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How to Show User and System Name on top of Web UI Page.
Step 1:Open Transaction BSP_WD_CMPWB Step 2: Enter the Component name CRMCMP_NAVBAR as shown below and then click on display.

Step 3:Select Picture View (CRMCMP_NAVBAR/Picture) and Double-click to see the details on the right side.

Vijay BhaskarRaju

Step 4:Open the HTM File (Double-click on Picture.htm)->Edit Mode->Paste the below code After Line 18 as shown below. <p><%= sy-uname %> - <%= sy-sysid %></p>

Note: SaveCheck and Activate. Step 5:Activate and Restart WEB UI Step 6: Open the transaction CRM_UI. Select the appropriate Business Role.This is how it will look like in Signature.

Vijay BhaskarRaju

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