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Whats the point of having a mind if you not pr epar to use it? ed

Whats the point of having a mind if you not pr epar to use it? ed

This guide r esents the views of the volunteer gr epr oup fr the J om ack Kane Community Centr 2012. It also highlights some of the r e, eal stories about the positive contribution the young people continue to make in our community.

Private faces, public places Reconnecting communities

Introduction Are there problems with the youth of today? Is it the same old issues dressed up in a different way? Are there new problems or indeed a preoccupation with youth behaviour, coupled with an exaggerated sense that young people are out of control? Media outlets spouting language such as neds, yobs and hoodies offer a negative undertone in the construction of some young peoples lifestyles. Institutionalised mechanisms such as the media, coupled with local communities concerns creates something of a tale from the unexpected and may only fan the flames of discrimination. In fact it may have now become trendy to demonise certain young people with negative stereotypes. This sense of moral panic regarding young people and their lifestyles may not be based on nothing; it is not a simple figment of our individual imagination, but may be frequently exaggerated by some to crank up a culture of fear and uncertainty. So how do we collectively raise our voices and showcase the wonderful work that young people carry out with this community. How do we celebrate success and further create positive images of young people. Ask yourself, can you explore the myth and look beyond the Hood in our neighbourhoods?



When it comes to making sure that young people have a voice which is heard, then Declan is the right person for the job. Attending the Edinburgh Leisure Open All Hours 10 year anniversary event, Declan took on the role of producing a pod cast, capturing a range of key peoples feelings about Open All Hours. This included interviewing young people from all over the city, partnership staff members from both CEC Community Learning and Development and Edinburgh Leisure. And this wasnt Declans first experience of doing this, as he was also one of the young people who recorded the highlights of the 2011 Summer Bash. Declan stated that he has gained a range of new skills from being involved including increasing my confidence, especially as I had to approach people I didnt even know. I also felt very good about representing young people in the Greater Craigmillar area, I felt proud that others respected what I had done by listening to the pod casts and giving good feedback.


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Davise Townsley kelsey corbett

10 year old Davise and Kelsey done an amazing act of goodness for there community which improved and saved the lives of many. One day, Davies and Kelsey were out playing and noticed that the Craigmillar library was on fire. Both of them acted quickly and informed the library staff and kept on at them until they came and had a look. Noticing that the fire was severe this prompted the Fire Brigade to be called. On arrival, the fire brigade stated that if this action had not been taken then the building would have burnt down endangering the lives of those in the building as well as destroying a much loved community resource. Asked about how they felt about the incident and their actions, Davise said I am happy and glad that the library was not lost and no one was hurt. Both said that there families were also proud of them, especially their aunty and their mum. I love the library and I am happy that I done something good and important for everyone in the community said Davise. Kelsey said my family told me I was very brave and the library people thanked me. This made me happy I was glad the library was ok.

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P7 class of Castleview Primary

Alex Huth and Brooklyn Williamson are tour guides at Craigmillar Castle. Dressed up as Victorians they give wonderful tours re-visiting life at the 14th century castle. Brooklyn told us that she has helped young people experience more about how life was back then. It has let more people learn about Craigmillar Castle and its history and to see what it is like for those who stayed there. These were the words of Alex when asked what impact their tour guiding has had on the community. The primary seven class have carried out about 50 tours at the castle and both Brooklyn and Alex feel happy with their achievements as they have got to tell people about their community and their families are very proud of them too! Historic Scotland had this to say: Everyone involved in the project has hailed it as a great success and Craigmillar Castle continues to benefit from the hard work and the dedication of local school children.

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Shannon Donoughue who attended St Francis was a star pupil. At school camp she was full of encouragement to all of her class mates. But thats not it, Shannon was also a JRSO (junior road safety officer) at her school I attended meetings with my teacher and I had to do research and see where it is safe to cross the road for the children as before it was quite dangerous to cross the road near my school. Shannon was also the school captain for her team at the Hunters Hall school house that she attended for p1 to p7 It was my job to encourage everyone to walk round the school in a sensible manner, wear their uniforms and encourage everyone to keep the school clean and tidy. Shannon then stated it brings us closer together when we have family days to show off what we have achieved. It makes me feel good to know that I can be a good role model and helped people. It is also nice when people thank you, it makes me feel good! Mrs MacAllister had this to say about Shannon: I think that she is an excellent ambassador for St Francis and the wider Community.


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Gillian Davidson
Gillian Davidson has had an amazing impact on the community and her gran. Gillian phoned an ambulance after her and her gran had their dinner as her gran was complaining about not feeling well and later collapsing several times. Gillian told us that she was very scared. The paramedics then discovered in the ambulance that her gran had a heart attack and was lucky to be alive. Lots of people came to the hospital and their house to visit and wish them well. Gillian said that it shows how much she is loved. She is very glad that she phoned the ambulance when she did because if she left it later her gran might not have been here. I felt really happy and proud that I saved my gran. Gillians gran Evelyn was also very grateful that Gillian acted so quickly, she was also very proud that she was able to hold it together and phone the emergency services and give all the details required.

lET THE family feel the love


Jed spends lots of his time helping children, young people and adults of the community. On Friday nights Jed helps out at The Crib working with people aged 12 to 18 years old. Jed also works a Happy Hibby where he meets people and gives them tickets to watch the Hibs games at Easter Road. When asked what impact this has had on the community, Jed told us that it has a very positive impact as it gives young people and families the chance to watch the football for free and he said that it can also bring families closer together. Jed has done a lot of great things for the community and he said that this makes me feel good because I am giving back something to the Jack Kane Centre as they have given a lot to me over the past years.



Constructing this booklet has enabled both the young people who have had the opportunity to tell their stories and also the ones who developed and designed the actual content of the Good Neighbourhood Guide as a way of challenging these negative stereotypes. All of these young people have challenged certain ways of thinking in communities and asked for individuals to think beyond the Hood and look deeper in the complexities of the construction of young people. If these young people have showed us the way to challenge our thoughts then why cant we all embrace a more inclusive and thought provoking way and unmask and understand that there may be a private face in a public place.

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