Trade List Game Cut Ups High School 2006 Hoover(AL) vs John Curtis(LA) College 1997 Fiesta Bowl

Nebraska vs Tennessee ODK 2000 Northwestern Cut Ups 2004 Ga Southern vs Wofford (TV) 2004 USC O vs Arizona State, Stanford, Va Tech, BYU 2004 Louisville O vs North Carolina, Miami, South Florida 2004 California O vs UCLA, USC, Washington 2005 Air Force 2005 Navy Offense 2006 Florida O vs FSU, Arkansas, Ohio State 2006 Florida O vs Georgia, Vandy, South Carolina, Western Carolina 2006 Florida O vs Kentucky, Alabama, LSU, Auburn 2006 Florida O vs South Miss, UCF, Tennessee 2006 Wofford Offense 2007 Air Force O vs San Deigo State, California 2007 Missouri Run Game 2007 Missouri vs Kansas OD 2007 Missouri vs Texas Tech ODK 2008 Air Force D vs San Deigo State, Colorado State 2008 Cumberland University Offense 2008 Florida vs Kentucky, Georgia, Vandy ODK 2008 Florida vs Ole Miss, Arkansas, Tennessee ODK 2008 Ga Tech O vs Boston College, Duke, Jacksonville St 2008 Ga Tech O vs Miss St, Virginia Tech, Gardner Webb 2008 Navy Offense 2008 Nevada Offense 2008 North Alabama vs Carson Newman ODK 2008 Oklahoma O vs Cincy D 2008 Oklahoma O vs Texas Tech D 2008 Texas Tech Offense (4 games) 2008 Tulsa O vs Central Florida, Arkansas, East Carolina 2008 Washington Pass Install 2008 West Virginia Offense 2009 Alabama O Full Season 2009 Arizona Video Playbook 2009 Auburn Offense vs Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee 2009 BYU vs TCU ODK 2009 BYU vs Utah ODK 2009 Florida O vs LSU, Arkansas 2009 Florida O vs Tenn, Kentucky 2009 Florida vs South Carolina ODK 2009 Ga Tech O vs Jacksonville St, Clemson, Miami, UNC 2009 Ga Tech O vs Miss St, Fla St, VT, Virginia 2009 Houston O vs Oklahoma State D 2009 Nebraska vs Tx Tech ODK 2009 North Alabama vs Carson Newman ODK 2009 Oklahoma O vs Texas A&M D 2009 Oklahoma O vs Tulsa D

2009 Oregon O vs USC D 2009 Oregon vs Boise State 2009 Stanford O vs Oklahoma D 2009 Stanford O vs USC D 2009 University of Buffalo Runs 2009 Wayne State O vs Northern State D 2009 Wofford Offense Gun 2009 Wofford Offense Under Center 2009 Illinois Offense vs Missouir, Ohio St, Illinois St 2009 Northwestern Offense vs. Minnesota, Purdue, Miami OH 2010 Arizona State vs Northern Arizona, Portland St, Wisconsin ODK 2010 Auburn Offense Full Season 2010 Auburn vs Arkansas ODK 2010 Florida State vs Oklahoma, Florida ODK 2010 Iowa vs Ohio St, Wisconsin, Michigan St ODK 2010 Miss St Offense (Full Season) 2010 Missouri O vs Illinois D 2010 Nevada Offense 2010 Orange Bowl Ga Tech O vs Iowa D 2010 TCU Offense (Full Season) 2011 Arizona St O vs Colorado, Utah, UCLA 2011 Arkansas O vs Missouri State D 2011 Baylor vs OSU, ISU, KSU, Texas AM 2011 BYU O vs Ole Miss D 2011 Ole Miss O vs Southern Illinois D 2011 Oregon O vs Missouri State D 2011 Rutgers All Pass 2011 West Virginia Offense (Full Season) 2011 Southern Illinois Passing Game Cut Ups 2011 Clemson Offense Full Season 2011 Florida Offense Install-Charlie Weis Pro 2004 NY Giants Run Cuts/Pass Pro 2006 Frankfurt Galaxy 16/17 Force Play 2007 Frankfurt Galaxy Offense 2008 Chargers Runs +10, Pass +20 2008 Chargers Screens 2008 Chargers vs Colts 2009 Colts Runs 2010 NY Jets 6/7 Zebra 2010 NY Jets Gimmicks, Heavy, Wildcat 2010 NY Jets Misdirection 2010 NY Jets Run 2/3 Hole Zone 2010 NY Jets Run Waco/Waco Bob 2010 NY Jets Zombie/Zebra NY Giants Runs Defense 2006 Ga Tech Zone Dog 2006 Miami Dolphins Defense 2006/2007 Iowa D (4 games) 2008 Alabama D vs Clemson, ULM, Tulane

2008 Nebraska D vs Colorado, Texas Tech 2009 Alabama Defense (9 Games) 2009 NC State Coverages 2011 Alabama Defense (Full Season) 2012 Alabama Day 1 Spring Install

NY Jets OL Drills w/ Bungie Cord NY Jets OL Drills w/cuts Ralph Isernia University of Charleston OL Prog Todd Spencer Navy OL Drills Tulsa Pass Pro

Offense Team Drills 2004 Ga Southern Drills 2008 Texas Tech Clinic Drills 2008 UCONN Clinic DL, ILB, DB, OL, TE, WR 2009 Ga Tech Drills QB/WR/Backs/OL 2009 Temple Offense (All positions) 2009 UCONN Spring Clinic Navy Drills QB/WR/Backs/OL Rice Option Drills w/cuts

Offensive Philosophy 2006 Navy Offense 2006 New Mexico State All TDs, UTEP 2006 Penn State 14/15 Read 2006 West Virginia Offense 2009 Spring Florida QB Coverage Recognition 2009 Oregon Offense Install 2010 TFS Brewer/Hand/Mazzone 2010 TFS Fuentes/Hand 2010 TFS Fuentes TCU Gameplanning 2010 TFS - Schlarman - Troy OL Play (2 DVDs) Air Force Passing Alex Gibbs Inside, Outside Zone Bill DeFillippo Multiple Gun Offense (4 DVDs) Bob Bostab - Wisconsin Power Run Game BYU Scats/Screens C Ray Gregory Coaching Triple Option Central Florida Power Zone Chris Strausser (Boise St) Coaching Inside and Outside Zone Schemes Dan Mullen Utah Spread Offense (2 DVDs) Dana Holgorsen WVU 3 Back Set Dave MacDonald Gannon Uni Rocket/Counter Denny Diericx Beloit College Principles of Rocket Sweep Denny Diericx Beloit College Rocket/Counter Dietrich Parkwiew Baptist HS Option Offense (5 DVDs) Franklin System OL Drills Matt Moore Franklin System Pass Pro, Run Game Matt Moore George Deleone Syracuse Freeze Option Gerry Yonchiuk Running Triple from Gun, Blending Gun & Double Slot Gunter Brewer Spacing Routes Hal Mumme System (Run, Pass, Basics) Jimbo Fisher FSU Offense Clinic John Bland University of Cumberlands Option Clinic Lane Kiffin USC Offense Clinic 3 Step Passing Game Mark Hudspeth North Alabama Inside Zone/Triple Opt Marshall Zone, Quick Pass, and Screens Mike Sewak Ga Southern Triple Option (3 DVDs) Mouse Davis 1)Pass Pro 2)Trips Routes 3)Run and Shoot Formations Navy Triple Option Clinic Midline, Inside veer, trap option Neal Brown Perfect Routes Noel Mazzone - ASU O vs Oregon D, 2 & 3 Man Snag, Quick Game Rich Rodriquez Inside, Outside Zone Sonny Dykes-Arizona Offense Clinic Steve Rampy Pistol Offense (3 DVDs) Spread Wing T Lew Johnston (4 DVDs) Stan Zweifel Breaking down defensive game film Tom Herman Wing T System (6 DVDs) Tony Annese Muskegon Option Clinic Tony Demeo 3 Step, Sprint Out, 5 Step, Boot, Gun Option Tony Demeo Coaching Triple Option Tony Franklin System (7 DVDs)

Wes Elrod Cumberland University The Rocket Wes Elrod Rocket/Jet Short Wing Bunch Wofford Drilling Inside veer Wofford Install Midline Offensive Line 2000 COOL Clinic Bob Wylie Organizing Practice/Drills 2000 COOL Clinic Larry Beightol Wham Play 2000 COOL Clinic Russ Grimm Power Play 2000 Oregon State OL Drills 2005 Auburn OL Drills w/cuts 2006 Boston College OL Drills 2006 COOL Clinic Andy Heck Jaguars Pass Pro 2006 Florida OL Drills 2008 COOL Clinic John Benton Texans Pass pro 2008 Steelers OL Drills 2009 COOL Clinic OL Drills 2009 Elon OL Drills 2010 COOL Clinic Aaron Kromer Saints OL Play 2010 COOL Clinic Bell Callahan 6/7 Zone 2010 COOL Drill Collection 2010 COOL Howard Mudd 2010 COOL Jim McNally Run Concepts 2010 COOL Paul Alexander 2010 COOL Strollo and Chalk Talk 2011 COOL Clinic Paul Bandreau-Tying Run w/Play Action-ATL Falcons 2011 COOL James Campen Develop OL Packers 2011 COOL Jim McNally Footwork 2011 COOL Drill Collection 2011 COOL Friday Night Chalk Talk, Bob Bostad 2011 COOL George Warhop-Perimeter Run Game-Cleveland Browns 2011 COOL North Carolina, Auburn, Mississppi State OL Play 2011 COOL Sean Kugler Gap Schemes, Film Study Steelers 2011 COOL Tony Wise Power Play 2012 COOL Dante Scarecchia - Patriots Pass Pro Drills & Techniques 2012 COOL Drill Collection 2012 COOL Friday Night Chalk Talk 2012 COOL George Yarno - Detriot Lions 4 Blocking Rules 2012 COOL Jim McNally Losing Ground, A Gap Entrees & Other Things 2012 COOL Mike Solar - 49ers Developing Run Game Fundamentals 2012 COOL Pat Flaherty NY Giants Combination Run Blocking Tech. 2012 COOL Paul Alexander - Bengals Tech. for better blocking Allegheny College Wing T OL Drills COOL Clinic Drills COOL Clinic- Fundy/Tech of OL Play COOL Clinic Jim McNally COOL Clinic Seahawks Screens Dave Christensen OL Drills Delone Drive Block Progression Grossmont College Inside Zone & outside zone Jim McNally G, G Trio, Scissors Jim McNally Head Position, Sustain & Finish

Jim McNally OL Drills (7 Topics) Jim McNally OL Play Jim McNally Wildcat (NY Jets) Joe Bugel Counter Play LSU, Florida, Miami OL Drills Milt Teroiper- Blocking Tech/Nebraska Trap Game Milt Teroiper Combo Blocking/Inside zone Newsome Blocking Inside Zone NY Jets OL Drills w/ Bungie Cord NY Jets OL Drills w/cuts Ralph Isernia University of Charleston OL Progression Todd Spencer Navy OL Drills Tulsa Pass Pro Offense Team Drills 2004 Ga Southern Drills 2008 Texas Tech Clinic Drills 2008 UCONN Clinic DL, ILB, DB, OL, TE, WR 2009 Ga Tech Drills QB/WR/Backs/OL 2009 Temple Offense (All positions) 2009 UCONN Spring Clinic Navy Drills QB/WR/Backs/OL Rice Option Drills w/cuts

Quarterback Darin Slack QB Academy (7 DVDs) Turner Gill QB Tech in Option Offense Wide Receiver Arizona Cardinals: Catching Concentration, Run after catch Arizona Cardinals: Seperation, Route Disclipine vs Zone, Man Defensive Drills 2007 Vandy LB Drills 2007 Auburn DL Drills 2008 Georgia Team Drills 2008 Hoover(AL) Defensive Circuits/Drills 2008 Kirby Smart DB Drills 2008 Mount Union Defense 2008 Ravens 3-4 2009 Nebraska, DL Drills, LUS DB Drills, 07 LSU Defense-Bo Pelini 2009 Temple Team Drills 2009 Tennessee Spring Drills 2011 Alabama Defense Drills 2011 Southern Illinois DL Drills 2012 Alabama Defensive Line Drills 2012 Alabama Outside LB Drills 2012 Saban Rip/Liz Teach Tape Bob Stoops Zone Coverage & Pattern Reading CW Post Defense (5 DVDs) Iowa Cover 8 Jackie Oliver Notre Dame DL Play James Madison 4-4 Defense Larry MacDuff Arizona Defensive Package Mike Nelson DL Play Nick Saban-02 LSU Coverages, 06 Dlophins, 08 Alabama Penn State DL Drills Tampa Bay DL Drills Tennessee DL Drills UCLA Defense (3 DVDs) UNC Defensive Drills Mack Brown Vikings, Bucs, Virginia Tech DL Drills Virginia Tech & Auburn DL Drills Will Muschamp MOF Coverage Special Teams LSU Drills w/cuts Virginia Tech Special Teams Cowboys-Coaching Special Teams Mark Micheals - NFL Fake punts, FGs, Kick/Punt return reverses