws have been controversial in Idaho, with the states largest public

teacher union, Democrats and some Republicans condemning them. School administrators and boards have been split on their support. Idahos second largest school district in Boise has voiced its opposition to the laws. The three laws will be split up into Proposition 1, Proposition 2, and Proposition 3. Heres a breakdown of what each law contains: Proposition 1:

A category of contracts for experienced teachers that renewed automatically from year to year barring misconduct is eliminated. These renewable contracts will stay in place if signed before 2011. Proposition 2: Bonuses are available for student academic growth measured by statewide standardized tests given each spring. Bonuses would go to all administrators and teachers at a school with a certain amount of improvement in scores. All teachers and administrators at a school could get a bonus if the schools average score on the spring test is in the top 50 percent of schools statewide. Local school

boards will create systems by which teachers and administrators can get bonuses based on other performance measures such as graduation rates, advanced placement classes taken and parental involvement. Proposition 3:

will get more money to help pay for the costs of providing more math and science classes to meet new graduation requirements. With nearly all the results tallied from Idahos 967 precincts, voters clearly said no to Propositions 1, 2 and 3. More than 645,000 votes were cast in each of the Props. Each of the propositions failed by at least 15 percent. Proposition 3, the measure that corresponds to giving each high school student a laptop, failed by the largest margin, with 66 percent of voters rejecting it. Now that voters have weighed in on the trio of laws, its up to lawmakers and stakeholders to determine what happens next.

D i s t r i c t superintendents, school administrators, and teachers get an annual evaluation. At least 50 percent of it must be based on measurable student growth. Teachers and principals evaluations must include parent input. Teachers and school administrators get one or two year contracts.

A laptop computer will be provided for all high school teachers and students. That will take four years beginning with teachers in fall 2012. As determined by the Idaho Board of Education, students must take two semester-long online classes to graduate. Parents can enroll students in any qualified online course without district permission. High schools

Kohls comes to Twin Election results

Layout Manager

Much to every shoppers delight, ground has been broken on a construction site to build a Kohls in Twin Falls. Heavenlee Walker exclaims, I seriously am so excited. I just wish they had started building it sooner! Teenage girls around the Magic Valley are bouncing off the wall to have one more fashion choice for their wardrobe. Not known for its overwhelming number of choices for shopping, Twin Falls will be home to one more clothing store for women and for men. However, there are many people who are not as excited as the ladies.

Nature lovers are less than pleased with one more obstruction to a very used trail into the canyon. Unlike major cities, Twin Falls has a quiet peaceful atmosphere that many feel is being overwhelmed with the major chain stores, like Kohls, that are coming into the town. Senior and cross country runner Kendal Hall states, I kind of like the peaceful jog into the canyon and now it seems like they are ruining the scenery bit by bit. Walkers, joggers, runners, bike cyclists, and more agree that the beautiful scenery is disappearing faster and faster as time progresses. Soon, many are scared that nature will be obsolete

in Twin Falls. Luckily, the canyon and Snake River provide natures gifts better than almost any landscape available. Whether an individual is cheerful or sorrowful about the Kohls coming to Twin Falls, the store means the town is just going to keep growing. Will the Magic Valley someday be overwhelmed with skyscrapers and taxicabs? Everyone will just have to wait and see. Whether one likes it or not, Kohls is the first tenant planned in the 25 acre shopping center that is being built. Date of completion is still not sure but Twin Falls can expect sure progress on the shopping center.

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Irans Ahmadinejad: We are ready to defend ourselves

By James Asher And Jonathan S. Landay McClatchy Newspapers (MCT) NEW YORK _ On what is expected to be his last visit to the United States as president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Monday offered an expansive view of his nations place in history while dismissing Israels long-term viability as a state and its threat to strike Irans nuclear facilities. Ahmadinejad ignored an admonition by U.N. Secretary-General Ban Kimoon to avoid incendiary remarks while he is in New York for the opening of the U.N. General Assembly, lashing out at Israel during a breakfast with journalists at the Warwick Hotel. Israel, he said, requires an external conflict because they have found themselves at a dead end and they are seeking new adventures in order to escape this dead end. Iran will not be damaged by foreign bombs. Ahmadinejad, who has nine months left in his second and final term as president of the Islamic republic, was referring to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahus warnings that Israel would use force to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, something that Tehran denies it is pursuing. Fundamentally, we do not take seriously the threats of the Zionists, he said. We have all the defensive means at our disposal and we are ready to defend ourselves. The United States and its European allies charge that Iran is using what it says is a civilian program as cover to develop the capacity to build nuclear warheads. They have been joined by Russia and China in slapping four rounds of U.N. sanctions on Tehran. They also have imposed their own harsher measures to force Iran to stop enriching uranium and disclose full details of the program concealed from U.N. inspectors for 18 years. President Barack Obama, while disagreeing with Israeli assessments of how soon Iran could produce a nuclear weapon, says that there is more time for diplomacy. But he has reserved the option of striking Iranian nuclear facilities if negotiations _ which have all but stalled _ fail. Ahmadinejad went beyond dismissing Israels threat to strike Irans nuclear facilities, dismissing as well the Jewish states long-term viability in the Middle East. Iran has been around for the last seven, 10,000 years. They (Israel) have been occupying those territories for the last 60 to 70 years with the support and force of the Westerners. They have no roots in history, he said, referring to the founding of modern Israel in 1948. We dont even count

them as part of any equation for Iran. During this historical phase, they represent minimal disturbances that come into the picture and are then eliminated, he said, ignoring the close relations that Israel and Iran maintained until the 1979 Islamic Revolution. In making his remarks, Ahmadinejad _ who is to address the General Assembly on Wednesday _ ignored a warning by Ban on Sunday. The secretarygeneral drew attention to the potentially harmful consequences of inflammatory rhetoric, counter-rhetoric and threats from various countries in the Middle East, said a U.N. statement issued after the two men met on Sunday. The statement said that Ban also asked Ahmadinejad to take the measures necessary to build international confidence in the exclusively peaceful nature of its nuclear program. Asked to comment on the Iranian leaders remarks, White House spokesman Jay Carney said, President Ahmadinejad says foolish, offensive and sometimes unintelligible things with great regularity. What he should focus on is the failure of his government of Iran to abide by its international obligations, to abide by United Nations Security Council resolutions.

president of the United Romney aide Eric FehrnStates. Reflecting on that strom said the fall campaign note now, Barlow said, I is like Etch A Sketch. You was that impressed with his can shake it up and we start executive abilities and him all over again. It was a comment that dogged the camas a leader. Barlow is a professor paign and only served as and the director of the re- political fodder of Romney ligious studies program at as a flip-flopper and a candiUtah State University. He date with no core values. When you look back served as a counselor to then-Bishop Romney in the on this election, when you Church of Jesus Christ of look back to the primaLatter-day Saints. Portrayals ries, when you look back of Romney as being out of to Mitt Romney moving to touch with the poor seem the right on immigration, kind of silly to me, Barlow Borger said, I think it was a said. I knew him on that huge opportunity that they level of real human stuff as missed. There will be gnashing opposed to the public image, Barlow said. The man of teeth in the days, weeks and months that I knew is ahead. What not a caricalies in store for ture. Hes not the Republican a man withI pray that Party remains out compasthe president a long way off. sion for the will be Shortly before poor. But it is successful in 1 a.m. Wednesthat image of guiding our day, Romney Romney, an nation, walked onto a out-of-touch Mitt Romney stage in Boston rich guy who and told the shipped jobs crowd he had overseas as the head of Bain Capital that called Obama to congratustuck. During various stages late him on the victory. I along the way, Romney said pray that the president will corporations are people be successful in guiding our and that he likes being able nation, he said. At the end, he walked to fire people. And that was long before his now infa- from the podium to the middle of the stage and mous 47% moocher line. Romneys Republican gave his wife a kiss. Runopponents in the primaries, ning mate Paul Ryan and his and the Obama campaign wife, and the Romney famand Democrats after that, ily members joined as the helped create that carica- crowd chanted, Mitt! Mitt! ture, defining Romney to Mitt! After mixed emotions, the electorate before Rom- the world continued to turn ney tried to show them who and we has Barack Obama he was. At one point, senior for four years.

Weird News
damage. In another story, a Berlin airport, Tegel, had toxic fumes coming out of a bathroom. But, before you jump to conclusions, it was not what one might think would be the cause Instead, it was only ammonia that cleaning crews had apparently used

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too much of the night before. The problem was taken care of, but not before the washroom odors sickened 53 people with nausea and sore eyes. Among those victimized by the foul fumes were firefighters at the scene.

Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Student Council Update

December: Pennies For PossibilitiesStudent Council fundrasier to raise money for kids in need of a good Christmas; raising loose change from students. Delivery of presents is December 19th. January: Winter Ball- January 15th; boys ask your girls! Community Service Clean up- dates coming soon February: Faculty Basketball Game!

Health & Wellness Senior bucket list

Opinion Editor

many can you get? 36. Be a mime one day. 37. Doorbell ditch 38. Go Christmas caroling 39. Perform a random act of kindness everyday 40. Write a song or poem 41. Spray-paint your school rock 42. Start your own flash mob group 43. Complete an AWESOME senior project 44. Tutor someone younger than you 45. Help with a pep assembly 46. Crowd surfing! 47. Donate blood 48. Plant a tree. 49. Conquer your biggest fear 50. New Years Midnight kiss 51. Find the college of your dreams 52. Go church hopping & see the different aspects of a place of worship 53. Battle some rappers on the street selling their CD 54. Hood rat Day(include weave ,nails ,high lighter clothes) 55. Eat lunch with all the white kids in the park & bring lunchables 56. Take a belly dancing class 57. Ride bus all day and see where you end up 58. Enter a poetry slam 59. Ask the Magic Conch shell something 60. Go to your old middle school and do a tradition 61. Learn how to break dance 62. Walk through 5 different drive thrus at 3 am 63. Swim in the dark 64. Have a tea party 65. Follow a stranger all day and see where they take you 66. Pet every dog at the animal shelter and dont feel bad about it 67. Make a hit rap song 68. Sing out everything for an entire day 69. Go Bungee jumping 70. GRADUATE

CRHS Debate Results

On Friday and Saturday, November 9th and 10th, the Canyon Ridge High School Debate Team competed in Meridian at Rocky Mountain High School in The Hunger Games and came away with MANY wins. There were 14 schools (one from Portland, OR) with over 380 students against them! When you see these Hawks, please congratulate them for being outstanding representatives of our school and awardwinning competitors. Hatty Cresse Excellent in Novice LincolnDouglas Elizabeth Pape 1st Place Retold Story Leslimar Partida Excellent in Panel Discussion Alyxis Cederstrom Excellent in Panel Discussion Allison Desler Excellent in Congress Elizabeth Hill Excellent Public Forum, 1st Place in Radio Hanna Kern Excellent Public Forum, 1st Place in Panel Discussion Tyler Schmechel 1st Place in Congressional Debate and Excellent in Congressional Speaking Justice Straub 2nd Place in Congressional Debate and Excellent in Congressional Speaking.

Tis the season of sharing, but share what exactly? While attending school and work, most of us find ourselves surrounded by runny noses and Rudolflook-alikes. Meanwhile, others are coughing and sneezing their brains out. This year preventing the common cold and flu is on top of many holiday wish lists. Sara McLain, senior, states, Use good sanitation. Wash your hands! Get enough sleep; get enough vitamin C and probiotics. Stay out of the cold weather and stay away from sick people. McLain is right, the more one uses sanitation the better! That is the first step in preventing the spreading of germs and bacteria. According to Dr. Alexandra Valsamakis (Director of Clinical Virology and Molecular Microbiology), the most easily targeted or at risk for the influenza season are pregnant women, children under the age of five years old, adults 50 years of age or older, and those with chronic health complications. This time of year, the flu shot is imperative. If one

likes to use excuses, such as Im terrified of needles, there is no need to fear! There is a nasal spray that acts the same as the flu shot. However, there are different side effects. There are also different recommendations for age groups and lists of those who are eligible. The flu shot is the vaccine used given by injection. The most frequent side effects are soreness in the upper arm. The flu shot is used for adults and children six months of age. The flu shot is not recommended for people who have allergies to eggs, or have had any previous complications in receiving the flu vaccine. The nasal flu vaccine, also known as the FluMist, is sprayed into the nose. It is a live vaccine, unlike the flu shot, which is made from dead influenza virus and cannot give one the flu. The virus has been weakened so that it cannot cause the flu, though one may experience flu-like symptoms. The side effects are usually minor, but can be more severe than the shot vaccine. Either way, it is wise for one to get their flu vaccine ASAP! Many are currently experiencing this horrible plague, the only way to avoid it is to be prepared and protected; be sure to get the flu shot!


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Hair care how to

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Today, girls everywhere are highly concerned about their hair. Many wish and dream of a day where they may magically awaken with beautiful and shiny straight hair. Its quite rare for people to have naturally straight hair, and is considered a blessing by envious peers. Just about every girl has a flat iron or a curling iron in their home, but many are unaware of the damaging effects it can have on ones hair. Applying unnecessary heat to the hair will cause damage. Most people choose to simply blow dry their hair, and use heat to style it. Although, if one wants to restore the health and life of their hair, ways of styling will need to be altered. A no heat way to straighten hair can be accomplished with a fan and a paddle brush. Sitting in front of a large fan, slowly brush the hair, and the hair will dry straight. This method proves to be time consuming, but much more healthy. There are quite a large

number of ways to curl or crimp hair without any heat. One will find various ideas on You Tube, and everyone is bound to find something that is the best for them. One common way is to braid the hair after showering, just before going to bed. The way that one braids, will determine their next day hair. One can either put in multiple braids, or a simple two will do enough justice. The wet hair dries overnight in the braids, and in the morning become a crimped look that girls, and guys, adore. Laura Olsen, junior, says, I never style my hair. I usually dont have the time but its not like I would want to burn my hair either. It takes a lot of time to straighten my hair and then it just gets burnt. If I want curly hair my mom braids it for me and I sleep with the braids overnight. Heat eventually leaves the hair dead and dry, with countless split ends. So why not stop the problem at the source? Keep your hair 450 degrees cooler with these no heat ways.

Time flies. Seniors are starting to get teary-eyed but excited because school is almost over. After high school, the birds are free from the nest and everyone is on his own. Here are some things you can do to make your high school years more entertaining 1. Go into the opposite genders bathroom 2. Prank a teacher 3. Have zero enemies for graduation (clear things up!) 4. Learn a new sport 5. Join a club 6. Get straight As! 7. Tell a crush how you feel 8. Ask a guy to Sadies/ girl to Prom 9. FOOD FIGHT! 10. Senior ditch day 11. Be the first person to welcome a new kid in your school 12. Make a friend with someone the complete opposite of you 13. Be a teachers aid 14. Cow tipping Moo 15. Go to all of your teams football games 16. Take a class you normally wouldnt take 17. Snowball fight with your peers 18. See a concert 19. Tailgate for homecoming 20. Just Dance video game party! 21. Eat lunch at every table in the lunchroom 22. School photo album/ scrapbook 23. Road trip with friends 24. Write to/ find a pen pal 25. Research ancestors 26. Learn a new language 27. Write a letter to your future self 28. Eat the heel of the bread loaf 29. Get a job! 30. Earn drivers license 31. Try a new hair color/ cut 32. Get rid of those pesky secrets 33. A day without technology 34. Stay up all night on a school night with friends 35. Free hug sign. How

Be sure to do all seventy things before graduation. Time is running out!


Mackay School of Earth Sciences and Engineering Contact Elizabeth Ball Coordinator of Student Recruitment (775) 327-2056 /

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Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Black Friday brings sales Undercover Aerobics

Every year people get super excited to go shopping and buy things for way cheap. But the matter of it all is, can they get it first? Black Friday, the one day each year that businesses sell their items for a lower price and try to get out of what they call, the red and into the black allows a business to boost their total sale prices sky rocket. Sabina Sabic, 12 explains Black Friday as, the time of year to get discounted stuff after Thanksgiving and to get cheap present to later wrap up for Christmas. Back then, Black Friday was a little simpler and people only expected to get up at midnight knowing the stores wouldnt open until 5 am.. but now, things have gotten a little worse. Over the past five years, the stores have opened their doors from 5 a.m. to 4 a.m., 3 a.m., and sometimes midnight. People get outraged and decide to cut Thanksgiving short with their family just to stand in line for a door buster deal that he or she might not even get. Is it really worth it? Sabina Sabic, 12 says, I only plan on waiting in line for Victorias Secret because they plan on giving away a free tote bag with the purchase of $65 or more and its a good deal because youll get a free $80 bag instead of spending $145 or so. So, one can get a great deal and even lead to getting free stuff, but what should one NOT get? According to the ABC News at, they created a list of the top ten things not to buy. Number one was toys. Parents love to spoil their kids with toys during Christmas, but a research showed that even just three weeks before Christmas, the popular toys dropped even more of a percentage then they did during Black Friday. Number two was name brand TVs, better deals happen after the Black Friday sale. In fact, most of their listed items stated that they would and usually end up having a better sale price after Black Friday. One included in the list was jewelry and watches, apparently the value and pricing of the jewelry or watches go down and basically have no value to them. So what are the things to get? Kaleb Price, 12 says, I plan on getting movies because some of the newer movies are going to be like five bucks. Theyre many good deals going on from flat-screen televisions to a new long-board. As usual though, the biggest sales are on the clothing items. Sabina Sabic also said, I plan on getting sweats and maybe a few scarfs. I hope to get some new pants; after all its getting cold! So, if theres anyone that loves the Holiday shopping season and plans on getting some really decent deals, Black Friday might just be the best time of year. Yes, sometimes one might have to wait in long lines and speaking of long lines; Kaleb also noted, I dont plan on waiting in the long lines unless theres something I really want. I also probably just wont sleep on Black Friday because Im sure Ill end up going with my sister and following her around and others no point in sleeping when shell want to be there super early. As stated before, a lot of people enjoy shopping whether its on a regular basis or on a supersale day like Black Friday. BY HEAVEN MARSH
Layout Manager

Not exactly known for a vigorous workout, water aerobics classes have been criticized by many who claim that the classes are only for old women. However, many of these critics have never actually tried or participated in an actual class so what is the truth? Are water aerobics specifically just for old women? Do water aerobics provide an actual workout for everyone? A water aerobics class at the YMCA on Elizabeth Street provided all of these answers and more. Not sure exactly what I was in for, I decided to participate in one class where the type of gender and age group varies greatly. I figured, if a sixty year old women or man can handle the workout, a healthy seventeen year old should be able to keep up. Overconfident and willing to try, I got in the water and started the workout. It was not but ten minutes before I realized that I was wrong. Luckily, all the ladies and men were some of the nicest people

that I have ever met. They encourage each other to do better and provide constructive criticism when a new participant is doing an exercise incorrectly. The environment provided a positive mindset. I quickly learned that it was a legitimate workout and regretted my nonchalant attitude. I was ready to catch my breath and sit down for a while. I learned that even though it doesnt look like the ladies or men in water aerobics are doing much, they are working harder than one thinks. Participants work as hard as they possibly can. I got tired quicker and learned that pacing ones self is a skill learned with time. It is impossible to catch ones beat. The hour long class wiped me out. The workouts that everyone degrades are way harder when each individual is doing them to his/her full capacity. What I put in is what I got out. This is basically the same principle used for any activity. Instead of saying rude things about water aerobics classes, why not say something positive or try it!

Featuring Mrs. Larsen Thanksgiving tradition

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Since 1992, Mrs. Larsen has been livening students spirits every day. She grew up in a small town named Carey, Idaho, but now resides in Twin Falls to teach at Canyon Ridge. When I was growing up, I wanted a family more than anything. Now I have 5 excellent kids who make great choices, Mrs. Larsen proudly states. Having such a fierce passion for the art of English, Literature, and reading, Mrs. Larsen loves what she does, teaching English. Mrs. Larsen explains that one of her favorite experiences is when she was teaching at Oleary. A girl in one of her classes was so excited to read To Kill a Mockingbird, that she told her family. They all read and loved the novel. Hearing this brightened Mrs. Larsens day, and gave her another great reason to teach. This is a favorite experience because Mrs. Larsen loves to see her students happy,

especially when it is a part of her teaching. I used to want to be an artist, says Mrs. Larsen. That didnt quite work out. My 5 children are what I created; they are what I consider my masterpieces. It is evident that Mrs. Larsen truly has a heart of gold, and she looks at life in only a positive way every day, with a smile on her face. Allyssa Hernandez, senior, shares, I used to be her teachers aide and I used to be in her English class. Shes so great and shes hilarious! Mrs. Larsen loves to read, sharing that it is definitely her favorite hobby. She also adores spending time with her grandchildren, drawing, and walking out in nature. Mrs. Larsen enjoys the little things in life, and finds the best thing is her family. One thing students may not know about Mrs. Larsen is that she used to be a dancer. I used to travel through a lot of high schools with my dance partner, and we would perform dances at

the schools, explains Mrs. Larsen. She shares that she was a choreographer and a screenwriter in high school. This may be a surprising fact, but with her lively spirit, it is not far-fetched. A gloomy day will not last long once Mrs. Larsen shares one of her jokes. Shes always helping her students, making sure that they are matching up to their true potential. Mrs. Larsen loves to teach English because she is able to share the novels of great American authors. With Mrs. Larsens high spirit, it makes her one of the best teachers here at Canyon Ridge High School.

Sta Writer

Photo by Autumn Myers

Mrs. Larsen smiles at the thought of teaching her incoming English class for the morning.

Thanksgiving Day is coming quick! It is a great holiday to come together, share what people are most thankful for, and eat some yummy turkey and pumpkin pie. Lets be honest though everyone gets most excited for the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade. Here is a little insight as of what to expect, and tips to make this year the best parade experience yet! The parades are always in the morning, so step one: wake up early enough to watch the whole parade. The parade varies in time every year, so grab a comfy blanket and some coffee. There are enough floats to please everyones preferences. The most famous floats vary from Buzz Lightyear, Pikachu, and the great sponge under the sea! People tend to be grateful for the materialistic things, but what we should be grateful for is friends

and family. Do not eat too much though; you will want enough room for dinner time! November 22nd at 9 am, is the 86th Macys Thanksgiving Day parade. This year the parade is beginning at 77th Street and Central Park West and will continue on to Columbus Circle. The parade will then turn onto Central Park South and head south on 6th Avenue until hitting 34th Street and turning west. The parade will end in front of Macys Herald Square. Stars like Cee Lo Green, Avril Lavigne, Mary J. Blige and Scotty McCreery will be guest appearing there! Be good while you are watching the show too, because Santa usually makes a guest appearance as well! Try and get a head start on the nice list! Over 3 million people watch the parade from the New York streets, and another 50 million watch it on NBC every year. Be a part of it this year!


tudents Say...
New, brand named soccer cleats!

hat do you want for Christmas this year?

Dont wait to purchase...


Adam Clark, 9th


A new CHI straightener. Kelsey Bastian, 9th

Ipad 3!

Pre-order your yearbook today with the bookkeeper for

Ipad 3 or a new volleyball net!

Maddie Tripp, 10th Playstation 3

Brady Watkins, 10th Oh gosh, a guitar!

Layke Hofknecht, 11th Ipad 3!

*Hurry,the price increases to $65 April 1st. Payment plans are available.
Emily Etcheverry, 11th


Tanisha Haggan, 12th

A new car!

Hoang Potthoff, 12th

Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday, November 20, 2012

is different when being compared to a rib showing horse or a limping dog. That is the serious issue here on animal abuse and they dont deserve it!

Taking a stand against animal abuse

Photo by Azia Nutting

BY AZIA NUTTING & SARAH PAK What would one do when he or she is drug for over half of a mile behind a car? When he was finally saved and could only feel the pain of deep cuts and blood gushing from his face and body? Trying to clean his body by licking the pain away but it was too hard to handle. What could one do or even say? Would someone rather just want to die, or live? Animal abuse is a tragic and terrifying and no animal should ever have to go through. According to www., most cases of abused animals are left unreported. In 2007, over 1,880 of animal abuse were reported in the U.S. 64.5% (1,212) were dogs,
Photography Editor & Opinion Editor

18% (337) were cats, 25% (470) were other types of animals. Its only gotten worse. The said that every ten seconds, an animal is beaten or abused. Jacob Newton, senior, addresses, I think animal abuse is terrible, they are not any different from people. So why do they deserve that? Animals may not be different from people, but people get abused too and maybe that is why humans take their anger out on animals. But still, animals have a beating heart too. They see what is being done to them and feel it. Ninth grader, Ashlynn Hall notes, I think animal abuse is horrible! Whoever treats an animal like that should get hurt to and possibly death penalty! Lets say you witnessed the neighbor beat his dog every time he dug a hole in the backyard, the little boy across the street put the stray cat in a box and kicked it, the farmers didnt feed their horses because they wouldnt stand up because they were so

weak. What would you do? Alyxis Cederstrom, senior, responds, I am completely against animal abuse, if I witnessed someone abusing animals; ugly words would be flying out of my mouth, I would try stopping it and then call the police! Personally, we would as well try to stop the animal abuse if we were to see it. If it meant risking getting into trouble, we would take those animals out of the houses if no one else would. It is the towns animal police and animal shelters to take in animals for protection. We understand that the Twin fall Animal Shelter is getting overcrowded and has to put more and more animals down, so if theres anyone that can adopt a dog or even a kitten, please do! If there is anybody else that is also against animal abuse, log onto aspca. com and take the pledge to stop animal abuse, you then should get an e-mail giving you advice on how you can help. Same with, their home page

has a Sign the Petition button that one can do to help Americas animals. In fact, theyre also trying to get a bill passed to support the cause and protect animals from cruelty and hurt. More than a quartermillion Americans have already signed the Animal Legal Defense Funds the Animal Bill of Rights (www. Animals have rights too, whether its from the mans best friend to a horse or a duck; they have a life too. A lot of people like to bring up the fact that hunting is a form of animal abuse, but think of how we eat. Some people cant just survive off of corn or wheat, and meat is a vital food on the food-triangle. Senior, Aaron Burton says, Man is dominantanimals hunt each other too and since we are the dominant race, I dont believe hunting is animal abuse. Hunting is not animal abuse, unless it is done inhumanely. Yes, its sad to see them die and butchered but thats how the circle of life is. It

Photos by Azia Nutiing

Dogs and cats alike await their adoptions. Every animal deserves a loving home. Visit the Twin Falls Animal Shelter today.

Bills vs. plastic

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Editorial: suicide awareness

Opinion Editor

Cash is flowing into bank accounts everywhere to the employed, and there are various ways these people can spend their cash. Not what they purchase, but how they purchase. With an immense amount of cold hard cash, teenagers feel the need to go to the bank and get a debit card. Debit cards give people easier access to their cash when needed, especially on days that the bank is closed. I personally canceled my debit card in February of 2012. Now, 9 months later, I am very happy with my decision. I found that with a card, I did not see a limit in my spending. I would go to the gas station and get a soda and some candy just because I could. Now that I carry cash, I actually watch my money disappear before my beady little eyes, therefore making me much more aware of my spending (and cheap).

Hunter Pollard, senior, says, I wanted to buy my friend something, but I always carry a card! A card is easier, but some places dont take cards. Although a card may be easier, it cannot always be used. I wish the taco truck would take cards. I enjoy tacos immensely but am sometimes deprived when I am without cash, states Hunter Pollard. Also, cards can be lost and eventually stolen. If cash is dropped, that is all that is lost. If a card is lost, a thief may drain the account of all funds, leaving a saver with no money to their name. This can be devastating to those who are currently saving up for college or a car. It is always better to carry cash safely in a wallet, instead of one flimsy card that can be broken. There are many studies showing that those who carry cash are much more aware of their spending, and are better spenders.

Fortunately or unfortunately, we dont live in a perfect world. Just as all heart attacks cant be prevented, neither can all suicides, but like heart attacks, there are steps we can take to prevent more of them from occurring. AOASPC Suicide. Everyone knows someone who has been affected by suicide, or they themselves have been directly affected. It is nothing to joke about, and it is nothing to take lightly. Some say suicide is selfish, some say its no big deal, while others are thinking it is the only way out. Every suicide and every death is a tragedy. So why does that make it okay for others to be played off as more important? Why is it that everyone gets more upset when a pretty girl commits suicide there has to be a huge ordeal about it whereas the

nerd or geek or someone not as attractive to the public eye commits suicide, and goes completely unnoticed? Why is it that our society has grown to be shaped like this? Why is suicide so common? What is it that is giving people the reason to think that they only have one way out, with that option being self-harm and then leading to death? And why is it some suicides are more advertised, or glorified, so to say, than others? Many of these questions are unanswered and most of the time it is too late to get the answer. Raven Oesterlein, senior, is doing her senior project on Anti-Bullying. She says that studies have shown that one out of four teenagers are being bullied across America. She chose this topic because she thought to herself, If we could get rid of bullying, then we can reduce the death rates in teens everywhere. It is like our generation

to act like barbarians, kids being pushed around by other kids, is just beyond ridiculous. It is not just the physical bullying that goes around. A lot of it can be verbal and emotional. Raven says, If you see it, or hear it, do not let it happen! Just put a stop to it and stand up for once. Everything adds up. From bullying to depression, to everything just being so overwhelming, there are ways to get help! But those who are struggling dont seem to realize that they really are cared about and that there are many ways to get help. The sad truth is, not every suicide can be stopped or prevented, but there are numerous ways to make them less common. The most important thing to do is to step up and be the one to make a simple, positive difference in someones life, whether it is a simple smile and a hello, or starting a conversation with someone that is new or is a stranger.

Thanksgiving grub Impact of presidential debates

Sta Writer

Once again, November has hit, and with it, dreams of everything from turkey with stuffing to sweet potatoes topped with marshmallows and even the infamous pumpkin pie with freshly whipped cream. On the 25th everyone has that one anticipation for dinner, that one desirable, mouthwatering, irreplaceable dish. Oh, but what to choose? Well, first off, there is turkey, and who cant deny some of that scrumptious meat? I know I cant, and sometimes it can come down to tooth and nail to get the piece that everyone else wants, so it may be a dish over off to the side that catches the eye. So many things like mashed potatoes with turkey gravy (yeah, just a little bit more of bird heaven), or green bean casserole, or sweet potatoes, and deviled eggs, dont get me started. I know that when it comes to Thanksgiving, I am drooling before we even finish breakfast, and I might as well forget lunch, because not only is it Thanksgiving

dinner, it is Thanksgiving dinner at Grandmas house. Taking that into account, it is always best to see what foods there will be, like anticipating your Christmas presents, which is what you also think about after eating all that wonderful food, but anyways back on track. Like I said, there is always one dish that sticks out among the rest, and what is it? It is desert after all and sends my taste buds to Wonderland and that is, yes, you guessed correctly, pumpkin pie. This all-time desert classic makes even a pie-hater like me loosen up and eat a slice, and that is saying something. Everyone should at least try this delicious dessert that has been in American homes as a tradition for decades. There is no excuse for not even attempting to like and try this amazing pie. Please just try it. Just do it. In the end, Thanksgiving is definitely something to celebrate, and my passion for pumpkin has yet to cease, so choose some food and dig in, after all, they only appear on the same table once a year.

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The outcome of the presidential election is well known. However, what were the factors behind President Barack Obamas win? Many Americans tuned into the presidential debates to learn about the views, standpoints, and policies that both candidates had in mind. Did the outcome of the presidential debates reflect the final outcome of the election? The polls after the debates showed the winner in the minds of the American populous and those polls reflected that Barack Obama won two out of the three debates. The presidential debates were a deciding factor in which candidate won the election. Governor Mitt Romney was claimed to have won the first presidential debate. Megan Mayo, a senior at CRHS, states, The President just did not show up to the debate. He was beat by Romney handsdown. All of the points that Romney made just made sense to me. Viewers decisively picked Romney as the winner of the first

debate. Students at CRHS couldnt deny that Romney had a better stance than Obama. Heavenlee Walker, senior at CRHS, explains, I thought Romney did well even though Im undecided about who I support. Polls for intended votes swayed in Romneys favor. The second debate unfolded a more aggressive Obama and a win for the President. Instead of being defensive, the President surprised many viewers and took a turn at being offensive and clashing directly with Governor Romney on major economic issues. Taking questions from the audience, President Barack Obama did a better job supporting his stance and the result was a declaration that Obama won the second debate. Since this debate helped restore faith in the democratic candidate, voters leaned more on the side of the President. A similar outcome of the second debate, the third debate also reflected a win for the President. Foreign policy is a sore subject for Americans and Obama did a good job defending his stance as well

as attacking his opponent possible future policies. Romney seemed to be more defensive during the debate and fell short when it was time to decide who won. President Obama spoke to the American people and the polls imitated the second debate results. Obama had a heavier sway of voters leaning on his side going into the election. Winner of two out three presidential debates and now winner of the presidential election, President Obama came out fighting throughout his campaign and during the debates. The voters swayed as the debate results were broadcasted across the nation. The debates provided a way for Americans to see and understand what both opponents had to offer and the upsides and downsides of each candidates policies. These debates truly do help voters decide on who to vote for based purely on the polls after each debate. Mirroring the outcome of the debates, the election showed that the winner and still President of the United States is Barack Obama.

Managing Editor

Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Arts & Entertainment

called Urine Town. When asked if this was a one time deal between the two schools, he said that he hoped not, since each department has their strengths and weaknesses, and when the two schools get together there ceases to be any areas that lack in each other. Even though Mr. Isaacs has only been here for little over a quarter he has quickly become a fan favorite with his inspiring save of a would be bust year.

Artist: Sarah Llamas Drama Department Reform

From drawing to painting, pottery to photography, Sarah Llamas does everything in the book. Her photography can often been seen on her Facebook page, and her other forms of art can be seen around the school. Sarah has a love for art, and it can be seen clearly in her work. Just recently, she was crowned as Artist Student of the Week in the Times-News, to which she explains that her mom was so excited, that she had taken every copy from her work. This shows her great achievements as an artist, and that not only her school recognizes it, but others around Twin Falls have. Sarah Llamas discovered her love for art around the 7th grade, and has transformed immensely since then. Although it is her last year in high school, she does not plan to stop her art anytime soon. She plans to carry on her talents throughout college, and possibly majoring in art. It takes a lot of time, patience, vivid imaginary, and creativity. Wait... does creativity go with imaginary? Sarah Llamas asks with a smile. Her favorite piece at the moment is her surrealist painting, which had taken her about two to three weeks to complete. Despite this amount of time, it is not the longest time she has spent on her art. Her monochromatic had taken Sarah about a month and a half to finish, which is a long process, but certainly pays off in the end. My favorite artist and inspiration would have to be Kat Von D. Shes an amazing artist when she draws anything; its something out of the ordinary. She doesnt pretend to be something shes not, explains Sarah. Kat Von D is well-known as a talented tattoo artist on the show LA Ink. Her favorite style is surrealism, which would explain why her favorite piece of art is her surrealist painting. Although Sarah is an all-around artist, she prefers to use paint and colored pencils. Sarah is a fantastic artist, so keep an eye out for her next piece! BY TYLER SCHMECHEL
A&E Editor

At the start of this last summer everyone left the school without a care or thought in the world. No one had the slightest thought that disaster could strike at any moment. Yet strike it did with just two weeks left of summer break. As students eagerly awaited the return of their favorite activities whether it is weight-lifting or art. Everyone came in with high aspirations and candied dreams of the future. But as some found out, those were merely dreams. The entire drama department was shocked to find out that the three year CRHS drama teacher Ms. Carey had left without warning or precedent. But out of darkness there

always comes a light. The department found this light in the ever-loveable Mr. Isaacs. Who, when push came to shove took up the mantle and successfully steered drama out of the steep nose dive that it had been left in. He not only saved the entire department from a fiery crash, but he also was able to put it on a more sinless course. Such implemented changes that he produced was the much sought for drama club that has seen a unprecedented amount of success. When asked about recent projects that he might have on the burners to get the hawk name out there, he was pretty lock-and-key in his answers. He gave some rather vague references towards what could possibly be a joint musical with TFHS

Photo by Tyler Anderson

Mr. Isaacs, newly appointed teacher of the drama Department, shows off his make-up skills

Powering down for Revolution

Sta Writer

Photo by Autumn Myers

Sarah Llamas stands with pride next to one of her pieces of art. This future CRHS artist is on the up and up in skill and prestige.

CRHS Drum Corps

Sta Writer

At the end of each school year, there is an opportunity to join classes for next year. Well one of those classes is drum corps. Drum corps is taught by the band and orchestra teacher Mr. Hadley. While Mr. Hadley watches over the class, its the students that make up all of the routines. Most drum corps will normally use a book or some other type of previously composed music. The Canyon Ridge drum corps on the other hand doesnt. Mattison Marsh (11) and Jacob Hall (11) are the main mastermind behind drum corps. Together they help all of the other people in the drum corps to try and help make up an awesome routine. Some of the people that go into drum corps thought that it would be an easy A class, but its really not.

Drum corps take precision and learning to try different and new things. The people that came into drum corps and wanted to drum soon realized that it isnt that easy at all. Drum corps is a class that has a lot to get out of it. One can get new experiences while meeting new people from different grades and being close to those in there. Drum corps is one hard exciting class.

Imagine the year 2020, where your plane tickets are completely useless, no one cares for the latest Apple products, and ice cream is a thing of the past. Horrible, right? Well this is the world of Revolution, NBCs latest hit series. The show is set in the postapocalyptic U.S., where civilization has abandoned all cities and started farming communities and a tyrannical militia. After 15 years of darkness, the audience meets a young girl named Charlie Matheson (Tracy Spiridakos) and her family in their small farming community. After the local militia show up in search of

her brother Danny (Graham Rogers), she decides to go in search of her uncle Miles Matheson (Billy Burke). Charlie starts on a journey far larger than she anticipated, one that runs deeper into the darkness then they could imagine, but there hope and possibly an actual flashlight at the end of the tunnel. According to the NBC website, Revolution isnt only an action-adventure story, but it is centered on family, [its] also about family-both the family youre born into and the family that you choose. Without a doubt this show is finds meaning, besides surviving without ice cream, and is a show that people can enjoy. For those die-

hard fans, or those just beginning on their way to revolution, you can tune at 10/9 Central on Monday nights for every new episode, and reruns are on at 10/9C on Fridays for those who might have missed the last episode. So, far there have been 6 episodes, and its not too late to join the plot, and for those who want to start from the beginning, NBC offers full episodes on their website. So, viewers are sure to hope that the power doesnt go out any time soon, because theyll definitely want to be there for Charlie and her family to get her brother back, and the power back on. For the rest of the season, and more to come, fans will be able to enjoy Revolution.

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CRHS Drum Corps having a battle of the drum lines. Savannah Teater and Dallin Romney lead their respective lines each attempting to out drum the others line.

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Apple unveiled the long-awaited iPad mini meant to compete with smaller tablets from companies such as Google and Amazon.

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Lightning connector; same connection as iPhone 5 and new iPad 1024 by 769 resolution; 163 pixels per inch Pre-order starts Oct. 26; in retail stores Nov. 2 Wi-Fi 16 GB $329 32 GB $429 64 GB $529 3G, Wi-Fi $459 $559 $659

5.3 in. (13.5 cm)

It is that time of year again; time for cuddling up to a warm fire with a cozy blanket and, of course, a new book. There are hundreds of new bestsellers for the avid readers of Canyon Ridge High School to choose. From non-fiction to horror to fiction, there is a book for everyone. This months New York Times Bestsellers list has multitudes of material that any student will find enjoyable. The first book to take the top spot on the fiction list is called Down To You; written by M. Leighton. In this zappy love story, a woman is home from the chaos of college life to help in her fathers ailing store. The town is the same as she left it, yet there is a new family in town. This particular family has twin sons who happen to fall in love with the same girl. The kicker? This young woman is in love with not just one twin but both. The mushy

gooey story is full of laughs and humor that will keep the reader captivated till the very last page. Another great read is a book called Heaven Is For Real, written by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent. This non-fiction read is a chilling account of a father and his 3 year old son. However, this is not ones average story. The father tells the tale of his toddlers encounter with Jesus and his angels during an appendectomy. The boy awoke with tall tales of having gone to heaven and back. The small boy remembers every detail, including Jesus eye color. This book cannot be put down. In the new novel NYPD Red, by James Patterson and Marshall Karp, a spinetingling horror story takes place. A classic Patterson novel, a detective and his partner must hunt down a deranged psychopath. The novel holds a bit of romance as Detective Zach Jordans new partner is his ex-girlfriend. The two must

move past their previous relationship in order to work together to find the killer. Time is ticking as the killers new target is the annual New York Film Festival. Will they find him? Pick up the book today and find out. Finally, for those history junkies out there, here is yet another fantastic read. The one and only Bill OReilly has recounted the story of Kennedy in his novel, Killing Kennedy. The book delves into the events surrounding Kennedys assassination and the science behind it. OReilly knocks down the myths and conspiracies with his sarcastic mannerisms. Anyone interested and willing to read Kennedys story should definitely consider this hardcover. All of theses books are great reads so it is for obvious reasons that these ended up on the New York Times Bestsellers list. Each is capable of causing endless hours of reading. If the need arises for an interesting read for advisory book reports this next quarter.

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cm )

Most anticipated games of the year

iPad mini
7 (2 .9 i 0.1 n. cm )
0.68 lb. (308 g) 0.28 in. (7.2 mm)

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13-inch MacBook Pro Retina display 20 percent thinner

iMac Measures just 5 mm Improved display, faster performance

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These past few months have been huge for gamers. Some of the biggest gaming franchises have dropped sequels. Yet three games have drawn all of the attention. The first of the three major games to come out was Assassins Creed 3. In this Assassins Creed the player is in America in 1753-83 before, during and

after the revolutionary war, it also has a modern day episode while one tries to prevent a 2012 apocalypse. This game dropped October 30 and has gotten more than a couple great reviews. Halo 4, this is the latest and greatest episode of the legendary Halo series. Halo 4 is set roughly 5 years after Halo 3. Master Chief returns to fulfill his destiny. He must venture to destroy an ancient alien evil

that threatens the fate of the whole universe. This game was released November 6, 2012 and has 9 out of 10 stars. Finally the long awaited Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is out. In this Black Ops a villain by the name of Raul Menendez seizes control over the United States Military infrastructure with his own plans in mind. It is up to you to bring the world back from near annihilation.





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Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Where There is a Will There is a Way Band profile: Marianas Trench

The lights dim, the crowd quiets, the stage is a shroud of mystery as the audience eagerly awaits the appearance of the actor. The spot lights turn on almost as if someone has summoned them from the depths of the darkness that precedes the stage. As the bedazzled eyes slowly adjust to startling brilliance that has become the stage the actor enter. This is the moment that everyone has been anticipating. The anxiety mounts to an unbearable level, it is here

that the crowd will either be entranced or write off the entire performance. As the first two actors enter one can almost read the stress and dedication that each has put in during that last couple of months. The stress is clearly evident on their faces. Each looks at the other for quite confirmation of what the other is about to do. Having received what little solace they could from the other, they slowly walk forward and the show begins. The collaboration of each actor is stupendous to the eyes. The way in which each choreographed

scene unfolds without the slightest hitch. Each line, each movement, each pause is perfectly placed creating a symphony of wonderment for the audience. Each scene had the perfect combination of sadness, action, humor, and suspense. For that hour each person within the building could lose themselves in the stupendous production put on by seniors Amber Callen and Tyler Anderson. Yet from the audience position an individual never would have been able to guess that this terrific production was done as a senior project.

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CRHS Band impresses at opening concert

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What do beats, rhythms, and superb music all have in common? Well, the Canyon Ridge High School Band of course. The CRHS band played on October 29, 2012 at the CRHS Auditorium for all who wished to see. The band concert consisted of Robert Stuart Middle Schools beginning and intermediate bands, CRHS Drum Corps, and Canyon Ridges very own band. The concert started promptly at 7 pm with the playing of the Star Spangled Banner by the RSMS Intermediate and CRHS bands. Then the RSMS beginning band started off by playing 4 songs, like Three Blind Mice and a piece from You Really Got Me. Afterwards, CRHS Drum Corps stepped up and played a single piece that included a heart pounding rhythm that reverberated off the walls and through the soles of peoples feet.

Once they finished their piece, it was on to the RSMS Intermediate Band, who also played 4 separate pieces. Ultimately, it was a great concert for our future Riverhawks. As for our current Riverhawks, it was a success, especially for their first concert of the school year. They played three pieces, including Korean Rhapsody, song that introduced another flavor of music to the audience. For their final song, they performed Chillers and Thrillers, a mintage of suspense songs such as the Imperial March and the theme from Jaws. For the finale, the RSMS Intermediate band came back on stage for a standing performance of Tequila and the Canyon Ridge HS Fight Song, which the audience had a chance to sing and hear some of that Riverhawk spirit. When asked what they have love most about performing in concerts, Jacob Webb,

freshman, responded that he loved the activity, that its crazy, its hectic, its awesome. One sophomore, Kris Crozier, plays oboe and bassoon, the bassoon being one of the most difficult instruments to play in the band. He said that it was the experience of succeeding and that because of his talents with his instruments, he has been able to achieve a lot of things. It was certain success for the first concert of the year, for future Riverhawks and current ones alike.

Josh Ramsay was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on June 11, 1985. He grew up being of the religion of music. His mother was a vocal coach, while his father owned a recording studio. His family would spend their time singing and playing music, and they called their selves the Ramsay Family Singers. Josh Ramsay met Matt Webb in high school, someone who shared his love for music, and they joined together as a group. Looking for band mates, Ramsay and Webb put an ad out and found drummer Ian Casselman, and through Casselman, they found bassist Mike Ayley. In 2001, these four became the phenomenon that is today, Marianas Trench. Marianas Trench is widely known in Canada as that is where they originated, and are quickly becoming recognized throughout the U.S. and Australia. Marianas Trench has included Josh Ramsay (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Matt Webb (lead guitar, backing vocals), Mike Ayley (Bassist, backing vocals) and Ian Casselman (Drums and

percussion) since 2001. These four have become the best of friends, and they show that the band will never break apart. In 2006, their first album, Fix Me, was released. Shake Tramp was their ticket to success, and the band explains that they were on the verge of their producer giving up on them. With this, Marianas Trench has been growing steadily from this single, and have went to produce Masterpiece Theatre, and Ever After. Marianas Trench has been nominated for countless awards, and have won many of them. Some awards that they have won include: Best Vancouver Rock Band, Pop Video of the Year, and Media Radio Favorite Single. The first single from their album Ever After, Havent Had Enough reached the number one spot on iTunes Canada Top of the Charts and Pop Downloads. It also was named Song of the Week by The Tune. This only underestimates their talent, to the surprise of many they do not have more awards. Marianas Trench is currently on their tour Face The Music, and will soon be traveling to the U.S.

The Raven on DVD

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Mr. Ted Hadley, band instructor at Canyon Ridge High School, anounces the current piece about to be played by the band at their first concert.

Gearing up for Breaking Dawn pt. 2

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My time as a human is over, but Ive never felt more alive. Red eyes, a hunger for blood, skin of ice and superhuman abilities. I know what you areA vampire. The Final Chapter had arrived and Breaking Dawn: Part 2 hit theaters on November 16th, 2012. Isabella Marie Swan was just an ordinary girl, her parents were divorced; her mom lived in Phoenix, AZ and her dad hid away in gloomy Forks, WA. She had lived in the valley of the sun for seventeen years until she suddenly decided to live in a near constant cover of clouds and rain. Little did she know, so did the Cullens. Twilight was a movie of Bellas introduction to vampires, yet she didnt even know. Here in Forks, Bella Swan met Edward. An enigmatic and fascinating peer at her new high school, but she doesnt know what shes getting into. After Edward saves her life, Bella discovers his secret. Edward is a vampire. She should stay away from him, but Edward and Bella have fallen irrevocably and unconditionally in love with each other. However, their troubles have only just begun. In New Moon, The Cullens hold an 18th birthday party for Bella Swan. It doesnt get far when a paper cut ends the party in bloodshed and

causes the Cullens to pack up and leave Forks behind, including Bella. Bellas shattered, hiding away in silence and screaming for Edward in the dead of night.

My time as a human is over, but Ive never felt more alive. Stephanie Meyer
So Bella comes up with a solution, hanging out with Jacob Black and his Pack. It doesnt start out this way, but with Jakes genetics and Victoria on the loose, thats what life has come too. Yet, it doesnt last long and soon Edward is in trouble. The Cullens return and with it, a love triangle blossoms Eclipse was a new story all together. The love triangle between Edward, Jacob, and Bella hits its peak. Up until Edward asks Bella to marry him and she tells him yes. Of course, Jacob is devastated, but thats the least of their worries. Their biggest problem is a newborn vampire army in Seattle. And theyre headed for Bella. The pack team up with the Cullens to defeat this army, and destroy them they did. Misfortune didnt end in this movie, and it sure didnt end in Breaking Dawn: Part 1 either. In Breaking Dawn: Part 1 Bella and Edward get

married. At the wedding, in a dance with her best man, Jacob, Bella decides to tell him that Edward and her plan to consummate their marriage on their honeymoon. At first, he takes it as a joke, but then figures out the truth. Jacob is furious, but that doesnt stop them. Bella is soon pregnant, with a vampire hybrid. And this is what spawns the last and final movie in the Twilight installment, Breaking Dawn: Part 2. Breaking Dawn: Part 2 is the epitome of Twilight. This is the story of Jacob imprinting with Renesemee, of Edward and Bella becoming parents, Bella converts to a vampire, and the Volturi has found something to fight for. An Immortal child. This is the finale, and Bellas chance to prove herself, as a vampire in Forks, WA. Each book is as inticing and entrancing as the rest with each book taking over all priorities in the readers life. The film producers have been able to convey these feelings and emotions into the timeless classics that have become the Twilight Series.

The Raven takes place during the mid 1800s. Edgar Allen Poe walks to the news building to speak with the publisher about his story being in the newspaper. They get into a argument. After arguing, Poe gives up and rushes out of the building. Later that night his beloved comes through the door, then she and Poe go into deep conversation. Even though her father hates Poe, he still admits his love for her. The next morning Poe wakes up to the sound of knocking on his door. The police ask Poe to come with them to the police department Poe obliges and goes with them. At the police department Poe discovers his writings are the inspiration of a killer. Not knowing who would do such a thing, he is thought

to be a prime suspect. But later on, the police discover that Poe has nothing to do with the murders or the kidnapping of his beloved. Then the night Poes house burns down he receives a note stating that if he can follow the clues left at every murder scene he will find his beloved. If an individual wants to know more about the movie, grab a copy of The Raven on DVD today and spend some time watching a great story in action. Every person would benefit from investing the time it would take to just sit down with some popcorn and watch the show with friends. This movie was greatly directed by James Mcteigue who has also done V for Vendetta and Ninja Assassin with star actor John Cusack playing Edgar Allen Poe. John has also played in the movies Hot Tub Time Machine and 2012.

Wednesday Dec 12 10 Senior Boys 7:00 pm $5.00


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Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ask It! With Justice and Tyler Tardy to class excuses

home alone and the TV was off. What is going on and should I buy some to get him to shut up? -Frank Okay Frank, You should definitely buy Oxyclean. You be thankful for everything Billy Mayes has done for the infomercial world and be honored hes haunting you! All we get is Bill Cosby. We cant understand half the stuff he says. Pretty sure there was something about pudding. Okay Guys, You two are seniors, so you know all about the whole senior research paper thing. I think the fact we only have two weeks to write the most important paper of our high school career was a little ridiculous. This wasnt really a question, Im just saying. -Not Tyler Dear Not Tyler, Tyler! You cant just write whatever you want in the paper! We have to stick to giving advice to the students! Dear Justice and Tyler, So last issue I wrote in about my friend leaving me at lunch, and you suggested I find my own lady. Well I did, and we hang out all the time, but now my ex moved back from Virginia and is always watching us and its starting to bother me. What should I do? - Hoomanumanmai Jeff! Jeffy! Jeffanista! El Jeffe! Whats up man! Okay Jeff, back to business. Has she sent you any hair? What is up with the stalkers this issue? Heres what you need to do. Tell her off. Tell her youve found someone new so she needs to move on and find someone else before she goes bald. Guys, So Im pretty much not athletic, like at all. Like I can run at the half the speed of smell, but I dont want to get fat. What should I do? -Hank Dear Hank, Join the chess club. Its kind of a sport. I mean, you dont need to be athletic. we have a chess club? Okay, START a chess club, join it, and be a total chess stud. Be a varsity chesser? BY KATHERINE JACKSON
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Dear Tyler and Justice, So Ive been stalking this guy, and I give him like TONS of love notes and some of my hair, but he just will not reply. What should I do? -Stalkerella Okay so first off, quit creeping. I dont know who this guy is, but Im worried for him. As for the notes, he might not answer because he doesnt know who you are. On the other hand, he might not answer you because the thought of getting your hair freaks him out, could be either one. Dear Tyler and Justice, I think my house is haunted. I was going to the bathroom and I swear I heard Billy Mayes talk about Oxyclean! But I was

Whoever has been late to a class before has more than likely tried to think up some excuse to not get into trouble. Some of the excuses teachers might actually believe some of the excuses some of the people try and pull. While others, well they arent so easy to believe. I once told a teacher that I was flying a helicopter and I had to make an emergency landing because there was a pregnant lady in the back and she was going into labor so I had to go to the hospital to get her into a hospital room. That was one thoughtful excuse by Suantay Crowley (10) but unfortunately it didnt pass.

Some people try the craziest things. There have been people that sneak into class so they wont get marked tardy. Sometimes they get caught, but there are the lucky people that do get away with sneaking into the class without the teacher catching them. Like what goes through some people minds when they are going to be late for class? Do they even think about what they are going to say or do they just make something up when they get to class? There is always that one excuse one almost always hears. I didnt mean to. Did they really mean it? There are those people that say they didnt mean it when they did.

Psychopath Poe
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Shirley and Schmechs What if?

BY BAYLEY SHIRLEY AND TYLER SCHMECHEL Its that time of year again. Its that holiday where everyone is given the chance to absolutely stuff their bottomless pits. There are mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, ham, green bean casserole, rolls, corn, pumpkin pie, cheesecake, and the almighty turkey. However, there is only one Thanksgiving. The question is what would happen if it didnt exist? Its not a thought many think about, mostly because there point of focus is on a plate of fat, but it is something to that should be conversed. If Thanksgiving didnt exist, would the massive feast occur on a different holiday, or just disappear off the face of the earth? Madison Perkins (10) believes that nobody would care, whereas Myann Hopkins (10) says that Its a very important day of the year,
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it has to be celebrated, no matter what. If it didnt exist, an outbreak could happen, protesters would flood streets, and chaos would take over, or not. The fall season would kind of be lost too wouldnt it? Thanksgiving is pretty much the epitome of the fall season, a sign of changing leaves and the remembrance of the pilgrims and the Indians. Honestly, if it didnt exist, would it be on Christmas, Easter, or the Fourth of July? Wait a minute, what if Christmas didnt exist?? There would be no tree to decorate with ornaments. Those pretty ones, not the crappy handmade ones that were done back in second and third grade. There wouldnt be any icicle lights hanging from the roof, and tacky decorations in the front lawn that sing Christmas music over and over again. Countdowns would not be held, and presents would only be given on birthdays.

Santa would be, well, Santa. Who is Santa? Well, hes that fat, jolly, rosy cheeked man that Ho-Ho-Hos into your house without a care in the world. He gets away with claiming that its for a good cause, in this case presents. Although, that is all anyone can think about when it comes to Christmas, other than more food and family time. Back on the subject, how are we sure that Santa is safe. What if hes just a pedophile, taking the chance to take a peek at children. Not saying that he is, but its an interesting thought. Lets get real, he doesnt exist. Although, Christmas still exists, and so does Thanksgiving. So we are gladly allowed to continue overindulging, eating leftovers for a whole week straight, getting spoiled by our parents, and receiving exactly what we want, when we want. Its Thanksgiving and Christmas, and we can thank the ancestors for that.

On the morrow he will leave me, as my hopes have flown before. Then the bird said Nevermore. It cant seem to get any better, especially when coming from the ravens mouth. Yes, from the ravens mouth. This seems to be one of the many fantasies of the infamous Edgar Allan Poe, who wasnt even that famous in life. This man is considered as a genius by some and a drunken man that had leapt off his rocker by others. Poe came up with stories about murder, death, and talking ravens. Questionable as the least and something that might have gotten any other locked up, but not dear Edgar. No, he was a master of murder and teller of tales, and as far as anybody in his time was concerned, he didnt exist. How many could honestly say that this man was in his right mind? None, zip, zilch, not even home. The answer is plainly that he was a crackpot, and people call him a visionary. Poe lost his family and started drinking to compensate, that screams depressed not poetic master. It just so happens that literature honors

psychopaths these days, along with actual sane authors, like, hmmm, Nicholas Sparks and J.K. Rowling, so perhaps he got lucky. Poe may be considered as a breakthrough author, but from an outside look, it would seem he had more of a breakdown. With todays society, there is definitely proof to show when someone it relying a little too much on the gas fumes and smoke, or maybe just a good hit to the head. Even the way he died, showing up wearing another mans clothes, and not being able to say how he got there. Highly suspicious, wouldnt you think so? There are multiple conspiracies and stories of how Poe went missing, even to the point where they say he was poisoned for political gain. English classes find it critical to teach us about this man, and his ever so enticing with its rich, figurative language. Today, the world is split in half, and once more over something as trivial as to Poe being a genius or a mad man, well this is the truth, right now, and you may possibly have your answer. In any amount of spare time try reading The Raven, Tell-Tale Heart, Cask of Amontillado, or Masque of Red Death and call me in the morning.

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Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20) Because youre such a great cook and always host the party, this year take a break and book a family reservation dinner somewhere everybody loves to dine out. Leo (Jul 23 - Aug 22) Gemini (May 21 - Jun 20) Youre always on the go! This year, plan for a little appetizer small meal at your house and then head to a real feast at another friends house or even your parents. Virgo (Aug 23 - Sep 22)
This year, its your turn! Host a great thanksgiving dinner at your favorite event place like a golf course or a ski lodge, work up your appetite just before! Have family members and friends bring some of their favorite dishes.
You love the holiday season and spending it with the family. This year, extend your family and volunteer at your local homeless shelter, after all everyone deserves a warm cooked meal on thanksgiving.

Editorial: music industry

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Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19) You love the great outdoors. If the weather is nice, throw a thanksgiving picnic and decorate all the tables with fall colors; red, orange, brown, etc.

You often fret about the holiday season. Whether its the meal that wont turn out or the people that dont show. This year take the weight off your shoulders and have someone else host the party or even have a catering event.

Cancer (Jun 21 - Jul 22)

Libra (Sep 23 - Oct 22) Your idea of a perfect thanksgiving meal is to spend it with the one you love. Blow out of the family obligations and enjoy a home-cooked meal with your beloved one. Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19)

Youre someone who loves the holidays, but cant stand the family gatherings. This year just stick to yourself and relax. Dont worry about food preparations and all the stressful things. Light some candles and give thanks.

Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21)

This year, keep it simple. Invite some family members or friends to go out to a nice restaurant or a cruise where everything is provided. You could even go to a place you have never been and try some new food items.

Sagittarius (Nov 22- Dec 21)

You absolutely adore the holidays. Add a little fun to this years gathering and keep it traditional. A little corn bread, peas, squash, and a simple turkey; just like the pilgrims did. Dont forget, there were no forks so be sure to have some fun a leave those out!

Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18) The more, the merrier! Join some fun gatherings at a local community center and be sure to bring your favorite dish. Remember though, its a town gathering, be sure to bring plenty!

Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 20) You like do it all! Bring some sparkling water or cider to all your friends and family so that no one feels left out. Enjoy both parties and simple explain that you have another one to attend.

So it looks like its time for me to go off on a rant on the music industry. It has gotten a little out of hand. The garbage that is broadcasted on the radio is ludicrous. Dont get me wrong, I do like some songs, but others appall me on my drive home. Some of these rappers now-a-days have no flow! They took what they wrote down, threw the paper in the blender, and just pulled out scraps piece by piece and rapped it. When someone looks up your lyrics they consist of rhyming up with up and there with there and had with had, that doesnt make you the last name ever first name greatest; that makes you a four year old telling a story. Not much range. What would Tu-Pac say if he heard this stuff? Dont think I wouldnt get after Justin Bieber for his music. Seriously, people like this? Every song consists of him saying the same thing

about 400 times about a girl. Find something else to sing about. Your songs should never start off with you saying youre about to swag out. The only thing he has going for him is he actually has a voice, unlike some artists, Im thinking of you Lady Gaga. Next is Rhianna. Can someone explain why all her songs are the same line repeated over and over, with a reprieve to break it up? Thats not music, thats a broken record that needs to be thrown away. And, finally, time to address Adele. Dont get me wrong, shes a wonderful singer but all of her songs are the same thing, and so depressing! No wonder he left you! Music, please get back to where you were. We miss the days when the M in MTV actually stood for music, and artists were shown actually doing this thing called sing. We need to get back to when music meant something and artists didnt sell out or pander to the masses just to make a buck. Back when music was art.


Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday, November 20, 2012

likely to add a little variety by utilizing foods no one ever uses otherwise. A luxury too massive for culinary lightweights to handle, one must be prepared for a thanksgiving feast Hangover like none before it. For an intense eating contest, try seeing who can eat an entire cake in under five minutes, although one cant anticipate any survivors. One cant help but wonder what food will be innovated like this next? When will someone put peanut butter, jelly, and bread all into the same jar at once? Hopefully someone can pull it off before December so we can all huddle together with our PB&J jars while the world crumbles around us. On that happy note, be sure to enjoy your Thanksgiving, be it all in one item or otherwise.

10 ways to...
Look behind you

Unusual Thanksgiving desserts

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Find your mom in a grocery store

Shake the dog food

Call her over the intercom

When the leaves start falling and the temperature drops lower than a turkeys hopes of reaching its next birthday, Americans gather together to put on more weight in one meal than an entire week any other time of the year. Some food is more delectable than others; but which is the beast of the feast? Lets just say you can eat dinner without waiting for desert. How is this possible? The answer is Turkey Cake. This uncommon treat has a tendency to surprise or terrify those who anticipate a sweet first bite, because with the exception of the marshmallows and sweet potatoes, you wont get any sugary sensations dancing on your tongue feelers. Lactose intolerants

be warned, this Frankencake has everything from milk to cheese in its list of ingredients. This mixes of the majority of traditional thanksgiving feasts into one item, so those who dont want to wait for the next course or who are too busy to make the entire meal separately can now burn even less calories while stuffing their face. True to the Idahoan spirit, both sweet and mashed potatoes are used extensively to mimic frosting and to bring some veggies to the gastrointestinal party going on once you swallow. There are also chopped onions and parsley leaves. One can find minced thyme, sage, and garlic cloves, if you have any left from warding off vampires that is. A surprising amount of Worcestershire and soy sauce is included, most

The origin of totes magoats

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Ask an old lady

Just dont

Find a new mom

Back in the 1600s, farmers loved goats. It is estimated that there were 47 goats to each farmer in South Africa. These farmers all had families, a wife around the age of 17, and anywhere from 2-8 kids. With this, the farmers needed help with carrying their goats around. During this time, it was not exactly known to the farmer that the small sticks coming from the sides of the goats were legs, which would enable the goats to walk themselves. This is where Totes Magotes derived from. It is commonly believed by many scientists that the first man who said totes magotes was 45 year old John Gumball. Gumball was

walking towards his goats one hot July afternoon. His back was aching, as the man was growing quite old. It is believed that he smelt like death. Gumball asked his sons for help with carrying the goats, but his sons were much to interested in churning butter. His youngest son, Howie, was churning butter in efforts to impress Sally Do across the road, but his efforts failed. His father came to him and exclaimed, Son! Help me with my goats! As I love them so but am not able to carry them on my own! Howie didnt like to be around his father; he smelt bad. Howie started to walk away until he heard, totes magoats! Howie quickly turned around, and saw his father on his knees.

What? He questioned. Gumball explained that totes magoats meant to haul the mothers of his goats, pleading to his son. With this, Howie had a change of heart. Farmers all around learned the phrase totes magoats, and soon it became global. Farmers everywhere were shrieking to their sons, totes magoats, and the boys would immediately stop churning butter so they could help their father. Some may wonder, why totes magoats? It is evident that totes means to haul or carry, where many people today think of a tote bag. Magoats has no meaning, but if broken down into ma and goats, the meaning is the mother of goats. Without this phrase from Gumball, goats would have become extinct.

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Black Friday madness

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Call her

Look in the bathroom stall


Ask the magic conch shell

Black Friday occurs the day after Thanksgiving. It is an early morning event that causes many people to go into a frenzy. Last year Sabryna- I, Sabryna, was looking to buy my friend Autumn a new coffee pot. I saw in the paper that coffee pots were 6.99 at Wal-mart during Black Friday. Oh joy! Mama, brew me up some of that 97% off! Autumn and I are constantly chillaxin at Java. We love us some coffee, so what better to give for my bud than a machine that does et, Autumn- Black Friday is coming along, and I have to be sneaky. I am deeply afraid that Sabryna will ask me to go to Black Friday, but I cant! I need to get her a coffee pot. Just the other day she hinted, Wouldnt it be nice to have a cool coffee pot? I was smiled, and said, lets go to Daisys. S- The other day, I tried to make sure Autumn wanted a coffee pot. I hinted but then she smiled at me oddly, turned her head to the left, widened her eyes, and spoke in monotone, Let us travel to the restaurant that is of Daisys A- 3 a.m. Im wide awake. Yeah, I was in the dark, I was falling hard, with an open heart Im wide awake. S- 3:03 a.m. Wake up! Wake up on a Saturday night! London, Paris, maybe Tokyo, just kidding, off to Wal-mart I go! A- Theres no parking spaces, so I just parked in

front of the doors. Who knew you could that. S- Theres no parking spaces, so I parked my sleigh on the roof. Ho ho ho here I come down the chimney, have those mistletoes ready! A- We need a plague. S- I have some plaque. A- I start moshing my way through to the coffee pots, and hit a dirty blonde. S- Ow. Ive been hit. I have to keep going. almost there. Gotta get that coffee pot A- They are almost gone. Theres one left and my eyes are all over that. S- One left! What! A- Ive got it, IveS- Yay I have it, A- Sabryna? Go home dude! Im getting this FOR YOU S- heh heh heh. I dont think so, this is my gift for you. A- Wow, not nachos this year? S- Okay thats enough, say hello to my PEPPER SPRAYYYYY A- AHHH! My leg! Prepare for a papercut from my riches! S- Is that Monopoly money? Im 97% through kicking your behind. A- Youre all Sabryna and no bite! Been no change and were all still hoping! S- Your so rich and white its like Im fighting over a coffee pot with a cheesecake! Just then, Sabryna and Autumn were been hit by another individual. After picking themselves up, they see Mitt Romney hovering over the two of them. I love

America. I love the middle class, he says with much sarcasm. Autumn- Lame momma jeans you got there Romney. Sabryna- Hey! My mom has those jeans! Romney - In this wash? S- Thats the kind. R- This is my coffee pot. I didnt win the election and I am very upset. S- Heh heh heh not even one term ya loser. A- Mad that Obama got two terms? R- What? I just wanted airplane windows to open so that my wife Ann could get oxygen but WE ALL CANT GET WHAT WE WANT LIKE THE PRESIDENCY SO IM TAKING THIS COFFEE POT HEHHH! Then, Romney left with the 97% off coffee pot. Autumn and Sabryna were dumbfounded that he was even at Black Friday considering his riches, but they went to Java and laughed at Romneys loss of the election, and praised Obamas four more years.

Photo by Sabryna Schmidt

The coffee pot that now resides in Mitt Romneys mansion.

Photo by Leslie Horner

Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Canyon Ridge student spirit keeps the spirit bell home at The Ridge
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Jake Packham, senior, watches the Burley Bobcat line of scrimmage.

Photo by Raven Oesterlein

Megan Mayo, senior, has her eye on the ball, and mind on winning the game.

Photo by Rilee Emerson

Riverhawks on the swim team do what they do best at one of their practices.

Every fall, the football team and the student body gather to honor those who have served/ are serving in the annual even called the Service Bowl. This year we were proud to have the Service Bowl here at Canyon Ridge. But what really is the Service Bowl? The first service bowl game was held on October 9, 2009 at Twin Falls High School. M o s t know it as just t h e

The competitions start the fierceness of the rivalry. There is a dance off, cheer off, drum corps off, and a band off. We take turns with the Twin Falls teams to try and see what side can get the most spirit out of the crowd a n d most

Photo by Jessica Keeton

Zane Sterling, freshman, strives for excellence in his meet.

game t h a t we play the Bruins. It is more than that as well. The Service Bowl is a game of competitions, honoring, and spirit.
Photo by Leslie Horner

importantly the student body. The teams, however, dont compete for a trophy. They actually compete for money. Every year, the Twin Falls School District donates $500 to each program. They do have to show up to the game in order to receive the money. The biggest competition, however, is the spirit. Each year they have judges going to both schools in order to see what school actually has the bigger school spirit. Well, we have that beloved trophy, known as the cowbell, for the second year in a row now. The cowbell just shows who has the bigger pride in the school and who actually will show the bigger school spirit. Out of everything that goes on that one day, it all comes down to one thing that is really important to the rest of the school. That is the football game. The team played hard and they tried their best to put off Twin Falls. Even though we didnt win, we look forward to the next Service Bowl.

Photo by Samantha Jackson

Photo by Samantha Jackson

Photo by Samantha Jackson

Photo by Samantha Jackson

Riverhawk football players join together for words from their coach.

The Locker Room: a new style in hair care

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Photo by Jessica Keeton

Dallin Romney, freshman, runs with much ambition towards the finish line.

Photo by Jessica Renaldi

Cameron Kendrick is performing the breaststroke during a swim meet.

Looking for a nice place to get a new hair style/ manicure without missing your favorite sports game? The Locker Room Salon is the perfect spot. The owner, Staci Carter, has always loved hair and wanted to open up her own salon, but wanted something new besides the basic salons that are all over Twin Falls. After much thought, her and her husband, Cory, had the idea to combine two of the things they love; hair and sports. The Locker Room has been open for one year now and has a flow

of both men and women customers. We are huge football fans. says Staci. She has even designed her own line of NFL team acrylic nails! Everything in the store is sports themed including the staffs uniforms. Although they do not sell any sports items inside the store, having two sons and a husband who has played, coached and loved the game since he was little, makes it easier for them to collect. Inside the building, there are sports memorabilia all over the walls (including 6 signed jerseys), a large screen TV (plus smaller TVs for all of the clients when they are

being tended to), vending new look or give them machines, and couches that set of nails theyve to make the customers been dying to have. My feel as comfortable as clients are my world. possible. They are huge fans of the Chicago Bears, but also support local teams such as BSU and CSI. The folks over at The Locker Room go out of their way to make their customers leave with a smile. Staci concludes, It means more to me Photo courtesy of Cory Carter than anything to A glimpse at the newest and most unique make someones hair salon in Twin Falls. A haircut with the sporty day fantastic by feel for either girls or guys. Give it a try! giving them a

Lady hawk basketball Bowling Alley Rally

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Photo by Justice Straub

The Crimson Line dancers practice a routine.

Photo by Raven Oesterlein

Zoe Strauss jumps in the air to kick the soccer ball away from the Riverhawks goal.

Photo by Jessica Renaldi

Tara Hope, senior, gasps for breath as she strokes through the water.

A ball dribbles across the hard wood floor and the sound of the net as it slid through for a three pointer echoed through the gym; its that time of year again. Its basketball season and the girls are ready to dominate. Open gyms have been held for two weeks and the girls were getting anxious. The long wait was over and tryouts were finally held on October 29-30. Teams were chosen and practices were set. The basketball season is under way and the list of teams has been set. This season is promised to look good. The varsity team had a game on Tuesday, November 6 in a Jamboree with a couple of other schools. However, the freshman and J.V. are to hold off for a couple more weeks to build team skill and overall promise. Basketball is one of the main focuses in winter sports along with wrestling.

Girls will start off the season of layups and freethrows, but soon the boys will head in to join them in what is hoped to be a great season overall. J.V player Lexie Slagel (10) states that Im looking forward to this season. Im ready to play, hopefully, everyone else is too. In the meantime, the teams will practice while our crowd of crimson waits patiently to watch more sports. Not just any sport, Basketball; Girls Basketball. The game most anticipated however, is the big game against TFHS Bruins. Will the girls make Canyon Ridge happy this year and take over in basketball? Varsity Player Lacey Teske (10) says, We have a pretty good team that knows how to work hard. Weve played together for a while so I believe that we have a pretty good chance at beating Twin this year. All in all, basketball season has started and the girls are prepared to lead Canyon Ridge to victory.

at Magic Bowl. When asked who one of the teams best players is, the answer is Winter is coming usually Jacob Quaintance fast. When winter comes, , or past student Nick most school sports either Ridgeway. Im excited to stop, or have to be played see whos going to be on inside. There is one the team this year, says sport in particular that is CRHS senior, Destinie featured in Canyon Ridge Nowland. She has been High School that can be bowling since she was played year round. In the seven, and in the past she 1930s a British has won two first anthropologist place trophies. discovered Destinie has been Its such several objects a blast and bowling for The in a childs I Ridge since her encourage grave that were sophomore year. anyone to join. thought to be Competitions -Destinie used for a form are slightly Nowland of bowling. If changed this year he was right from the past about this, several years, but then bowling traces back last year Destinie placed to 3200 BC. Bowling is a 15th in a girls state wide great sport that doesnt competition. Sometimes require access to the they go play as a team outdoors; so your bowling just for fun. My shoe size ball, your bowling shoes, is 8 or 9 cause bowling and put up those bumpers! shoes are weird. she says. The bowling team Having great experience, doesnt actually start their she is hoping to upgrade games until the middle of from a size 11 ball, to a November, but until then, 12 or 13. All in all, joining they practice twice a week the bowling is great! BY SABRYNA SCHMIDT
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Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Off season survival workout tips

BY CODY CUNNINGHAM Every year comes that dreadful time for sports players, the off season. The off season is critical for all althetes to learn and understand the sport and technique.Every athlete should invest time and effort into his/her offseason in order to expand skill level to where it needs to be during the actual season. Athletes everywhere spend offseason working on strength and technique and can do things such as lift weights, run laps, or even find spare time working on the actual sport. Basketball players can shoot hoops at indoor or outdoor couts. Track participants can run around neighborhoods. There are many ways to stay in shape during the offseason.

Photo by Justice Straub

Photo by Justice Straub

Photo by Justice Straub

Photo by Tyler Schmechel

A great cardio workout is to practice spinning, demonstrated by senior, Nick Perius.

A great strength and skill exercise is powerclean, demonstrated by junior, Beau Dunford.

Both a skill and disciplinary exercize is wrestling, demonstrated by senior, Payton Rojas (left), and Mr. Pehrson (right).

A good forearm, bicep, and shoulder workout is arm wrestling.

Photo by Justice Straub

Photo by Justice Straub

Photo by Justice Straub

Photo by Justice Straub

An outdoor excersize to do on those warm days is running up and down bleachers.

Running is always available and needs nearly no resources.

Everyone loves to practice their skills by shooting some hoops.

A difficult option is a Justiceinvented skill, reverse spinning.

Armstrongs fall from grace

A landmark day for cycling, McQuaid, president of the International Cycling Union, said at a news conference in Geneva. Lance Armstrong has no place in cycling. These are very powerful statements in many peoples minds considering Armstrong has been such an icon in both cycling and cancer communities. Lance was born on September 18, 1971 in Plano, Texas. By 1987, at only 16 years of age, Armstrong competes as a professional sponsored athlete in triathlons. By 1991, he became U.S. National Amateur Champion, and the next year signs on to a professional cycling team, Motorola. Throughout 93, he won 10 titles, two of which were the U.S. Pro Championship and stage 8 of the Tour de France at only 22 years old. Throughout 1996, Lance became ranked the number one cyclist in the world, was a member of the U.S. Olympic team, and signed with team Cofidis. In October of that year, Armstrong was diagnosed with testicular cancer and learns that it has spread to both his lungs and brain; weeks after the diagnosis, Cofidis cancelled his professional contract. He returns to cycling the next year and founds the Lance Armstrong Foundation, known as Livestrong, which provides information and support for cancer survivors. In 1998, Lance signs with U.S. Postal, an American professional cycling team and finishes the year by winning multiple events including the Tour de Luxemburg and a few others. In 1999, Armstrong won his first Tour de France, known as possibly the biggest cycling event in the world. Post-race was when the first doping allegations appeared. The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) reported that Armstrong allegedly used the prohibited blood-boosting agent EPO and the steroid hormone, testosterone. While Armstrong has long pleaded his innocence, retroactive testing found EPO in six of Armstrongs urine samples from the 1999 race, according to a report by the agency. Nothing transpired throughout the allegations. Throughout the next 6 years into 2005, Lance won consecutive Tour de France titles in a row; he became the winningest Tour de France rider with his total at 7. In May, Armstong is cleared of doping allegations that stemmed from a drug test taken in 1999. The report states that the retesting of the sample fell far below scientific standards. As the years went on, he was continuously accused of doping; his best Tour de France finish throughout the next 4 years was a respectable 3 place. In February of 2011, Armstrong announces that he is retiring from cycling amid continuous allegations that he used performanceenhancing drugs. In June, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) charges Armstrong with using performance-enhancing drugs, and arbitration is set to follow. Armstrong refuses to participate in arbitration and says he will not challenge the doping charges. The USADA bans Armstrong from cycling for life and strips him of his seven Tour de France titles. The USADA released a lengthy report in October that details eyewitness accounts of Armstrong not only using performance-enhancing drugs, but also coercing teammates to do so. He was soon dropped of many sponsors, including Trek, AnheuserBusch, 24 hour fitness, Honey Stinger, Oakley, and Nike. In the end, Armstrong seems to be handling everything well despite all the legality issues with his once were sponsors and has recently stepped down from his chairman position of Livestrong, but is still on the board. The whole incident is to be considered the worst sporting scandal in the world. The Lance Armstrong affair has damaged world cycling to the point where its reputation is possibly irreparable, said SKINS (a compression clothing company that sponsors cycling) chairman Jamie Fuller in a statement.

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2012-2013 Season NBA

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winning the NBA championship over the Oklahoma Thunder, there have been some high predictions with the heat returning for another shot at a trophy. Unlike the weather basketball is a lot harder to predict. A shocking team to show some dominance this preseason was the Minnesota Timberwolves. They are currently 3-1 but with the dynamic Ricky Rubio and Kevin Love analysis believe they stand a great chance this season. Another head turning team this season will be the Pacers. Paul George, a 68 shooting guard looks to be problem for other teams this season. He is a solid defensive player and being 68 makes him harder for other shooting guards to defend. The young 22-year-old athlete still has

some refining to do but once he gets his mid-range game he will defiantly be a force to be reckoned with. Any sports fan who fallows the Heat would know that LeBron James finally won a ring and analysis predict that now that he has got that monkey off his back he will be coming back even stronger. Its hard to imagine a player that averaged 27 points per game get even better but we will just have to wait and see. The Bobcats? This team has been a talent deprived team for a long time now, but with the draft of the No.2 overall pick Ben Gordon and some other changes in the lineup they might be a little better this season. Teams full of All-Star talent do take some time to develop. That being the reason why the Lakers did not clench a title last season but with the lineup they have this season the Los

Angeles Lakers are predicted to take the title this year. The NBA 2012, 2013 season is off to a strong start. Talent is popping up everywhere, and dynamic game play is proving exciting. If you are not one to watch sports but have always been interested this season would definitely be a great one to start at. This year expect some huge upsets and a good amount of great games.


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2.0 0

Photo courtesy of McCarthy-Tribune Information Services