High school mind games Chapter 1 Shaneelia“Act cool, if everything goes well today I’ll finally have the guts to ask him out, on the other hand he is my best friend what if he rejects me?” you think to yourself. You look to the side, “oh shit” you see his beautifully familiar face; Zedikiah your best friend is walking to you with that cheesy smile……that is so… without argument irresistibly breathtaking. “Hey stranger, where have you been I’ve been calling you, that’s what phones are for you know you’re supposed to answer it!” , he bends down slowly and kisses you lightly on the nose which makes you even more nervous causing you to blush like crazy. “Naw sorry Zebra” you say returning the cheesy smile, “was my little zee dying just to hear my voice” you continue, pulling at his perfectly tan cheeks, you both start laughing. “So” he says with a mischievous smile “I was thinking me, you, Kitties birthday yes, no??? Marco Kennedy is going to be there, so how about it Neelia?” He starts making that cute puppy face that can’t say no to “Zee!” you blurt out loud “what” he says with a puzzled expression You smile and say “I had a crush on him in 3rd grade seriously when you are going to get over that?” You both start laughing “I remember” he says continuing on “when you would stalk him, and how much you talked about him” he says trying to keep himself from falling over. “oh Zee” he says with a mimicking tone “Me and Marco are going to get married and live in a castle like Cinderella and then were going to have nine babies together you’ll see, one day” you both start laughing so loud that you end up gasping for air. After a while you both have finally settled down and are making your way to class, as you are about to walk through the door Kittie also known as the Queen Bee comes up to youse. Kittie is also Zedikiah’s step sister, their parents got married last year but Zee’s Mum moved in with Kittie and her dad.


“So you guys coming to my awesome party on Friday??” Kittie says with a cute smile “It’s going to be bigger and better than last year!” she says enthusiastically “Well” says Zee looking at me with those big bright green eyes “I’m not going anywhere unless Shaneelia’s goes so Neelia???? Are you going to go??” *you sigh* “Fine then you big baby, I’ll go! Are you happy now?” you say trying not to blush too much “Yay! Okay see you guys on Friday then ciao!” she says cheerfully walking off with her group, You’ve never really liked her group, they’ve always seemed bitchy to you the way they think they’re better than everyone, I don’t get it Kittie has always seemed nice to me but everyone else see’s different. “C’mon slowpoke chop, chop” Zee says pushing you from behind “we haven’t got all day!” he says You can’t help but laugh “okay, okay im going!” as you both walk into class you take your seats at the back of the room. When you are both seated a girl you have never seen before walks into class, she is wearing a maroon coloured jumper under black silk overalls, maroon beanie and Doc Martin Boots that go well with the maroon lip stick she’s wearing, “hm… stylish and sassy at the same time” you say looking at the girl. Moments later Mr Toorak walks in, “Good morning” he says with that husky voice of his, “you must be the new student” he turns and says to the girl who hands him a small piece of paper “Everyone, I would like to introduce you to our new student Sandy Veetora please make her feel welcome” Sandy walks over to the empty seat In front Zedikiah, before she sits down she gives him this smile, I don’t know what it was but I didn’t like it one bit. “Oh no did Zedikiah just give her that cheesy smile? I’ve only seen him smile like that when he looks at me!” you think to yourself. Sandy“This school is so boring, the football players are all the same hot, sweaty and big-headed, every school is so normal there’s never nothing fun around to do.” You walk around school until you finally find the school office, as you are about to enter into the office a boy about your height walks right into you, “I-I’m ssorry” he says as his glasses nearly fall of,


“It okay” you say with a wink, he walks away with a huge smile “Dork” you think to yourself “what better to do than play with peoples mind, *you sigh*I’m so mean” you smile to yourself and enter the office, you walk to the front desk and the office lady is on the phone, “Mrs Mather’s I promise you Kittie Davies did not put that ink bomb in your daughters locker, it must be a mistake Kittie is one of the nicest students I know at this school” she says motioning for me to wait “u-huh, u-huh oh okay so the ink exploded all over her hair, u-huh her hair’s blonde? Hm… So the ink isn’t going to come out anytime soon?” she continues “Well I’m sorry Mrs Mather’s there is really nothing I can really do right now but I will pass this on to the Principle and then he will follow up on it, thank you have a nice day” she say’s hanging “Whew” she says looking at me with a smile “so how may I help you?” she asks politely “Hi my name is Sandy Veetora, and I’m new here” you say “My mum told me to come straight to the office and get my timetable” you continue on She walks over to a stack of papers and grabs the first piece of paper on the pile, she walks back over and hands you the piece of paper and Sais “This is your timetable for the whole semester if you have any trouble finding your locker you can just ask any of the fellow students” you smile and walk off when you’re out in the hallway you check your timetable English it reads first. You look around and see a lot of room’s music, art, drama…. English well that was easy you think to yourself. You see a group of people “well this must be the cool kids, seen better” you say to yourself You see two students walk in before you a boy and a girl, “looks like we have two of the cool kids in my class, judging by the way they’re walking so close together they must be a couple” As you walk into class after them you feel a group of eyes burning into you, it’s like they’ve never seen a new student before in their pathetic lives. After you walk in a man dressed in a suit and tie walks in “must be the teacher” you say to yourself. He greets the class and then turns to you “You must be the new student” he says with a smile as you pass him your timetable



“Everyone I would like to introduce you to our new student Sandy Veetora please make her feel welcome” he says to class As you walk over to the an empty desk next to that couple that walked in before you, you notice the guy who is extremely beautiful with short brown hair, nice tan and you can’t forget the best feature those beautiful green eyes I smile at him making sure I have his full attention, I also notice that his girlfriend is giving me that what-the-hell-was-that look ha! You smile to yourself it’s always good to have a bit of healthy competition.



Chapter 2 ZedikiahBefore Mr Toorak enters the class room a new student walks in, you couldn’t take your eyes off of her like yes of course she isn’t as beautiful as Shaneelia and she don’t have those Golden Brown eyes like Shaneelia does but something about her was so captivating. “Stylish and Sassy at the same time” you hear Shaneelia say After Mr Toorak introduced her to the class she came and sat down at the empty seat near you, before she sat down she gave you this smile, and you couldn’t help but smile back, you gave her one of those cheesy smiles. Throughout the whole class you couldn’t help but wonder what she was thinking. “Sandy” you thought to yourself “what a great name, it suits her long sandy blonde hair” When class finished she got up quickly and just walked right out, she didn’t even look where she was going as if she it was something she’s done a million times before. “You like her don’t you?” Shaneelia says breaking my train of thought I look at her, she was looked a bit annoyed but yet somehow beautiful as ever “Would you hate me if I did?” you ask confused, she grabs her stuff off the table then finally turns to you and Sais “no!, Zee how many times do I have to tell you? No matter how many times we fight I’ll never hate you” she Sais As we walk out of the class I say “you do know I’ll always have time for my little Neelia, no matter what I’ll always chose you over any girl” you say kissing her lightly on the cheek, you watch her mouth as a smile slowly forms. As you get to her locker Sandy the new student comes up to both of you “Um excuse me” she said only looking at you “can you help me find my locker?” You look at Shaneelia, she gives you a little wink then Sais “Go ahead I’ll just be putting my stuff away” Shaneelia“Act cool, it’s not like you really care if they got together or not, like he said he would choose you over any girl, I don’t know about this one- she’s one of those girls who play with your mind just for the fun of it”


When you are at your locker the new girl comes and asks Zedikiah if he can help her find her locker “humph typical, he helps her then they fall in love and live happily ever after” you try and act cool so you say “Go ahead I’ll be just putting my stuff away” Zedikiah smiles at you and walks off with the new girl, as you leave your locker and go to find them you spot Kittie and her group coming your way “Are you and Zedikiah alright?” she asks concerned, you simply smile and reply “lol, Kittie we’re fine” you hesitate then continue on “he just went to help the new girl Sandy Veetora” she exhales loudly and finally Sais “Don’t worry about her we’ll handle it-“one of her friends Lilly Davis cut’s in “Wait, did you say Sandy? Sandy Veetora, long blonde hair?” she asks “Yeah, do you know her from somewhere?” you reply, she gives you this Are-you-serious look “We use to go to the same school” she Said “She is really dangerous, I really think Zedikiah shouldn’t be hanging around her” You laugh and realize she is very serious “Wait what do you mean by dangerous? Let me guess she’s a mass murderer?” you say unsure of what Lilly’s answer would be. “Why don’t we all go to the cafeteria and Lilly can tell us more about this Sandra” Kittie Suggests “It’s Sandy, her name is Sandy” one of the boys say “Oh whatever same thing!” Kittie replies with a smile. You and Kittie and her group all head off to the cafeteria. Sandy“Well my plan is working, now all I need to do is make him like me, but how will I do that?” you say to yourself “So” you say to start a conversation “How long have you and your girlfriend been dating?” he looks at you confused then finally Sais “You mean Shaneelia, no were not dating that’ll just be weird, not that I wouldn’t date her or anything it’s just that we’re best friends” he replies` “Oh” you say satisfied with his Answer, you stop at a row of lockers “this one’s yours” he says pointing to the locker with the slightly dented top, you smile at him and say “thanks I really appreciate you helping me, who knows I could’ve been here all day looking for my locker” he smiles and just as he is about to walk off he turns around and asks “did you want to come to the cafeteria with


me, I mean so you can meet the rest of the gang?” you return the smile and nod slowly. After you put your books away, he escorts you to the cafeteria, “Check and mate” ZedikiahYou find her locker, “this one’s yours” you say as you point to the locker she gives warm smile and thanks you for helping her. You turn to leave “Wait I can’t just leave her here, it’s her first day maybe I should help her find some friends” you think to yourself You turn around and ask “Did you want to come to the cafeteria with me, I mean so you can meet the rest of the gang?” you await her answer but she just smiles and nods slowly. As you make your way to the cafeteria you wonder where Shaneelia is because you haven’t seen her around yet, as you enter the cafeteria you spot Shaneelia sitting with Kittie and her group on one of the far end tables. “there they are” you say pointing at them, as they see you and Sandy they start whispering “weird” you think to yourself You and Sandy both sit down, “Everyone this is Sandy Veetora, Sandy this everyone” you say You see Lilly giving Sandy a menacing look then she finally opens her mouth to speak, “Sandy Veetora how nice to see you again” she says with a mischievous smile, you look at Sandy but she is no longer smiling. “Everything okay” you asked confused, but she ignores your question and gets up and leaves the table without saying a word. Shocked and puzzled with what just happened, you get up and go to see if Sandy is alright. You walk around the corner and find her talking on the phone, she turns around see’s you, “I’ll call you later Mum” she says to the person on the other side of the line and hangs up. “Hey” you say “is everything okay? You seemed a bit annoyed back there” She sighs, “Me and Lilly go way back, we’ve had a lot of problems in the past and, well I just wanted a new start” she pauses “and I don’t want Lilly ruining my chances of a new start” you give her a very understanding smile, “Look I’ll speak to Lilly and you can get on with your life; Lilly will understand”


“No” she says quickly “I mean you don’t have to worry about it” “I don’t get it; Lilly isn’t going to bite her head off” “Sandy if there’s something you need to say and get off your chest just say it, I can help” Sandy lowers her head, she looks as if she is going to break out in tears, “I can’t” she Say’s letting a tear slide down her cheek “you can trust me” you reply trying to sound comforting. “It’s really complicated, I mean when Lilly moved schools my life suddenly was going great I wasn’t feeling threatened to come school anymore and then when I came here I thought I would be even happier, new house, new school, new friends, new everything, I thought this would be my fresh start” she takes a long pause then continues “I guess seeing her brought back memories of things I’ve tried forgetting” “I don’t get it, is she trying to say Lilly was made her life miserable? No way Lilly has always been the sweet, kicked back type of girl” “She put me through hell! You don’t even understand!” she screams running away, “Sandy, Sandy wait don’t go” you call after her “Dammit now look what you’ve done idiot! You just made a girl cry” LillyYou, Kittie, Shaneelia and the rest of the group are seated at a table on the far end of the cafeteria. “I really have a bad feeling about this, Zedikiah and her start having feelings for each other and Shaneelia decides to get involved things can end up like last time” You look around to see if anyone other than the people on your table can hear you, when you are satisfied that no one is listening to you, you start “You know how you asked if she was a mass murderer or something?” you ask looking directly at Shaneelia, “Yeah” she replies with a un-certain look “Well she isn’t a mass murderer” *Shaneelia and Kittie both sigh* “Three years ago me and Sandy were in the same English class, one of my other friends accidently spilt chocolate milk on her and five minutes later she was found at the bottom of one of the stairs” “Okay maybe I am overreacting she isn’t really dangerous but she did lock me in the basement at her own birthday party” you see Kittie trying to hold in her laugh "




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