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Valencich AP English, Period 4 18 September, 2012 EPL: English Premier League… I mean Ethos Pathos Logos 1. “Have it your way” – There is a reason why this famous ad by Burger King has been used a lot. These four words bring Burger King their profit, as the slogan attracts people to the drive in windows of their establishment. The ad appeals to the customer’s emotion of happiness, since the ad directly states that you can the American Burger, along with fries and a drink, of your preference. This is effective because people will want to buy it, as they do today. It provokes hunger, highlighting the major point of the cooperation’s goal, to make their customers content about “having it their way”. “Yes we can!” – This famous slogan by our President Barack Obama stirred up many emotions during his campaign. It symbolized the change Obama was going to give us regarding the direction of the country, and a more openness of the government. This arouses the emotion of hope as well as fear. There is hope behind the slogan because it gave Liberal Americans something to believe regarding the presidential elections, it allowed the Americans to vote for someone who would put the country on the right track. This slogan’s emotional appeal was one reason that allowed Obama to gain a majority vote for office. On the other hand, the slogan could provoke fear, as it gave Conservative Americans a scare, not knowing where the country would go if Obama were voted into office. It gave these Americans false hope.

She would most likely do as she is told which makes Pattinson’s job easier. they live with it everyday. and it makes them who they are: a handicap disabled cripple. It is a symbol of strength in their eyes. Yet they are proud to be a cripple because they know that it is something unique about them that no one can ever overcome the way that they did. Honestly. 3. There are many sides to the question: would you let this man babysit your child? First of all. and cripples don’t need people to ease the pain by trying to be respectful. to have one of her favorite movie stars taking care of her. It is a symbol of strength in my eyes.Bautista-Dizon 2 2. it depends on who the child is. as he has . People think that it is respectful not to regard handicaps or disabled people as crippled. The disability is known to everyone. Pattinson may not want to babysit this girl. it does not matter. This would be a dream come true for her. People know what they are. Would you let this man babysit your child? The famous Twilight star Robert Pattinson is known to be one of the modern teen girl’s dream boy. The age most appropriate for this man is a young girl. However.

As the paparazzi loves to do. However it would be best if the young boy does not have any siblings who are obsessed with Twilight. it would be all over the news. as it would annoy the boy knowing that a man by the movie name of “Edward Cullen” were coming to take care of him. Pattinson can try and take care of young boys. your face will look disproportionate. having Pattinson as a babysitter is not recommended. There was a point where a rumor was spread about Robert Pattinson: that he hated children. if Pattinson were to babysit a child. yet deformed and uncommon faces. 2. since his primary source of fans comes from teenage girls. want and plead for him. . You will never know whether he is a good surgeon unless you go through the surgery or if you see before and after pictures which he may have. as well as start drama. There are always those psycho girls who beg. which were of faces that were creative. The famous star might as well hate children. it would be a typical young man coming to babysit again. On the other hand. and he definitely has had enough of that. The humor comes from the fact that the surgeon has portraits of Picasso. Also your child would be famous as the child of Robert Pattinson. they would start headlines such as: “Robert has a child with a secret mistress?” or “who is the mother of Robert’s kid?” and so on. Rudner wants us to conclude that when you have cosmetic surgery with this man. and that this man is not a highly recommended surgeon. I am sure no parent would allow this man near their children. If in fact that is true. Otherwise. so unless you want the fame. The information left implicit is the outcome or the end product of having cosmetic surgery with this man.Bautista-Dizon 3 deal with them a lot outside of the babysitting atmosphere. and uneven on both sides of the face. In addition.

it is evident that he is republican. he points out simple facts such as Romney is a good husband. and everyone should be free to go as far as we can go. and how Romney’s slogan “Forward” is the opposite of what the current government has done. and how his grandfather helped him become the man he is today.Bautista-Dizon 4 Speech In the Republican National Convention. father. assuming the future president will in fact be Romney. From that. With pathos. though many audience members are wearing causal attire. because of his red tie signifying the GOP. and that freedom and liberty would be granted there. and how these occurrences are the reason why they come to America. and grandfather. Along the line of logos. but there was no limit how far I could go. In addition. Rubio says “the dreams he had when he was young became impossible to achieve. no one will ever talk horrible at the convention. During his speech. he dresses formally. I chose Senator Marco Rubio. Of course he would. Also. and that power should be in the hands of the people. In the end of his speech he touches on how Romney will help the American miracle to live on for another generation. With pathos. Every person has God given rights. because I am an American”. He arouses his audiences emotions by stating what the American government has done. Rubio is evidently a Republican in support of Mitt Romney as president. image. Rubio should focus more on how Romney is a good candidate. he touches on how the government spent trillions of dollars . He constantly states “…President Romney”. he goes into his personal life. he begins by stating how he asks for a few seconds to pray for Cuba. rather than stating obvious facts about his lifestyle. since that is where he is from.

. She would constantly mock the product. therefore there wouldn’t be any drama caused by the comedic ridicule. and make it a laughing stock. politically. On the other hand. she would be great to have at a convention to ridicule the Republican Party. Products such as the Shamwow would not get first-class promotion. She has come out into the media openly about her acceptance of gay marriage. However it would have to be at a private showing. Cho would not be very good at being a salesperson. Oprah would not be good in promoting presidential candidate Mitt Romney on her website HARPO as she is a liberal. Margaret Cho would be excellent at amusing an audience of a political party of their opposing party. would do a great job at endorsing gay marriage as she does support it. For example if Cho was a Liberal. and says they have done no wrong. Extra Credit: Oprah Winfrey. People are tired of hearing homosexuals who would flaunt their sex life.Bautista-Dizon 5 more than they could take in. thus creating anger against the Democratic Party. This adds support to the Republican Party. She defends homosexuals. a TV celebrity. in comparison to what heterosexuals have done. and Oprah would reply she is tired of hearing heterosexuals raping women.

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