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For collecting information regarding the topic on effectiveness of reward system in Milma Catle feeds Name of the respondent:
Name of the Company: Type of Business: => Manufacturing =>Services Terms of service: Location: Designation: Department: Number of Employees: Number of years in business: 1. What kind of Reward policy is implemented in your organization? a. Formal b. Informal

2. Is the reward scheme for every financial year budgeted in your company? => Yes => No 3. If yes, what percentage of revenue is earmarked for the reward in the financial year? 4. Is the Reward system in your organization a) Monetary b) Non monetary c) Both 5. What are the various Non monetary rewards practiced in your organization? a) b) c)

d) 6. Is the reward system practiced in the organization properly communicated to all the employees in the organization? => Yes => No If yes, How? A) b) c)

7. How often are the employees rewarded? a) Monthly b) Quarterly c) Half yearly d) Yearly e) Occasionally based on extra ordinary accomplishments. 8. What are the behaviours that you are trying to encourage in your employees? a) b) c) 9. Are all the employees eligible for the Reward as per your company policy? Yes No 10. If No, which level of employees are eligible? a) b) c) 11. The criteria considered for rewarding the employees: a) b)

c) 12. In your organization employees are considered for Reward and Recognition mostly for a) Innovative and Creative Ideas b) Increased productivity/results/outcome c) Customer Satisfaction d) All of the above e) Others 13. How is an employee selected for a reward? Is it through a) Group vote b) Decision from top officials c) Decision from a single manager d) None of the Above 14. How is the company benefited from the rewards and recognition? a) Improved performance b) Reduced absenteeism c) Others 15. How old is the current Reward Policy? a) b) 16. How frequently do you bring changes in the Reward system practiced in the organization? a) For every 2-3 years b) For every one year c) For every six months d) None of the above 17. Are the employee suggestions considered while reviewing the Reward program? => Yes => No 18. How do you treat Non-Performers in your organizations? a) Training to develop their skills b) Any counseling been done c) Any other measures 19. If there is no improvement in the Employees performance would you

a) Review job of the employee b) Transfer of Department c) Demotion d) Pay/Salary Cut e) Termination 20. What are the various short comings in your companys Reward & Recognition Scheme? a) b)
c) d) e) f) g)

21. What are the measures taken to overcome or correct the same. a) b) c) d) e)