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Choose Goals & Stick to it
Everyone claims to have some fitness goal in his/her mind. But either people are not articulate about their goals or they have a hazy picture about their goals It will be an understatement that goal setting is cardinal in achieving goals be it fitness or any other sport. Changing goals halfway leads to wastage of time and effort. After all you cannot win the race if you change horses midstream. Once you decide how much muscle mass and what body shape you are looking for, then it becomes easy to alter your diet, exercise pattern and lifestyle in tune with your goals.

How to decide your short term and long term goals ?
Well pictures speak louder than words. Here is what you can choose among your short term goals Realistic Long term goals could be one of these

Adonis Coefficient in all the long term cases is close to 1.6 ( ideal ) so all these look good with Shirt on. Adonis coefficient is explained later in Newsletter

How short are short term goals and how long are long term goals ? Reaching short term goals might take about 6-8 months and long term goals take about 1. your half work is over … all you need is correct program and a bit of tweak in your diet chart and you are all set ….6 so all three would look skinny in a Shirt.FITNESS MANTRA Realistic Short term goals could be one of these Adonis Coefficient is defined as shoulder width divided by half waist length. So there is science involved as why all wellsculpted Greek Statues look so appealing.110 to be lean and muscular. The rule of thumb is (height in cm).5 to 2 year.. When we cut down fat . Page 2 . we might end up looking good in T-shirt but we look skinny with Shirt on. The entire idea of quantification of short and long term goals is to make you realize in which direction do you want to move ? All these pictures shown are people who have remained drug free their entire life and plan to do so…… so the physiques shown above are very much achievable …. Ideally it should hover around 1. The three people above are shown with increasing muscularity from left to right … Pros – Muscular without T-Shirt Good vascularity Cons – All have Adonis Coefficient < 1. Once your short term goals are set .6. All the Greek Statues have been sculptured keeping Adonis coefficient in mind.

My take is simple. It is not like you ate a burger and you woke up obese … so why do you expect to lose fat in a spate of hours … Don’t take Shortcuts Phase .5Km/hr -------. .Resting Phase 9. Page 3 . 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 Speed 6 Km/hr -------. I am trying to explain the nitty gritty of this Cardio routine My take on Fat Reduction Surgeries? Liposuction promises reduction of fat within a spate of hours with minimal side effects. you need to be very intensive for a shorter duration. I have explained HIIT program to many.5 Km/hr------. Min 0-6 7th 8th 9Th 10th . So what do we do? The answer is Phase -2. you start slow with say a speed of 6Km/hr on treadmill for first 5-6 min.5Km/hr ------Deceleration phase 7. Then you increase and decrease your speed as per the logical flow given below. This breakthrough thing in Cardio is where you achieve more by doing less. The above routine force fat cells to release the free fatty cells. But as the same name suggests (High Intense Interval Training).Warming up 9 Km/hr -------.FITNESS MANTRA HIIT (A breakthrough in Cardio) Over the past few weeks.Resting Phase Acceleration – Deceleration Phase Continues for 20 odd mins The movement here can be described as pyramid period where you are running at faster speed for shorter durations. Here with the aid of diagrams.Resting Phase 11Km/hr --------Acceleration Phase 8Km/hr ----------Resting Phase 10.Acceleration Phase 6. But the key point is that free fatty acids do get accumulate after a while.5Km/hr -------.5Km/ did not gain weight just in few hours.Deceleration Phase 6.5Km/hr --------Resting Phase 10Km/hr ---------Deceleration Phase 7Km/hr -----------Resting Phase 9.1 In Phase-1. .Acceleration Phase 7Km/hr --------.

It was then my fitness instructor told me that instead of trying to extract motivation from outside ( heavy beat songs ) … try to seek the motivation from within … that is I firmly believe panacea to all problems in life. You certainly don't even need to do this much. I typically do 20 minutes of intense HIIT and about 10 minutes of steady state cardio. do no more than 30 minutes of steady state cardio.. Moral of the Story :Practically in cardio session of 40-45 min .. But the technique still did not deliver expected results and I was starting to get disheartened. I would recommend HIIT to everyone who wants to loose weight. you are resting phase for 75 % time ( 50 % of Phase – 1 and 100 % of Phase -2 ) So you are just running at higher speed for practically 10 min in a spate of 40-45 min. pretend to ride a cycle ………………. If you put in 20 minutes of HIIT then do no more than 20-25 minutes of steady state cardio. I guess that is not too much to ask for …. At that time I did not use I-Pod so before lifting the heaviest set.the equivalent intensity on any other piece of cardio equipment.FITNESS MANTRA Phase -2 Steady State Cardio or Strategic Cardio: 20-30 minutes Steady state cardio is just a fast walk or slow jog on at a steady pace -or. This I did to buck myself up before attempting the heaviest set of exercise. Mind it I had lost Mr Gurgaon Body building championship three years in row and gloom started showing up on my face. So if you put in 15 minutes doing HIIT. Why don’t be at home and pretend to be in gym ? . (For the most part I like to keep the total time for cardio at 45 minutes max. Critics Corner I go to gym pretend to run on treadmill. Little did I realize a simple advice given to me is going to shape my life for ever. I started breaking under pressure as my physical limit to lift heavy weight (sometimes two times my body weight ) had approached. ) As the diagram depicts the strategic cardio or Phase -2 burns the recently released free fatty acids. I would go to main reception of gym and increase volume of song. it became stressful at fag end as I was not able to achieve my set targets. The Greatest Lesson of my life Preparing for My Gurgaon Bodybuilding Championship 2007.

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