Tuesday October 30, 2012 8:00 AM Vivian Field Middle School Library

Coffee with the school Principal

O u r f i rs t Pa re n t / P ri n c i p a l Coffee was a success!!
Parents had a unique opportunity to learn the latest initiatives taking place at their children’s school, while having a great chance to sit, sip, and chat with the School Principal about anything on their minds.

Join us next time for cof fee and pastries at the library
This is just the first of several coffee events planned

to meet & discuss all things school related with parents in a casual atmosphere. We’ll soon send details about the next event! Join us in the Library at 8 AM for Coffee & Pastries; NEW DATE COMING SOON!!!
Character Counts!

Tuesday October 30, 2012 8:00 AM Vivian Field Middle School Library

Topics shared over coffee
For the first Parent/Principal Coffee there were some topics shared; feel free to bring your own ideas and concerns to our next morning meeting!!
BYOT - Bring Your Own Technology
At Vivian Field our students have been empowered to bring their own technology. The world outside is full of technological resources and our students are allowed to use technology at school responding to directives laid out by administration for the campus and for teachers in each classroom.

Vikings READ!
All students are given 20 daily minutes to read, read, read and read. There is a plan for certain readings throughout the year and they are always encouraged to bring books they enjoy to read during their 20 minutes specifically assigned for ...what else? reading!

Red Ribbon Week
We celebrated our red ribbon week to encourage all students to say No! to drugs. Take a minute today to have a conversation with your student to learn about the different activities we had at school.

Veteran’s Day
We will soon have our Veterans’s Day celebration. Please join us by attending, or have a moment to discuss with your child the immense contribution that our veterans have made to the privileges we all enjoy, in our school and in our community.

Accountable Talk
At one point in class we talk about the bomb, we teach about the bomb and we ask about the bomb. Yet some students have asked “WHAT IF President Truman hadn’t dropped the bomb?”. And we all begin to think again. Our school is proud to implement a district initiative that encourages students to be the drivers of classroom conversations through questioning and interaction.
Character Counts!