Courtney Hathaway, GGLO

Capitol Hill EcoDistrict Project Director
Building vibrant engaged communities

goals, metrics, baselines and strategies within six specific environmental and social performance areas: Community, Transportation, Energy, Water, Habitat, and Materials. In May 2012, the findings were presented at a community forum led by a panel of local political representatives, national EcoDistrict experts, and community leaders. An EcoDistrict Steering Committee made of community and sustainability stakeholders was convened to help guide the furtherance of a Capitol Hill EcoDistrict.

Capitol Hill Housing is seeking a professional fulltime EcoDistrict Project Director who is a visionary, solutions-oriented problem solver with strong leadership skills and the ability to motivate others and keep them involved. The position will work under general direction of the Director of Real Estate & Sustainable Communities and will act independently to manage program budget, EcoDistrict Steering Committee interface, district sustainability projects and development of district financing mechanisms.

Capitol Hill EcoDistrict
In 2011, Capitol Hill Housing (CHH) received a
grant from the Bullitt Foundation to study the viability of the Capitol Hill neighborhood as an EcoDistrict. Working with design firm GGLO, CHH published a report which established the purpose and broad goals of an EcoDistrict for the Capitol Hill community. Capitol Hill EcoDistrict: A Proposal for District Scale Sustainability states that an EcoDistrict is sustainability applied at the neighborhood scale. EcoDistricts provide a framework for realizing advanced sustainability through behavior change, building design, and infrastructure investments. They seek to reduce pollution, restore ecosystems, and improve communities. EcoDistricts commit to achieving ambitious sustainability performance goals, guiding district investments and community action, and tracking the results over time. Taking a page from the Portland Sustainability Institute model for EcoDistricts, the report identifies

The Capitol Hill EcoDistrict provides a once-in-ageneration opportunity to improve the neighborhood’s environmental impacts, and thereby serve as a role model for other communities—encouraging city, state, and national governments to match Capitol Hill’s commitment to sustainable development.

Capitol Hill Housing
Capitol Hill Housing builds vibrant and engaged communities through affordable housing and community development efforts in Seattle. Based in Capitol Hill, we own properties throughout the Seattle area. Since 1976, we have served lowand moderate-income residents and have worked to improve the Capitol Hill neighborhood for all.

CHH is an independent public corporation organized by the City of Seattle pursuant to state and municipal law. As such, it is a political subdivision of the State with an area of operation focused on the Capitol Hill community in the City of Seattle.

CHH helps people of limited means to have a home. We provide a secure, affordable apartment to more than 1,700 of our neighbors across the city.

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CHH has functioned as the Community Development Corporation on Capitol Hill since its founding. We are committed to creating equitable and sustainable communities in central Seattle. CHH is leading community stakeholders in building a vision of development for generations to come, prioritizing outstanding architecture, pedestrianoriented amenities, affordable housing, commercial opportunities, and space for arts and culture. We envision a diverse community that includes housing for individuals and families across a broad range of incomes. We are proud to develop buildings in a community context and provide affordable homes that strengthen the neighborhoods we live in.

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Help to create an organizational structure for the EcoDistrict Reaffirm and finalize goals, targets and visioning for what will become the Capitol Hill EcoDistrict Manage and develop key partnership and stakeholder relationships Serve as a liaison for the EcoDistrict with Capitol Hill business and residential community, City/regional agencies and other potential private and public sector partners Manage the development of baseline and target metrics for the EcoDistrict Create a 3-year EcoDistrict action plan that includes priority projects and expected outcomes Manage project feasibility studies as determined by baseline assessment, action plan and the EcoDistrict Steering Committee Develop protocols for ongoing performance monitoring in the district to inform partners and measure success Develop resources to grow the scope of district projects/programs and accelerate consensus goals and targets Work closely with existing Sustainable Communities Manager at CHH

Position Description
Duties and Responsibilities
Equitable development will be extremely important to the Capitol Hill EcoDistrict as the district searches for innovative ways to solve power, water, waste and resource efficiency questions at a district scale. The following functions will need to be provided by the Project Director to assure the EcoDistrict strives to achieve equitable and sustainable development in the district. • • Lead the Capitol Hill EcoDistrict on implementation of district projects Coordinate and facilitate the EcoDistrict Steering Committee made up of key district stakeholders to guide the work

Minimum Qualifications
At least five years relevant work experience in the sustainability field  Practical knowledge of methods, practices and principles of green building and infrastructure, low impact development and smart growth strategies  Relevant background in real estate, economic and infrastructure development and public-private partnerships

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Proven experience managing complex multi-stakeholder community and infrastructure investments Strong interpersonal and business development skills and ability to collaborate with high level leadership, staff, board, local government, public agencies, strategic partners and industry professionals to meet programmatic goals Experience managing and leading committees of high level decisionmakers/leaders Ability to coordinate public information and media requests Detail oriented work style and project management abilities with experience managing contracts Excellent communication and facilitation abilities Grant writing experience Adept at handling multiple tasks and responsibilities; ability to effectively change priorities quickly and to work cooperatively and proactively with team members to accomplish goals Ability to organize time efficiently, prioritize tasks and perform tasks in a self-directed manner; ability to cope with deadline pressures Bachelor’s Degree in related field

The asset and property management team operates $100 million in assets. The successful candidate will join a highly motivated and sophisticated 70 person staff driven by purpose and values. All employees at CHH are employees at will. The job description outlined above is not intended to represent an absolute or final list of all elements, activities or duties of the job. The statements above are intended to describe the general nature and level of work performed by the person assigned to this position. Candidates selected for this position must pass a criminal history background and credit background check prior to employment with Capitol Hill Housing. Capitol Hill Housing is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Preferred Qualifications
 Experience developing or managing district financing mechanisms such as a Business Improvement District, Parking Management District, Local Improvement District, or similar Experience in nonprofit program coordination or management in the field of economic development, community development, sustainable development, or related field Master’s Degree in related field

Salary: $62,000 to $67,000 DOE with generous benefits To Apply:
Submit résumé and cover letter by December 1, 2012 to:

Work Environment
CHH is a vibrant, open, and fast paced work environment. The real estate development team manages multiple multimillion dollar projects at various stages of development at any given time.


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