Trying their old tricks will not hide the truth.

I was told that no one would listen to me and I think the Gang Stalkers are afra id that people will not only listen, but believe me because they have gone throu ght their usual trouble of trying to shut down sites where I publish facts about them. Not so [powerful against the truth, as usual. Ken (an alias), is a body builder, (resided on Van Duzer St., Staten island, NY formally from Brooklyn - a nicer apt. than they forced my genuine American, gorg eous and highly intelligent children and myself into after stealing my hard earn ed money). a Another hand picked loser, and illegal alien, Muslim Terrorist who raped me (199 0) and just happens to be from Nigeria via the Italian Mafia, NYPD, and my Ameri can Radical Muslim Terrorist, Sadistic, Pedophile, Sadistic, Rapists.€ Victoria M. Quick-Pope is involved and he admitted to being involved in drug smu ggling, being a Muslim while pretending to be a Christian, using an alias (ident ity theft), etc. They are all part of the Park Hill, Staten Island, New York crime network which held me captive as a sex slave for an Italian Mafia Loan shark just because I ha ve a White biological Father. They all made lousy choices with their lives and had no right to try and enslave me because they can never be anything except maladjusted, violent, criminal ret ards! If my White genes are so inferior then why did they want to force me to mate wit h them? They admit that they are inferior and that "They the Blacks" are the punishment for decent God fearing Christians. He raped me because he was angry at me for talking to a Jewish lawyer who I met at a gathering put together by Victor James (a hand pecked loser who was/is a co hort of Vikki and Lance James. He agreed to be my escort and apparently thought it was a date and sought reveng e on me by raping me because he couldn't bully this (Jeffrey Katz) guy who was o ne of their hand picked losers also. This loser had the nerve to try and get me to attend a party with him supposedly at Eddie Murphy's home in NJ. Victor was always trying to convince me to attend parties where Mike Tyson was s upposed to attend. I declined because Mike Tyson had a bad reputation for assaulting females. This was after I turned Victor's marriage proposal. I didn't believe he was straight and he said he always loved me and was trying t o get his money together. I didn't buy it because no one can hide their true feelings for someone they lov e and he and I were only associates and I was not going to marry just because th ese idiot relatives felt guilty for having me raped and forced bred and fearful of my telling about it. They are afraid of the truth and the more they orchestrate situations the guilti er the are and the more of a paper trail they leave helping me document their ab use and games. Brute beasts twice dead. Looters and losers who are too proud and jealous to apologize.

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