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Reflecting your year in 08 so far:

During Period 2 on Spirit Day you will write a student reflection for your Semester 1 report. This reflection will appear on your official report so it is important that you do your most thoughtful and considerate work. Before you write this report it is important to take some time to reflect on your semester. Work through this template in order to prepare for this. Make sure to share examples of your work (hyperlinks, videos, documents, photos, etc). After youve worked through these questions, save it all on your blog so that you are fully prepared to write your report reflection on Spirit Day. STEP 1 GENERAL THOUGHTS AND GOALS i) How have you found the transition to year 08? Yes, I found some transition in yr8. Everything is very different compare to yr7.

ii) What have been your greatest achievements so far this year? Why do you think this? Give examples and link to examples of your work. a. Academic b. Extra-curricular c. Outside of school I have some achievement in academic and extra-curricular. For academic, I have improved my trades for each of my subject compare to last year, and I am ok with my grade so far. For extra-curricular, I achieve a lot too. So far I was in NIST swimming team, U13 basketball team and U17 touch rugby team. So I think I have improved a lot so far compare to last year. And for outside the school, some achievement I made is finish my homework in time, and handed it in.

iii) What have been your greatest struggles so far this year? Why do you think this? Give examples and link to examples of your work. a. Academic b. Extra-curricular c. Outside of school I think the thing part I struggle the most is the academic part, but for my school work, sometimes I could forget my Homework, which means I need to be more organized. For outside the school, I think the things I was a bit struggle is sometime I am not organize enough so sometime I forgot my homework.

Have you set any goals for yourself this semester? If so, comment on how well you have met these goals. Feel free to add more goals if necessary. i) Goal 1 was to I have set a goal for HPE, which is achieved a higher grade in HPE written test.

I feel that I.

I feel that I completed 20% of that, because compare to last year my grades get much better for written test.

ii) Goal 2 was to My goal 2 is to be more active after school, for example join for ECA or sport team to make more friends. I feel that I I feel that I complete that goal, because I have so many after school activities, and I join 3 school teams.

IB learner profile
NIST students are guided by the learner profile attributes as they strive to become internationally minded people. Attributes Example

Inquirers are curious people who want to learn Talking about what you learnt in class and show their independence. They enjoy with your parents, siblings or friends. learning and continue to learn throughout their life. Knowledgeable people are interested in new ideas and issues. They gain an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the world. Thinkers are people who think creatively and critically. They use their initiative and imagination to recognize and solve problems. Communicators understand and express ideas and information confidently and creatively. They work well with others. Risk-takers are prepared to try new things and explore new ideas and situations. They are brave and independent. Principled people are fair, respectful and honest. They always take responsibility for their actions and respect other people and their property.
Caring people show empathy, compassion and respect towards the needs and feelings of others. They want to make the world a better place for everyone.

Working hard in class to understand new concepts. Presenting an assessment piece in a new and unique manner.

Choosing words carefully to make sure you can get express your understanding or ideas. Getting involved in house activities you would not normally try.

Choosing not to copy your friends work or ask about the questions on an upcoming test.

Making sure that you are considerate of other peoples feelings and looking after them if they are upset.

Open-minded people understand themselves

Listening to other peoples ideas and

and their culture but are open to the ideas and using them to reshape your own opinions of others. They want to learn from other understanding or ideas. people and understand other peoples ideas and opinions.
Balanced people look after themselves and take Taking part in a wide range of activities including the Arts, service and ECAs. part in many different types of activities. They

persevere when things get difficult.

Reflecting on the feedback a teacher learning and experiences. They try to learn from provides for a piece of assessment and using that information to improve future their mistakes and plan ways to achieve and assessments. work hard to overcome problems. Reflective people think carefully about their

STEP 2 CATEGORIZING BLOG POSTS Examine the blog posts you have made this year and see how they reflect you as a learner. i) For each post decide on which attribute of the learner profile it best displays and record it in the table below.

ii) Categorise the posts on your blog according to the learner profile attributes. (You do no have to use every attribute, but you should try and include all of your blog posts from the year so far)

Subject/s Inquirers Knowledgeable Thinkers Communicators Risk-takers Principled Caring Open-minded Balanced HUM IT Eng IT, HPE WL IT HPE

Title of post/s English task Evaluation, achieving my goal, WL-book review Creating solution Acro gymnastic HPE reflection

Creating solution






Pick three (or more) of the learner profile attributes that you believe best reflect you as a learner.

Use a variety of evidence, from your personal blog, learning activities in class, service groups and ECAs to explain how you demonstrate each attribute. i) Attribute 1: Caring During the ECA or the after school activities I am always the caring one, if someone is hurt or feel bad, I always go and help them.

ii) Attribute 2: risk-taker This year, I have tried so many new sports like touch rugby (I never try that sport before), basketball (it was the first team I am trying out for) iii) Attribute 3: communicator This year during houseroom, I have communicated with more people and more different people and start talking to the person I dont talk so much to.

Pick one attribute that is an area for personal growth and explain how you plan to work on this attribute. iv) Attribute: risk-taker This year, I have been a risk-taker. I try some many sport I never try before and this year is the first year I try out for school sports team.

Approaches to Learning
This semester you have been taught and received feedback on your use of Approaches to Learning skills.

Thinking Skills Critical thinking is the skill of analysing texts, ideas and issues. Creativity and Innovation is taking on challenges and ideas in new ways. Reflection is the skill of looking back at what you have learned and experienced. Transfer is making connections and applying skills, knowledge and understanding to new situations. Social Skills Collaborating is the skill of working cooperatively with others. Communication Skills Interacting is the skill of effectively exchanging ideas and information. Literacy is the skill of reading, writing and using language to communicate information effectively.

Reflecting on the feedback a teacher provides for a piece of assessment and using that information to improve future assessments. Using graphing skills you learnt in Maths in Science.

Working well in different roles during group work, for example as leader, clarifier and negotiator. Participating in whole class discussions and small group work Clearly explaining your work,

Self-management skills Using an organiser like Outlook calendar Organisation is the skill of effectively using time, effectively. resources and information. Affective skills are managing your feelings and Using your time wisely in class. emotions so that you can stay focussed.

Research Information and media literacy is the skill of interpreting and making informed judgements as users of information and media, as well as being a skilful creator and producer of information and media messages. Critical literacy is the skill of evaluating, questioning and challenging the attitudes, values and beliefs in written, visual and spoken and multimedia tasks

Using a range of resources when you complete research tasks not simply Wikipedia. Making sure you choose appropriate sources of information.

STEP 4 Approaches to Learning (ATLs)S Choose two organizers that you feel are strengths. Explain how you demonstrate these strengths, including at least one specific example. For example: My social skills are well developed as I am able to be a leader in group activities but also able to listen to people's opinions and ideas. I showed this when I helped to organise our service project. i) Strength 1: My social skills are well developed, as I join more sport team, and more after school activities. And I could be a leader in some of the group activity.

ii) Strength 2: I have been a risk-taker this year, trying our new things I have never tried before. And try to communicate with the people I never talk to.

Choose one organisers that you feel you can improve on. Explain why you think it is important for you to develop this skill and how you could improve it. For example: I can improve my self management skills as I found I often left my homework to the last minute and had to rush to finish it. I could improve this by checking my outlook

calendar every night and making sure I turn off distractions like Skype and Facebook while I do my homework. i) Focus for improvement: knowledgeable, because I dont think I am working very hard for my academics, so I think the focus improvement is being more knowledgeable. The reason why it is important is knowledge is very important and it was also very challenging for me to focus on study hard, because every day I arrival home really late, so I the only time I have is try weekends. I think how I can improved it is spent more time on my study (sometime I got disturb by Facebook and Skype), and turn off the Facebook and Skype off when I was doing my homework or school work or reviewing.`