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Permaculture Design Processes By Hannah Thorogood

Design Tools AKA Design Methods

Permaculture Design Tools By Hannah Thorogood


A  Assess/Analyse  D  Design/Decisions  I 

M  Maintain/Manage  E  T 
Evaluate  Tweak 

From Hedvig Murray’s website   

O  B  R  E 

Observe  Boundaries  Resources  Evaluate 

D  Design/Decisions  I  ImplementaAon  M Maintain/Manage  E  T 
(r)Evaluate  Tweak 

Anonymous, from

C  E  A  P 

Collect site informa/on 

Evaluate this informa/on  Apply permaculture  Principles to this informa/on  & to generate a design  Plan a schedule of   implementa/on,  Maintenance & tweaking 

Patrick Whitefield 

From Earth Care Manual

Australian Design Process? “IIEPCIORR” from Aranya Permaculture Design

Ross Mars Design Process
From The Basics of Permaculture Design (1996) 

Information Phase

Analysis Phase

Design Phase

Management Phase

Observing & Collecting Data

Reflecting, Examining & Collating data. Recognizing patterns

Determining Strategies

Implementing, Monitoring & managing

Action Learning Cycle

Permaculture Elder



David A Kolb (b.1939)

Peter Honey and Alan Mumford’s Reworking of Kolb’s Learning Cycle

Peter Honey (b.1940)

Japanese P-D-C-A cycle, 1951  

W. Edwards Deming (1900 - 1993 )

Deming Wheel (1951)

Statistical method from the viewpoint of quality control (1939)

Dr Walter A. Shewhart (1891-1967)

Francis Bacon (1561-1626)

Novum Organum Scientiarum (1620)

Chris Argyris  (b.1923) 

Donald Schön (1930-1997)

The Reflective Practitioner: How professionals think in Action (1984)


From Industrial Engineering?

Russell Mackenzie Currie (1902 - 1967)

Work Study (1960)

Select Record Examine Develop Install Maintain

1970s – uses SREDIM in production engineering context. 1980s – teaching permaculture, recognizing lack of design frameworks adapts SREDIM as BREDIM B Boundaries and resources R Recording of the site E Examination and analysis of data D Design strategies chosen I Implementation Strategy M Maintenance requirement of proposed system
Andy Langford (b.1949)

Development of BREDIM To OBREDIM – Addition of O for Observation
From Welsh permaculture group early 1990s? 

To OBREDIMET – Addition of ET for Evaluation and Tweaking
From within permaculture community late 1990s? 

From Landscape Architecture?

The modernist Survey-Analysis-Design procedure, as used in the 1970s From City as Landscape: A Post Post‐modern View of Design and Planning  (1995) by Tom Turner

Patrick Geddes (1854 – 1922)

“Survey before plan”  “Diagnos/c Survey”  “Conserva/ve Surgery” 

Geddes - Valley Section

Andy Langford Design Cycle Manual (Gaia University International)

Bill Mollison & David Holmgren 

Design Web  Developed by Looby  McNamara 

James Chapman’s Designing Tree  Design Process 

Three Phases:  1 – Ground Work (Roots)  2 – Evalua/on and The Elements  (Trunk)  3 – The Design Tools (Branches),   Principles (Leaves) and Ideas (Blossom) 

E-G-A-D-I-M-E Design Process by Deano Martin


Goals Ar/cula/on 

Site Analysis & Assessment 

Design Concept Development 


David Jacke

Implementa/on  David Jacke with Eric Toensmeir Edible Forest Gardens; Volume Two: Design & Practice (2005)


Design process developed by  Ethan Roland and colleagues at  Appleseed Permaculture. 

h`p:// services/design/ 


Addition of “Goals Articulation” To SADIM Design Process

Permaculture Design  Process Wheel   By Charles A. Laurel  (Inspired by Dave  Jacke, Jon Young, and  Mark Morey) 

h`p://www.transi/ resources/a‐permaculture‐design‐ process‐wheel/ 

8 Shields Model via Jon Young

Ken Wilber’s “AQAL” Model used within Integrative Ecosocial Design At Gaia University

Wider Design Thinking

A double diamond diagram was developed through in‐house research at the Design Council   in 2005 as a simple graphical way of describing the design process.                      h`p:// 

Tom Markus and Tom Maver’s map of the architectural design process (1969/70)

RIBA’s outline “Plan of Work” Original (1960s) and 2013 revision

Engineering Design Process (NASA)

Books Hugh Dubberly How do you Design: A Compendium of Models Hanks, Belliston Edwards Design Yourself J. Christopher Jones Design Methods Bryan Lawson How Designers Think; The Design Process Demystified Websites Design Council - IDEO - J. Christopher Jones - Metadesigners Open Network -

Will there be permaculture design in the new Design Museum?  Why Not? 

James Piers Taylor @LondonPrmcultr
Thanks to Aranya, Graham Bell, Jon Boshier, Mark Fisher and Andy Langford for providing information.

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