The Witch And The Hunter Sam and Dean are pulled over on a highway road.

Dean is looking at himself in the rear side mirror. He's fixing his hair with a comb he pulled from his pocket. Sam becoming more impatient asks ,"Are you done yet?" Dean responds, "dude have you seen a picture of the babe we are about to see?" Sam shacks his head then says, "hurry up." Thinking to himself of a way to hurry Dean along. Than says, "Could you be more gay?" Dean lifts his head up. Lifting a finger at Sam than says, "ohh don't you even pull that crap on me. I'm ready lets blow this joint." You see a billboard sign that says 'ask Phoebe'. Sam and dean look up at it. Then they start to enter the building. Dean slaps Sam on the back. Than says, "See I told you so, major babe." They walk up to the front desk than pulled out their FBI badges. They walk into an office and stopped in front of a desk. A woman at the desk asks, "can I help you gentlemen?" Dean says," Yes we are the FBI, if you don't mind we have

a few questions to ask you." They pull out their badges, than Dean says, "I'm agent Biff and this is agent Marty." The woman puts out her hand while saying, "Hi I'm Phoebe. Can I ask what this is about?" Sam than says, "yeah there has been a number of cases of missing persons as of late. And it so happens to be that a number of them respond to your articles. So we would like to know anything you may know or suspect." Phoebe looking shocked said, "I haven't heard anything about that. Who were the victims?" Sam replied, "They were mostly people going thru some rough patches of divorce." They continued to ask more questions for a short time longer. Than Dean says, "well if you could give us any information give us a call." He hands her a calling card. She grabbed it than said, "Thank you I will." They leave the building. Phoebe watches them leave. She then pulled out her phone and dialed a number. Paige picks up her cell. Than says, "what's up sis?" Phoebe than says, "Some FBI agents just stopped me with some questions." Paige than says, "what, is everything ok?" Phoebe than says, "No apparently some of my readers have gone missing. Can you see if Henry

could look into it." Paige than replies, "Yeah sure thing sis." Then she hangs up the phone. Paige is talking to Henry at his office desk. He pulls out some photos from an envelope. Than spreads them out on the table. Than Henry said ," A handful of bodies have been found. Each of these people met the criteria of what you asked for. All of them was going thru a divorce." Paige picks them up and looks at them. Then asks, "Any clues?" Henry replies, " fingerprints, surveillance video, or anything incrementing..nothing. there was one thing though." Paige asks, "what?!" Henry than says, "Some of the body's had a message tattooed in blood." He points to one of the photos. She picks it up and reads the markings. It read 'death to the Winchesters'. Paige than says," Winchesters? did you look into the markings?" Henry than says, "Yeah the last known Winchesters are two fugitives." He reaches into the envelope to pull out more photos. He hands her some prison photos of two males. Than he says, "their names are Dean and Sam

Winchester. We've been following them for months. They just fell off the map." Looking at the photos she asks, "Any last known place they were seen?" Henry replies, "Yeah a report of a credit card was last used at a hotel room." He hands her a note with an address written on it. She than says, "great, I'll check it out. Maybe I could find something to scry with." He similes than says, "Ok just be safe babe." She smiles back than says, "Hey this is me were talking about here." Paige orbs to a hotel room. Fortunately it was vacant at the moment. She started to look thru the drawers by the phone. She turned around startled at the sight of a man, that suddenly appeared in the room. She said, "Castiel...what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be with the elders?" Castiel says, "My superiors told me to come here to speak to you." Paige than says, "Ok so what's this about?" Castiel than says, "I was told to tell you to stay away from the Winchesters. They got this murder case covered." Paige responds, "What do you mean covered? Do you know something about them?" Castiel than

says, "Yes they are doing God's work. They have a role to play in the outcome of this world." Paige than says, "God's work?..this is the first time I heard an elder talk that way...why them? Why now?" Castiel than says, "The seals are being broken that can cause an apocalypse. There is a prophecy that foretells the fact that the Winchesters will prevent it...So it is our duty to guide them with our support." Paige than says, "By support you mean myself included?" Castiel responds, "Yes, You are to stay away from them until instructed further." Paige than says, "What about my sisters? What's their role?" Castiel than says, "Yes you ought to tell your sisters what I had just told you, this concerns them as well." Paige was about to ask another question. But before she could he was gone. She sighed then said to herself, "I hate it when they do that." You see a sign that reads P3. A customer shouts at the waitress. Piper shows up to his table. He says to her, "Look u told you for the last time. This isn't how you make a sandwich." Piper now angry replied,

"Well you look here sir, this is the fourth time I had to switch out your sandwich. Either you eat it or pay up." She then makes a sarcastic smile than says, "mmmk..ok." she than walks over to the sink. Than aggressively started to wash some glasses. Phoebe walks in and laid her head on the bar table. Piper says, "Are you ok?" Phoebe replies, "No my boss has been riding my ass all day. Than to make things worse, the FBI comes in accusing me of murder. Put a fork in me already I'm done." Piper than says, "Wow I guess you had a rough day." Phoebe than says, "Yeah well give me the strongest stuff you got." Piper walks over to the bar. Than slams a mug on the table. Phoebe looks at the drink than says, "Orange juice, really?" Piper than replies, "Yeah well it's a bit early for you to be drinking hun." Phoebe grabs the glass than says, "woopy." You hear someone about to start doing Karaoke in the background. William Hung walks up to the stage. He then says into the mic, "Ok so this is the hit that almost got me into American Idol." He starts to sing 'She bangs'. Piper and Phoebe starts to laugh hysterically.

Sam is banging on a door. He says, "Can you hurry up please...I need to take a crap." A voice is heard from the background, "Just a minute." He sighs than walks over to the bed. He sat down than picked up his laptop. His cell phone rings. He picks it up than says, "yeah what's up Bobby?" Bobby says, "Hey Sam listen up, I just ran into a hunter that knows some things about the journal writer." Apparently she is involved in the recent disappearances. She belongs to some ancient cult of witches." Sam sighs than says, "Ohh great we have to deal with more hex bags." Bobby continues, "But here's the kicker, She's a hunter. I found out there's a segment of witches that specializes in hunting down demons. They are referred to as the Charmed Ones. Not a lot is none about them. They try their hardest to stay away from the public eye. Only a select few of hunters know of their existence. I have a newspaper article about them in my hand. A hunter managed to get his hands on it before it was pulled from the press. As you know witches haven't been on the best list of good citizens. Hunters stay away from them, while keeping an eye pilled on their activity. So far

they have done a great job in keeping their community safe from any demonic activity. I would suggest working with them on this case. But pay close attention to not reveal any information about yourself and Dean." Sam than says, "Alright thanks bobby." He hangs up. Dean walks out of the bathroom. Hearing Sam talking on the phone he asks, "So what did I Miss?" Paige is standing on top of the Golden Gate Bridge. An elder orbs next to her. The elder ask why she had called her. Paige said, "What do you know about the Winchesters? Castiel said their going to prevent a apocalypse." The elder responded, "I haven't heard anything like that." Paige than says, "How could you not. Your an elder right?" the elder responds, "White lighters have many segments of the angelic order, that serves humanity under the leadership of the Father. Castiel is from of a branch that outranks all of our kind. So it is very possible that orders will be given out that I won't know of." Paige than says, "So besides the fact that he doesn't dress all in white, he has a lot more

differences than the elders." The elder responds, "That's correct. The elders are the closest beings in becoming angels. And are the ones directly involved in humanity." Paige than says, "Well something doesn't sound right to me. Why haven't we ever been told about this prophecy before?" the elder responds, "I am not sure... But I'll look into it." The elder than orbs away. Dean gets out of his car and walks to the store. He hears a scream in the back alley. He runs to where he had heard the noise. He then saw a person put up their hand. A roaring fire ball orbed out of their hand. Then he hurried it at the person. The man disengaged into ash. He shouted at the man to stop. He looked over to Dean than vanished into an orb of fire. Dean shocked at what he saw said to himself, "You got to be kidding me. A man that shoots freaking fire balls from his hands...He would sure give Alasturd (Dean says Alastair's name with 'turd' added to it.) a run for his money."

Dean opens the door of the motel and throws some pies on the bed. Sam looking upset said, "This is all you bought? We need food." Than Dean said, "Hey this is food. We could stop by the dinner at any time." Sam sigs and says, "Fine whatever." Out of nowhere a man appeared before them. Sam gets up from the bed looking at him. Then said, "Who are you." The man said, "I'm the source of all evil. The names Cole." Sam puts out his hand and twists his fist at him. Trying to kill Cole. Nothing happened. Cole than said, "Look I didn't come here for a fight. I actually came here to warn you. You should stay away from the Charmed ones." Ruby walks in through the door. She looks over to Cole. Cole says, "Ruby?" Ruby than says, "Hello Cole" She than looks over to Sam and Dean than says, "Don't listen to anything he says. He's a very dangerous man." She walks over to Cole than sticks the knife in his heart. Cole gently pulls out the knife unaffected by it. He than slowly hands it over to Ruby saying, "I can assure you.. Balthazar is dead" Ruby holding the knife looked into his eyes than said, "Your different..." Dean looked like he was in deep thought. Then pointed his finger at Cole.

Then said, "Hey I remember you. Your that douchebag from the strip bar in Vegas. Yeah you stoled all the chicks for yourself." Cole smiled than said, "Yeah well being who I am coughing up dough isn't a problem." Dean replied, "Yeah well what about the Asian brunette? She was totally digging my game." Cole replied, "I slipped her a thousand dollars." He reaches over to his pocket than says, "I almost forgot. I have a gift for you. He pulls out the Colt and hands it over to Dean." Dean kisses the Colt than says, "Yeah baby I never thought I would see you again." He looks up at Cole than says, "How the hell did you get it?" Cole replied, "I stoled it from some he bitch demon named Bela." Sam and Dean laughed. Than Dean says, "Yeah well you should of wasted her while you were at it." He backed up an inch while putting out his arms. Than says, "Look I only came here to warn you. If the Hallowell's find out your the son of Satan, you both will be dead." Sam looking surprised said, "if your suppose to be the Source, why are you telling us this? Shouldn't you want me dead?" Cole replies, "You could have the title. I just want to find a noose somewhere and hang myself." Sam

than says, "What..why?" Cole has a dreadful look on his face than replies, "I'm in love.." Cole than vanishes. Ruby turns around looking at Sam and Dean. She than says, "You don't have to worry about going after him. I know that face from anywhere. The only place he's heading towards is oblivion." Phoebe walks in the front door of her home. She puts her bag down on the kitchen table. Than says, "Hi sis." Piper was making dinner. She replied, "So how did it go?" Phoebe said, "It was good. Finally got a moments peace to finish the article. If you need me I'll be in the shower." Paige was in the living room playing with the kids. The doorbell rings. Piper yells, "Paige can you get the door?" Paige answers the door. Two men were standing on their front porch. One of them says, "Hi I'm Dean and this is Sam. I don't know quite how to put this...We specialize in hunting demons and all things supernatural." Paige replies, "Your the Winchester boys aren't you? come on in."

They walk in front of the staircase. Piper walks in concerned. She walks over to Paige than says, "Paige who are these people?" Paige replies, "These are the Winchesters I talked about." Piper than says, "And you let them in our house?" Paige than says, "Chill out sis. An elder told me there the good guys. Plus there cute." Piper sighs than says, "Your unbelievable." She extends her hand to Sam and Dean for a handshake. Than says, "Hi I'm Piper. Welcome to our home." Sam than says nice to meet you. Well to get down to business we are after a possible demon case. We want to share information with you. Do you know of any demons that like to go after dead beat husbands?" Phoebe listening to the conversation walked down the stairs. She than says, "We could check the book of shadows." Dean replies, "The book of what now?.." they go upstairs to the attic. Phoebe looks thru the book and couldn't find anything. Dean asks, "may I?" Paige than says I don't think we should let them near the book. Piper elbows her in the stomach. Hinting at something. Then she says, "I think we should let them look at the book." Dean looks at the book. Than says, "wow this is

just like dads journal. Only way better." He flips thru the pages. Than laughs saying, "the big bad wolf? Yeah I had a run in with him to. He was a nasty son of a bitch." Flipping thru more pages he then says, "Say you wouldn't happen to have anything in here to kill Cupid would you?" Phoebe than says, "Haha real funny guy." He stops at a demon he noticed. Than says, "Hey check this out Sam. They have a page on a demon we toasted. They have the art for it and everything." Sam walks over to the book and touches it. He fly's across the room and hits the wall. Piper than says, "Ok he's evil!" Sam gets up. She puts her hands out to blow him up. Instead a box with important goods exploded behind him. She than shouts, "Ohh shit." Castiel appears before them. He looks at Paige than says, "I told you to stay away from them. I was hoping to avoid this confrontation. But now that you know things are different. You all are now a part of the breaking of the seals." Sam than looking somewhat upset says, "Great so now what? How many more people are going to be involved in this?" Castiel replies, "You will have to work together." Then he vanished. Piper than says, " we have

no leads on our demon...what do you guys have?" Sam replies, "all I got is a piece of a broken knife from the last victim." Piper than says, "Great give it to me. I'll use it to scry for the demon." They are standing around a large map. The knife piece was roped around a quartz crystal swinging from a string. The crystal falls at a destination. Piper than says, "Ok there's our demon." Dean says, "great I think all you ladies will fit in my Chevy Impala." Paige walks up than says, "uhh no we do this my way." She than orbs all of them to the destination. A woman was holding a heart in her hand from a staggering body. Dean pulls out the colt than screams, "hey lady drop it." She smiles while dropping the heart. Than says, "well if it isn't the Winchester boys. You killed my daughter Snow. I owe you both a thanks. I've been trying to snuff that bitch for ages." Piper walks up than says, "Yeah well now it's time to pay the Piper." She puts out her hands. Than the woman exploded into millions of small pieces. Paige

says, "Snow?!? in Snow White?" Piper than says, "Yeah well I loved Snow White as a little girl." Glasses clanked onto each other. Everyone was celebrating at P3. Dean was sitting next to some girls. He then said with a smile, "I'm glad you brought some of your friends. It was really nice running into all of you." All the charmed ones had their boyfriends with them. Paige than said, "yeah it was nice meeting you. Any help fighting evil is great." Castiel was on the roof of P3 talking to an elder. The elder asks, "So what part does the charmed ones have to play in this war?" Castile looks off to the distance. Than says, "It's too early to tell..." -The End-To be continued-