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A music magazine is a magazine devoted to music and music culture. These magazines typically include music news, interviews, photo shoots, essays, record reviews, concert reviews. There are many popular music magazines out which focus on all different types of genres such as pop, punk rock, metal, rap etc.

New Music Express, title of the magazine and recognisable for readers

A famous music star that readers would want to find out about, Dizzie Rascal, his name is also plastered over the front so there is no doubt to who he is.

Sell lines to attract readers

2. What content (text/copy/writing/articles/stories) would you expect to find in a music magazine? You would expect to find articles about the music artists or bands that the magazine genre is aimed towards for example in Kerrang you would expect to hear about the rock bands and what they are up to. You would expect to hear stories about what they have been up to recently with their music and what they get up to back stage and behind the scenes that their fans will be interested to read. 3. What images would you expect to find in a music magazine? You would expect to find images of the music stars that are being spoken about, you would also expect to find images relating to what theyve been up to such as crowds at their recent gig, and there may also be images of their new albums that they are trying to promote by being in the magazine.

4. Identify general characteristics/ Features that you would expect to find in all music magazines
-General characteristics you would expect to find in all music magazines would be a bold mast-head that is there to attract the target audience located at the top of the magazine so you can immediately spot which magazine it is. This tends to be bright and stand out; it will usually take up to 1/5 to 1/4 of the page. -Youd also expect to see a main image that dominates the whole page, most of the time complying to rule of thirds so that the image is right in the readers eye line. The image will be of a successful and well known music artist that links to the genre of the magazine itself, which is anchored by the name of the person so there is no doubt to who the artist is. The amount of images alters to the genre of the magazine and its target audience as a younger magazine would include many small images dotted around the page as well to keep them interested as well as different colours, fonts and angles of the text whereas a magazine aimed at the older market usually will have just the main image. -Sell/cover lines are also a main feature of a magazine which relate to the main image and others which will give an insight into what is in the magazine. Most cover lines are usually in the left third but sometimes across both sides. -You would also expect to see a barcode, date and price on the magazine.