Entrepreneurial Spirit Drives Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. Toward Beverage Market Success

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Entrepreneurial Spirit Drives Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. Toward Beverage Market Success
green mountain Coffee Roasters, inc. is on its way to becoming one of the world’s premier beverage and beverage maker organizations thanks to its risk-oriented innovation philosophies. Find out how the powerhouse Keurig single cup coffee brewing system defied the odds, and discover the company’s bold aspirations for the future.

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Meet nine new technology solutions that can empower key business processes and differentiate your company from the competition.
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In a candid account. after overcoming its share of challenges. no sales & marketing-focused issue of CGT would be complete without a story focused on downstream CGT’s April Digital Issue • Meet 2012 Standout SMBs: Happy Family. Vera Bradley. We first met Kevin at CGTs growth & Innovation Forum this past | november 2012 | cgt 3 .com & Coca-Cola • new Research on nPDI Technology Click here to access this issue! consumergoods. It’s a success story that reads a lot like rascal Flatt’s country song lyrics: “that god blessed the broken road/ that led me straight to you”. and gmcr’s unique approach to innovation. AlI ACkERMAn Like green mountain coffee roasters. Alice. Hanesbrands explains the innovative ways in which it is utilizing a dsr for proximity analysis and much more. Ateeco & More • Get Data & Insights Best Practices from P&G and Clorox Click here to access this issue! CGT’s July/August Digital Issue • Pfizer Consumer Healthcare Goes Beyond the Brand • new Marketing Best Practices from Clorox. turn to Page 13 to view the Fall edition of CGT’s Tech Preview Guide. wherein you’ll meet a handful of new solutions that can help your company to repave the broken roads in your journey toward business excellence.edit note tHe BroKen roAd In the consumer goods industry. those are just a few of the Kevin Hartley-isms that we came to know and love throughout the process of writing this month’s cover story about Green Mountain Coffee Roasters’ Keurig brand. the company reveals why it chose to re-launch a tPm system and offers best practices for getting it right the second time around. the company is leading the single-serve coffee revolution in north America. now live www. Lastly.consumergoods. “blow your mind” innovation often involves “stumbling toward success”. “misbehaving energy” and “surrogates for prescience”. where his enthusiasm. on Page 9. today. truly wowed the audience. turn to Page 6 to find out what he had everyone buzzing about. Energizer Editor Personal Care shares a story marked by broken roads on Page 12.

and is a good source of vitamin c. smucker company has introduced the new look of Folgers Instant coffee | november 2012 | cgt 4 . 3 3 A-B Aids Disaster Relief Anheuser-Busch will provide more than 1 million cans of emergency drinking water for residents impacted by Hurricane sandy. 2 Miller Lite Suits Up to cultivate Latino leadership and promote higher education in the community. Adult gummies are available now. Full strength mInIs and Adult gummies. each V8 V-Fusion juice drink box provides a combined serving of vegetables and fruit. Vitamelts and Full strength mInIs will be available this fall.the Pulse t h e b e at o f t h e i n d u s t r y 1 1 Innovation in a Box campbell soup company introduced V8 V-Fusion juice drink boxes. the company has donated more than 71 million cans of emergency drinking water following natural and other disasters. 4 All New Instant Coffee J. consumergoods. education Leadership Fund to launch the scoring for education program again this year. 4 Vitamins Take Shape • Nature Made has introduced three new product lines: Vitamelts. miller Lite partnered with the dallas cowboys and the Adelante! u. since 1988. the new consumer-friendly packaging redesign features an ergonomic shape with an easy-open flip top lid in a new three-ounce size offering.m. all created to change the way people take vitamins. Available in three flavors.s. is naturally sweetened with no added sugar.

taking a picture of an ad and finding yourself with specialized products and offers. Actually. digital transformation will also drastically change the cg industry — digital video measurement at the shelf whether it is a physical shelf or the smartphone. and how we market and sell will change. beverage. cg companies are using digital and social enablement. account. “coupling the dsr with a new component — a cg loyalty system — will be a key to success in the | november 2012 | cgt 5 . household and customer. Wipro 1 2 3 three big areas are allowing the consumer goods (cg) manufacturer to better know their shopper and consumer: they’re speaking with them. an opportunity to create terrific relationships. shopper and consumer level. these discussions allow the manufacturer to create better relationships and evolve to direct-to-household and direct-to-consumer selling. but not via traditional methods. which allows more successful insights and leads to optimizing marketing spend. cg companies are creating their own loyalty programs and using this information to better engage the shopper and consumer. for one-to-one conversations with the shopper and consumers. Industry transformations will continue to evolve around the consumer. mobility will drive the entire initiative and provide unique one-to-one selling opportunities. the transformation of the apparel and footwear industry indicates where this will go for the food. “re-realizing” that functional areas are interrelated is creating enhancements to the quality of the insights being performed at a brand.insights the Big three Are you usIng the rIght tActIcs to reAch todAy’s shoPPers And consumers? John Rossi. the ability to create advanced analytics is driving better insights. If you want to know your shopper and consumer. and it requires specialists who know how to build proper hierarchies. they are integrating the sales and marketing information via the dsr. manufacturing processes will create personalized products. they’re using social media. they are integrating the entire sales and marketing function across the enterprise. shopper. shopper and consumer surveys. recommended replenishment of standard household needs and having them show up at your front door will forever change consumer touchpoints. which typically lead to the information residing in a single area. Global Head of Consumer Goods Consulting. leaders are creating a holistic view of the consumer. supply chains will change from pallets to eaches. By interacting directly with the cg company for special offers. What a great time to be in the industry! consumergoods. coupling the dsr with a new component — a cg loyalty system — will be a key to success in the future. especially via mobile devices. to accomplish these three things. and Pos data versus syndicated data and panels to understand direct buying habits of shoppers at a store and regional level. this is not the traditional data warehouse.” the leaders aren’t looking at functional silos such as trade promotion or pricing optimization initiatives. home and personal care segments. rather. dsrs and loyalty information will be vital. consumers become part of the innovation process. the cornerstone is the demand signal repository (dsr). | november 2011 | cgt 2 6 . consumergoods. In fact. little to no consumer research predicted that it would be a consumer hit. and it now sits on kitchen counters in an estimated 12 million u. But despite all evidence to the contrary. Inc.’s (gmcr) powerhouse Keurig single cup coffee brewing system was not an overnight success. households. throughout its development.cover story by alliston ackerman entrepreneurial spirit Drives Green mountain coffee roasters. inc. toward beverage market success Green Mountain coffee roasters. sales for the Keurig system grew more than 50 percent per year from its introduction in 2008 to 2011.

G m C r ing paper business for a cool $3. It was the passion of a small group of individuals who followed the funny sense that visionaries get. where the dirty. “Keurig is not the result of a classic Fortune 500 innovation stage-gate process.” — K e v i n H a r t l e y.. this disruptive innovation proved to be the exception to the rule.” explains Hartley. their solution was a closed. and no mainstream company would have supported them. In short.1 million.” says Kevin Hartley. risk-oriented innovation philosophies of the company behind the brand. gmcr (www. enterprise strategy and new Business for gmcr. single cup coffee brewing system that had less-than-thrilling purchase intent scores and was extremely difficult to manufacture. we must travel back 31 years to the small town of Waitsfield. and with decades of hard work. the “retired” entrepreneur found and frequented a small coffee shop named green mountain coffee roasters.” “gmcr and its Keurig business unit are 31.gmcr. which he later bought and expanded into a manufacturer of roasted coffee. a word derived from the dutch word for excellence. now. and it’s half-baked and half-spilled. that’s the reason it exists today. gmcr blossomed into new england’s premier whole bean and roasted ground bagged bean coffee brand in grocery and convenience stores. getting offices to buy the new appliance proved challenging. let’s skip ahead 14 years to massachusetts where three “wild and crazy” entrepreneurs were working together to crack the office coffee pot conundrum. “You know. the founders realized that coffee drinkers are brand sensitive. they called their company Keurig. Vt. where Bob stiller just retired after selling e-Z Wider cigarette roll- consumergoods. While Keurig was innovative for sure. over time. vice president. | november 2012 | cgt 7 .com). “the innovations were entrepreneur-led. the key to success was to find and offer a variety of regionally-known coffee brands that Humble Beginnings to understand gmcr’s philosophy on innovation.and 17-year overnight success stories where payrolls were put on personal credit cards and companies weren’t sure if they were going to make it week to week… the real path to disruptive innovation.cover story clearly. But why? the answer lies in the entrepreneurial. yucky pot sits in the office all afternoon.

Its aspiration was to build Keurig and green mountain coffee into powerhouse brands on the national stage. was there to become Keurig’s official first licensee. “In under a minute. “the innovations are done hand-in-hand.” the acquisition also created a holistic business model that differentiated gmcr from its competition. With a strong business model and passionate employees in place. packaging coffee beans in a patented container called the K-cup pack. Harold could have his bold morning coffee experience. other license agreements followed with diedrich coffee.” says Hartley. we have a true razor/razorblade model wherein we design and build the brewers. the other is coffee-oriented. he says they naturally gelled: “It is an interesting culture collision. consumergoods.” says Hartley.cover story catered to each individual’s unique flavor preference. In 2006. new england’s premier coffee brand. they believed that researchers and consumers misunderstood two things: • The variety of latent taste desires for premium gourmet coffee within the family unit. In 2007. and we design. which could possibly lead to disjointed innovation efforts. off paper. gmcr made an early investment in Keurig. is a deep passion to wow and amaze consumers so that their socks actually go up and down when they see our innovations. tully’s and Van Houtte. | november 2012 | cgt 8 . though. they plotted their next big move outside of office and into consumer homes. gmcr’s K-cup packs could fix that. Again. “In the world of closed coffee systems. A Powerful Pairing gmcr’s acquisition of Keurig united two company cultures that clashed on paper: “one is highly-technical with type A engineers. under the leadership of Larry Blanford. the company’s new ceo. green mountain coffee.3 million. gmcr acquired the remaining 65 percent of Keurig for $104. In 1993. gmcr began to embark on a new mission: to become north America’s premiere coffee system. “Just because maude made the same pot of regular coffee for two decades didn’t mean that she actually likes regular coffee. but gmcr continued to be the leading K-cup pack roaster. consumers would prefer to have a big bomber coffee in the morning. It indicated that consumers would always favor the drip coffee maker that could brew a cup of coffee for 8 to 10 cents. and then have a cappuccino at night.” In contrast. and maude could have her cup of hazelnut decaf. she likes hazelnut decaf. build and package the beverages that go in the brewers.” • Taste variety desires by individual by day part. to name a few. and still do. What the two organizations shared. “In other words. then switch to decaf in the afternoon. consumer research totally underestimated the eventual success.” explains Hartley. but she had to make Harold happy for 20 years. the Keurig single cup brewer could easily fix that too. But entrepreneurial spirit drove gmcr forward.” explains Hartley. others in the coffee and brewer industries might partner with separate appliance manufacturers on the brewer side of the equation.

erage and beverage maker organizations. it started to explode. According to IrI data for 52 weeks ending october 5. gmcr acquired all of Keurig’s licensed roasters over a number of years and also entered into manufacturing and distribution agreements for single-serve packs with newman’s own. In fact.7 billion. this goal using a standardized approach to new mitigates the problems most organizations product development. combining company is to transition from north world-class employees with state-of-theAmerica’s largest coffee and coffee brewer art experts — no matter where they are located company to one of the world’s premier bevacross the globe — to produce a new product. Keurig single cup brewers and patented K-cup packs hit the consumer market via high-end department stores. caribou coffee. It’s open innovation with click her e pany’s traditional products. once gmcr’s innovation team takes consumergoods.cover story so around the time of the acquisition.” even if most of the work must be done virtually. Hartley works hard to eradicate the word “innovation” from his lexicon all together.? portunities beyond the comtions.” says Hartley. dunkin’ donuts. momentum hasn’t slowed. and the company expects to reach 2012 net sales of $3. initial supermarket accounts that carried green mountain coffee K-cup packs as part of their specialty coffee selection experienced more than twice the growth in dollar sales of the national average for the specialty coffee category. physicists. “When that all came to together in that weird Zen-like | november 2012 | cgt 9 . and in other growth optogether toward clear aspiraKNOW. a twist wherein he’ll assemble “our shared aspiration as a the best possible team. “our role is to produce. costume designer or actor. In 2008. J. starbucks and conagra (swiss miss). says Hartley. if you will. A brewer on every counter and these innovation teams operate with a beverage for every occasion. 2008. teas and hot cocoa. that work DID YOU side. they became available for sale through grocery stores across the country.m. to continue providing a wide variety of coffees.” he says. about. constant fast-paced inhe’s hiring state-of-the-art sciennovation is required on the tists. prices had to plummet. monster hit products on the global stage. Bold Aspirations But instead of hiring the best dito maintain its high growth rector. as in the John Lasseter of Pixar kind of produce. which is based on experience where executives chip away at an its entrepreneurial roots and does not reinnovative idea until it doesn’t even resemble semble the processes used at your average the initial concept that consumers got excited Fortune 500 company..8 billion. instead opting to use the phrase “producing new product hits” and likening the process to producing a hit Hollywood film. and choices needed to proliferate. smucker co. clear protection from the organizational angmcr is moving full force toward that tibodies that typically fight new ideas. the beverage searchers and so on. Broad consumer adoption of the Keurig single cup brewing system boosted gmcr’s 2011 net sales to $2. engineers. (Folgers and millstone). In 2003. which meant that reliability had to skyrocket. rate. reappliance side. the combined gmcr and Keurig teams decided — after some major strategic work — that the play would be to drive toward north American counter ubiquity.

Both options offer consumers entirely new ways to enjoy their Keurig brewers. “It is truly amazing.” consumergoods.000 with the structure that rewards behaving. Vitamin Burst. “If you really want to produce new product hits. and I do not believe that we are.” — K e v I n H a r T l e y. one could argue that the visionaries at gmcr are clairvoyant in their ability to produce new product hits despite conflicting research and consumer insights. large-scale organization. G M C r entrepreneurial spirit. “now. teas and other beverages in K-cup and Vue packs. yet we run most of the global 1.” says Hartley. Vitamin Burst or a sweet & creamy Iced coffee in less than a total of four minutes on the same machine. cocoa. size and temperature of their beverages. the product is then gracefully transitioned to one of the existing line organizations to be scaled. gmcr has since expanded the Vue brewer line into the commercial market. then you have to be an effective surrogate — through processes and people — for “my job is to have a process in place that brings together each variable that is statistically correlated with success and push it to within an inch of its life. produces and sells more than 30 brands and 200 varieties of | november 2012 | cgt 10 . gmcr launched two new innovative Brew over Ice beverages: the original donut shop coffee sweet & creamy Iced coffee K-cup packs. and the first-ever iced fruit brew in a K-cup pack. In all. every great product and brand.” says Hartley. catapults gmcr’s beverage options beyond coffee. in terms of processes and people.” the new products brought to market by gmcr have revolutionized the way the people make coffee in north America. but Hartley has another take on their success: “You’re either prescient or you’re not. to create true disruptive innovation. in particular. the Vue system represents an incremental step on gmcr’s journey to reduce its environmental impact. not misbehaving. tea and hot cocoa. gmcr today sources. this new platform maintains the simplicity and convenience of the existing Keurig K-cup system with added customizable features so consumers have control over the strength.cover story it through market and feasibility gates. As an added bonus. “every innovation we revere. you can brew a cup of Hazelnut decaf. and Vitamin Burst. If you’re not. • Brew Over Ice Technology: In July 2012. was created with misbehaving energy. French roast. the Vue pack’s base cup is made from polypropylene #5 plastic and can be recycled wherever polypropylene #5 plastics are accepted.” this approach has led to major innovations in 2012 for the Keurig brand: • Keurig vue brewer: Launched in February 2012 and paired with new single cup Vue packs. then you have to take surrogates for prescience seriously. which is the antithesis of a risk-averse.

Hanesbrands intends to increase sellthrough performance and inventory visibility from the time of shipment through store-level scanned sales at the register. and more. (www. according to santiago restrepo. com) is getting a much deeper sense of consumer demand. bras. by week (or by day. in some instances) from retailers that make up about 70 percent of its u. this everyday apparel maker is helping to transform itself from a push-based to a pull-based consumer brand. Hanesbrands leverages microsoft Analysis services cubes for adhoc reporting.s. fleeces. tees.. With the velocity demand signal repository (dsr) from vendor managed technologies Inc.S. consumergoods.000 employees. or vmt. In order to analyze and use that data. Hanes is a global company doing business mainly in the U. retail business. like underwear. with brands like Hanes. velocity is the dsr solution that Hanesbrands now utilizes to manage and harmonize its Pos and inventory data. bobalik also reveals that “speed is critical when dealing with ever-changing consumer demand. but also in Latin America and practices sales & marketing By alliston ackerman & a l a r i c e pa d i l l a From Push to Pull HAnesbrAnds uses dAtA InsIgH ts to drIve retAIl exce llence Hanesbrands Inc.retailvelocity.” Hanesbrands currently receives Pos data by sKu. Wonderbra and Bali. and other statistical and gIs (geographical Information system) tools. Hanesbrands. With about 50. vice president of technology at Hanesbrands. After selecting a demand-sensing solution.” according to Pete market. (www. business Intelligence & Analytics. company at a Glance Hanesbrands is a provider of basic apparel products. Playtex. by store. director. tableau for advanced | november 2012 | cgt 11 . It aims to “facilitate a consolidated view of our customers across all departments. socks.

sku. while we won’t invest resources on stores with low potential and low performance. is not going to be used as much as one that is tailored for the specific needs and requirements of a specific business group. “Having the right product attributes and hierarchies and clean store lists that are constantly updated is very important. “By doing a ecosystem analysis. we were able to determine the stores that were close to the major malls and analyze the whole mall ecosystem. Here are a few examples: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 do not underestimate the importance of “master data management” – i. shares his top tips: Consumer Segmentation several processes at Hanesbrands have benefited from having accurate Pos data by store. and implementing advanced analytics methodologies. is likely investing resources. are part of the same mall “ecosystem”. households into consumer segments. which should be clean and. we can understand how a store is performing and take specific actions. Santiago restrepo. we realized that the stores of retailer X. it should also be user-friendly. HanesBrands | november 2012 | cgt 12 . the challenge is that not all stores are specifically inside the mall. employ a system that is flexible and fast. from data coming from the dsr. For example.” DSR Best Practices For other CG companies looking to implement a DSr. “Building a generic dashboard that is good for everyone.” restrepo says. but perfect for no one. Follow best practices in data visualization. Hanesbrands Inc. the action we take on stores with high potential. this enabled us to pay special attention to these stores and improve their performance by changing some of words of wisdom “Having ‘Performance’ and ‘Potential’ for each store. we are able to calculate the distance between retailer’s stores and their competitors. “By performing a proximity analysis. according to restrepo. leveraging a “consumer segmentation schema”.s. do not underestimate the complexity of Pos/sell-thru data. embedment should happen at both the executive and manager/ analyst levels. B u si n e s s i n t e l lig en c e & a na ly tic s . stephen Few and edward tufte are two of the go-to gurus for data visualization. Director. users expect the reports and queries to come back in a few seconds.” — sa n t i a g o r e s tr ep o . are necessary to demonstrate uses and to trigger ideas. and understand if the performance is different. a system that classifies all u. very detailed (by sku.” says restrepo. “For example. were performing worse than the stores that are distant. in order to be practices sales & marketing Good Proximity getting Pos data by store facilitates a proximity analysis. based on demographic and lifestyle characteristics.” another useful application of proximity analysis for Hanesbrands is to understand the performance around a major mall.” restrepo explains. not minutes. but low performance. “We were able to understand how performance was different based on the mall’s composition and competition. business Intelligence & Analytics. and product attributes. mass retailers are usually close to a major mall and therefore. dashboards must be tailored for specific functional areas. the marketing drivers such as assortment and promotions. for example. and needs to be properly resourced.” he explains. by store. by week/day). recurring “insightful” business updates. d ir ec to r . consumergoods.. and take the appropriate actions.e. store. that were closer to retailer Y.

” restrepo explains. competitor’s actions.” says restrepo. Hanesbrands was able to create a consumer profile for a specific product or behavior. and only at the stores where the test was performed. “For example. like seasonality.” says restrepo.” he states. “unfortunately. the next phase. so what’s next for Hanesbrands’ demand-driven future? “We’ve been successful in getting the data and building the systems and processes that enable our retail and marketing analytics practices sales & marketing Store Assortment Optimization: With a consumer segmentation schema.” restrepo concludes. we can analyze all the customers around every store.. is “change management”. that’s when “our sales and marketing organization will embrace and utilize the new analytical tools and systems. “the methodology we developed uses a clustering algorithm to define ‘similar/control’ stores. we can get a consumer profile or index of each segment on sport a. another upcoming challenge will be to get retail buyers to understand and implement the new analytics methodologies. but have a long way ahead of us.” maintains restrepo.” Test and Control: a traditional consumer goods company’s retail tests often look at whether sales increased or not. which have a lot of fluctuations due to the retailer’s inventory adjustments. external factors. and compares their performance to the ‘test stores’. Hanesbrands is changing its forecasting processes to be more based on Pos. etc. if we are launching specific apparel for sport a. resulting in “being able to in- crease the forecasting accuracy and providing better service to our retailers. usually clutter the analysis and make it difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of the tests.” Forecasting: rather than basing forecasting on orders or shipments. and determine the best stores for that specific product/behavior. “using the consumer profile. training and usage increase. or do promotions. “right now our focus is on embedment. and determine the best stores to place our sport a products. We’ve made a lot of progress. while decreasing our inventory levels. making them part of their day-to-day job. | november 2012 | cgt 13 . and the most difficult one. according to him. implementing a methodology like this usually increases sales per store about 300 to 400 percent.

senior level management at energizer Personal care and trade- insight collaborated to take a fresh look at manufacturers’ internal processes and culture. finance. the company also started phasing its broker organization into the fold. “many never fully understood the true functionality of the system the first time practices sales & marketing tPm re-Fresh energizer Pe rsonal care gets tP m right the second time around When energizer Personal care (www.” — Peter seidita.. but necessary. next.” says Peter seidita. direCtor oF CommerCial develoPment. energizer Personal care worked with tradeinsight to con- Fas t Fac t s Company at a Glance Energizer Personal Care USA. Schick. which is a division of Energizer Holdings. realizing a tPm system alone would not resolve the company’s trade promotion trade Promotion management (tPm) system to standardize processes across the business and garner better visibility into trade spend activities. leaders from senior management. second. it adopted tradeinsight’s (www. “the decision to re-launch was difficult. a training team hit the road to ensure every member was set up for success. markets the Playtex. testing group and to serve as advocates and teachers during the new roll out. specific adoption barriers and training methods to devise a new course of action. energizer.” affirms seidita. consumergoods. words oF wisdom “We have buy-in and collaboration right at the top. cross-functional << Consistency is Key Creating consistent trade policies and procedures across Energizer’s diverse brand portfolio was a key part of its TPM re-launch. not against it. figure elements within the tPm tool to support its refined processes. which has transcended throughout the entire organization. sales and it had the responsibility of overseeing the initiative and establishing the right culture. business needs. a “power user group” was established to act as an advisory panel. the adjustments made and improved processes put into place helped us learn to work with the software’s functionality. Wet Ones and Hawaiian Tropic consumer goods brands.” the first step called for the assembly of a core tPm project team. a valuable suite of online and offline reports to benefit the field teams. the entire “re-implementation” process resulted in more accurate sales forecasts for energizer Personal care. But the task of harmonizing brands while implementing a new tPm tool resulted in a lower-than-planned adoption. enerGizer Personal Care Full Potential Energizer Personal Care fully uses its TPM system for financial planning relative to trade spend. director of commercial development at energizer Personal | november 2012 | cgt 1 14 . and trust in the tPm system and available data. Inc. it was determined that the tPm software would be re-branded and integrated Playtex into its portfolio. Following the official re-launch. “the re-launch has made us more efficient and effective.

including synchronizing product information through 1Worldsync (www. “managing the complexity and size of kellogg’s operations demands that we have a strong sense of governance over our product data. the master data group then normalizes the data for various enterprise applications. Wakefern uses the gdsn as a primary means to set up and maintain item information to support merchandising. for example. engineering. disrupting the supply chain at many points. through the central management of kellogg’s customer logistics ser- vices group. business development manager of kellogg. ensures there is a “single version of product truth” internally and externally when communicating product information to retail and the global data synchronization network (gdsn) (www. advertising and promotion management. Buying. overall.” says ryan Zima. to investigate how product information for the special k strawberry meal Bar is communicated through the supply chain. nutritional kellogg company (www.. the totality of the special k Bar product information shared between kellogg and Wakefern supports key processes. nutrition labeling. store etc. as well as management of the Wakefern wholesale centers. fa s t fa cts Data Enthusiast Kellogg Company is taking a strong stand in making sure consumers get the right information about its products. oneto-many communications enables a faster speed to market through our many channels of distribution. the operator of shoprite and Pricerite stores.kelloggcompany. logistics and marketing. kellogg created a practices sales & marketing << Data Overload Kellogg maintains at least 340 pieces of attribute information for the Special K Strawberry Meal Bar. Packaging technology.1worldsync. MDM in Retail Wakefern’s robust MDM system is fully integrated to support logistics. ingredients. circulars and loyalty programs. | november 2012 | cgt 1 15 . merchandising benefits from proper category management. and ultimately affecting the consumer. It is among the most enthusiastic advocates and supporters of the GDSN. “the electronic. Inputs for any product within Kellogg can come from as many as 200 people in the company. marketing benefits from properly displaying products on the shoprite from Home web site. kellogg partnered with Wakefern food corp. a missing or wrong piece of product data upstream will have dramatic effects downstream. The Butterfly Effect In a complex network of moving parts. centralized process to set up product information in its material master databases that use saP software (www. shelf planning and shelf descriptions. finance. master data manager at kellogg. Quality and marketing groups. store operations.” concludes rich Borrasso. replenishment. its processes demand and require a broad set of product data such as weights and dimensions. likewise. the product attributes of every kellogg product is gathered in its own new item form. requiring detailed inputs from staff in its food development. taking control kellogg and Wakefern Partner to track Product data tHrougH tHe suPPly cHain understanding that consumers rely heavily on mobile applications and web sites to get the right information about products.

special section fall 2012 Tech Preview Guide 9 new Technology Solutions to Help Drive better business results We operate in a world where change is a given. That’s why. And that means that technology companies must. CGT publishes a Tech Preview Guide. continually evolve their products to help the CG companies keep up. it is almost always necessary in order to remain relevant with whomever you are trying to please. consumer goods (CG) companies must continually change and refine their business strategies to keep up with customer and consumer | november 2012 | cgt 16 . In this industry. in turn. And while change may not always be welcome. consumergoods. twice a year. This Fall edition will introduce you to nine new solutions that can help you change your company for the better.

Finance (risk management) and corporate social responsibility (supplier development & sourcing). track and optimize cost of goods and prices. expected BeneFits: budgets. including supply chain. can provide the strategic advantage you need. Want to KnoW more? Download more info about SCAplanner™. finance and | november 2012 | cgt 17 .special section 20 1 2 T e c h P r e v i e w G u i d e CAtegOry: supply chain CAtegOry: supply chain SAP Sales & operations Planning SAP • Launched: may 2012 F i l l i n g a n e e d : Aligns and optimizes demand and supply plans SCAplanner™ SCA Technologies • Launched: november 2012 Filling a ne e d : scA offers solutions for companies who need to reduce the impact of volatility across demand. unlike traditional planning methods that can be slow. Key Users: scAplanner™ is used by individuals supply chain (Pro- Improves forecast accuracy to mitigate supply risk. strategic level to a tactical level across business functions. scAplanner™ is a web-based enterprise suite of software that provides a collaborative process to plan. along with financial goals via context-centric visibility and consistent metrics across business functions to satisfy future demand profitably. Want more inFo? Download more information about SAP S&OP. and ensures onshelf availability to eliminate risk of last sales. pricing and potential risk is challenging. adjust pricing in faster cycles and orchestrate alternatives to capture business benefits. planning and cost optimization to manage market and supply variances of high-value strategic items. CONNeCtIONS U n i q U e F e at U r e s : managing your sourcing costs. consumergoods. U n i q U e F e at U r e s : sAP sales & operations Planning. combines demand and supply planning across business functions along with finance and financial CONNeCtIONS modeling in one seamless solution. respond with optimal operational decisions. curement & commodity councils). sales. the solution enables up-to-date forecasts. unified forecast. a leading provider of cost management solutions. and commodity cost fluctuations associated with direct materials. the solution supports contextual social collaboration across all stakeholder teams Web Site throughout the planning process and enables real-time simulation and scenario planning to quickly align varying views of demand and supply plans into a single. optimizes inventory levels to lower carrying costs. Key Users: the sAP solution enables effective forecasting from an Web Site executive. complex and compartmentalized. capacity. scA technologies. the solution allows companies to anticipate enterprise costs and margins. marketing. expected BeneFits: scA helps companies orchestrate operational alternatives for their value network decisions that enable them to reduce cost of goods sold by 3 to 5 percent annually. powered by the sAP HAnAtm Platform.

K e y U s e r s : Pts has an in- end solution for the entire cg innovation lifecycle. By knowing the true potential of an item. consumergoods.special section 20 1 2 T e c h P r e v i e w G u i d e Category: cross-Functional tool Category: Innovation Potential To Sell (PTS) Shiloh Technologies • Launched: december 2012 F i l l i n g a n e e d : Pts identifies the greatest estimated lost sales by item and store through analysis of probable root causes. promotions. on-shelf availability and additional sales opportunities has the potential to impact all areas involving sales analysis. Key Users: Accolade supports the daily innovation work CoNNeCtIoNS Web Site credible breadth of use across all supplier departments. supply chain. powerful scenario-based optimization improves portfolio prioritization and selection.0 Sopheon • Launched: April 2012 Filling a need: Helps companies improve innovation results by increas- ing their innovation success rate. Pts uses sophisticated algorithms encompassing a multitude of factors that could cause lost sales. and focusing their resources on high-value innovations. finance. concept development. ucts by as much as 40 to 60 percent. this includes all team members that participate in the innovation process. and all business leaders that make investment decisions for innovation. this is actionable information that could positively impact suppliers’ sales. replenishment. operations. speeding your response to changing consumer needs. ideation. When execution exceptions are corrected. and sales. embedded best practices that reflect over 10 years of leadership in cg innovation. expected BeneFits: Increase revenues and profits from new prod- Web Site twitter LinkedIn White Paper mated lost sales by item/store so resources can focus on the most impactful areas first. Identifying lost sales. including strategic product planning. and reduce time-to-market by up to 30 | november 2012 | cgt 18 . and innovation process execution (including stage-gate and beyond). retail execution and category management. r&d. improve product success rates by 15 percent or more. forecasting. accelerating their response to changing consumer demands. expected BeneFits: Pts will reveal hidden opportunities and esti- of cross-functional business people. sales usually increase. UniqUe FeatUres: end-to- ing and analysis features that identify the store/item combinations that are falling below pre-calculated sales over a user-specified time period. yet remains simple and repeatable for the user. quality. increasing CoNNeCtIoNS the value of new ideas and concepts. increase the value of portfolio by 75 to 100 percent. UniqUe FeatUres: Pts provides actionable information via report- Sopheon Accolade version 8. integration of consumer research into the front-end of innovation. Want to KnoW more? Download more info about Potential to Sell. you can forecast and realize true financial opportunities in many other processes. including marketing. increasing roI. ordering.

these concepts have allowed selerant customers to reduce their carbon footprint and dramatically reduce the environment impacts. etc. SEE THE BEST SUSTAINABILITY SOLUTION QUICKLY Now you can improve the sustainability of your new products with lifecycle assessment from concept to market delivery with EcodEX™ . Web Site Case Study Webinar UniqUe FeatUres: ecodeX elevates visibility of sustain- able assessment throughout every stage of the product lifecycle (such as carbon footprint. Key Users: ecodeX was developed for sustainability departments. Simple user-interface Rapid results Provides a methodologically sound environmental assessment You can visit us online at Selerant. consumergoods. expected BeneFits: the sustainability consortium (sustainability- consortium. however. even non-experts can see and understand actionable results to significantly increase the product’s sustainability.special section 20 1 2 T e c h P r e v i e w Gu i d e Category: Innovation ecodeX Selerant • Launched: July 2012 Filling a need: create a comprehensive approach to sustainable product development from concept through development and launch to CoNNeCtIoNS the end of the product energy use. This comprehensive solution is just one part of the DevEX Product Lifecycle Management software.). water use. land or request a demo at | november 2012 | cgt 19 made by Selerant is a member of .org) has cited that a comprehensive solution from concept to market and final use is essential for a truly sustainable product.

1 business Intelligence Silvon Software Inc. execution and performance management. into a single business analysis and reporting platform. consumergoods. Pos. demand smarttrade is built on a powerful technology platform that integrates all aspects of price promotion strategy. crm. Facebook planners. expected BeneFits: stra- LinkedIn Twitter e x p e c t e d B e n e F i t s : Vistaar price management solutions have been launched in many industries. it has workflow capabilities CoNNeCTIoNS to manage coordination across the company and provides Web Site system guidance with alerts and recommendations to manage planning and negotiations with customers. most customers realize 1 to 3 points in increased margin and sustained revenue along with increased productivity in the price planning processes. this requires a winning approach across all key revenue drivers – with pricing and promotions being very | november 2012 | cgt Want to knoW more? Download more info about Vistaar SmartTrade. Vistaar smarttrade enables both pricing and promotions to function as an integrated commercial strategy. sales and operations personnel and line-of-business executives. Facebook providing additional options for delivering performance LinkedIn data easily to internal users and external parties with whom Twitter the enterprise may wish to collaborate. with a proposition that works for each customer and that delivers growth and profitability expectations to the manufacturer. Want more inFo? Download the Silvon Stratum for CPG brochure. the most recent release integrates seam. tum gives cPg decision makers the insight needed to better understand sales trends. supplier and production performance. UniqUe FeatUres: Stratum 6. scm. UniqUe FeatUres: stratum integrates information from erP. Powered by a comprehensive data model that includes both internal and external data sources.special section 20 1 2 T e c h P r e v i e w G u i d e CaTeGory: sales & marketing tool CaTeGory: cross-Functional tool vistaar SmartTrade Vistaar Technologies. Inc. and drive improvements in inventory.Web Site lessly with microsoft excel and other office applications. the application’s packaged analytics provide decision makers with cross-enterprise visibility to sales and operations CoNNeCTIoNS performance. etc. key Users: A cross-enterprise BI application used by analysts. 20 . • Launched: 2012 Filling a need: consumer goods companies need to deliver the right products into the market. • Launched: February 2012 Filling a need: stratum was designed to help cPg businesses glean valuable insights from sales and operations data via quick-to-deploy analytics and reports that highlight key performance metrics. demand patterns and trade promotion effectiveness.

either through paper forms. cleanse.000+ customers in 50+ countries. maintain and exchange product information with trading the platform for manufacturers and downstream customers to manage and synchronize product information through the GDSN. driving commerce and convenience for businesses and consumers everywhere. preferably. And these customers get information from manufacturers.CoM | noveMber 2012 | CGT CONNECTING TRUSTED PRODUCT DATA EVERYWHERE 21 . See our work with Kellogg Company 1worldsync. But where does this information come from? Is it accurate? Typically. web and mobile application providers scour the web sites of retailers and downstream customers to get product information. It provides a robust data pool application and a full suite of product data governance services. What the system lacks is consistency and a single version of product truth. through the Global Data Synchronization Network™ (GDSN®). It also provides the connections for companies to collaborate and communicate product data among a rapidly growing global network of companies. 1WorldSync works with 15. 1WorldSync enables companies of all sizes to source. or. Web Site e x pect ed b ene F its : With unparalleled knowledge of best practices in Product Data Management.special section 20 1 2 T e c h P r e v i e w Gu i d e Category: Innovation Tools Data Management Services 1WorldSync • Launched: September 2012 Filling a need: Consumers rely heavily on mobile applications and web sites to get information about products. Want more inFo? Contact 1WorldSync at +1-866-280-4013 CoNSuMerGooDS. UniqUe FeatUres: 1WorldSync Data Management Services provide Are your customers getting the right product data? We manage the world's product data. key Users: Manufacturers who need to take control of product infor- mation. 1WorldSync Data Management Services can help them establish and distribute a single version of product truth that is used CoNNeCtIoNS both internally and for their customers. large and small. in many industries.

special section 20 1 2 T e c h P r e v i e w G u i d e Category: Sales & Marketing Quofore Mojo Quofore (AFS Technologies) • Launched: October 2012 F i l l i n G a n e e d : Mojo lets your field sales representative choose their device — iPhone. in-store marketing. UniqUe FeaTUreS: wAiT ! options for the consumer goods localized implementations in much less time and at a lower cost. CoNNeCtIoNS key USerS: Field sales force. drivers. DSD. sales and market- Web Site ing. check out CGT’s There’s More! If you’re hungry for more information about technology 2012 Technology Solutions Guide Series . Mojo leverages the power of mobility. corporate planners expecTed beneFiTS: Mojo is designed to help consumer products companies compete more effectively in the field and allow them to quickly capture advantage in new and emerging markets. C O M | n o v E M b E r 2 0 1 2 | C g T 22 . C O n S u M e r g O O D S . • • • • • • 2012 Supply Chain Planning Solutions 2012 Data & Analytics Solutions 2012 Customer Management Solutions 2012 Product Innovation Solutions 2012 Consultant Services 2012 Supply Chain Execution Solutions Click anywhere in this box to access the 2012 Technology Solutions Guide Series on www. and the benefits of Software as a Service (SaaS) to deploy retail execution solutions quickly and cost effectively without the need for dedicated infrastructure. industry experts debate each area’s hot trends in roundtable format. Each report listed below features a comprehensive listing of solution providers in the space and will help lead you to make the right investment for your business needs. — and have mobile applications at their fingertips for field sales. etc.consumergoods. van sales and more. Plus. Android. the interoperability of Cloud Computing. merchandising. The solution’s highly configurable multi-tenant architecture allows multi-national and multi-divisional companies to roll out multiple.

the barriers were more evenly split (see Figure 1). and about half sell more than 500 products. consistent service was also an issue. Promotion and Channel Performance Analysis TOOL Business Intelligence tools Spreadsheets Analytical services and support Advanced business intelligence tools with real-time optimization engine We don’t perform analysis. CGT partners with mindtree Limited to take a look at current challenges and the business drivers that are causing changes. including communication. as well as tools that are being deployed. there were not drastic differences based on company size. many sales organizations are focused on improving store execution by transforming existing processes and leveraging new technologies to improve efficiency. to a lesser extent. it’s no surprise that many organizations are turning to analytics to help provide insights and facilitate decision making to improve overall sales performance. Tools Used for Sales. assortment and reduce out of stocks Lack of tools and real-time information to make business decisions Lack of visibility to product. Lack of smart recommendations was cited by 28 percent. 5% 10% 18% 28% 38% consumergoods. the barriers are varied but in this era of “big data”. as well as a reluctance to change. Note: Total percentage may not equal 100% due to rounding. survey respondents operate with complex multi-channel multi-country distribution networks. barriers to market expansion for Sales Force BARRIER Lack of smart recommendations to increase penetration. While the majority are food manufacturers.custom research Figure 1: by kara romaNow sales Force effectiveness technoLogy Investments PLanned to ImProve PerFormance consumer goods (cg) companies are constantly striving to grow by penetrating new markets and expanding assortments to existing retailers. the desire for actionable insights to drive recommendations was | november 2012 | cgt 23 . followed by lack of tools (25 percent). promotion and placement Disjointed collaboration with retail 20% 18% 5% 5% 28% 25% Challenges Improvements to channel effectiveness face several challenges. with 63 percent claiming their sales force was only partially Ineffectiveness of customer meetings Lack of business KPS to measure and track performance Figure 2: Note: Total percentage may not equal 100% due to rounding. which has led to delays in adopting price or product changes. to achieve this goal. When asked specifically about expanding penetration. lack of visibility (20 percent) and disjointed retail collaboration (18 percent). this month. price.

the data flows from all directions — Pos. consumergoods. visualize a technology platform such as a portal that delivers alerts. yet feeling trapped in a desert devoid of insights. almost 40 percent have implemented BI. to address these challenges. there was a mix of processes and measurement tools. KPIs. Click here to read the research in its entirety. including optimization capabilities. and some plan on adopting mobile technology to gain visibility remotely. the good news is that. followed by an inability to get a 360-degree view of the customer due to multiple applications. which provide limited capabilities. you name it. this is the mechanism that we see best-in-class organizations will increasingly gravitate toward. others are building consolidated platforms to provide a single view for all activities. ure 2). We foresee cg organizations empowering the sales force and increasing their effectiveness by disseminating deep insights delivered through multiple technologies. 62 percent are planning some sort of It investment to improve sales force effectiveness. We think mobile devices will be at the forefront of this revolution to drive collaborative execution. analytical platforms are being sought to go beyond existing BI functionality. Technology overall. indicating a wide gap in maturity levels (see Fig- The Pursuit of Insights • By Rajiv Puri. with another 10 percent reporting advanced BI. too! 24 . Mindtree Limited this pursuit of insights is being enabled by the availability of tools that harmonize data from different sources to make sense from it rapidly. despite well-defined processes and available business intelligence (BI) tools. more than half of respondents are targeting investments on larger iconic stores to maximize returns. almost as many (41 percent) have no standard processes or unified technology. lay valuable insights that can be leveraged. but that was not the case throughout the survey. submerged in the waves of | november 2012 | cgt We recommend best-in-class consumer goods (cg) organizations to marry effective insight extraction with efficient insight distribution. customer satisfaction and the like to the sales personnel. For many. However. and analytics capabilities are at the top of the priority list to improve decision making. most companies do possess tools to perform analysis. half of respondents are predicting performance based on past shipments but cannot predict the cross-sell opportunities. this brings us to the second part of the equation: how effectively are the insights being provisioned to the sales force? Herein. we expected to see better readiness amongst larger companies. Why? A typical cg sales person can be found swimming in a flood of data. did a customer order spike because of an unplanned promotion? check! did a dsd shelf placement mistake lead to a drop in sales of a product? check! Have retailers started to cancel orders due to high returns? check! Has the right assortment reached the right store? check this one. While almost half of respondents claimed to have well-defined processes with supporting technology. edI. order information. warehouse shipping. DOWNLOAD NOW When asked specifically about It challenges for sales. only 25 percent of those surveyed felt they were fully equipped.custom research equipped to make important decisions to improve sales performance. lack of predictive analytics was cited by one-third of respondents. and only 13 percent claim that they predict and recommend the right assortments at the outlet level. but actionable insights seem to be lacking for many. unfortunately. this makes it difficult to seamlessly connect channel strategies and execute collaboratively. nielson/IrI. Head CPG and Retail Industry Group – US. 28 percent are only using spreadsheets. In fact.

2. Apparel and others. the most memorable technology and business process initiatives of 2011/2012 will be | november 2012 | cgt 25 .online 4 this month on Top 5 mosT-read headlines 1. to Become Mondelez International. coca-cola tackled the challenge to reinvent the fountain business. Also. 4. 2012’s Fastest-Growing CG Companies 3 hot Articles hallmark innovates milestones to moments Find out why the company transformed how it innovates and engages its consumer. Coke Tops Social Media Brands List 3. Packaged goods. this “can’t miss” issue ranks the top 100 public consumer goods companies by annual revenue. www. meet the winners of CGT’s annual awards. Unilever Brand Backs Social Entrepreneurs 5. Kraft Foods Inc.consumergoods. PepsiCo Taps Category Management Solution coming next month Top 100: Consumer Goods registry Coca-Cola innovation sparks supply Chain revolution With the need to offer a greater number of beverage choices from a fountain dispenser. Plus. consumergoods. Footwear. You’ll also find out who leads in key vertical markets like Food. Inc.

com 22 SAP research reports • TPM: The Haves and the Have-Nots • Going Deeper with Data Sharing • NPDI Technology • 2012 Product Innovation Solutions and listen on demand today! ad index 1WorldSync 17 SCA Technologies LLC 18 Silvon Software. featuring both retailer and consumer packaged goods manufacturer 23-24 Quofore f e at u r e d w e b s e m i n a r this month on 21 mindtree Ltd www. explores data sharing initiatives that are truly collaborative.edgl.shilohtech. including expanded usage into different departments by suppliers and solid roi from 18 vistaar | november 2012 | cgt 26 .com 20 reports Shiloh Technologies www. this discussion will provide you valuable insights on how trading partners are leveraging insights for mutual benefit.silvon.selerant. go to Going Deeper with Data Sharing the results of the joint CGT and RIS News data sharing study are in. Inc 20 Sopheon www.mindtree. this unique web seminar. Whether you have been working with downstream data for a while or are new to the 17 Selerant Corp www. Inc www.consumergoods.edgl. and both retailers and suppliers are seeing 19 Web seminars on demand • How to Effectively Manage Your Product Portfolio to Hit Launch Windows • Regulations Recalls and Responsiveness: The Three r’s of Traceability http://consumergoods.

What skills and attitudes are essential in “vendor ecosystems?” Graf: Vendors in the “ecosystem” earn their place through recognized competence. Fortune. again. two companies jointly attack a common purpose. after Campbell’s bought Websphere. underscoring our great partnership with both companies.. “Client reference Marketing” is an easy way to do this. ever let Websphere fail in her shop after running national ads. It was a win for Big Blue and a win for Campbell’s. Very rarely had Campbell’s lent its name to a vendor’s product. Historically. The first companies of feudal England relied on each other even in pursuit of independent objectives.” 27 . who each provide some form of capital”. However. but suffered from learning curves and transient talent. CPG general manager at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). Conagra and Tata recently presented at oracle’s open World. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Provide an example of effective joint marketing. yielding only Sla table stakes. Werner Graf. Today. both companies must be vested in each other. clients are “empaneling” a shortlist of global partners with the skills and attitude to succeed. The company you keep is more and more a determinant of market success.CoM | november 2012 | CGT Client-vendor relationships are as old as free enterprise itself. but required constant vigilance against complacency. or 2) employed a “best of breed” approach with multiple vendors. CPG General Manager.between the lines The Company You Keep ExPlorING THE NEW aGE of ClIENT-VENdor rElaTIoNSHIPS b y W er ner Gr af have one company work in servitude to the other. innovate together and drive a competitive advantage for each other. Now. innovate together and drive competitive advantage for each other. Wikipedia defines a company as “an association or collection of individual real persons and/or other companies. What vendor management trends are driving successful relationships? Graf: We see a clear progression from two traditional vendor management strategies to a singular strategy of “Vendor Ecosystems”. reflects on leveraging client-vendor relationships for success. favorable pricing and commitments to partnership. The second model kept vendors hungry. The goal isn’t to “The goal isn’t to have one company work in servitude to the other…but rather. Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies for decades have developed relationships across the demand chain — from knowledge workers in India to retailers in Indiana. this goes for vendors also! This month. Werner Graf. two companies jointly attack a common purpose. The former model drove efficiency through partner familiarity. etc. Graf: To ignite innovation and drive competitive advantage. I did the same thing as an IBM Client Executive for Campbell Soup Company years ago. Surprisingly. This requires a dedication to excellence and an ability to play nice in the sandbox. but rather. IBM ran Websphere ads in Forbes. with a pyramid of soup cans as a backdrop. CoNSuMErGoodS. Wise clients understand what is important to their vendors to get the best from them. the “company we keep” often determines success in the marketplace. IBM would never. and 2) it secures an implied commitment from SaP to quickly resolve any dissatisfaction. CPG companies either: 1) consolidated spend with one strategic partner to generate leverage. this is today’s world: an ecosystem of partners driving competitive advantage for each other. In fact. SaP does this beautifully and its differentiated campaign does two things for clients: 1) it provides them with free positive press. more than ever. the Wall Street Journal. CIo doreen Wright understood that not only was she getting free soup ads. They keep it by exceeding client expectations without prompting.

com cgt advisory boards Editorial Karen Alber CIO MillerCoors Ram Balasubramanian Director of Assistant Editor: Alarice Padilla President: Gerald C. Michael Ferrara consumergoods. Fresh Dairy Direct IT Dean Foods Company Geoff Eccles Sr. Event Content: John Hall jhall@edgellmail.Demand Reynolds American Inc. Justin Honaman Subscriptions: 978-671-0449 Reprints: edgellreprints@ parsintl. Information Technology Heineken USA Incorporated Pieter Schoehuijs CIO AkzoNobel Steve Sigrist VP Supply Chain & Sales Production Manager: Pat Wisser pwisser@edgellmail. Dan Woo Director of E-Business Nestlé USA Filiz Yavuz VP Business Process Engineering Perry Ellis International Mansour Zadeh CIO Smithfield Foods Renee Sang Accenture Johan Sauer Cognizant Mark Smith Ventana Research Hans Kristan Van Delden Booz & Company David Wechsler Hitachi Consulting Andrew White Gartner rEsEarch Gene Alvarez Gartner Lora Cecere Supply Chain Insights Werner Graf TCS Brian Girouard Capgemini Kimberly Knickle IDC Alan Langhals Deloitte Michael Liard ABI Research Cheryl Perkins Innovationedge LLC Steve Rosenstock Clarkston Consulting John Rossi Wipro Technologies Scott Russell Perficient Sanjay Saigal Infosys Financial Kaumil Gajrawala UBS Nik Modi UBS William Schmitz Deutsche Bank Erin Smith Argus Research Company Founder: Douglas MEMBER MEMBER TECHNOLOGY GROUP sales Associate Publisher: Diana Masurack Mann dmann@edgellmail. (Jake) Barr Global Director – Supply Network Operations P&G Tony Bender Global CIO Energizer Rick Brindle Customer VP. Enterprise Applications Management PepsiCo Business Solutions Group Kevin Barnes VP. McCreery VP Sales & Marketing Retail Precision Foods Doug Rammel Chief Strategy Officer SEETtek Carol Schillat Sr. Americas & Leadership Center Mars Inc. Ravetier pravetier@edgellmail. E-sales & Industry Affairs Kraft Foods Barbara Carlini Senior VP & CIO Dean Foods Company Ann Dozier VP. Information Management .com marketing/ events/ circulation Assistant to Publisher: Jen Johnson jjohnson@edgellmail. Business Application Solutions E. Director. Event Planning: Patricia Benkner pbenkner@edgellmail. Ryerson gryerson@edgellmail. Gallo Winery C. Edgell Director. Director. Service Co. National Specialty Retail Coca-Cola Refreshments E.masthead publisher Albert Guffanti aguffanti@edgellmail. 1951-1998 corporate office 4 Middlebury Boulevard editorial Executive Editor: Kara Romanow kromanow@edgellmail.J.e dge llcommunications . Jeffrey Hutchinson CIO Maple Leaf Foods Timothy Online Project Manager: Sara Gould Circulation Manager: Jeffrey Zabe Director of Lead Generation & Audience Development: Jason Ward jward@edgellmail. Chris Hobson VP Business Systems VF Corp. IT Art Director: Pamela C. Wal-Mart Division Newell Rubbermaid Jerry Wolfe CIO McCormick & Editor: Alliston Ackerman art and production Creative Director: Colette Magliaro | november 2012 | cgt 28 . NJ 07869-1111 Phone (973) 607-1300 Fax (973) 607-1395 Vice President: John Chiego jchiego@edgellmail. Edgell. & J. 212-221-9595 corporate CEO/Chairman: Gabriele online media Vice President of Media Integration: Rob Keenan Web Development Manager: Scott Ernst sernst@edgellmail. Sales & Marketing Fusion Brands Paul Gross SVP & CIO The Schwan Food Company Jon Harding CIO Conair Corporation Peter Hatch Senior Account Manager: Bill Little blittle@edgellmail.

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