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As this is my first AGM report as the centres chairperson, I wanted to write a few things about my involvement and what we have achieved this year. Being in this fantastic position as the chairperson has brought me many rewarding and valuable experiences. Ive learnt lots by listening and thinking about the centre and the way we operate. I am amazed with the energy, commitment and enthusiasm which is evident in this place and can only go from strength to strength. The wonderful and lively members and new friends that I have met on this Board understand that this Centre plays a vital outlet and role in the development for the Craigmillar and Niddrie areas. What has struck me is the vision and passion the members have to create change. We dont just help to build communities we also build people here at the centre. This year has been both exciting and challenging as the centre continues to lead the way, pushing boundaries as we go, but I wouldnt have changed it for the world. I would like to thank all my fellow Board members for helping me and growing this place so that we remain rooted in the community. Lastly, thanks to all the brilliant staff, young people, children and families for making me feel welcome and helping me get through my first year as chairperson. Also a big thanks to our funders who make this place a great place to belong to. Im sure you will enjoy reading the report and all the fabulous pieces of work that weve carried out over the course of the year.

CLD worker
As the blanket of time draws another year to a close, it is always encouraging to view the work that we and community members have achieved together. Many new challenges have surfaced in the past year, issues which have at times made us look more closely at the community centre and its work. However, through both sunny and more stormy turbulent times, staff, volunteers and community members have remained passionate and true to the social glue that binds people together and solidifies communities. I hope that you look further than the words and explore the stories and people behind the projects. Scott Fraser CLD

what we do
Jack Kane Community Education centre is one of the largest community centres in Edinburgh with over 19 thousand people coming through the doors each year. From this, the centre offers a wide range of activities covering all ages and stages. The centre also has state of the art community learning facilities, with up to date technology including internet access and Smart Board facilities. In meeting high usage demands we ensure the facility is multi purpose with conferences, general meetings, training events and educational work all taking part under the one roof. The work at the centre is also complimented by a highly motivated and passionate staff team and volunteers, this team ensures that the centre is conducive with learning and enjoyment in the 21st century.

the centre
What a year weve had fun, laughter, serious debate and lots of new things to learn. Without people who give up their time to support the work this centre wouldnt be the place that it is. As you can see the work of the centre doesnt just help build communities but also builds people. In order to add value to individual development, staff alongside volunteers and interested parties have benefited from a comprehensive training and support packages over the year. We lead the way in ensuring people have the right training for the right parts that they play in this organisation. This year has been superb with the increase of young people and members attending Saturday morning training sessions all of which has brought a real vibrancy to our work. During which time the brain cells have been asked to spark in to life on subjects such as gender violence and youth related challenges. In addition to that many members over the course of the year have given their time energy and commitment and should be recognised John Witherspoon - Chairperson Sylvia Hawthorne - Treasurer Craig Taylor - Vice chair Kevin McGee - Secretary Owen Thomas Eileen McMillan Isobel Trowell Stevie Auld Declan McGee Jed Heeps This group of people have continued to strive in renovating the centre, listening and acting on peoples views is a vital component in ensuring the building and its workings reflects the needs of its members. After consulting with members it was identified that certain rooms were a priority and that there would need to be changes. From this the committee grabbed the bull by the horns and began upgrading the main reception areas as well as the offices. Not content with this they also completed the hallway and corridors. After lots of sweat and hard work the main areas have now been completed with lots of people complimenting the work.

April 2011-March 2012 In numbers.. 1130 individual children and young people 6154 contacts with children and young people 113 children sessions 112 youth sessions 68 school based sessions 50 parent/guardian evaluation feedback 41 holiday activities/excursions 34 volunteer group sessions 30 outreach youth work sessions 25 social media group work sessions 21 training sessions 17 happy hibby sessions 15 young people supported into positive destinations 14 dynamic youth awards 13 young volunteers and this is just a small example of our acheivements!

I like that its laid back and fun, I enjoy coming and that everyones interested in coming together and showing young people in a positive way and doing positive things in our community

(16 year old male)

My child has a better understanding of social interaction, a sense of community, rights and equalities from being involved in the project

(Parent of P6 Early Intervention Participant)

This project has been a brilliant experience for the children, their views, thoughts and understanding of society has been challenged in a fun and meaningful way which has had a very positive impact on their understanding of their role and their safety in society The centre changed my life. Ive taken part in lots of opportunities and have learnt a lot about myself. I have gained in confidence and have used my experiences here to help me now in my future career

(Towerbank Class Teacher)

(Young Volunteer)

roll of honour

Kelsie Hossack Declan McGee

(came on school placement and hasnt left and now volunteers in the transition group). (came on school extended placement and is member of committee) the P7 transition group).

Simon McKenzie (volunteered as a peer champion within Cherise Purves Laura Neri
(young person whom attended the clubs now volunteering).

(young person whom attended the clubs now volunteering). (came as a volunteer and attending university).

Graeme Armstrong Jed Heeps

(young person whom attended the clubs now volunteering and on the MC). (young person whom attended the clubs, then on to volunteering then paid employment and of to the wide blueyonder).

Lauren Witherspoon

roll of honour
I started coming to the club on a F riday night when I was 14 with a big group of friends from the area because of coming to the F riday night club I also learnt about other things that the Jack Kane was doing and from that I attended revolting youth and girls club. At revolting youth we were sometimes more bothered about the food and it was a good experience as it made you think about your role in the community. In 2009 I became a volunteer at the centre and by volunteering in different groups I had the space to explore what I really wanted to do as a career. I really enjoyed getting new experiences and progressed by becoming a paid worker helping to run the social media club and the Sunday Service. I learnt new skills in working with people, like communication, how to view situations in different ways and from different viewpoints it really helped to develop my critical thinking which showed and supported my academic studies in uni. Summarising my time at the Jack Kane and Caf K I feel that its made me the person I am now. More level headed and confident in my own choices and decisions and not afraid to say what I think and share my opinion even if its not what other people think. My time here has also learnt me how to work with a range of different people learning to see the positive in people even if its just one thing and focusing upon this. This helped me build stronger relationships and Ive kept this in my life now embracing new people and change and seeing what they can bring into my life for the good, not focusing upon the negative first Lauren Witherspoon

older people
The older people of the centre or as some would say the recycled teenagers set about hosting socialising events for older people. The main premise for such events was to bring older people together to combat social isolation, meet friends, enjoy ones selves and also get fit in the process. Always understanding that health and well being plays a role in combating isolation and health related issues, the socialising activities are aimed at increasing older peoples mental health and well being. These events are based on the simple assumption that fun, laughter and friendship will be of huge benefit to this vulnerable and often underserved section of our community. Whilst there are 5 events planned over the course of the year, the first new socialising opportunity took place on Monday 6th August with 61 older people enjoying laughter, fun and interaction with one another. The feel good factor is set to continue for older people of the centre with their weekly lunch club as well as these wonderful events.

good neighbourhood Guide

Are there problems with the youth of today? Is it the same old issues dressed up in a different way? Are there new problems or indeed a preoccupation with youth behaviour, coupled with an exaggerated sense that young people are out of control? Community members going along with populist views on the construction of language such as neds, yobs and hoodies offering a negative undertone in some young peoples lifestyles. Bearing this in mind the centres hotly debated Christmas card offered a moment to reflect on these dilemmas. However young people from the centre showed the way forward by exploring how other young people play positives roles within their home communities and they wished to showcase this. They searched and found individuals who had made positive contributions to the wider community, produced a booklet which acknowledged work of a wider cohort. This once more reinforces that young people do make vital contributions to their communities and with great effect as no doubt you will see from the booklet.

solution for polution

early intervention
Childrens years at school are among the most important of their lives. Growing and learning can be a fascinating experience; one which may cultivate a child into gaining a greater understanding of the world which they live in. Within the confines of these formal educational institutions, children through interaction with peers and others learn many different skills, whilst acquiring new knowledge and experiences along the way. Indeed, whilst recognising this valuable learning establishment and the vital role it plays in moulding a childs view, this eight week programme informal educational programme which targets 5 local primary schools in the Portobello and Craigmillar area complimented childrens learning by exploring more in depth how behaviour within and out with schools can effect not only themselves but also other people within communities. Now in its 4th year many children and their families have benefited from this school based work with the curriculum being decide by the children and the topic of communities and what it means being further unearthed. As Mrs Gilmour head teacher of Towerbank Primary School stated we are very grateful to you and your team for providing a programme, which delivers such key messages for our youngsters, in such a cool and fun way.

smooth moves
Transition from a primary school to a large secondary may well be an exhilarating yet also frightening and stressful time for a child. Many children may feel overwhelmed and anxious about leaving primary and then attending secondary school for the first time, even though they might not necessarily admit to these thoughts and feelings. For certain children who experience social and emotional difficulties their anxiety levels increases with the forthcoming change. With this in mind the centre has put on a superb transition programme which takes place over the course of the year slowly building up to the Summer holidays whereby children then make the move to High School. From this there were three separate but related parts to the transition work 1. Children attended the group and went through all the topics and challenges that they may face when leaving primary and attending high school. 2. Peer champions this element showcased how other young people wish to help with one young person whom had went in to first year coming in and volunteering in the group so as to highlight their experiences of making the move. Also a 5th year pupil from Holy Rood RCHS volunteering in the group so as to share her knowledge and experience. 3. Working alongside 5th and 6th years in both Holy Rood RCHS and Castlebrae HS the young people produced a transition booklet for up and coming 1st years. This booklet was distributed to all first years attending both schools from the Craigmillar area.

Starting of with reports of a high level of children being on the streets of Craigmillar on a Friday afternoon then this childrens drop in was developed. This group continues to explore community issues whilst promoting a positive healthy lifestyle and by using sport, leisure and educational activities many opportunities are incorporated so as to stimulate participants needs. The participants are encouraged through positive play to gain confidence and motivation and there continues to be high numbers attending on a weekly basis. Highlights for the year have been looking at fly tipping issue and researching wildlife in the area.

smooth movers
In order to compliment the extensive transition work, this summer the centre set a programme in place so as to offer extra support and encouragement to children who may need that little bit extra. During the holidays the children who were nominated for the group carried out lots of fun and interesting activities. They and their families even went on a scavenger hunt which led them right to their own respective High Schools.

My son has really enjoyed being part of this group and has grown in confidence because if it. P7 parent

active youth
Working towards bringing about positive change and experiences for the Greater Craigmillar and global community, young people have been carrying out one life changing action each week. This has included baking a cake for the older people, campaigning for womens rights, holding games sessions within the local care home and developing intercultural links within the community. Young people were also recognised for these significant changes through extremely positive feedback from beneficiaries as well as successfully obtaining Dynamic Youth Awards.

oot n aboot
Going where others fear to tread the centres detached youth work team have been pounding the streets of Craigmillar and Portobello using different venues as educational establishments or schools without walls. In the depths of the streets, young people over the year have had many many thoughts and issues relating to their lives and lifestyles and as such have made people aware that the streets are still a place for learning. Ensuring the streets are alive and kicking the Oot N Aboot streetwork team have; 1. 50 detached youth work sessions 2. Distributed over 300 leaflets advertising local services 3. Carried out a variety of community safety work focusing upon local priorities including 4. Thistle Foundation consultation with residents and young people 5. Safer schools with joint campus 6. Fly tipping 7. Niddrie House and young people in stairwells 8. Carried out 44 street based diversionary activities for young people

social networking
At the cutting edge of social media and so as to use the many new ways of communicating and connecting with a wider audience, the group have been busy using the social networking side in order to gain new skills, grow in confidence and learn new techniques. Alongside making pod casts for events, short films about young peoples experiences and blogs this group continue go to break new frontiers. Check out their work through Caf k productions on you tube.

sunday service
The Sunday service adds value to the move between the streets and the centre, offering a untraditional Sunday night opening in the winter for young people who have been engaged with on the streets. Young people have acknowledged that they wish somewhere to be during the winter months and this opening derives from the young people themselves. This year has seen the making of a film Rodger in Nidro whereby a fictitional character was shown around the streets of Craigmillar by street based young people and the alien then had to identify the bits of the area that would be transferred back to Rodgers planet. You can see more by going to you tube and Caf K productions Jack Kane centre.

the crib
Reaching parts where others cant the centre offers a weekly Friday night drop in targeting young people so as to increase their health and well being. In partnership with Edinburgh Leisure the centre alongside the sports centre open its facilities which include the pulse centre. The drop in also offers the opportunity for young people to participate in non traditional sports and has a aim to promote and encourage young peoples participation in increasing their health and well being through educational, recreational and sporting activities. Some of our key achievements have been; 1. 1750 young people attending the service 2. Successful input into the 10th Year Anniversary of the Open All Hours initiative, with young people from the Crib devising a podcast encapuslating young people and stakeholders from views across the city.

holiday provision including Summer Bash

Bringing people in communities together with fun, excitement, laughter, new opportunities and as a way of meeting people made up all the main ingredients for Portobello and Craigmillars Summer Bash with its final fling of the summer holidays this year. From its early inception in 2009 two hundred local people attended the event however this year that figure surpassed all our wildest dreams with over two and a half thousand people attending this community fun fuelled event. With horse riding, graffiti and DJ workshops alongside the ever popular photo booth then this fun day surely had it all. The event celebrated the end of the extensive summer youth and childrens programme and concentrated on bringing a range of activities which were free of charge to this local community. Everyone was fortunate on the day as the sun was shining brightly and everyone was ready and up for fun. What a success, great weather, excellent setting, lovely day, lots of free things to do and everyone enjoying themselves no wonder this was heralded as a major success and we cant wait for next year. With the summer bash bringing an end to the summer activities it must be mentioned the extensive summer programme that we as a centre implemented with many children, young people and families enjoying their summer holidays. From white water rafting to special activities there was a wide range of opportunities for all ages to get involved in.

thanks to the funders

So as to continue other centres wonderful work, we have to ensure that the right resources and in the right place. With this in mind our staff have been successful in securing different streams of funding which supports the innovative work carried out in the centre. It is with pleasure that we have been able to secure external funding which will enable the projects to grow and develop. All the work which is carried out could never have been achieved without the help, support and financial aid from our funding partners. Whilst these funding partners provide finance and expertise, the Jack Kane Centre and Cafe K benefits from in kind knowledge, expertise and experience from a host of projects, organisations and more importantly local people within and out with the Greater Craigmillar area.

Income for 2011 - 2012

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