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Nowadays,chronic disease are the major cause of death and disability worldwide.

In Indonesia,chronic diseases accounted for 61% (986,000) of all deaths in 2002 (WHO,2002).There are cardiovascular disease (28%) ,cancer (12%) ,diabetes (3%) ,chronic respiratory disease (7%) ,and other chronic disease (50%).In South Sumatera, incidence of coronary heart disease has increased significantly. Coronary heart disease are the major cause of death in South Sumatera now. I take this topic because the prevalence of chronic disease has increased significantly.It has became a major cause of death and disability in Indonesia lately.Because of increased incidence of the disease, the health status of the elderly will decrease.It means life expectancy of elderly will decrease. Chronic disease is "messy"; it mixes physical problems with emotional and spiritual and social challenges and therefore is not a "quick fix". These additional factors (emotional, spiritual and social) are loaded with complexity and are very often NOT clear and therefore are resistant to rapid (pharmacologic, technological) interventions. This does not mean they are not fixable, workable or within our power to address. It just means that a different approach and perspective is needed.The problem are the incident of the chronic disease has increased significantly.Its increased because the change of livestyle of Indonesian people.Nowaday,Indonesian people start to adopt the lifestyle of developed country who has consumed a lot of instant food and rarely do exercise.It makes the incidence of chronic disease increased when they grow older. In my opinion,there are many way to fix this problem.The most important and critical place to begin solving problems in the health industry is to build mechanisms that better manage the chronic disease population, and first place to begin this is within a "Community in Need".This will call for the best and safest patient care, while having the highest economic impact.This can be done by building demonstration projects for diseases such as cancer, AIDS, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's and neurological disorders.Change indonesian people lifestyle is the best option.We can make a health campaig to promote the healty lifestyle.The goal are to reduce the comsumed of instant food and change the food pattern to consume an organic food.Another option are integrated approaches focus on common risk factor,such as unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, and tobacco use.We can prevent through healthy diets, regular physical activity and avoidance of tobacco use.