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Egyptian euphoria by Hind-rocker Palash


Tom Alter’s crowning moment Destress with Flute Therapy

SPoT The

brushstrokes from s.h. raza and other modern indian artists


the recognition would certainly go a long way in inspiring us to further improve on our all-round performance.j fiLVy esa esMy thrus ds fy. and a dull commercial forecast for airlines by IATA.ksa ds fy.Z fu’iknu dks vkSj csgrj cukus ds fy. Apex fare.k=k djus ds vkids vuqHko dks vkSj vf/kd lq[kn cuk.ksa ls eqdkcyk djsxA a s ns”k esa [ksyksa rFkk f[kykfM+.drk dks ns[kdj rS. . x. [ksy lac/kh mPpre a iqjLdkj tSls vtqu iqjLdkj] in~eJh] jktho xka/kh Z [ksy jRu vokMZ ls lEekfur fd. Mohammed Riaz (coach) and Shivendra Singh in Hockey. in Air India.k vkWQj *ns”k&fons”k^ izkjaHk fd.g lEeku Hkh ge lHkh dks vius dk. The monsoon showers have ushered in an air of optimism all around .renewing our hope and rekindling our spirit to fulfill our aspirations.k .k x. In sync with this upbeat mood.jiksVZ vixszMs”ku .kstuk rFkk gekjs yksdfiz.kstuk. udkjkRed iwokZuekuksa ds ckotwn] q viSy&twu] 2012 dh frekgh ds nkSjku fiNys o’kZ z esa blh vof/k ds fu’iknu dh rqyuk esa gekjs lhV ?kVd rFkk jktLo esa gqbZ o`f) gesa vkxs c<+us ds fy. . vkSj vkd’kZd cukrh gSA eq>s vki lHkh dks .lZ vkWQlZ] lqij lsoj Ldhe] . o s varjjk’Vªh.d u.k us fu. Your unstinted support and trust has indeed kept us flying high! Air India has won the Gold Award in the annual Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand niche for the seventh year in a row .g Hkjkslk gekjh lsokvksa dks gj {ks= esa vkidh vis{kkvksa ds vuq:i cukus ds fy. Lrj ij vk. and our all-time popular Holiday Flyaway packages.oa izca/k funs”kd jksfgr uUnu fiz. Along with our Frequent Flyer offers.ksftr gksus okys xzh’e vksyfEid [ksyksa esa lfØ.vj bafM. In fact.airindiamagazine.k x. gkWyhMs Q~ykbZ&vos iSdst ds lkFk mDr ns”k&fons”k Ldhe] . izfs jr djsxkA orZeku esa foekuu lsDVj dks is”k vk jgh pqukSfr. .k tk ldsA .kf=. jk’Vªh.k vki lHkh ds fy. we can draw inspiration from the fact that our seat occupancy and revenues have seen an appreciable positive swing in the last quarter April-June.vj bafM.l½ vokMZ dh rjg .kt+ ¼dksp½ rFkk a s f”kosUnz flag gkWdh esa vkSj xxu ukjax rFkk lqJh vuq jkt flag .in vxLr 2012 3 . fn. fo”ks’k :i ls rS. Happy Flying! www.a vkSj vkWQlZ izLrqr dj jgh gS rkfd gekjs lkFk .jykbuksa ds fy.k=kA Dear Flyers. gesa isfz jr djsxkA “kqHk .kZ Hkwfedk fuHkkrh jgh gS vkSj gesa bl ckr ij xoZ gS fd Hkkjr ds dqN loZJ’B f[kykM+h .ksa dh fo”ks’k vko”.k us jhMlZ MkbtsLV VªLVsM czkM ds :i esa a xksYM vokMZ thrk gSA .{k . have rolled out offers and schemes customised to satisfy your wanderlust and maximise your joy of flying with us. I feel honoured to share with you that four of our colleagues would be actively participating in the Summer Olympics at London representing the Indian contingent.ksa ds izkRlkgu esa ..this year as well.kf=.g crkrs gq.ksa ds fy..kk nsrk jgk gS vkSj eq>s iwjh vk”kk gS fd z vkids }kjk gekjs izfr n”kkZ. gh c<+k.d egÙoiw.Chairman and Managing Director Rohit Nandan v/.kf=. :i ls Hkkjr dk izfrfuf/kRo djsxA eksgEen fj.j] .ksx vkSj fo”okl us gekjs eukscy dks fu”p..vj bafM. Desh Videsh scheme will make our bouquet of offers for the passengers more attractive with a range of choice to match specific requirements. Air India launched a new offer Desh Videsh for its regular fliers.ka]s ekulwu dh ckSNkj ls geesa .g vokMZ ge fiNys lkr o’kksaZ ls yxkrkj thr jgs gSA bdkWuksfed VkbEl a czkM bfDoVh ds eksLV VªLVsM czkM vokMZ rFkk a a xksYM dSVxjh esa baVjus”kuy DokfyVh lfeV ¼vkbZ s D. isfz jr djrh gSA vkidk fo”okl gesa lnSo vkxs c<+rs jgus dh isj. fo”o ds Js’B f[kykfM+.kj dh xbZ gS tks gekjs <sj lkjs vkWQlZ dks . Air India has always played a stellar role in the promotion of sports and sportspersons in the country and we do feel proud that some of India’s best sportspersons are Air Indians .k gSA bl o’kZ Hkh . Gagan Narang and Ms Annu Raj Singh in Air Pistol will vie with the world’s best for the top honours. mRlkg vkSj ÅtkZ ds lkFk vius y{. It is your patronage that has kept us flying high.k gSA vkids fujUrj lg.d ubZ meax vkSj vk”kk dk lapkj gqvk gS vkSj ge u.Ul gSa ftUgsa jk’Vªh. in spite of the challenges the aviation sector is facing in general.isDl Qs. xoZ gks jgk gS fd gekjs pkj lg.Vk }kjk .who have been honoured with some the nation’s highest sporting awards like the Arjuna. Padma Shri and Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award for bringing glory to the country at national and international events.vj bafM.kf=.vj s bafM. 2012 compared to the performance in the corresponding period last year. Supersaver scheme.k lnSo ls .ka rFkk vk.ksftr [ksyksa esa jk’Vª dk lEeku c<+kus ds fy. a cukrs gq. I am sure that this confidence you have been reposing on us will propel us to rise up to your expectations in every area of our service.ksa dks iwjk djus esa rRij gSA bl [kwclwjr ekSle ds lkFk lkeatL. Coming close on the heels of honours like the Economic Times Brand Equity’s Most Trusted brand award and the International Quality Summit (IQS) Award in the Gold Category.kj .ksxh yanu esa vk. Airport up gradation attractions.w .k gSA gekjs ÝhDosaV ¶yk.fer . we.

kZ Jh—‘. – Priyanka. Burnt out boardroomers. She brought rain-drenched Mumbai Photo courtesy: Tutu – Saurabh Shekhar. nks vfr nq[kn ?kVuk. Hollywood spaces.d xkao ds isVM gosfy. Eat Pray Love. Big brand. In fitness. Racing mind. 44 July 2012 www. Mickey Mouse. Don’t we all want our castles in the sky? India @65. The pictures. Good to have articles from writers with such credibility in the magazine. your main cover looks brilliant. Peacock motifs.aA Photo: Jyoti Kapoor FEEdback SPECIAL FEATURE I london olympics LetteR of the moNth Olympian task The story on London Olympics is a great one. Never mind. Hot spots. The story was fascinating. Mumbai 4 August 2012 www. especially the stamp collection. Make way.d vksj viuh :ekuh vnkvkas ls eksg ysus okys] vkSj nwljh vksj viuh xaHkhj Hkwfedkvkas ls x+exhu dj nsus okys jkts”k [kUuk dk gels fcNqMuk( muls + dqN fnukas igys gh Hkkjrh. Olympics city. “kSyh eaA Lora= ns”k s ds dbZ lius] gekjs--.k] ge lHkh ds fy.k vkSj mYykl dk feyktqyk jaxA [kkuiku ij Hkh bldk vlj] fiT-tk vkSj ekWdVsYl ijA .gka i. flusek ds igys ekpks eSu] fo”o eap ij gekjh “kku] ge lHkh ds nqykjs NksVs ijns ds guqeku] nkjk flag dk tkuk( bu nksukas egku dykdkjkas dks gekjh J)katfyA exj le. Some say it with flavours.airindiamagazine. The Orbit Tower gifted by two famous Indians is truly a masterpiece. Location scout. Bangkok Good Writers impressed by Ben Coes’ Paris. London GOLD Come July 27. I was travelling long distance. Rise of another superhero. Some say with the mouse. Chhota Bheem. Expressions. The Dark Knight Rises. His fascination for the place is understandable given that it is undoubtedly a paradise on earth. Orchha in MP. It is interesting to read a story from a famous name like her who knows how to convince her readers with her craft.d ckWyhoqM ds lqijLVkj] . And Dara.ksgkjkas Zs vkSj vk. Stereoscopic. Krishna and Kans. anyone? Some say it with the .d fuf”kjkt c:vk laiknd India @ 65.a] . Some say with films.Editor’s lEttEr Nishiraj A. Worldwide release. a new SUV.vkids---A lc fey dj bl bl vk. writes Sandeep Nakai MuMbai Monsoon Shobhaa De is absolutely fabulous with her monsoon story.a( . A superstar. French made. Free nation.kstu dks lQy cuk.a] —‘. – Gunjan Pant.d vkSj uUgk lk Hkhe] NksVk Hkhe tks cPpkas esa cgqr yksdfiz. Tagore. Hotels on a holiday. Baruah Editor (Nishiraj@Maxposure.d izrhd + gS lHkh dykvkas ds lkFk&lkFk Jh—‘. the Olympic Games in London will feature an Indian contingent that reflects our soaring Olympic aspirations.airindiamagazine.kstukas dk eghukA Lora= Hkkjr ds 65 lky] HkkoukRed {k.k dk tUefnu] tUek’Veh dk meax ftldh /kwe dbZ fnukas rd jgrh gSA uhy o. gS] NksVs ijns ij vkSj cMs+ ijns ij HkhA gekjs . – Supriya Dhillon. Some say with fashion. Birth of a blue God. Indie power bands. pgyigy ls Hkjiwj vkt ogka lUukVk gSA t+k. Ice Age 4. Jodhpur in Rajasthan. Plus.ZVu ds lSdM+ksa [kwclwjr LFky] bl ekg vksjNk] jktLFkku] mRrjk[kaM vkSj eukyhA “ks[kkoVh ds ikl . The lady has a way with words and we can feel the magic in her creation. A wrestling legend. The concept has been very well designed. a Hind rocker’s Egypt. flute Yoga. Kaka. listening? And desi tadka. but the flight looked like a short one because I was totally immersed in the magazine. That in Ohio. Slumdog effect. Animated. Makes us very proud indeed. Tiranga idli. And death. Ghost town now. And Indian faces. an action hero. Not your aunt’s vfHkO. Rich once.k ls izfjr s QS”ku ij Hkh x+kj Qjekb. Also.ka] tc a sa izLrj gh dSuokl gks tk.fDr dykvkas eas Hkh( VSxksj vkSj jt+k dk dyk lalkjA fMft+Vy [okc cquus okysA Hkxoku —‘. Desi locations. vxLr eghuk] eksgd _rq] ioka&R. Deaths. Slow it down. In travel. Canvas is stone. dh xfr Fkerh ugha] . Pocket rocket. Also.ds ds lkFk eLrh] eaxyksfj. Risotto with makhni sauce. is interesting. New Delhi WoW KashMir Its interesting to read how ace fashion designer Rohit Bal delves into the nuances of what he loves about Kashmir. Raza.kbZ elkykA ckr fQVusl dh] Hkkjrh.A S ckWyhoqM D. An Anglo Indian’s crowning moment.k ls tqMh gj oLrq . Digital dream weavers. Next shooting: Alsisar? Painted havelis. Squids in a Mangalorean masala.k ls izHkkfor vkSj izfjr gSa Hkkjr dh s lHkh dyk. please. Indian market. a romantic icon.


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They are eco friendly SuRe ShoRtS 10 HOT AND HAPPENING Travel news. dSls vki fe”ku vkdZfVd [kqn iwjk dj ldrs gSa 60 NATIONAL TREASURE National Library is the knowledge hub of the country 117 VIBRANT GUJARAT The global business hub 118 Ekfgykvksa ds m|e dk Lkkou ps’Vk ds ek/.contEnts navigator ReGuLARS 3 4 CMD’s letter Editor’s letter & Feedback 98 94 SOUND FX Sights and sounds of Alsisar in Shekhwati region.k QS”ku fMt+kbuj Hkh izHkkfor gSa Hkxoku —‘. SPeCiAL feAtuRe 36 I DAY IMPRESSIONS Artists pay tribute to the nation PoP PouRRi 100 WHAT'S IN A NAME A lot if you happen to be called Rajesh Khanna as this tour professional discovers 102 STARRING INDIA Hollywood comes to India to shoot its big banner films 106 DHOLAKPUR'S DEADLY DUDE What makes Chhota Bheem a superhero? What makes him a kid's favourite? 109 TAROTSCOPE What does your card indicate? oPeN houSe 42 FLUTE FOR THOUGHT Destress with Flute therapy DESI TADKA IN LONDON Eating Indian food in the Olympics city can be trendy A MIGHTY HEART Two Bollywood personalities fondly remember Dara Singh 48 . festivals. 52 iN foCuS 54 BIOTECH INNOVATION BIRAC nurtures and promotes research in biotechnology ENERGY FOREVER Renewable energy from IREDA 110 114 eksgd eukyh gj ekSle d¢ fy.k vÝhdh ysf[kdk uknhe xkWfMZej dh dgkuh dk vuqokn 88 122 ifj/kkukas esa gjs —”.in . food.e ls efgykvkas us lekt eas viuh lqn`<+ fLFkfr dh vksj ladsr fd. eukyh 56 vki Hkh fe’ku vkdZfVd ij tkfu.k 67 Behind The Scenes Entertainment Guide AI Schedule Route Map: Domestic Route Map: Middle-East Route Map: International Fleet 12 126 132 138 140 141 143 footPRiNtS 72 EGYPTIAN EUPHORIA Palash Sen goes to Egypt HOME TRUTH Tom Alter's crowning moment in Ohio. U. etc.S J)katfy nf{k.k ls 8 August 2012 www. Rajasthan WOOD STOCK Pick your Channapatna toy.


in fact. Besides. and what have you! August is fuelled up with enough festivals and events to keep you going for the entire month he Olympics are on. Ozora Festival in Hungary and Nottinghill Carnival in London. yes. tomatoes. This is also a month that celebrates the bond between brothers and sisters in the form of Rakshabandhan. August is. This is the month when T we celebrate India’s 65th year of Independence.airindiamagazine.surE shorts i events 1 . but that doesn’t take away the festive spirit of the other festivals and events. more so if you are in India. we have a host of other festivals such as Krishna Janmashtami and the Onam festival in Kerala. the beginning of a festive season. there is mud Olympics in Germany. Elsewhere in the world. balloons. Else. horses. tricolours. you can join the Welsh in bog snorkelling! 10 August 2012 www.

a hot-air balloon festival. attracts up to half a million visitors to the lovely rolling parkland of the Ashton Court Estate in the West 4 AugusT 1o Krishna Janmashtami that marks the birth of Lord Krishna is celebrated throughout 3 AugusT 9-12 Raas Rang 3rd World flute festival. Visit: Dublinhorseshow. Visit: BristolBalloonFiesta. becomes a riot of colours as people take to the streets to pelt one another with over-ripe tomatoes Visit: vxLr 2012 11 . Watch the musical greats in action. Visit: Krishna. Visit: 2 AugusT 29 The La Tomatina Festival. to be held at the Lotus Temple in New Delhi.2 3 4 5 6 1 AugusT 10-23 Held at Pesaro in Italy. co.airindiamagazine. Highlights of the free event are the mass ascent of 120-balloons at dawn and dusk. the Pesaro opera festival is dedicated to its son Giacomo Rossini. Dublin Horse Show. From show horses to show jumpers. held in Buñol. Visit: KrishnaPrerna. is a celebration of Ireland’s enduring relationship with the horse. com/how-celebratejanmashtami 5 AugusT 15-19 A highlight of the Irish summer. and of the work of his contemporaries. the event attracts hordes of tourists. It was set up in 1980 to raise global awareness of some of the lesser known of his 35 or so operas. held at the RDS Complex in Dublin. will see performances by world renowned flute artists from around the world. a town close to Valencia on the east coast of 6 AugusT 9-12 Bristol Balloon Fiesta.

In Kochi / Out Trivandrum – covering entire Kerala In Kochi / Out Madurai – covering entire southern itineraries. We have reintroduced the Hyderabad – Kolkata flight and also introduced a Delhi. Air India is now operating 17 daily flights connecting the Capital of India-Delhi to the financial capital of India-Mumbai. Over 100 tourist.bEhind thE scEnEs ready fOr take off Offers and discounts to make flying happier air iNdia holidays Nobody covers India like Air India and nobody offers holidays like Air India Holidays. This facility is available on all days of the week from 0930 hrs to 1830 hrs for passengers with hand baggage only. Air India has added Dhaula Kuan Station for City Check-In up to oneand-a-half-hours of scheduled departure of the flight. Some examples are: In Jammu Out Srinagar & Leh (during season) In Chandigarh – Shimla Manali / Out Kulu In / Out Delhi for Golden Triangle In Jaipur / Out Jodhpur or Udaipur covering entire Rajasthan circuit. Packages are offered to suit all category of travellers–there are economy hotels as well as Superior category hotels offered in each destination. There are simple city-based packages to complex multi-city multidestination itineraries from two nights to 10 nights. 7 days a week are as follows: India-1800 111 TAJ (1800 111 825. Air India already has City Check-In facility for checked in baggage at New Delhi and Shivaji Stadium stations. The scheme is valid till September 30. for passengers travelling on its domestic sectors. 2012. A new sector–Visakhapatnam. taj Gateway Air India passengers. Kalimpong and entire Sikkim In / Out Guwahati covering Assam. We now have two additional flights per week on the Thiruvananthapuram–KochiDammam and Kozhikode–Dammam routes. Bangalore and Ahmedabad call 6601 11825 without the STD code. business and religious cities. can now avail of 20% discount. conditions may apply as per high season. In / Out Bangalore – including Mysore Ooty In / Out Bagdogra – covering .airindiamagazine. on production of their original Air India boarding cards. are covered in the packages canvas. Konarak and other parts of Odisha.subject to availability at the time of check-in.MTNL/BSNL users only). Alternate network users call 91-22-66011825. on specific stations/ hotels/ resorts. At present ‘Air India Holidays’ offers over 209 domestic packages across 21 Domestic destinations. However.Visakhapatnam direct flight. Toll free Reservation-accessible 24 hrs. complimentary breakfast and upgrade to the next room category. However. New Delhi. Users from New Delhi. New city check-iN facilities Air India has introduced City Check-In facility at its main reservation office at Safdarjung Airport. 12 August 2012 www. the schedule departure of the flight should be within the next 24 hours of the check in. Handpicked destination experts from each destination operate the packages. Hyderabad. The flight is now operating on Visakhapatnam-Hyderabad-Dubai sector. Goa Packages and combination packages with Goa and Kerala or Goa and Karnataka fly more In the Summer Schedule for 2012. Packages are available in all classes of tickets and higher class tickets are offered with substantial discounts for packages. Air India is operating flights between Delhi and Singapore with the B-777 aircraft. has been added on the existing route of Hyderabad– Dubai. at Taj Gateway Hotels and Resorts. Shillong and other North East destinations Exotic destinations such as Andamans and Lakshadweep Extensive coverage of destinations in Madhya Pradesh In / Out Bhubaneswar – covering Puri. We have also introduced a direct link between Delhi and Bahrain. on the international front.


Thiruvananthapuram. Khajuraho. Coimbatore. Aurangabad. Silchar. Ahmedabad. Email ID. Distance up to 750 Kms `4000. when one purchases a round trip ticket. throuGh baGGaGe check-iN to macau Baggage of Air India passengers travelling to Hong Kong from Mumbai and Delhi with onward travel to Macau on ferry service of TurboJET and CotaiJET are being through checkedin for Macau. Patna. super saVers booklet type (Fare basis) no of Coupons total booklet Price in ` Flyer's Special (Y-SS4U)* 4 32. Raipur. Passengers not having a hard copy of the ITR may report at Air India's kerbside counter with sms details.12. Vijaywada and Visakhapatnam.517 Normal Super Savers (Economy-SS8M)* 8 1. the flier is informed about the ticket by way of sms with details of the booked sector i. Guwahati. Jaipur. Chandigarh. Mobile Number. Hyderabad.935 Normal Super Savers (D-SS4D)* 4 96. Mangalore. returN fares aNd liNk fares Air India now offers attractive Return Fares on all sectors within India. Distance above 750 Kms `6000. depending on the model of the instrument and can also be searched for in leading app stores like Android marketplace. Tirupati. Date of Birth and Address.airindia. Kozhikode. on his GPRS-enabled mobile phone. Chennaı. Jammu. Ovi store. due to lack of a direct flight.281 * Booklet price inclusive of UDF / Sale Validity up to 30 June 2012 travel Validity 3 Mths 6 Mths 6 Mths 6 Mths 3 Mths 3 Mths 3 Mths 14 August 2012 www.airindia.The software takes up 65-80 kb space. Imphal. Mumbaı. desh Videsh Fly Air India between now and September 30. Dibrugarh. Indeed. Get up froNt Madurai. Bagdogra. details of which are available on Air India’s website www. subject to availability of seats. 2012 and get free international tickets (conditions apply). Earn one international Economy class ticket (Airline Fuel Charge and Taxes payable) on a spend of `1 lakh. Port Blair. PNR and an Itinerary Ticket Receipt (ITR) through e-mail.bEhind thE scEnEs NGpay Passengers travelling by Air India can now book and buy tickets through their mobile phones using the one time downloadable Ngpay software. Kolkata.281 Islanders Super Saver for IXZ (SS4UIXZ) 4 32. For further details please log on to www. Online purchase of tickets through Air India’s website is another way to get great deals. and photo ID proof to enter the airport. Jodhpur. Dimapur. Air India now offers an airport upgrade scheme for Economy class passengers on payment of a fixed amount. Lucknow. The offer is open to all passengers holding revenue tickets in Economy class. Air India ticket booking facility is available on ngpay under the link-Stores++ >Travel > Air After the booking & payments. Pune.932 Islanders Super Saver for AGX (SS4UAGX) 4 32. Bhubaneshwar. Bengaluru. Amritsar. For details visit www. Return Fares are applicable in Economy class and are offered on advance purchase and a couple of instant purchase fare levels. The payment can be done by using credit/debit card/netbanking facility through the mobile phone. Ngpay is a service provider for booking a seat on the domestic sector. Udaipur. Once downloaded. The seamless transfer of baggage will also be available on the return here is one more offer to make your travel comfortable.e. Kochi. Rajkot. Getjar. The process of booking and payment for a particular flight is menu driven and extremely user-friendly. The above amounts are inclusive of Service  Blackberry app world. The passenger needs to sms ‘ngpay’ to 56767 and download the free Ngpay software from ngpay. Gwalior. Get one international Economy class ticket (only Taxes payable) on a spend of `1.049 North East Super Savers(SS4UNE) 4 12. Ranchi. Jamnagar.5 lakhs.311 Normal Super Savers (D-SS8D)* 8 1. The offer is available from 45 embarkation points viz-Delhi. . A similar upgrade scheme is also available for the international sectors. Link Fares are offered on all fare classes in Economy class and there are 72 select routings covered under Link Fares. Varanasi.90.airindiamagazine. Air India has also offers Link Fares for travel between two cities via an intermediate point. the customer needs to complete a one-time registration process by providing personal details like Name. Goa. Both TurboJET and CotaiJet have high-speed deluxe ferry services between Hong Kong and Macau.


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990 onwards. then visit The Chalets Naldehra. 6940481. make it a point to visit The Vodka Bar that stocks over 75 brands of vodka! Contact. the Patels are now in the process of opening their second Kiddie Academy location. the hotel has hosted several important social. the idea of opening a child care center emerged as an ideal solution. if Himachal is on your radar. com has designed a special 5-day/6-night package called Mystic Kashmir for `13749 per person. Kiddie AcAdemy ® m AKes stArting your own business A dre Am! 7/23/12 2:17 PM 20 August 2012 www. shopping and cultural centers and historical landmarks. Operating such a franchise would allow them to provide an underserved need in their community. balancing their career demands – Pinakin working for a defense contractor and Nirali in the biomedical field. diplomatic missions. the hotel is close to the business district. The resort offers a 2-night/3-day package for `14. Over the years. visit Goibibo. email: Contact@ ChaletsNaldehra. PiCK uP your PACKAGE As they explored options for creating work/life balance and child care for their son. It includes Srinagar.surE shorts i tourism Lutyen’s LANDMARK Corporate warriors turn entrepreneurs Working in Corporate America is increasingly demanding. Goibibo. Maryland Here are two offers to visit Kashmir and Himachal. while owning their own business and providing a safe and educational environment for their son. and they are making a difference in their community and their own family. Owning a Kiddie Academy franchise has given Nirali the flexibility to spend more time with her son and her toddler daughter. While there.kiddieacademy. email: Shweta. Valid till September 30. Kiddie Academy of Elkridge. call: Tel: 0177-2747715. political and business events. Gulmarg. 22 km from Shimla.indd 1 . The Patels opened Kiddie Academy of Elkridge in 2007. Their lives took a major turn with the birth of their first child. com/TourPackage/Kashmir for details. Located amidst lush surroundings. an offbeat resort.airindiamagazine. On the other hand. Franchisees Nirali and Pinakin Patel Flying to Delhi? Why not stay in a landmark hotel this time around? We’re talking about The Claridges which has been occupying pride of place in Lutyen’s Delhi since the 1950s. For details. The package includes accommodation in hotel/houseboats. Pahalgam. Extra charges for children above 6. Nirali and Pinakin Patel found this to be With a track record of success. Considering a career change? Learn more about franchising with Kiddie Academy at www. Shweta at or call CS120752 Franchise Sales Air India advertorial 100mmx273mm.

surE shorts i quirky takes

weird world
Taxi turns into a hotel room for Olympics; husbands carry their wives; and for God’s sake, a Scottish kilt is not a skirt...

FLoatinG resort For Future
Is it a yacht? Is it a submarine? Is it a hotel? It’s all three, mixed to make a Solar Floating Resort, the futuristic new concept designed by a London designer, that will see travellers enjoy a unique experience at sea. Equipped with an underwater observation lair and “habitation” section, the floating resort can accommodate up to six people. For those travellers who still want to explore the surrounding ocean there are submarine like capsules of thick glass to travel around in under the sea. The resort generates its own energy.

WiFe-CarryinG ChaMPionshiP
Couples from across the globe went head-to-head at last month’s annual Wife Carrying World Championships in the Finnish outpost of Sonkajarvi, Finland. With 8000 spectators watching, contestants navigated their way through neck-deep pools of water and obstacle-filled sand pits. The first competition was held in 1992.

taxi turns into hoteL rooM
An enterprising London taxi driver is cashing in on the Olympics by turning his black cab into overnight accommodation. David Weekes has turned his fully-functioning Hackney carriage into a hotel for one, available to rent for £50 a night. It has been kitted with mattress, pillow and duvet, a bedside lamp and a fridge.

beWare oF sCottish CustoMs
A Japanese guide book published by Edinburgh-based Luath Press to prepare Japanese tourists for their visit to Scotland advises them to avoid “men in green or blue football tops”, and under no circumstances should they refer to a kilt as a “skirt” or describe the locals as “English”. The guide also suggests that levels of service may not be very high.
Illustrations: Animesh Debnath


August 2012

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Indira Gandhi International Airport. Rates: `500 per hour for shower facilities. The welcome area is. I enter the airport hotel for a first-hand experience. New Delhi) is doing well. “Our hotel is for those who value efficiency. but the layout is intelligent.airindiamagazine. Later I peep into one of their rooms: It isn’t very big. But if Langham Hospitality Group has its way.surE shorts i check inn in transit Air travellers give a thumbs up to the transit hotel in New Delhi’s T3. Launched last year. well. Their flagship brand Eaton Smart which happens to be India’s first transit hotel (at Terminal 3. `7750 for overnight stay. Executive Consultant of the hotel. there are just about four transit hotels. TV. welcoming. For the jet Share your feedback with us on . Interestingly. This means it saves you time and transportation cost of moving to a city hotel. complete with Internet. the check-in counters of the airport with long passenger queues some six levels below is what you get for a view.” says Raju Shahani. T 24 August 2012 www. transit hotels in every Indian airport would be a norm rather than an aberration. `3500 for 5 hours. Even globally.” explains Shahani. etc. After securing an airport access pass and going through a strict security check. Check into one of the rooms in the international wing and you save yourself the hassle of clearing customs and immigration. Soon we are in the multi-cuisine café that allows wide-angle views of the sprawling airport dotted with jumbo jets. there is the spa to trouble shoot your aches and strains. says Arpita Shah he concept of transit hotel is yet to become a standard in India’s international airports. this hotel has been coming to the rescue of weary travellers looking for a refreshing shower and a sound sleep right in the middle of the airport before catching another flight to their final destination. And “domestic passengers with a valid ticket for the flight operating from Terminal 3 can access the rooms in the domestic wing.


Power: 85PS@3750RPM’ Torque: 200NM@1900RPM. But what’s this? There’s still enough space left to carry that drum set! With a 475 litre space capacity. 26 August 2012 www. reverse parking sensor. your wife’s make up kit and even your kids bike.19 lakh Diesel engine . plush leather upholstery. It has a pretty decent ground clearance of 250mm and comes with a peppy diesel and a frugal petrol mill. Fuel efficiency (claimed): 13. Renault opens the floodgates to a whole new SUV segment that is stylish. that’s what we call big on space. compact and doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet pOcket rocket biG on sPaCe Going on a vacation? Dump in your luggage. Fuel efficency: 19.surE shorts i pin point With the Duster. keyless entry and integrated audio system with USB and Bluetooth connectivity.01 kmpl (claimed). Power: 104PS@5850RPM.6 K4M. Torque: 145Nm@3750 RPM. Price: `7.99-11.29 lakh the ride The best thing about the Duster is the way it easily combines the refinement of a sedan’s drive and the ruggedness of a SUV’s look. You get latest features and styling cues like two-tone dashboard.198. i sPECs Petrol engine 1. guitar case.airindiamagazine.24 kmpl. Price: `7.5 dCi K9K HP. CouCh CoMFort This French brand is known for their style and it’s evident when you step inside the Duster.


1 LiFe PiCtoriaLLy Jiten Hazarika’s solo show A Life in Pictures essaying oil on canvas will be held at the Sridharani Art Gallery. Be blessed. New Delhi. Go deep. showcasing the works of some of the most celebrated and influential Japanese photographers will be held at Gallery Art Motif. an exhibition of painting by Ravi Gossain at Alliance Francaise. between 11 am-6. 2 abstraCt ForM Gallery Ragini presents Birds Butterflies and Henry Moore. New Delhi. I prefer to be orthodox in painting and entirely rely upon mattermind-soul axis to transcend . 28 August 2012 www. Words of advise to younger lot of artists Art is a gift. I have exploited freely the derivatives of Henry Moore’s formulations of emerging forms as a template in my work. What is the significance of the concept of duality of time and space? Time and Space is a cosmic phenomenon that was set in motion from ‘nothingness’ and is destined to collapse back into ‘nothingness’. These series develop the equationbetween modulating forms and the spirited butterflies or the contemplative brooding bird as a connect between transient Time and Space. your inspiration lies in? Just the blank white canvas. Lodhi Estate. 3 JaPan CaLLinG An exhibition titled Hikari contemporary photography from Japan.airindiamagazine. from August 11-20. the painters disturbs that space and enters into it to go where he has never been before and the music begins. between 10 am-7 pm. New Delhi. from August 16-19. Then go deeper to find your art and life’s objective meet at a point. butterflies Veteran artist Ravi Gossain tells Pallavi Singh about the duality of time and space as he showcases his works this month What is your medium of painting? I have been mostly painting oil on canvas. It is nature’s secret plan and you are the chosen one. between 11 am–6 pm.surE shorts i the arts 3 1 2 birds. your favourite artists Most of them are musicians! All great masters who in the last 300 years have contributed in developing the language of fine arts and have done so in a gradual resurgence of modern art as an evolving language. Then as a musician picks up his instrument.30 pm. All artists love to sit and watch for hours the white blank canvas. from August 10-21. Art mart tell us about your new exhibition. Lado Sarai. I return to Alliance Francaise after four years with a fresh set of works on Birds Butterflies and Henry Moore.

Bhadrachalam 330km Visakhapatnam 588km Vijayawada 267km Tirupati Srisailam 547km Suryalanka 235km 300km Horsley Hills 520km Hyderabad Book online at Tourism .aptdc.

and nutrition in mind. 8 Road trip from Manali to Leh: A The most trusted toothpaste road trip with close friends is no less than brand in India. Known Goa is the domestic true.isthe Indian a Uttarakhand: If trekking your game. Arunachal Pradesh is blessed to the rapidly evolving with unmatched natural needs of customers beauty. talent and entertainment. legendary beauty will leave you completely mesmerised. An amazing brands. high mountains. walks of life. more so if you are driving to toothpastes. During Onam the entire state the power to is abuzz their share with festivities. Garhwal. adrenaline rush. Premier League aims at is something one visit to the Valley of Flowers adding a fresh chapter to the legacy of during wouldn’t want to miss. the brand has This breathtakingly continually beautiful premier hill resort introduced new is the perfect skiing holiday flavours and subgetaway. rich capability to seamlessly wildlife. brand with the most offers a chance to the Mela iconic product range. this is bonding experience with friends and ethics at its palpable with each passing global brand now. etc. It’s like flying in the lap of Everyone from Majuli to Ladakh knows Maggi. in of a confluence but art and momos in after this pioneer in one of the purest environments sales service has in the world? With earthy sounds adapted very well from around the world. game of cricket great legacy of the It’s almost like a trek to the doors of inspires the League. in the air gives the sense of calm before the pulse of flavours keeping Indian preferences worked foryou a brand is its Indianisation racing adventure in the air. an exciting adventure Maggi A Paragliding in Mcleodganj: Mcleodganj provides the perfect peaceful break. away brand synonymous with happiness and wholesomeness. who played a major role in this Planman Marcom research initiative. the place to be! River rafting in Rishikesh: Being the land of gods. high and value for money. in the auto market. With peace and spirituality that grips you from one end. This Himalayan adventure promises has revolutionised the oral care to be high on thrills as you cross through market in India. activities and the snake thoughts. to Kerala! Facebook Air India With the Maharajah mascot. It’s the from meet and greet peoplemostall aspirational brand. sand and sun your you want. a sneak peak Apple Pushkar Mela. Rafting in the Ganges has been one of the most memorable experiences till date. tides takes you into another world! 3 3 State Bank of India Khik Saba Festival in It’sArunachal India relies the brand Pradesh: The ‘land ability to cater upon. Surfing in Goa: that puts this is one brand If surf. Itpeople isn’t too far astute business acumen of the visionaries at its helm has built this is a great driven company with values andthe excitement iscore. heaven. of-the-world experience! 4 5 Infosys: Theoff. Snake Boat Race during This high-tech software Onam in Kerala: A trip to platform hosting a Alleppy during Onam stays with plethora of applications you interface gives people andfor a lifetime. Water babies. toothpowders. The enticing prospect ofis filled the peak season. both in your dream come and There is no better way to get international markets for up-close and personal with Goa’s quality service. Colgate’s range of an adventure. get your freak on brand bible What are the brands that made it to the 2nd edition of PowerBrands? Management guru Arindam Chaudhuri. A highlight for offerthe Khik Saba –across me is its services a harvest the globe festival. 9 7 30 Indian Premier League A brilliant packaging of sporting Trek to the Valley of Flowers. A riot of colours cricket. Its of the rising sun’. pastas. An outthanksgivinghas kept the SBI flag flying high. this beautiful meadow with varieties of flowers and surrounded by adding an immortal leaf to the snow clad mountains. nature and experiencing a sense of complete bliss. etc. dances. of music. Kashmir: Gulmarg’s 1 in cold beverages. provides us. and help them connect Definitely the highlight of a trip with each Share your feedback with us on .tides lustrous palm trees. coupled with the thick bamboo forests. legacy. Leh. a trip to Uttarakhand offers one of the most enthralling experiences of all. Maggi has come from the a range of tasty soups. Surfing against largest airline in India. The setting is scenic for paragliding as the serenity What out withmonotony of daily existence. it’s arapid.airindiamagazine. this to the changing festival takes place at a height customer demands of 3500 m — a ‘high’ indeed. No wonder. Colgate 10 August 2012 www. Maruti Music There LadakhSuzuki Festival: Who wouldn’t want to be may be some unrest a partthere factory. Skiing in Gulmarg. in no specific order. aspirations. then smiles to is whatmiles. Air India is and beaches lined up with earthen the oldest and the the elegant shacks. The zest This lake side Rajasthan:to discover village in Pushkarof tech the future comes alive every year with the colorful has helped Apple Pushkar Mela (fair)which evolve from being a isalternative solution a cultural extravaganza one wouldn’t want to miss! company to becoming A melting pot of traditional a food and camel races. various tiny villages and monasteries. and boat competition which adds to innovations with others the whole quotient of excitement. Coca Cola The No.surE shorts i gimme ten go. cooking aids and yummy sauces.


S57.airindiamagazine. available at: SimplySizzl. available at: SimplySizzl.500 available at: Select lifestyle stores. try these special selection compiled by Pallavi Singh 3 4 2 5 1 6 7 7 1 Clutch it: Sport a glam look with clutches by Kudos. Price: `150 for 150 32 August 2012 www. 6 around your wrist: Exquisite Raiara Festive Collection of Gold Bangles with Kinetic (movable) stones. Survey no. Price: `1990. 3 bejewelled delight: Green beads and studded link neckpiece by Monika Vadera Price: `6430. 5 Zodiac aroma: Deodorants from Secret Temptation with rose-scented notes for the August born. 207. Phoenix Market city available at: Kudos stores at South Extension and Kirti Nagar.85. Price: `9850. available online: SimplySizzl. Price: `3373. Nagar Road. Viman Nagar. available at: Phoenix Market City. Pune 7 Cool shades: Mauve shades by Guess with logo on the side rim. available at: General stores and chemists across the . New Delhi 2 Wrist style: A timepiece from Longines Saint Imier Collection is an ideal accessory for gifting Price: `1.surE shorts i brand wagon sister concern If you are yet to make up your mind on what to gift your sister this Rakshabandhan. Price: On 4 bright & beautiful: Kundan inspired contemporary earring in blue by Monika Vadera.

com www. Kerala 688 536 T: +91 478 661 3000 F: +91 478661 3030 E: vsp@sarovarhotels. Vayalar.vasundhararesorts. Discover. Alleppey Toll Free Reservations 1 800 111 222 sms SAR to 56677 Sarovar Sales & Reservations Ahmedabad (079) 2642 5299 • Bengaluru (080) 4115 3344 Chandigarh (0172) 4299 999 • Chennai (044) 2826 5566 Delhi (011) 2638 3851-55 • Hyderabad (040)2374 1666 Indore (0731) 3072 727 • Kolkata (033) 4400 3900 Ludhiana 0161-2773 000 • Mumbai 022-6156 5757 Pune 020-2683 0855 • Surat 099740 22783 Vadodara 09974012410 . www. Cherthala. 60 Lake-facing Rooms • Floating Cottages • Heritage Villas • Luxury Houseboat • Mystic Spice The All Day Dining Chemmeen The Seafood Speciality Restaurant • Zephyr The Poolside Cafe & Bar • Madira The Bar Conference Facilities for up to 120 guests • Outdoor Banquet and Wedding Lawns for up to 500 guests • Internet Cafe Swimming Pool • Yoga & Meditation Deck • Spa & Fitness Centre • Wi-fi • Indoor Activity Centre Vasundhara Sarovar Premiere VP II / 326 B.Now Open Explore.

the fluttering of fishes. magazines. the playful waves. The fishermen are not going to the sea. he shoots interiors. A lifestyle photographer. they feel like fishes out of water. It is going to be sunshine again soon and the sea will welcome them with open arms. Raindrops are falling on them. brochures and on Web. rains are not going to last forever. The adventure will start again.surE shorts i picture this rOck the boat Lying idle on the shore under a Goan monsoon. His work has been widely published in various books. people and products.airindiamagazine. the chatter of the men riding on . Roughness of the sea is more exciting than the neglected state they have been put to. The boats do not want to be tied down on the seaside. The lensman This photograph was taken by New Delhi based Ravi Dhingra. this fishing boat is feeling like a fish out of water Caption The It is monsoon in Goa. But there is hope. food. 34 August 2012 www. The boats are idling on the beaches all across and they are not enjoying it. The paint is peeling. They are missing the action in waters.

surE shorts i picture this .

specially commissioned for Air India magazine 36 August 2012 www. Raza and other modern Indian artists as we mark India’s 65th birthday DESI BEATS: India 2012 by artist duo Thukral and Tagra.spEcial FEaturE i independence day i day impressions Brushstrokes from .airindiamagazine.

Free doorstep delivery or collection of cash 2. Free RTGS/ NEFT 4. Today we pledge to keep pace with evolving the spirit of freedom by empowering financial independence Central Bank of India Cent Premium Savings Deposit Account. Special rates for processing charges of car and housing loans and a lot more. Free demand drafts 5. Central Bank of India has completed over a century of serving the nation with comprehensive schemes. has been designed to meet your special needs. ISO 27001:2005 Certi ed We accept online payment of donation to Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund (PMNRF) Visit www. Cent Premium Savings Deposit Account The 5 Preferred Services include: Meeting modern needs 1. a progressive Savings Account.centralbanko or call Customer Care: 1800 200 1911 (Toll Free) APEX 07/12 “CENTRAL TO YOU SINCE 1911 ” . Free cash deposit and withdrawals at any branch of the bank 3.

He was also quick to respond to the environment around him .4265519. Director. You also have M. Raza’s works are a result of his own anchored identity. the South Indian restaurant chain. for example. Called Punaraagman. Luckily for us. the priciest artist of the country. Gurgaon (Ph: 0124. After six decades of living in France. 38 August 2012 www. This chromolithograph pasted on paper was by Abanindranath Tagore.airindiamagazine.) and Delhi (Ph: 41510829). the artist who had spearheaded the revivalist Bengal School based on nationalism. You have. Also. Here you have a lovely painting from our grand old artist S. The orange colour is from their signature gunpowder. Courtesy: Art Value 2 INDIA RISING: Satish Gujral.and daughters . In fact. the cover image is from Raza’s first solo exhibition since his return to India in 2011.notably the Kargil excursion and betrayal in India. it makes it easier for us to choose images when August rolls around. Cut to 2012. 01204564600). After all. his painting says. Courtesy: Satish Gujral Studio i FOOD sALuTE Tri-coloured utthapams (`99) and idlis (`99) from Vaango. it behoves them to pay tribute to the land where they honed their craft. the green comes from spinach. Raza. take a look at Satish Gujral’s work.spEcial FEaturE i independence day 1 he portfolios of many of our artists owe a great debt to our tricolour. shapes and symbols) that transverses national and cultural boundaries. which is visible in his works even T today. the desire to pay tribute to the motherland is as old as India itself. bullish about everything. The artwork 2 1 MASKED: Acrylic on canvas by Sanjeet Mahalik (2012). “He maintained an intense bond with the forests. the iconic Mother India that came to represent the spirit of impending freedom. rivers and parched earth of India. The musical instrument represents harmony. Vaango outlets are located in Noida (Ph: 09582560500). India is like a rising bull. The vehicle represents dynamism and a path to progress. Raza returned to India as though he were never away and the works show his close emotional ties with India. Ghaziabad (Ph. Husain whose renditions of Gandhi are iconic. happy vibes and positivity. And that’s where Jiten Thukral and Sumir Tagra (or T&T) enter the picture. In fact.H.” says Parul Vadehra. adorning the cover of Air India Magazine this time. as an Indian painter with a language (of .of the soil. The digital era has brought its own share of new age artists who paint with a mouse. Vadehra Art Gallery that stocks his works. by virtue of being sons . vxLr 2012 39 .

How has this paranoia come about? Similarly. All else in the image . now the hottest Indian artists in the international art scene. Courtesy: Delhi Art Gallery 2 on the previous page. Blue Curacao. Courtesy: Delhi Art Gallery 2 HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS: Punaraagman by S. videos and music. Artists through the ages have painted the idea of India in various shades 3 1 1 REACTION: M. try this drink at Fortune Select Excalibur.signify a celebration. Served in a Pilsner glass and garnished with orange slice and cherry. the pigeons fed by morning walkers in parks. with a pop sensibility. once a picnic spots. Sanjeet Mahalik in i TIrAnGA MOCkTAIL This fruity drink consists of lychee juice. questions: Is India really celebrating her Independence? The Tricolour mask is what we have created of our country hiding Gandhi and his principles behind. especially created for your magazine. but chased away by German Shepherds.drum beats and bright lights . as we celebrate another milestone in our .H.” Lots to think about.” say Thukral and Tagra But then some are skeptical. freshly squeezed orange juice. Gurgaon. Courtesy: Vadehra Art Gallery 3 AT LAST WE ARE FREE: Abanindranath Tagore’s Mother India. is by them. The balconies with clotheslines. 40 August 2012 www. And leaves us with the power to dream. an acrylic on canvas.airindiamagazine. The symbols of our nation such as the India Gate. alienation. “Don’t we all want our own castles in the sky? That’s India in 2012. Husain.F. work in a wide variety of media: Graphics. sweet-sour mix and ginger crush. terrorism that have come to define our age. Raza. his latest work. Who better to take a cue from than our foremost visual artists? Jai Hind. then. The duo. Artist Veer Munshi in his oil on canvas titled Guarding the Nation talks about insurgency. So what’s there image talking about? It captures the very essence of being Indian.spEcial FEaturE i independence day The desire to pay tribute to the motherland is as old as India itself. have become vulnerable and are today guarded 24/7.


in .airindiamagazine.opEn housE i wellness 42 August 2012 www.

Baruah ere is one more innovation from the world of wellness and this one is called Flute Therapy. except that it had three biggies involved: Colorado based internationally acclaimed flautist Nawang Khechog who is also a Grammy award nominee. We live in a world of fast cars and faster music. That is a state of mind when many take the help of sleeping pills www. as well as in kindergarten schools to calm aggressive children. But then. “Our mind is bombarded with millions of thoughts.” He should know because Khechog’s divine music has often been used in hospices (where terminally ill patients spend their last few days) in Australia and the U. love flUte fOr H for all humanity and all species. would not have taken notice.” says Khechog who counts Richard Gere among his biggest fans. adds Khechog. It is forever racing. and never restful. CEOs and the media. as journalists. We. The soul-stirring sound of flute comes out of a deep spiritual existence. it can be any instrument played with soul. CII. the session organised by Krishna Prerna Foundation drew in a number of industrialists.” says Arun Budhiraja. The vibrations work to bring in harmony and keep you at peace. and Mohan Tewani. has a deep connection with your heart and soul because “you play with your breath which comes from within vxLr 2012 43 . boredom. We suffer from information overload. But flute. So what exactly is Bansiyog? “It is a Deep Relaxation Technique (DRT) that combines the principles of yoga with therapeutic qualities of the flute to create a module to harness energy and develop focus. “My understanding of this particular therapy is that you utilise the flute as an instrument to build spiritual values. the first registrar of S-VYASA Yoga University.” Mohanji goes on to talk about the states of our mind: Tamas is when you are lethargic and your feelings and energy are suppressed. anxiety. flute therapy can work in our normal lives as well. It helps to de-stress and enhance productivity. the promoter of the event. It has the power to heal. says Nishiraj A. And Rajas is about fear. Bangalore. Conducted at the CII headquarters in New Delhi. compassion. fast and furious.S. popularly known as Mohanji. We use the energy and power of the flute to explore your soul and calm you down. anger. the apex body of Indian industries. Says Tewani.tHougHt How to handle the mind and slow it down? Flute therapy may be the answer. Flute and Yoga can combine to slow your mind. A Delhi-based cultural organisation which seeks to “conserve the tangible and intangible heritage and culture of India” has recently conducted a workshop called Bansiyog demonstrating the healing power of flute and yoga combine. Of course.airindiamagazine.

free yourself from all bondages and loosen the calf muscles. “leading to road rage. is also a very divine instrument played by Lord Krishna to woo women. in the Indian context. in the U.. in Delhi Recommended music for yoga: Tranquil Flute Compositions inspired by the Tibetan Dream Journey of Universal Compassion and tranquilisers. Even if it doesn’t heal. back aches and other psychometric ailments. trained by the Dalai Lama on Buddhist philosophy and meditation. it didn’t come as a surprise that some actually fell asleep. Director.opEn housE i wellness Khechog’s flute recitals are often used in hospices and kindergarten schools to calm patients and students BREATHE & BLOW: Flute therapy is the exact opposite of high energy aerobics that come with up-tempo music and vigorous body moves i sOuL sTIrrInG Catch Nawang Khechog in action in Raas Rang 3rd World Flute Festival from August 9 to August 12. At the session.airindiamagazine. Photo courtesy: MusicsWallPaper. At the end of the 55 minute session. In fact. “One session is not enough for me to turn me into a flute yogi. sometimes barely audible. Says Khechog. You can experience tremendous bliss. but this is the best flute I have ever heard in my life!” Encouraged by the responses.” The soft and lilting sounds of Khechog’s flute played in the backdrop. Said Shefali Chaturvedi.” he says. toes and fingers and enter a world of dark blue ocean. now plans to conduct such sessions more often. especially coming as it does from someone who has been a monk for 11 years. tranquilisers sell more than any other drugs. temple muscles. the deep slow hypnotic voice of Mohanji urged one to “take off your watches and glasses.” Interestingly. “Flute is hollow from inside.” says Mohanji. 44 August 2012 www. animals and nature in Mathura and Vrindavan. who was one of the participants. We don’t get our eight hours of sleep and even if we do. it’s disturbed.S. flute therapy is the exact opposite of high energy aerobics with up-tempo music and vigorous body moves. “Today 90% of the diseases are a result of stress. sometimes hitting a high note. It has no ego and thus helps you clean your ego as well. “Sometimes you need this kind of exercise to wake people out of their lethargy. Manufacturing. the promoter. and lived as a hermit in the Himalayan foothills for several years. Budhiraja.” We . especially for corporate houses (where stress levels are high) as well as in schools. it has the power to clean your ego. Flute. mesmerising everyone present. CII.




eating desi in the Olympics city can be quite a trendy experience. “doing an Indian” by way of a meal is a fascinating experience for anyone interested in the complex. eating Indian food in London can be quite a trendy experience too. in fact. chaotic and colourful culture of this country. Indian cuisine(s) and its stature has changed dramatically today from what it used to be 20-30 years ago. However. made up of more than 40 per cent immigrants.opEn housE i flavours desi tadka in london With Indian cuisine getting a makeover. Pakistani and Bangladeshi styles of cooking promptly enough even though most of these restaurants go under the generic “curry” tag. Just like that mandatory voyage of discovery to India. A trip to Brick Lane. But with the advent of sophisticated restaurateurs and world-class chefs experimenting with ingredients and presentations. from the French gourmet’s to the Russian student’s to the Italian surgeon’s. I encountered quite a few fans of Indian . In London.airindiamagazine. of course. writes Anoothi Vishal n a recent visit to Europe. were almost on every list of personal favourites. Certainly 48 August 2012 www. rich lamb curries and dal. finding Indian food is never a problem. where eating o Indian food outside India invariably meant eating cheaply and robustly at one of the Bangladeshi curry houses. Gulab Jamun and garlic naan. unique in their style of cooking to the Subcontinent. can show you the difference between Indian. if you are travelling to the bustling metropolis.

healthier food. The offerings are light and contemporary as Indian food arrives tapas style in small grazing portions.airindiamagazine. as we know it today and which is flourishing even in Delhi and Mumbai at the moment thanks to the likes of Indian Accent (run by the fabulous chef Manish Mehrotra) and Vineet Bhatia’s Ziya in Mumbai. But if you are in London. The bustling city’s enviable food culture is founded almost predominantly on a mixing up of vxLr 2012 49 . sharing-portions meals that you may otherwise expect. Of course. was essentially concocted by Indian chefs working in London who aspired to serve up more gourmet offerings than just curry. In fact. Dhishoom (Upper St Martin’s Lane) This hot new entrant into the Indian dining scene has everyone in London talking at the moment. that’s almost a futile question to ask. why is it necessary to go down the “fusion” route? That’s a question many Indophiles ask. The menu comes paired with an excellent wine list. is essentially a London construct.1 1 & 2 DON’T ASK FOR CURRY: The staples of Indian cuisines are turned into haute offerings by playing around with ingredients and presentations 2 i sPICE TrAIL Chutney Mary (King’s Road) One of the first of the London Indian restaurants to turn the cuisine into the stylish entity that it is today. Contemporary Indian cuisine is a London construct as world class chefs transform the image of desi bites different from the family-style. it is a good idea not just to check out the balti places but also these trendy establishments some of which have won a Michelin Star for their efforts and have transformed the image of desi bites into trendier. contemporary Indian cuisine. many of which are woefully underexplored. purists often question the contemporarisation of Indian food as led by many of these restaurants. like I was in the run up to the Olympics recently. In London. For a country with such vibrant regional culinary traditions. where the staples of Indian cuisines are turned into haute offerings by playing around with ingredients and presentations. one of the best Indian chefs around in London. Tayyab’s (Brick Lane): This much-loved restaurant is the place to go for to-die-for lamb chops and keema mutter. Benaras (Mayfair) This Michelin-starred place is run by the wonderful Atul Kocchar. Amaya (Belgravia) The restaurant affords views of chefs cooking on the tandoor. The cuisine.

a wonderful mishmash of spicy. But even when it comes to street food.airindiamagazine. a Michelin-starred Indian restaurant in London migrant flavours. pegged as the world’s biggest restaurant festival. squids in a Mangalorean masala. I discovered that kitchen creativity indeed does not know any geographic or cultural boundaries. 50 August 2012 www. it is somehow appropriate to look at and laud such culinary experiments that bring the world closer together. At the event where 40 of London’s top restaurants and their chefs exhibited their food and talent. waterchestnut stuffed masala dosa. There can be no better way to experience the kick of the unknown with the comfort of the familiar. At the Taste of London.opEn housE i flavours There can be no better way to experience the kick of the unknown with the comfort of the familiar MELTING POT: A dish from Benaras. in the Olympic city is Asian-inspired Cuban food. Japanese wasabi and other umami laden ingredients are being incorporated into every swish menu. without the bite though . sweet and sour flavours. for instance. Cooking styles of different communities from the world over find creative new expressions here. or indeed risotto flavoured with makhni sauce are only following the same larger theme: Bringing global ingredients to recipes that are close to our hearts and palates.on the side! With the Big Games showcasing the best from around the world in a common sporting . And Indian restaurants in the megapolis that may be experimenting with concepts like Parmesan tokri chaat. One of the trendiest cuisines of the moment. you can see culinary experiments drawing on many food traditions: Ethiopian-inspired burgers sell briskly off food trucks and I tried another version of the Mac and Cheese that had an Indian pickle a red chilli pickle. some of the top trends pointed to unique ways in which disparate cultures and cuisines are coming together in this global melting pot. even traditional British ones with those hearty pies and scrumptious desserts.


print and electronic media are still buzzing with tales of the legend’s glorious life. A household name in India. the last being the blockbuster hit Jab We Met. Twitter and Facebook. is no more. Awara Abdulla. . Singh breathed his last following a cardiac arrest on July 12 in . Actor Akshay Kumar referred to him as “Hanuman for every kid. God of all wrestlers.opEn housE i tribute a mighty As Dara Singh passes away.he was simultaneously playing the actor in films.Dara Singh remained unbeaten in 500 professional fights and that included a celebrated victory over another wrestling icon King Kong in the U. C 52 August 2012 www. His old hits included King Kong.” Even as he went about his exploits . born as Deedar Singh Randhawa in a village in Punjab 84 years ago. this 6’ 2” tall giant who weighed 132 kg and had a chest measurement of 54 inches appeared in 121 Hindi feature films. Dara Singh. Ranked as the 10th-greatest heavyweight wrestler of all time by the British wrestling historian Charles Mascall and inducted into the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame. two Bollywood personalities tell Supriya Sinha about their association with the legendary wrestler whose exploits include defeating the iconic King Kong Heart all him our very own Superman (as Shah Rukh Khan puts it).airindiamagazine. his death was mourned nationwide by everyone and that includes our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh too.S. The first Action King of Bollywood.

Mumtaz.” signs off Ali. “After my marriage in 1974. Later. “We were shooting a sequence at the haveli of an old lady. Mumtaz owes her career to Singh because she believes it was his films that helped her get bigger banner films later. Imtiaz Ali. he would wake up early for his morning walk. “Although I had worked earlier as a child actress. She always considered Singh as her mentor who gave her the very first break and was very encouraging during her initial days. Dara Singh was the most punctual person on the sets. “She made me promise that I would get him to have sherbet with her. adding. I didn’t have much to do in these films as these were all about him.The Thief of Baghdad.” recalls Mumtaz. Rustom-E-Baghdad. His power to memorise the dialogues was amazing and one found him completely in sync with the scene once the camera rolled.” Ali says. “He would be friendly and jovial with the co-stars.airindiamagazine. and he was always very warm and gentle. “I was the only actress who agreed to work with him because no big hero of that time wanted to work with vxLr 2012 53 . “My role used to be very small. smiled and asked when he should report for the shoot.” Ali says. who was introduced opposite him in Faulad (1963). It was Daraji who taught me how to face the camera and also how to give your best shot. She wore a lovely saree that day and served him the drink. he was apprehensive. Ali also recalls an anecdote from the sets of Jab We Met. adding that his fans would wait anxiously for his next film. Interestingly. Ali directed Singh in the blockbuster film Jab We Met where he played Kareena Kapoor’s grandfather. The amazing thing about him was the way he could harness his power. I made it a point to visit him. However late he would go to sleep. etc. “He inspired everyone and was a great human being. King Kong. But he read the script. Dara continued to be very protective about Mumtaz even after she started working outside the country. I settled down in London but whenever I came to India. He had also starred with yesteryear actress Mumtaz in as many as sixteen films.” she says. also had worked very closely with Singh. “I was nervous that he would say no. “If you shook hands with him you knew he could easily pull your arm out” . “I was 15 when I started working in films with absolutely no idea about how the industry functioned. She calls his death the “greatest loss to Bollywood”. She was quite a terror.Imtiaz Ali GOD MAN: The role of Hanuman Dara played in the TV adaptations of Ramayan and Mahabharata earned him a huge following i Data D Dara Singh was the first sportsman to be nominated to the Rajya Sabha He started his wrestling career by participating in matches organised by the Indian princely states and in haats and melas Went to Singapore in 1947 and became the Champion of Malaysia His last tournament was held in Delhi in the presence of former PM Rajiv Gandhi www. maybe a couple of romantic scenes and some songs (laughs). The films that were offered to Dara Singh during those times were action films in which most of the big actresses refrained from working. “If you shook hands with him you knew he could easily pull your arm out but he knew his strength and was extremely gentle because of it. full of energy.” she says. the unit learnt that the old lady had a major crush on Dara Singh during her younger days.” she says. powerful and always enthusiastic about work. “I had heard stories of how he had vanquished foreign wrestlers and the legend of how he defeated the Australian wrestler. now based in London. this was my first break as a lead heroine.” adds Ali. When Ali initially approached Singh. who was very strong. I wanted to shoot in a room with antique furniture and she relented only when she found out that the film starred Dara Singh. Dara Singh The Ironman. Another personality from the film world. And it was only because of the ‘schoolgirl crush’ she agreed to rent out her haveli. Ali admits that he comes from a generation that hasn’t seen his wrestling career but knew about him from his mom. is one of Dara’s closest friends.” he adds.” Mumtaz remembers him as an extremely gentle person.” she adds. I cast him as the grandfather of my heroine in Jab We Met because I needed an imposing north Indian man she was scared of.” recalls Ali.

foster and enhance the strategic research and innovation 54 August 2012 www. Empowering and Enabling the Biotech Innovation Ecosystem iotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC) a Section 25 ‘Not-forProfit Company’ of Government of India. BIRAC would like to position itself as an organisation nurturing and promoting innovation led research and will play an important role as a facilitator and not merely a service provider. which serves as a single window B for the emerging biotech industries. has been set up as Department of Biotechnology’s interface Focus i biotechnology piOneering biOtech innovation BIRAC is positioned as an organisation nurturing and promoting innovation led research and is all set to play an important role as a facilitator and not merely a service . registered under India Companies Act 1956. BIRAC aims to become a dynamic organisation. academicians.airindiamagazine. policy makers and industrialists. Vision “To Stimulate. applying unique methodologies for nurturing the high risk projects which hold potential for commercialisation. BIRAC is guided by an Independent Board of Directors comprising senior professionals.

promote academia – industry 55 . 2012 Cr s vxLr 2012 www.birac. • Create common service facilities in public and private sector to serve the needs of Website: www.Technology Mapping and Management • Technology Transfer.capabilities of the Indian biotech industry particularly SME’s. validationSmall Business Innovation Research Initiative (SBIRI) • Partnership with industry for high risk discovery led innovation researchBiotechnology Industry Partnership Programme (BIPP) • Facilitating technology validation and developmentContract Research Scheme (CRS) • Empowering for Achieving Excellence • Create world class quality Incubation space (Bioincubators) for entrepreneurs and start-ups. international linkages and encourage techno entrepreneurship and enable creation and sustainability of viable bioenterprises. Email: • • Create Schemes that facilitate the acquisition or license of innovative technology and technology mapping for identifying patentable technology at national or international level. biraC Verticals BIRAC is as an organisation with three unique verticals• Fostering Innovation and Enterprise Building • Fostering Innovation • Knowledge. to make India globally competitive in biotech innovation and entrepreneurship. Create capacity in various fields required for successful Bio enterprises. Licensing and Acquisition • Provide enabling services for promoting the innovation ecosystem • Build Strategic Alliances.airindiamagazine.” Mission “Facilitate and mentor the generation and translation of innovative ideas into biotech products and services by the industry.” biraC strategies • Foster innovation and entrepreneurship in all places of research • Promote affordable innovation in key social sectors • Higher focus on startups & small and medium enterprises • Contribute through partners for capability enhancement • Encourage diffusion of innovation through partners • Enable commercialisation of discovery • Ensure global competitiveness of Indian enterprises. Announcements for upcoming Call for Proposals • Special Call on Priority Agriculture and Secondary Agriculture Areas under BIPP 1st August to 31st August 2012 • Second Call for Proposals under Contract Research and Services Scheme (CRS) 16th August to 01st October.National and International biraC support for taking discovery to product development Commercial scale-up Product development technology transfer application development application identifcation technology development Proof of Concept new ideas bi i PP biG r sbi incubation support how does biraC accomplish its Mission Ensuring Entitlements • Igniting new ideas.Biotech Ignition Grant Scheme (BIG) • Supporting early stage research for proof of concept. for creation of affordable products addressing the needs of the largest section of society.

as a dedicated financial Institution. it hand-holds projects associated with new and renewable energy technologies till commercialisation. Nordic Investment Bank (NIB) and the Japanese International Corporation Agency (JICA) have been supporting the endeavors of IREDA. By showcasing success stories. wind. hydro and also for energy efficiency activities. thus encouraging them to finance such projects. resulting in abatement of over 5 million tons of CO2eq green house gases (GHG) on an annual basis. IREDA has played a seminal role in the commercialisation of renewable energy technologies in the country by providing innovative and customised financial services across the entire value chain. Government of India created the Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA) under the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE). IREDA has disbursed over US $1. multilateral and bilateral development agencies. Asian Development Bank (ADB). IREDA has always been at the forefront since 1987 IREDA has led the way in financing renewable energy projects by following a unique business model. wind. like the World Bank. Due to the quality of duediligence. wherein. French Development Agency AFD. leading to better viability of their ventures. Operational Areas • Wind • Hydro • Biomass Power • Cogeneration • Solar • Waste to Energy • Energy Efficiency • Bio Fuels/Alternate Fuels Schemes • Project Financing • Equipment Financing • Finance for Equipment Manufacturing Lending Terms • Loan . IREDA helps to reduce the risk perception of other lending agencies (commercial banks & financial institutions). IREDA has achieved a growth rate of over 30% CAGR in the last 5 years.airindiamagazine. the ease of transaction and the transparency being followed at IREDA. This has led to setting up of over 2500 MW of clean power generating capacity in the country. Towards supporting the renewable sector in the country. many of these international agencies are offering newer and larger lines of credit.50% onwards • Repayment . (see graphs) Due to its impeccable credentials and high brand equity. India is strategising to follow a low-carbon growth trajectory. Since its inception in 1987.Upto 10 Years New Initiatives • Securitisation against future receivables • Structured repayment • Loan syndication under Consortium/co-finance • Non-recourse financing 56 August 2012 www. During the last financial year (2011-12). cogeneration. To broad-base the funding of the sector. One of the important tools to meet this objective is harnessing cleaner forms of energy based upon renewable sources like Focus i renewable energy energy forever When it comes to supporting and financing India’s renewable energy projects. like solar.Upto 70% of Project Cost • Interest . hydro and biomass. German Development Agency KfW. In spite of a global economic slowdown. It has sourced about US $1 billion from these agencies. from manufacturing facilities to power generation projects. IREDA participates in joint financing of projects along with commercial banks and financial institutions This is having a multiplier effect as the participant institution feels confident to lend to this sector due to IREDA’s inherent strengths A s a responsible global citizen. biomass.75 billion to over 1500 projects using different technologies. its loan sanctions were `3406 cr and disbursements stood at `1854 cr. enabling availability of credit to the Indian project developers at competitive .

tariff offered by utility.airindiamagazine. IREDA has received global recognition and numerous accolades for its pioneering work in catalysing green financing in India. True to its role as a development institution. 2010-11 2011-12 3406 2008-09 4000 3000 2000 1000 0 Sanctions (` Cr) 3126 1824 1490 2009-10 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 What are the key parameters to be considered while financing RE projects? Both the project developer and the financier should ensure viability of the project. one has to look 200 150 100 50 0 PAT (` Cr) 120 What has been the role of private entrepreneurs in the development of the sector? I think India’s tall standing globally in terms of installed power generation capacity is largely on account of our spirited entrepreneurs. IREDA acts as a knowledge repository of the Indian renewable sector. This includes non-recourse and structured finance. which has become order of the day. EPC contractor.CHAIRMAN SPEAK in assessment of renewable energy projects. it has received the Water Globe Award. securitisation against future receivables. we have recently financed a project involving setting up of evacuation sub-stations and associated transmission lines. To name a few. utility etc. It may be noted that India has unequivocally committed towards reducing the emission intensity of its GDP by 20-25% of the 2005 level by 2020. Disbursements (` Cr) 1854 What are the key initiatives taken by IREDA to support the Indian renewable industry? IREDA has been the first-mover in terms of providing innovative and market friendly financial instruments to the project proponents.26717413. What is IREDA’s contribution to the development of renewable energy sector in India? IREDA has been instrumental in catalysing mainstream commercial banks & financial institutions towards financing of the renewable energy projects in India by showcasing several success stories. looking into the issues of power evacuation faced by wind farms in certain states. wind velocity etc. take-away financing from commercial banks. equipment supplier. Tel: +91 11 26717400 . resource availability (solar insolation. Bhikaiji Cama Place. Fax: +91 11 26717416. financing under Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) mechanism. expected power generation and credentials of stakeholders such as project developer. This can be ascertained by taking into account factors like vxLr 2012 57 . IREDA into the consistency in policy of that particular state where the project is proposed to be located. Over and above. Email: cmd@ireda.). August Kranti Bhawan. 2000 1500 1000 500 0 890 Why do you think renewable energy is important for India? Renewable energy supports our low-carbon growth strategy besides enhancing energy security of the country. from equipment manufacturing to project development to operation and maintenance. In fact. This further supports financing of large size renewable energy projects. The E&Y Renewables Country Attractiveness Index has ranked India as the 4th most attractive investment destination globally. It is undertaking capacity building of the stakeholder community and creating awareness about the Cleantech sector. New Delhi – 110 066. project cost. who have been present throughout the value chain of the renewable energy sector. the Indian Power Award and the Green Innovator 2011-12 www. 1224 771 Is the Indian renewable energy sector investor friendly? The Central Government and many of the State Governments have put in place several enabling policies and regulations which provide a conducive environment for the investor 172 73 56 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited (IREDA) 3rd Floor. Debashish Majumdar CMD. extending lines of credit to project developers and supporting FDI-based projects.

India Habitat Fax : +91-11-26717416 E-Mail : cmd@ireda. Bhikaiji Cama Place. IREDA xk¡ &xk¡ fctyh] ?kj&?kj izdk'k o o v{ k tkZ ls ns'k fo l dk . August Kranti Bhawan.Å Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited (A Government of India Enterprise) Registered Office : Core-4A. East Court. Lodi Road. New Delhi-110066 Telephone : Website : www. 1st Floor. New Delhi-110003 Corporate Office : 3rd Floor. there is alterna e energy IREDA is committed to sustainable development through alternative energy Why IREDA? • Interest rate as low as 11% • Repayment period up to 10 years • Commissioned projects also eligible * *Conditions apply Come to IREDA with your concept & project and get it financed for a cleaner and brighter future. But certainly.There is N alternative to energy.


the then Union Minister of Education. The National Library acts as a public library under the Ministry of Culture. • Collection of printed materials 60 August 2012 www. all Indian publishers publishing in any language are legally bound to deposit one copy of the publication with the library. In accordance with the Delivery of Books and Newspapers (Public Libraries) Act 1954. called Imperial Library. origin and evolution The National Library started its journey as the Calcutta Public Library in 1836. 1903 at Metcalfe Hall.airindiamagazine. The Belvedere House is an elegant building. This magnificent building has heritage status and is now under restoration by the Archaeological Survey of India. Kolkata. The Imperial Library. the library is designated to collect. and the collection was shifted from the Esplanade to the present Belvedere Estate. Maulana Abul Kalam Focus i heritage natiOnal treasure Think of any printed matter relating to India irrespective of language and you can find it in the National Library of India at Kolkata. namely. 1953. aims and objectives of the Library • Acquisition and conservation of all significant printed materials produced in the country to the exclusion of ephemera. and materials concerning India irrespective of language. Most of the divisions and sections are now housed in Bhasha Bhavan. The Governor General Lord Curzon merged the collections of the Calcutta Public Library with those of the Imperial Library. the Government of India changed the name of the Imperial Library to the National Library. with the enactment of the Imperial Library (Change of Name) . After Independence. opened the library to public on February 1. disseminate and conserve the printed materials of the country. It serves as a permanent repository of all reading and information materials produced in India. founded in 1891 by combining a number of Secretariat libraries. the oldest library and also the knowledge hub of the country Belvedere House do not want my house to be walled in on all sides and my windows to be stuffed. nationality of author and place of publication. was formally opened to the public on January 30. The new library. all printed materials authored by Indians. the sprawling building (40. Government of India. The Annexe Building is a nine-storey structure where some important divisions are located. The Library was accorded I a special status of an institution of national importance in the Article 62 in the 7th Schedule of the Union List in the Indian Constitution. I want cultures of all lands to be blown about my house as freely as possible. New Annexe and Conservation Laboratory. was lying unused because of limited access. 1948. It has been carrying a rich legacy and heritage of written and printed history of the country. Thus. But I refuse to be blown off my feet by any” — Mahatma Gandhi The National Library is the biggest library in the country. Within the campus there are two more buildings. organise. There is a reading room exclusively for old newspapers in Esplanade. a specimen of architectural excellence and surrounded by lush green gardens in 33 acres area at Alipur.000 square metres) which was opened in 2004.

The Library has excellent collection of early English books and it is especially rich in the humanities. and in East Asian. British and Indian history and literature.DIRECTOR GENERAL SPEAK concerning the country wherever published and also acquisition of photographic record of such materials that are not available within the vxLr 2012 61 . Among modern documents the library has the Gandhi-Sapru correspondence. Latin. acquisition and conservation of manuscripts of national importance. journals. both general and specialised. the Jadunath Sarkar papers. we have books in classical Arabic. The collection ranges from the 18th century onwards.airindiamagazine. Provision of photocopying and reprographic services. maps. providing bibliographical and reprographic services. collection of printed materials including visual materials concerning the country wherever published. and a work of rhyme and prosody of which only three other copies are known to exist in the world. Acting as a referral centre purveying full and accurate knowledge of all sources of bibliographical activities. there are priceless printed books in the Asutosh Collection. How do children gain from the library? The Children’s Library on the ground floor is where children can read even without a membership. It has acquired personal collections from renowned scholars and eminent personalities such as Sir Asutosh Mukhopadhyay. The National Library is one of the few libraries in the country with a laboratory and with a Preservation Division. given the climate of the country and quality of materials. • • • Collection The Library has a rich collection of books published in almost all major Indian languages. a fine specimen of eastern ornamentation. Who are the key beneficiaries? The National Library is a public library and is open to all users free of charge. exhibitions and workshops relating to books and documents. manuscripts of Rabindranath Tagore and Saratchandra Chattopadhyay. published in Parma in 1481. manuscripts of • • • Prof. It has computers with Internet and also an aquarium. We also have cultural exchange programmes with 83 countries around the world. Swapan Chakravorty Director General. What are some of the exclusive materials in your possession? The National Library has palm-leaf manuscripts donated by Vaiyapuri Pillai. Sir Tej Bahadur Sapru. National Library Sarojini Naidu. researchers. Films are screened for schools in the library. The collection is full of rare books and perhaps the www. What are the languages you have material for? The National Library is a depository library with materials in all Indian languages including English. Planned acquisition of foreign materials required by the country. Persian. Vaiyapuri Pillai and many others. In addition. richly illuminated and written in fine Nastaliq. in modern European languages. valuable letters. in West Asian and in African languages. and Acting as the centre for international book exchange and international loan. although the lack of skilled man-power remains a constraint. in the form of books. What are the challenges in the process of preserving old documents? The main challenges are the state of decay many records are in. What is the oldest document in your possession? The oldest printed book in the National Library is the Latin Historiae Naturalis Liber Primus by Gaius Plinius Caecilius Secundus. The library owns a large number of Indian official documents from the days of the East India Company to the present. and Greek. and writers’ workshops are held to encourage reading habits in young readers. It also has an exceedingly valuable copy of the famous epic poem Shah Namah by the celebrated Persian poet Makin Qasim Firdausi (9331020). and the diaries of Nirmal Kumar Bose. Acquisition and conservation of manuscripts having national importance. Sir Jadunath Sarkar. The Asutosh Collection contains about 87. including a cosmographical work composed in the beginning of the sixth century of the Hijrah.000 books and documents covering all branches of knowledge. It is also an important library of particular importance to scholars. manuscripts and palm leafs in different Indian and Afro-Asian Languages. Rendering of bibliographical and documentation services of retrospective materials. letters of Subhash Chandra Bose. The National Library is also a source of maps from the 17th century. government officials and professionals. serving as a centre for training. It has a fairly good stock of books in other foreign languages including Arabic and Persian. Then. What are the main objectives of the National Library? Acquisition and conservation of all significant printed materials produced in the country. We are now catching up with advanced technologies of preservation. planned acquisition of foreign materials required by the country. letters from Florence Nightingale. There are precious medieval Perso-Arabic manuscripts in its rich Buhar Collection.

• Launching of Indian Library Review.000 pages was started from January 31. Nirmal Kumar Bose.html).in . librarians. Kolkata has started the project for Microfilming of rare. Bisnu lib_stat/index2. Indian Journals. Cambridge University Press. • The National Library has a lively presence in the academic and cultural calendar of the country. an electronic digest of news concerning Indian libraries. • Inter-library loan service • Photocopying facility (payable) • Download facilities from online e-resources • Desktop availability with internet facility • Laptops and digital cameras are permitted in special cases • No recess interrupting readers’ services • Membership forms downloadable from the library website • Prompt availability of membership cards • Reading rooms that remain open 362 days a year single largest collection donated to a library. Goethe. JStor. Francis of Assisi . 62 August 2012 www.A rare copy.. Shah Namah .A famous epic poem by Hakim Qasim Firdausi (16th century) written in Fine Nasta’ Liq 3. Microfilming of Newspapers • DPS Micrographics Pvt. Rabindranath Tagore. • E-reference books of Oxford University Focus i heritage 1 1. • The database of 2. The modern manuscripts at the library include those of Florence Nightingale. Digitisation and Microfilming Project • 32 lakh pages from 9. • More than 4000 titles of e-books of Oxford University Press. Cambridge University Press. Publications. Information relating to exhibitions.Supposed to belong to 20th century A. Conferences. Life of St. American Chemical Society. bound in original Morocco leather with Gold tooling and Silver alloy from Sir Asutosh Collection 4.Taylor & Francis Group. conferences. Sage and Springer. published in Parma in 1481. recent initiatives Collection/Development of E-Resources • Around 7000 academic and research journals of Oxford University Press. scholars and policy makers. training etc. also posted in the static website ( • The database of 125000 digitized early printed English books (EEBO) published between 1475 to 1700 of ProQuest. The 3rd phase of the digitisation project for 20. Johann Wolfgang von. The earliest printed book in the National Library is the Latin Historiae Naturalis Liber Primus. users. • Introduction of Online Access to the Library Catalogue. Mahatma Gandhi. old and brittle newspapers in the room earmarked for Reprography and Microform Library in the Bhasha Bhavan.From Dante’s poem.D. Springer and Wiley. Taylor & Francis Group. Hein Online. 2012 and work is under steady progress. Kamba Ramayanam . Bibhutibhusan Bandyopadhyay. Cambridge University Press. in Tamil script 2 4 Services provided by the Library 3 • Free membership (minimum age: 18 years) • Reading facility in all its reading rooms • Lending facility for lending members (select in-print titles). Jibanananda Das and many others. Sarojini Naidu.airindiamagazine. Subhas Chandra Bose. Project Muse.00. exhibitions.7 million full texts dissertation and thesis of Proquest. training workshops and publications is available in the Newsletter. text and illustration with illuminated borders dotted with Gold reliefs 2. by Gaius Plinius Caecilius Secundus. Saratchandra Chattopadhyay. Faust .141 rare and old documents have been digitised in the first two phases of the work.


light-touch regulation and a fair but advantageous tax structure and the result is a truly compelling package.Welcome to Vibrant Gujarat The Global Business Hub “Gujarat. even in a time of global recession. Gujarat has 16% of its industrial production. the Government has successfully harnessed that zeal to make Gujarat India's most economically dynamic state. Come and see for yourself what Gujarat has to offer. been known as great entrepreneurs. .1. transparent governance. for centuries. they have spread that spirit of enterprise to the four corners of the world. Longest coastline in India Number of Ports Number of Airports Special Economic Zones (SEZs) Industrial Estates Integrated Statewide Gas Grid 1600 Km 42 17 60 198 2400 Km The people of Gujarat have. Investing in an infrastructure comparable with many middle-income economies has brought enormous dividends. with its all-inclusive. No wonder so many national and international corporates have invested in Gujarat . m. Combine that with its strategic location.400 • Indian Delegates – 35. Over the past decade. is emerging as a globally preferred place to live in and to do business. sustainable and rapid growth.19 2013 Summit highlights Convention on Small and Medium sized Enterprises Exhibition spread over an area of 1. Gujarat Advantage Gujarat With 5% of India's population. JETRO and CBC • National Partner – CII • Foreign delegates .and thrived. The State has been witnessing double digit growth in the last 5 years.000 • MoUs signed – 8380 • Country Participation – 101 • Indian States participation . You will be glad you did. In more recent times.000 sq. 2011 Summit Highlights • Partner Country – Japan and Canada • Partner organisations – UNIDO. 00." Narendra Modi Chief Minister.

Acknowledged globally as the premier platform for discussions around sustainable development in South Asia.vibrantgujarat. It will still be a superb platform for business leaders. innovators and thought leaders to understand and explore business opportunities. Gandhinagar. The 6th Summit to be held in the state capital.Vibrant Gujarat 2013 Summit 11-13 January. corporations. But it aims to be much more. academic institutes. of course. With its focus on education. knowledge industries and youth development. Partner Country Nodal Organisation Partner Airlines Partner Organisations For more details and online registration. the Vibrant Gujarat Summits have gone from strength to strength. Gandhinagar. they have seen investment proposals announced worth in excess of $ . Vibrant Gujarat means business and so much more. Vibrant Gujarat 2013 will be the stage for a host of world leaders to deliberate on the issues facing global economies as they strive towards inclusive and balanced development. on 11th-13th January 2013. investors. promises to be bigger and better in every way. Gujarat. India Since 2003. log on to www. Mahatma Mandir.

2013 • Networking Events: January 13. 2013 • Inauguration of Summit: January . 2013 • Valedictory Function: January 12. 2013 . Gandhinagar. Conventions & Round Table Conferences Venue: Mahatma Mandir. 2013 .Panel Discussions & Discussions Forums 11th -13th January. 2013 Events 8th -10th January. Gujarat For more details and online registration.GUJARAT INDIA GUJARAT SAVE THE DATE ! January 11-13. log on to www. 2013 Programme • Inauguration of Exhibition: January 8.

Special incentives are given under the SEZs. The land availability coupled with all above factors ensures Gujarat offers a world class infrastructure to support your business. Gujarat has been contributing immensely to India’s growth story with consistent double digit growth for almost a decade now. With 43 ports. It has the high teledensity and excellent internet access with broadband connectivity in every city. Gujarat’s Industrial Policy focuses on robust. despite being home to only 5% of Indian population. Gujarat is a State with investor-friendly policies and regulatory environment. Australia. Special Economic Zones (SEZs). Proactive Governance The Government of Gujarat has gained enviable reputation for its transparent process. 24x7 power supply. Gujarat means business in every way. Gujarat government has been ranked 2nd best state Government in the world as announced by International Council of United Nations. Middle East and East Asian economies makes it the most convenient place to locate in India.It’s the top contributor to Indian economy with more than 16% of industrial output and more than 22 % of Indian exports contribution. sustainable and inclusive growth. Special Investment Regions (SIRs) are fully equipped with adequate water supply. Investor Friendly Policy Gateway to India Robust Infrastructure All the industrial zones and estates. Gujarat provides excellent sea-connectivity. town & village across the State. . One of India’s most industrialized States.Vibrant Gujarat The Global Business Hub The Government of Gujarat has always believed in providing an excellent combination of robust infrastructure and pro-active policies to facilitate investments. Gujarat also does have very good road and air connectivity and even rail connectivity ensuring you the best possible logistical support in and out of the state. Gujarat alone manages more than 35% of cargo-handling of India. It’s the only power surplus state in India. But why is Gujarat the best place in India to start your business? Vibrant Economy Gujarat has proved itself as the ‘Growth Engine of India’. SIRs and industrial area development. The government believes in encouraging private companies’ participation through the Public-PrivatePartnerships (PPP) model. Gujarat! Its location on the west coast of India and connectivity to the major ports of UK. The tax structure in the State is at par with other favourable business destinations in Asia.

Metro-link express for Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad (MEGA) and Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) are poised to transform the industrial scenario in the state. Mahatma Mandir. You will be glad you did. Gandhinagar – just minutes from Ahmedabad International Airport – the stage is set for global business and thought leaders to convene and provide inspiration for a new era of inclusive and environmentallysustainable growth. Come and see what makes Gujarat such a special place. great recreational opportunities.All this in a safe and secure child-friendly for registration . Vibrant Gujarat means business and so much more. Gujarat. the Vibrant Gujarat Futuristic Infrastructure Several really world class mega projects are on the cards.No wonder investments have surged in the last few years. Gujarat is driving India forward and has become a model for emerging economies globally. A warm Gujarati welcome awaits you. English speaking technically superior as well as professionally-abled personnel are certainly available across the State. Gujarat is extremely rich and diverse in its culture. 12th and 13th January 2013 at the Mahatma Mandir in the state capital. Acknowledged globally as the premier platform for discussions around sustainable development in South Asia. investors. Come and see for yourself what Gujarat has to offer. of course. on 11th-13th January 2013 promises to be bigger and better in every way. The 6th Summit to be held in the state capital.The government has completed development of 49 Skill Up-gradation Centers &22 have been operationalizedalready. It will still be a superb platform for business leaders. Gandhinagar. first LNG terminal. academic institutes.vibrantgujarat. first State-wide gas grid of 2500 km to name a few. India Visit www. It is home to world renowned institutes in management. The State offers cosmopolitan culture. Sustainable. Vibrant Gujarat aims to take a quantum leap forward. engineering and design.1 million jobs were created in the industrial sector . The State also has international-standard schools and universities offering a firstrate education. Welcome to Vibrant Gujarat 2013! 11-13 January. innovators and thought leaders to understand and explore business opportunities. a reasonable cost of living and super food experience. Projects like Dholera Special Investment Region (SIR). business friendly and all-inclusive growth is what Gujarat stands for. All the festivals are celebrated with immense enthusiasm of Gujaratis. Industry Responsive Workforce Quality of Life Gujarat has high quality Human Resource available for all sectorsto support your business. corporations. Over 0. There are several ‘firsts in India’ that Gujarat takes the credit for including – first private port. Vibrant Gujarat Summits Since 2003. Gandhinagar. Petroleum Chemical Summits have gone from strength to strength. & Petrochemical Investment Region (PCPIR). On the 11th. Gujarat International FinanceTec City (GIFT). Come and be a part of South Asia’s most exciting knowledgesharing platform. In 2013. The summit has been extended to a 3-day development festival. There has been a 100% increase in seat availability in technical institutions in last three years. they have seen investment proposals announced worth in excess of and an enormous $800bn.


Reddy’s family is extremely proud and happy for having succeeded 70 August 2012 www. which is promoted by the Reddy family. The Gayatri Group was founded five decades ago by Dr. He had taken upon himself the challenge to build the premium .airindiamagazine.” he says.. “This is a very special project. known to be the best in the country in those days. Subbarami Reddy. the Chairman of the Group. is admired by the tourists as not only the best in the country but also one of the best in the world he Park Hotel is a contemporary and elegant hotel offering business travellers and local guests a sophisticated ambience in the heart of the upscale Banjara Hills locality in Hyderabad. and I am delighted to see the project complete and go in to the best hands of a leading global hospitality company. Subbarami Reddy and his son T. Sandeep Reddy are the T promoters of Gayatri Hi-Tech hotels who have made Park Hyatt a world class hotel. V. Dr. T. Dr. T. Focus i hospitality lUxUry redefined Park Hyatt. Dr. It is owned by the Gayatri Group and constructed by Gayatri Projects Ltd. Subbarami Reddy is known for his taste and grandeur and is credited with having given Hyderabad its twin theatre namely Maheshwari and Parmeshwari 25 years ago. who is a well-known and eminent industrialist and Member of Parliament. T. following the stupendous success of all his previous projects. namely Park Hyatt in Hyderabad.

The friendly and warm Oriental Bar and Kitchen is a place to meet friends or business associates. We are honoured to be a part of the best hospitality chain in the world. special glass. Italy. One will be spellbound by the heavenly atmosphere of the hotel. USA. T . each of the hotel’s guestrooms are among the largest in Hyderabad. The banquet hall. • Contact: 040-49491234 hyderabad@parkhyatt. which are central to the guest experience. China. The impressive lobby is designed with sparkling water features and plants that surround the hotel’s signature 35-foot tall white. 1 in all 450 properties of Hyatt worldwide. kitchen and spa equipment fittings of the rooms. It has been designed by world renowned architect John Portman from Chicago. Spacious. Hyderabad 500034. Austria. The Italian restaurant Tre-Forni. is unique with dazzling chandelier and it is also a feast to the eyes. measuring at least 463 square feet/45 square metres. Hungary. are designed with interactive show kitchens. which has been designed by Japanese architects. The security systems are the best in the world. USA. www. Promoter THE INFORMATION • Location: Road No. 11.P in making a world-class product. Today. Spain. 42 fully serviced luxury apartments with five star facilities. 24 suites. For a traditional Indian menu. The Group is delighted that Park Hyatt.airindiamagazine. 40km/50 min from Hyderabad International Airport. is figuring as the best hotel in the world among the chain of hotels managed by them across the world. “It was pleasure to work with world’s best architects/ interior designers to create this masterpiece. This year we are rated as No.Dr. Hyderabad. Sandeep vxLr 2012 71 .” . abstract sculpture. the formal Dining Room offers light and flavourful Hyderabadi dishes and classic European favourites. France. Tastefully furnished. the décor or even the chandelier is stunning. The hotel has 185 rooms. all restaurants at Park Hyatt.T. I am thrilled to see tourists admire and adore this masterpiece as one of the best in the world” . V. For a light bite to eat. Subbarammi Reddy. have been sourced from various countries like UK. especially chandeliers and various decor items. Hyderabad.“My dream is to place India on the world hospitality map. with generous touches of contemporary features. M. The Living Room offers the hotel’s signature selection of freshly prepared macaroons and other French pastries. as well as elegant Western and Indian-inspired high tea in the afternoon. Russia.2. welcoming and modern. Banjara Hills. The marble. Germany. granite.5 km from Secunderabad railway station • Accommodation: Total 300 rooms including Suites and Service apartments. the Hyatt Group is managing more than 450 hotels in 75 countries.

Footprints i outbound Never stay with relatives and never compromise on expenses while on a holiday. as he recounts his family trip to Egypt eupHoria www. says Euphoria frontman and vocalist Palash egyptian 72 August 2012 .airindiamagazine.

in vxLr 2012 73 .airindiamagazine.www.

I like Tokyo for its simplicity. But Egypt was magical in that it was made up of historic moments.Footprints i outbound ENGRAVED IN STONE: Temple of Luxor is worth seeing i Palash sense Prepare well. Like I mentioned . Never stay with relatives. Try self-driving on vacations for greater flexibility he primary reason why I enjoy travelling is because it gives me quality time with my family. boarding and lodging. if I was asked about my all-time favourite holiday destination. I visited it for the first time in 2009 for a Euphoria concert. it was a place I enjoyed being in. the political goodwill and grit and determination of the people on the whole that has allowed the country never to slip up. allows me to do all that. Travelling. it will have to be Egypt. natural calamities but it’s the sheer willpower of the people. both as a doctor and as a musician and not surprisingly. And while these ‘roles’ keep me busy. recordings and my patients whom I heal no matter how busy I get. Don’t spend blindly. I’ll pick two of my all-time favourite destinations. Plan everything down to the tiniest detail while ‘investing’ in a vacation. I went there a couple of years ago with my family: My mother.airindiamagazine. for the people that live there and respect it. You will feel restricted in their houses unlike in a hotel where you can demand room service Have a king-sized vacation without any compromises done on travelling. at heart I’m a complete family man who enjoys and looks forward to spending time with my loved ones. I wanted to explore a place rich in culture. being away from the daily humdrum of life. I juggle dual roles. Japan has battled problems after problems. I love Tokyo. I like spontaneity in travel. for me any destination works as long as my family is with me. So. it is important for me that on holidays my family is with me. my wife and my two children along with my sister. So. heritage and history 74 August 2012 www. T Though my visit to the city was not strictly speaking a ‘vacation’. no matter which destination I go to. her husband and their two children. but I am a firm believer in planning a holiday well. though. It’s difficult to pick out just one favourite destination given how much each country offers in its own unique way. As much as I like Tokyo. I keep hectic hours with shows. if you allow me.


2 1. Staying with relatives is a big no given that you will feel restricted unlike a hotel where you can demand room service.Footprints i outbound 1 and what better place than Egypt. The way you explore destinations makes a difference too. cruising through the blue waters of the historic Nile river. A good hotel defines just how successful your vacation will be and I’m so glad we selected Oberoi. walking through the numerous lanes and bylanes of some of the oldest bazaars. One of the tips I give my friends who travel is to prepare well.airindiamagazine. and exploring the Pyramids. tourist attractions and. While I like spontaneity . Face it. boarding and lodging. some of the more interesting areas to explore even before our holiday began. Planning your vacation. DO AS THE LOCALS DO: The writer by the Pyramids “The good luck charm I purchased on the trip has my parents’ names engraved in Egyptian” 76 August 2012 www. To wake up in the morning to the breathtakingly beautiful view of the Pyramids is an absolute wonder. For instance. of course. one was reminded of the rich history that continues to bind human civilisation till date.I am a firm believer in planning a holiday well. The piece de resistance of our holiday undoubtedly was our plush and comfortable room in Cairo’s Oberoi Hotels and Resorts (Mena House Oberoi) that offered a stupendous view of the Pyramids. you will feel like a giddy tourist once you reach your dream destination on a vacation with your family members. enjoy the facilities and explore the property. gazing at the Sphinx. ROCK ART: The Sphinx 2. our trip to Egypt was no different given that I had started reading up about places. So. never to stay with relatives and to have a king-sized vacation without any compromises done on travelling. I don’t think I can simply pick up my bags and head out for a vacation. then. Don’t spend blindly and don’t go over your budget but plan everything well and enjoy a comfortable stay in hotels that you can afford. is .the joy of suddenly exploring something which wasn’t part of the holiday agenda . Anyone who has holidayed in Egypt will know how extraordinary the experiences are. Our trip was for 10-12 days.


I’m reminded of just how rich and magical our journey was. It’s perfect for diving and water sports enthusiasts. colourful tents. Palash Sen is a doctor cum musician. which I purchased on the trip and engraved it with my mother’s and father’s names in Egyptian language. 78 August 2012 www. Even today when I look at my personalised gold cartouche (the Egyptian good luck charm worn around the neck).Footprints i outbound PAINT FROM THE PAST: Egyptian papyrus art depicting a historical scene on our trip to Egypt. Sharm el-Sheikh is also one of the most developed tourist resort communities. mountains and sea. The band is about to release their first devotional album. he is also an Orthopaedic Surgeon by qualification. stretches of water that emerge as suddenly as they disappear while you drive ahead flatlands and mountains. complete with bedouins. The six-hour drive was packed with extraordinary views. Frontman of the Hind Rock band Euphoria that gave us hit albums such as Dhoom and Phir Dhoom. there’s the vastness of the desert. there’s also the rich blue sky. You’ll feel like the drive is taking you through a magical . we decided to drive down from Sharm el-Sheikh to Cairo. Here’s a tip: Self-driving on vacations is a good idea given that it offers you flexibility to stop and go as you please. To be sure.




The sector is divided into four sub-sectors: housing. cutting-edge initiatives that go beyond the platitudes on going green. it is hard to add anything more. The housing sub-sector contributes five-six per cent to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). They have won a staggering 25 awards from nine different nations over the last eight years. Recycling agencies take care of the rest of the waste. and clinical waste used in ‘scientific landfills’ inside the enclave. “You can have what you want in a way that you reduce your footprint. The construction industry ranks third among the 14 major sectors in terms of direct. This is a company that deserves watching. retail. A unit increase in expenditure in this sector has a multiplier effect and the capacity to generate income as high as five times. Demand for residential. R 82 August 2012 www. Chandrashekar Hariharan was among the 30 Indian Pearls handpicked by The Week in their anniversary issue of December 2011.” Zed Earth was also picked up by BBC in its series on Ecocities. The positive effects of growth in real estate sector are spread over more than 250 ancillary industries. India is going to produce an estimated 2 million new graduates from various Indian universities during this year. 2012 reports on one of the Zed villa communities. The future of buildings belongs to such pioneering. Market size The Indian real estate market size is expected to touch US$ 180 billion by 2020. The Economic Times of June 21. with ZED as its flagship brand.airindiamagazine. The villas themselves are marvels of low-footprint design. Hariharan and his green warriors have built around 630 houses and are adding another 580 by 2015. It does not use sophisticated technology either. barring 15 per cent of its power requirements. It is the second largest employer after agriculture. commercial and retail real estate is rising throughout India. Dr. catering to India’s growing needs of infrastructure. It uses instead a sophisticated mindset to analyse the finer points of living and save resources. hospitality and commercial real estate are also growing significantly. Meanwhile.’’ says Hariharan. indirect and induced effects in all sectors of the economy. bio waste composted. Zed Earth is not sold at a premium. All the water is recycled. With such formidable testimony that is as discerning. hospitality. according to a study done by ICRA. No sewage or water or waste is let out of the enclave. Their cochairman. Recent growth in the Indian economy has stimulated demand for land and developed real estate across industries. creating demand for 100 million square feet of office and industrial space. has been on our radar for a while. accompanied by increased demand for hotel accommodation and improved infrastructure. and commercial. retail. “Zed Earth is as good a place as on the external world for basic needs. prOperty Indian real estate sector is on the upward path matters eal estate plays a critical role in the development of the Indian economy. the real estate sector is expected to grow by 30 per cent. Over the next Focus i real estate a realty pioneer Zed Earth makes homes with the concept of zero emission and marvels in low footprint design The Bangalore-based Biodiversity Conservation India Ltd. It does not use deep bore wells but would have sufficient fresh .


is finalising land parcels in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. ft. a subsidiary of German construction group Hochtief.” said Anita Arjundas. India has shown its expertise in sectors like auto-components. Sahara Turner Construction.50 million). • Top of the line specifications. pharmaceuticals and jewellery where it can match the best in the world. Now. The project will be funded partly through debt and partly through internal accruals Sahara India has set up a construction joint venture with 110-year-old American real estate company Turner Construction Co. Gold summit LIVE WITH THE BIRDS. • 80% Open space. ft. creating more demand for corporate space. • 20 Mins from Manyata Tech Park / Lumbini Gardens. Foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows in real estate in 2011-12 (April-January) stood at Rs 2. any lesser reception will not benefit your of the tallest buildings in Bangalore. Gold Summit 84 August 2012 www. one of the leading Real Estate Developer in Bangalore. apparels. known for its World City projects in Chennai and Jaipur. the group has successfully developed and delivered 14 million sq. Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company Delhi-based real estate player Assotech Realty has said it will take pan-India stride by opening serviced residence in 25 major cities across India.69 million) in its upcoming project on the Noida Expressway. has a proven track record of ‘Delivering Excellence with quality and elegance’. The company said it will invest Rs 250 crore (US$ 44. THE SKY AND THE CLOUDS • Awarded 5-Star Rating By CRISIL Real Estate Star Ratings • 33 floors . of high quality offices and apartments and another 30 million sq. Presently. It’s a home that mirrors your growth and . Bijay Kumar Agarwal. Apart from IT. according to Vikram Hosangady. The group is the proud recipient of the prestigious CNBC AWAZ CRICIL-CREDAI Real Estate award for the ‘Best Commercial Complex in India’. • 3 sides open. • Exclusive landscapes. Our point is. Experience ecstacy. it has various ongoing residential and commercial projects all across Bangalore of which Luxuria (Malleshwaram) and Magnificia (near Indiranagar) are ultraluxury ones.airindiamagazine. and the Acropolis Capital Group. are on the drawing board. presence of a large number of Fortune 500 and other reputed companies will attract more companies to initiate their operational bases in India thus. a special situation investment and development firm. Under the dynamic leadership of Mr. “We have got a go-ahead from the management and appointed architects. Major investments: Mahindra Lifespaces. Further. The exquisite. chemicals. Partner. ITES and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).in Focus i real estate designing dreams Salarpuria Sattva delivers homes that mirror your growth and ambition Salarpuria Sattva. towering elevation is bound to set your pulse racing. KPMG. PE in real estate projects will fetch considerable returns by next year-end or early 2013. These positive attributes of India is definitely going to attract more foreign investors in the near future. investments Real estate emerged as the popular sector for private equity (PE) funds investing around US$ 1. The JV company.700 million in this sector during 2011.750 crore (US$ 492. feel a sense of peace as you traverse the tranquil landscape zones and enter the grand reception area done up in granite. We are in the process of getting the land within the company by next month.

in Focus i real estate

will build integrated townships called Sahara City Homes and other Sahara India projects in India worth US$ 25 billion over the next 20 years. Projects worth US$ 2.5 billion will be completed over the next five years Government initiatives/Policies This budding sector is today witnessing development in all area such as – residential, retail and commercial – in metros of India such as Mumbai, Delhi & NCR, Kolkata and Chennai. Easier access to bank loans and higher earnings are some of the pivotal reasons behind the growing Indian real estate sector. With a view to catalysing investment in townships, housing, built-up infrastructure and construction development projects as an instrument to generate economic activity, create new employment opportunities and add to the available housing stock and built-up infrastructure, the Government of India has decided to allow FDI up to 100 per cent under the automatic route in townships, housing, built-up infrastructure and construction development projects. Union Budget 2012-13 gives major thrust on accelerating the pace of investment in infrastructure, as this is critical for sustaining and accelerating an overall growth. Efforts to attract private investment into infrastructure through the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) route have met with considerable success at both Central Government and State Government levels. In the Union Budget 2012-13, Rs 10,000 crore (US$ 1.79 billion) is allocated for the development of National Highways. In the next five years, the total investments in the real estate will be US$ 1 trillion. road ahead The real estate sector in India is ready to take a big leap in the coming years. Since 2010, the residential sector has been on a strong growth trajectory and with increasing urbanisation the momentum is expected to continue. Strong demographic mix and increasing salary levels will be the key triggers for growth of the residential market in 2012. Salaried individuals in the age group of 30 to 35 years will emerge as the biggest contributors for demand in the residential category. This category of buyers has in past also been the main contributor to the growth of residential category. It is expected that by 2012, about 0.17 million units of supply will be available in the six major cities across India. Of this unit supply, tier I cities such as Chennai, Mumbai, Gurgaon and Kolkata accounts for 66 per cent of the supply, while the remaining 34 per cent is accounted by tier II cities such as Bengaluru and Hyderabad. During the same period, it has been observed that Gurgaon and Kolkata are expected to have the maximum absorption trend. Also, about 75 per cent of the total unit supply in 2012 will be accounted by 2 bedroom-hall-kitchen (BHK) and 3 BHK units. During the realty boom, a higher composition of 4 BHK and other premium segments are usually expected; however, developers are conscious of the importance of smaller units in generating higher volumes and continuity in sales pattern.

living luxuriously
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Mr Rakesh Pandey, Managing Director, RCP Infratech
Vision To be India’s leading Real Estate company with a pan-India footprint, and be the company of first choice amongst our customers to address their needs across all realty verticals. Mission To satisfy every customer’s need for a better experience through quality construction and employee contentment. RCP Infratech pvt. ltd. has a well-managed architectural and engineering team that has closely partnered and worked with internationally acclaimed architects and many others, to achieve both aesthetic and efficient designs. We are a customer-oriented company and we believe in putting in our best foot forward in our journey to the pinnacle. Philosophy A toddler learns his A,B,C’s from a school. He grows up to be a top notch executive working in a cyber park. He buys a house to flaunt his independence. He unwinds in a hotel and catches up with his friends in a clubhouse. He shops in a mall and takes his family to the nearby theme park. And finally, satisfied, he hangs up his shoes in his private villa. A common success story. Except that, RCP Infratech Pvt. Ltd. had been a part of his journey all along. They say it’s a small world. We at RCP Infratech believe we are the reason behind it. We have laid the building blocks for millions of lives and humbly we continue to do so. We are proud to have made the world a better place to be in. ViP City: Key Features An integrated township of 250 + acres with residential and commercial spaces developed with a concept of walk to school, walk to work, connectivity is a key factor. As the project is located in the northeast of Raipur, an ideal location as per vaastu, compiled with ultra modern amenities, smart club house. A place for every age and section of society, be it in home (bungalows, flats) or outside township, from a child, women to senior citizens, a healthy communtiy living and spaces for all.


August 2012

in .airindiamagazine.Footprints i star trek hOme Actor Tom Alter travels to Wooster. Ohio. but comes back with more than just a degree 88 August 2012 www. to receive an honorary Doctorate.

Ohio. this honour was bestowed upon me in a most gracious ceremony. deemed me worthy of an Honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters. halfway between the cities of Cleveland and Cincinnati. USA .a college and a town deep in the central heartland of USA. and on May 14. or even its economic strength. in the end is its people.airindiamagazine. Ohio W e often judge a country by its cities. We were met at Cleveland Airport www. The College of Wooster had. military might or foreign policy.MAP MY PATH: The College of Wooster. titled The Commencement. A country. I had travelled to Wooster with my mother and my daughter. But a country is so much more than this. its monuments. and how and where they live at their ease. Alfreda Campbell who was a family friend and mentor in India for youngest chachi. its natural parks. or at their work. in its own wisdom. and we were reunited there with two other very special people . green and wooded universe of its own amidst green fields and precisely constructed buildings which look strong and real enough to last for centuries as they surely will. sporting teams. I was blessed in mid-May of this year to travel to The College of Wooster. its historical figures. and a certain Mrs. or at their study. in Wooster. It’s a town which is basically the college. and the campus a gentle. in vxLr 2012 89 .

Mile after mile of straight road. Instead. and the combined staff of the college. the small signs and hints of a college’s existence began to appear. The words spoken and absorbed . There was a sense of order. I could feel all around me both liberty and art. straight and clean. Embraced us. fields. and the streets maintained. and the lawns so neatly clipped. a certain core of wonder where questions were not only asked. The College of Wooster is a Liberal Arts College and.much finer than mine .airindiamagazine.a college where my great-grandfather and my oldest chacha and my son had studied. at The Commencement. and yet not a sense of imposed discipline. small towns and wooded hills embraced us as we passed by. the road. I felt as if we were nearing a certain truth. the towns. it was because centuries ago some special people had made a concerted effort to make all this happen. but did not infringe upon our privacy or our own worlds.spoke of a belief in the universal oneness of man. At the religious service the day before the Commencement. and the structures both ancient and yet so eternal. of both freedom and responsibility: That if the streets were ordered. the farms. And woman. the woods and the rivers enhanced us. prayers had been 90 August 2012 www. yes. and as we drove south through the most beautiful countryside. but even answered with some of the precise wisdom and grace with which the buildings had been built. There were people of every colour and hew and faith. the same effort was quietly being continued as a tradition of both excellence and pride. halfway between the cities of Cleveland and Cincinnati by a van and its wise driver from the college. the fields. . and today. As we neared Wooster .Footprints i star trek SIDE SHOW: The drive from Cleveland Airport to Wooster was scenic i LOCATIOn Wooster is a small town in Ohio. USA. There was the sense. as I addressed the gathering of more than a thousand students who were graduating and their families and friends. I could feel the needless tensions and self-imposed taboos of city life slowly drifting away.

Wish you a very Happy Independence .

Islam and Judaism and Christianity. to share with the world. Hebrew and English. or is the beauty a product of liberal arts? In the meticulous planning and execution of the event. then. but with quite beautiful rhyme. temples and hills. Home is where the heartland is and we must return. lies the peace which we all yearn for. In .had been there in Pune with me.Footprints i star trek PAT ON THE HEAD: The writer receiving an Honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters from The College of Wooster.airindiamagazine. And I have been part of them both . lies the peace which we all yearn for” offered in Arabic. Tom Alter is an Indian actor of American origin.from the Film and Television Institute of India. And I tried to answer a question: Was this possible because of the beauty and natural perfection of where Wooster exists. The road may not have been so straight. but the same colour and colours. and are striving. But above all he is a theatre actor par excellence. the ghats. I was taken back to my own commencement . too. Ohio “Whether in ohio or Maharashtra. the heartland of USA does on your way to Wooster and the Film Institute and The College of Wooster both have strived. My mother . were presented with equal honour and respect. I had felt the same peace which Wooster brought me almost 38 years later. although a much bigger city than Wooster. the same sense of liberal arts which Wooster has today. For there. but the charm of the heartland of India still surrounds you .how blessed can I be.or passingout . the rivers and the small towns blessed us then. or any heartland of any nation. not to mention the faith and faiths of all humankind. 92 August 2012 www. the beauty of both liberty and art. whether in Ohio or Maharashtra. even as we pursue our dreams deep in the cities and systems of our world. who is also an author and a sports journalist with a special interest in cricket. too. I knew that we had together journeyed to a place and time of peace. to these heartlands. but the fields. or any heartland of any nation. Referred to as the ‘blue-eyed saheb with impeccable Hindi’ he is a teacher turned actor. as often as we are allowed to. had. The gowns and black hats spoke in Pune and Wooster of tradition and time’s temporal truths. Not only the same time. where so many great films have been made when it was the heartland of Prabhat Studios. albeit temporal and tempered with personal wonder. Pune. to provide the world. The new highway to Pune is not quite as beautiful as the old road. in Pune (then Poona) in October of 1974 and driving from Mumbai (then Bombay) to Pune and how similar that journey was to our journey from Cleveland to Wooster. And as Satyajit Ray made the most eloquent of speeches that day in the hallowed hall of Studio #1.and my late father . And my mind made another journey at the same time. he was awarded Padma Shri by the Indian government. not always with perfect rhythm. with her universities.

We are positioning ourselves with our major key accounts and continuing to support them with material supply as we have done in the past. To that end. we are building effective business relationships with our customers. we are working hand -in -hand with applicators and contractors to produce strong and durable concrete pavements that can be trafficked within 24 hours. but also a partner and an integral cog towards infrastructure development. are interacting with customers. we are sharing this expertise across regions and to our customers and enhancing the value delivered to them. www. on a consistent basis. We are undergoing a constant metamorphosis and changing ourselves based on our customers’ constantly evolving needs. With over 75 years of experience in the manufacture of cement. We strive towards durability in our cement and concrete.airindiamagazine. The Holcim group is continually striving towards not only being a leading cement and concrete manufacturer. ACC is now creating value for the Large and Infrastructure Projects (LIP) flourishing in the country. essential to all our customers in this segment. we are able to play an active role in protecting the environment. we provide a quality product while not being harsh on the vxLr 2012 93 . Using highly efficient processes and blended products and raw materials. committed to LIPs. ACC is now part of the worldwide Holcim group. Being an involved part of the Indian Green Buildings Council. In the past we have used relationships as the cornerstone to our business. We design products and deliver services as their business partner towards our common goal of building India. understanding the need of the market and delivering based on those Focus i infrastructre Holcim Group together with ACC are now creating value for the large infrastructure projects flourishing in the country bUilding strengtH CC Limited is one of the foremost suppliers of cement and concrete in India. In addition we are looking to partner them at earlier phases of the project right from contract initiation until its execution. Once more. The environment has always been a major priority for the Holcim Group and remains our focus while catering to LIPs. high quality roads paved with minimal disruption to traffic are the need of the hour. contractors and stakeholders in LIP. Some of this expertise includes high A strength concrete. Leveraging our global capability and exposure to new technologies. With traffic constantly increasing. The top management at ACC and Holcim. Combining 100 years of Global and 75 years of local expertise. we are partnering them to deliver value. In addition to providing our customers with a quality product.

This over. we return by the narrow lightless roads. amplified many times. but the loud pounding unnerves my little one. half dreamy. A group of turbaned villagers are actually lifting a massive ox on a cart: It isn’t injured. What is it? Is it a cat fight? Or are these the last muffled screams of a strange dying animal? If Alsisar. her tiny fingers plugging her ear. a village in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. She gets fidgety. The night is spent in a sleepy haze: Half awake. An ancient . It is a spiritual experience for sure as we sit solemnly. it is certainly about sounds after would understand why we have our reasons to be confused and uneasy.airindiamagazine. In the dead still of the night. is about sights by day. the conch. as fast as one can August 2012 www. A dusty desert town abandoned by those who built it. it isn’t some cow heading home after dusk. the cacophony. At the evening aarti in a century old temple. We pace up the roads. It is dead. the cymbals. hypnotic and monotonous.Footprints i short break The dusty village of Alsisar in Shekhawati is as much about sights as it is about sounds. And our first night . the tinkle of a cowbell around the corner. seems ominous and surreal. But no. finds out Gaurav Razdan sOUnd fx Photo courtesy: David Lewis/Flickr 2 1 I 94 t’s bizarre and eerie. the camel skin drum and the brass bell combine to create a Tantric trance.

leaving these havelis to caretakers. This time. A no-nonsense breakfast later. Famous the world over for their frescos. we are back to our room that boasts of period furniture like a four poster bed. shopkeepers and a handful of craftsmen. the sky is crystal trade centres moved. `11. Soon we are ushered into the comforting environs of the open-air courtyard where more sounds await. faces and animals on the walls and the ceiling of our haveli have come alive. By day. a semi desert region.999 (Suite) on these narrow ancient lanes woven with uneven stones. Jaipur By Rail: Sadulpur Jn. On rooftops. as if to make up for the nuisance they inflicted upon us throughout the night. out we go with a guide to explore the abandoned havelis of the rich Marwari merchants who built them in the 17th and 18th centuries. the source of the noise are the peacocks! And they are everywhere. the families moved on .splendid and colourful. Tel : +919928010386/87. Much to our disbelief. On microwave towers. is in the Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan. (Rajgarh). The windows simply open out to a dusty bylane. Converted into a 48-room hotel now. it was the divine folk rhythm of a crooning couple from the village whose music has become a standard fare at several international heritage music festivals. of course. On satellite discs. And now under the bright morning sunshine. Alsisar. this ten-acre property is a part of hospitality group Laurent & Benon’s Heritage Collection.3 1 LEFT ALONE: A monument 2 PRESERVED: Exteriors of Indra Vilas. the guy who brings in our bed tea tells us. Web: IndraVilasAlsisar. It is 4-5 hours drive from New Delhi Attractions Camel cart rides Village walks Painted havelis Shekhawati Festival (Jhunjhunu) Temple of Rani Sati Mataji (Jhunjhunu) getting there by air: Delhi. Post dinner. they are dancing away to glory for our viewing pleasure. On the boundary walls. “I have been to London and Paris and Berlin. Special offer: `9999 (Delux room). these havelis are painted in brilliant depictions of mythology and folklore. those bizarre sounds of the night keep us half awake all through. but sadly it commands no view. And to make things worse. It is only in the morning that we find out. The merchants have left for greener pastures .in vxLr 2012 95 .airindiamagazine. The paintings of flowers. As we walk around the near empty lanes of this www. Jhunjhunu (Bikaner Mail) (Shekhawati Exp. while his wife stands demurely behind a veil.) By Road: Distance from Delhi: 265 km Stay at: Indra Vilas. daily wage earners. it is the largest in the area. Alsisar is all about sights . farmers. Called Indra Vilas.” says the man. the largest haveli in Alsisar 3 HERITAGE COURT: Indra Vilas opens out to this pillared courtyard i FAsT FACTs Alsisar. and reach our haveli (mansion).

palanquins. the camel cart safari is an amazing experience as it slowly carts you around the village under a desert sunset. of such restoration comes from the Alsisar Mahal. Beyond. the food nononsense with limited variety and no fancy fare and tableware. But. my eyes fall on the open window. 96 August 2012 can see the signs in the form of prominent ISD signboards and cybercafés . living in the middle of all the grandeur can be intimidating. A lazy weekend and it’s time for us to go home.Footprints i short break 2 1 ROOM WITH A VIEW: Decorated window 2 BLAST FROM THE PAST: Alsisar Mahal 1 sleepy village. has also been converted into a hotel now. we decide. “It’s an honest hotel with no pretensions. we find that most havelis are in complete disrepair.airindiamagazine. The haveli hotel has a swimming pool. Indeed. Being off season meant there is not much to shop around. But never mind. the service is offered without any fuss. with a steady influx of foreign tourists . there have been no attempts to restore them.its feathers up like a throne in all its multicoloured splendour doing a private little jig for me.he had bought it from the original owner for just `5 lakh 15 years ago. extravagant door handles. We go all the way to Jhunjhunu town. It also has the homely comfort of a guest house. however. However. this mahal that belonged to merchant Gaj Singh. Complete with chandeliers.” says Alec Cohen from Sweden. impressive frescos. others may follow. Apart from the one we are lodged in. On the roof of the house across the lane stands a peacock in all its magnificence . The restoration work here hasn’t really disturbed the original architecture and interiors. The dining hall alone has been rebuilt at a cost of `4 crore. We meet a local resident who usher us into a haveli which he now owns . a resident tourist. Rajasthan. never disappoints. the ever smiling manager will charm you with his small-town hospitality. Following Indra Vilas’ success. and a new restaurant and spa are being been built.Alsisar may just get back some of its lost glory. chairs and spacious interiors. leopard skin. As I throw one last glance around my room to make sure we have left none of our belongings behind. you see. he plans to turn it into a boutique hotel. gun and sword collections. It’s another story that his grandsons squandered away the wealth and now live in a rented house in Kolkata. Now valued at `55. I see one of the most awesome views of nature. the walls of the haveli are adorned with black and white photographs of the extravagant life of Indrachand Kejriwal who built it. the largest building in the area. but the market there is more China than Rajasthan. It is almost as if it is trying to address my complaint that the room doesn’t come with a view. Giving glimpses of the past. The finest example. There are no . Which is why we are rather happy with our more modest accommodation in Indra Vilas which actually feels like a real home.

Entitled Free .

airindiamagazine.S.pop pourri i statecraft wOOd stock Guess what U. of course. Aruna Chandaraju explores the new options 98 August 2012 . First Lady Michelle Obama picked up on her last visit to India? It’s Channapatna toys.

General Manager. Corporate-gift items are also made on demand. key-chains. mobile holders. Channapatna. these products have been more than toys to many women and continue to be so. this industry like other toy making places of India such as Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh. hair clips. One big attraction for customers. They are decorative items used in Bommala Koluvu (doll display on a platform made of an array of steps) that is customary in traditional southIndian homes during Navaratri. Fortunately. is the organic colours used in these creations. These products use an ivorycoloured and lightweight wood called Doodi Ki Lakdi or hale in Kannada. The wood is turned on the lathe to different shapes. whether toys or jewellery. In fact. for long. is also visited by many bulk buyers nowadays. spice-boxes. began to flounder as it failed to keep with the times. The vegetable dyes make these products. Welcome to the new and re-invented world of Channapatna lacquerware and toys. childfriendly and pocket-friendly. There are several individuals and NGOs who help these artisans innovate and come up with new designs and range of products which appeal to contemporary tastes and cater to the modern Indian and overseas markets. as well as faculty from institutes like the National Institute of Fashion Technology and the National Institute of Design. KSHDC. “Financial assistance to the artisans in the form of homes cum sheds have also been provided. Channapatana Lacquerware and toys even won the prestigious ‘GI indication’ in 2005 giving them a much-deserved protection.airindiamagazine.” says G. safe to use. etc. was dying out. now NRIs who want their children to be in touch with all things Indian and traditional are making it a point to pick up these toys for their own kids. The heat generated by the friction melts in the lac and helps to apply the colour uniformly. people who are driving out of Bangalore often stop at this town attracted by the rows of colourful toys that adorn the roadsides. its products unable to stand up to competition from cheap China-made toys which had flooded the market. fruit baskets. So attractive is the new range that even Michelle Obama picked up a few pieces on her last visit to India. www. T The Karnataka Government set up a large automated complex called Lacquerware Craft Complex at Channapatna.hey are eco-friendly. They are also colourful and attractively designed. These are sold along with the traditionally popular items like rocking vxLr 2012 99 . and napkin-rings. From simple toys and small decorative items of olden times. For example. The centuries-old tradition which is believed to have been the art of Persian toymakers brought in by the Mysore ruler Tipu Sultan. especially parents. These workshops are conducted by master craftsmen. the creations now offered include a wide range of smartly designed householdutility articles. bangles. the creations now include a wide range of smart household-utility articles and stylish jewellery ON TRACK: A bright and colourful Channapatna toy train i THE MAkInG OF CHAnnAPATnA LACQuErWArE AnD TOYs Hale wood or doodh ki lakdi is chosen because of its soft body and close grain and because it is well suited to the turning machine. Muniswamy. And. Next. KSHDC also holds regular workshops to help the artisans upgrade their skills and update them on the latest trends. coaster sets. However. From simple toys. new designs have come up. the wooden jewellery range is getting popular for its affordabality and elegant look. miniature cars and trains. or Etikopakka and Kondapalli in neighbouring Andhra Pradesh. Channapatna and its artisans got a helping hand from the Karnataka State Handicrafts Development Corporation Limited (KSHDC) and many NGOs. human and animal figures and spinning tops. lac in the form of sticks in a variety of colours is held against the turning wood. Also. only a few decades ago. The chemical colours form a very small percentage in some products. palm leaf is used to give a glossy finish. which is just about one-and-half-hour drive from Bangalore on the way to Mysore. coat-hangers. With the new impetus given to the art. While the wood is rotating on the lathe. salt and pepper boxes. you will see Egyptian style motifs on the bangles! The product range has broadened and comes in exciting new designs. And. Marketing.

pop pourri i in memory 100 August 2012 .airindiamagazine.

an ex-Army officer. I won’t call it a horror story but you would agree that it has been rather amusing all through. Of all the people.” was what that aunt declared in sheer vxLr 2012 101 . Now tell me your husband’s name. Rajesh Khanna. it wasn’t my parents who gave me that name. Today. Such a name is unforgettable. it only seemed natural for me to so named. Aradhana. she now lovingly calls me just “Raj. came her colleague’s response: “Okay. After all. Later there was no shortage of people who volunteered to refer me as “Kaka” (as the superstar was fondly called) or ask me to belt out songs from the superstar’s hits. And as I made my way into the world from my junior school W to my professional life. It kind of became a joke and people laughed and teased me no end. there is a bright side to it too. I was always a little embarrassed. And it turned out that it was more than just a coincidence that I was named after the star. the popularity of the late star had everything to do with why I was so named. we must name him after the superstar. I was told. And all those movies were invariably that of Rajesh Khanna. Anand. People ask me twice as if to confirm if my name was really that or something else. who shares our late superstar’s name. Abercrombie & Kent India. Ittefaq. His hobby includes photography and one day hopes to showcase his photographs in an exhibition. So. my name attracted much attention. my namesake. at 40. came home and suggested that I be named after the superstar. My name does raise enough eyebrows. Hits like Kati Patang. explains hen I was born. had already mesmerised my parents and their generation. a luxury travel company that specialises in experiential luxury holidays. I learnt from my father. That I cannot sing is quite another thing.airindiamagazine. My parents did not protest and conveniently accepted the name for me. I was too little to protest! However.A lot if you happen to be called Rajesh Khanna.” No wonder. I must admit. wife of my father’s batch mate in the Army who.” After a long pause. Safar. I never suffered from a complex but nonetheless. the late superstar Rajesh Khanna. But not quite my wife who’s still embarrassed with my name. If truth be told.” Now isn’t that the name of SRK in DDLJ! THE CHOSEN ONE: Rajesh Khanna was the first Indian superstar i Get your rajesh khanna DVDs Ittefaq(DVD on Moser Baer) Aradhana ((DVD on Moser Baer) Amar Prem (DVD on Moser Baer/Ultra) Anand (DVD on Eagle Home Entertainment) Namak Haram (DVD on Ultra Video) The writer is Executive Director (Sales & Marketing). And no. People don’t forget me. She said: “Rajesh Khanna. When we got married. only I know what it has meant to have that famous name. that when he was posted in Pune (my birthplace). “Khanna. as this tour pro. it was one filmi aunt. in a way. stop joking. one of her colleagues asked her my name. so on and so forth were already household names. their main source of entertainment was the weekly movie shown in the Army Club. or if they have heard me correctly. www. I never fail to see their sly smiles. during attendance. I have learnt to live with it. I remember in school (Army Public School).

An increasing number of films are being shot in India. observes Supriya Sinha a indi H ollywood has suddenly taken a keen interest on Indian backdrop for its films.playing the main www. even as several Indian actors are getting plump roles in Hollywood flicks.the only Indian actor known in Hollywood . Webb says. Last month saw the release of The Amazing Spiderman. was more than willing to cast Irrfan for the power character. “For the role of Dr Ratha I 102 August 2012 . is just another example of Hollywood’s fascination with Indian locations. which was partly shot in Jodhpur. Enlightening on the character of Dr Ratha.“I practically invented this role so that I could have him on board!” says Marc. And the fact that the ambitious Spiderman flick was released in India a week ahead of its US release shows just how important the Indian market is. Marc Webb.airindiamagazine. director of the film.pop pourri i silver screen starring The latest Batman biggie The Dark Knight negative character Dr Ratha. which has Irrfan Khan .

had lot of strength. directed by Oscar winning filmmaker Kathryn Bigelow. And then you have Bollywood hottie Bipasha Basu who got her first Hollywood break with the Roland Joffe film Singularity in which she stars opposite Hollywood actor Josh Hartnett. There are several instances of Hollywood’s India obsession. Bollywood starlet Tena Desae got to play the romantic lead opposite British actor Dev Patel in the film The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Indian poverty and slums also featured in the multi-super hero flick The Avengers as the filmmakers had recreated Kolkata slums and had Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises was shot in Jodhpur’s Mehrangarh Fort In The Avengers. Gateway of India happens to be one of the 14 locations where the promotional video of Ice Age 4: Continental Drift was shot vxLr 2012 103 .LOOK EAST: Several recent Hollywood box office hits have featured Indian actors and backdrops InDIAn MAsALA i needed someone who projected sophistication.airindiamagazine. very commanding and somebody with a level of intellectual sophistication as Rhys’ presence and Irrfan fitted that bill. In 2009. I am really inspired by Irrfan’s craft and work ethic and am thankful he decided to do the film. A conscious effort is being made to incorporate scenes which have India in the backdrop. Zero Dark 30. Oscar winning filmmaker Ang Lee auditioned 3000 people to pick Delhi University student Suraj Sharma for his film adaptation based on Yann Martell’s novel Life of Pi. Shabana Azmi will be seen playing Osama’s wife in the film based on the killing Osama Bin Laden. Hollywood is also smitten by Indian locations. Bigelow spent a month in Chandigarh to recreate Abottabad (where Osama was shot dead) for Zero Dark 30 to get the exact look and feel of Pakistan. but other people in Hollywood are looking out for roles to suit Irrfan!” Well. Madhya Pradesh Gateway of India is featured in the promo video of Ice Age 4: Continental Drift The Mighty Heart recreated Pakistani cities in India Slumdog Millionaire was shot in Mumbai Eat Pray Love was shot in Pataudi Palace near Gurgaon Mission Impossible 4 . Besides the Indian actors.Ghost Protocol had India in the backdrop www. a busy Kolkata street and a bazaar was recreated in New Mexico Abottabad was recreated in Chandigarh for the film Zero Dark 30 Singularity was shot in Orchha. Amitabh Bachchan will also make his Hollywood debut with a small role of Meyer Wolfsheim in Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby. that says a lot. And it’s just not me.

Filmmaker Christopher Nolan shot for four days in Jodhpur’s Mehrangarh Fort for his just released Batman biggie The Dark Knight Rises. Films like Dark Zero 30 and The Mighty Heart had to be shot in India as the Pakistan authorities did not give them the permission to shoot in Pakistan. who penned down a track for the film. when he shows a busy Kolkata street in his film. Tom Cruise himself visited India to promote his film Mission Impossible 4 . several A-list celebrities from Hollywood have made a beeline to shoot their films in India. where Bipasha along with the Hollywood actors and the entire crew camped for a month. The team also worked with Indian rock band Agnee. It is largely because of the script where India figures prominently. to make the Indian audience connect with Hollywood films.” said Latchman. the film gave worldwide recognition to its actors. producer of The Avengers. location and market to the forefront. the number of requests from foreign crew for shooting films in India has shot up from 12 in 2009 to 30 in 2011. “The idea was to introduce our characters to Indian audiences in a manner that they can relate to them. This was followed by Frieda Pinto. The market size of Hollywood in India is about `850-900 crore. which contributes 10-12% of the overall box office revenue. And sometimes refusal for shooting permission by one country worked in India’s favour. According to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.a film that had India and the middle-east in the backdrop. the only Indian actor known in the west was Aishwarya Rai. She was the first Indian actress to be approached to play the lead in Steve Martin starrer The Pink Panther 2. Madhya Pradesh. who despite having no Bollywood film to her credit.airindiamagazine. Hollywood has realised the importance of India as a prominent market for their films. 104 August 2012 . Not surprisingly. Singularity was shot in the small-town Orchha. a busy Kolkata street (right) was recreated in New Mexico the Hulk coming out of a hut along with a saree clad woman. After its success. A smart business move. Cheap labour and availability of space is also drawing Hollywood crew by droves.Ghost Protocol . though the scene was shot in New Mexico. Jeremy Latchman.pop pourri i silver screen The market size of Hollywood in India is about `850-900 crore. of course. it is actually Slumdog Millionaire that has helped in bringing Indian talent. Until recently. is clear about India as a growing potential market. The Hollywood crew had to take it forward by recreating the Pakistani cities in India. Julia Roberts not only shot her film Eat Pray Love in Pataudi Palace near Gurgaon but also embraced Hinduism. Shot in Mumbai slums. became an overnight star in Hollywood just by doing 2-3 scenes in Oscar winning Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire. Needless to say. which contributes 10-12% to the overall box office revenue INDUS CREED: In The Avengers.


Just what makes this simpleton from Dholakpur click with Indians kids? Abhilasha Ojha finds out 106 August 2012 .pop pourri i small screen deadly dude Chhota Bheem’s recent debut on the big screen has been a roaring success.airindiamagazine.

featured Chotta Bheem as part of its colourful packaging to target children. Chhota Bheem or his friends don’t possess any of these things) but just the fact that “he’s cute. Notty. key rings.airindiamagazine. Interestingly. The film was made at a budget of `4 crore and has booked profits post the theatrical release. grossed `2 crore in the first week itself. For Radhika’s son and his innumerable friends and many other children. has been in exposing children to a desi hero. someone who is not god but just a brave simpleton. clothes and accessories are a favourite in children’s merchandising circuit.” quips Radhika Singh when she remembers taking her kid to watch a Chhota Bheem movie in the theatre. Chhota Bheem is serious business. glamorous costumes or fancy gadgets (no. the company behind the serial is now going to license special Chhota Bheem laddoos in the market for kids www. with dark brown mane. the concept of Chhota Bheem has clicked not just with the children but also with parents. Ben 10. the animation movie emerged a success despite fierce competition from foreign “toons” such as Doraemon. home furnishings. What’s more. Why. he’s going to Nepal in the snow-clad mountains and saving a yeti cub. “We wanted to give children a hero they could connect with. founder and MD of Green Gold Animation Pvt Ltd. the first full length feature film featuring this young hero of many Indian kids. it is for the first time in India that a food product featuring a cartoon character will be launched. home furnishings and video games. Chhota Bheem and the Curse of Damyaan. “In one movie (POGO showcases short films on Chhota Bheem). What makes this desi hero tick are not supernatural powers. making further inroads in the business of merchandising.” says a BRAND BHEEM: Chhota Bheem merchandise. a new energy drink launched by Brand Wagon Marketing.” grins Sharma. the adorable cartoon character. While Hyderabad-based Green Gold Animation Pvt Ltd. Cashing in on its soaring popularity. The biggest reason for Chhota Bheem’s success. It’s positive and I feel secure that my kids watch this stuff. Here’s someone who is not imported from Japan or America. that includes clothes. Interestingly. including clothes. is already selling Chhota Bheem merchandise.anted to simply crawl under the chair while my four-year-old son continued to clap. the company behind it is now going to license special Chhota Bheem laddoos (sweetmeats) in the market for vxLr 2012 107 . have become a huge hit Cashing in on its soaring popularity. sparkling eyes. Barbie (to name just a few). always on a rescue mission and always saving lives”. scream and shout. “This hero has a lot of friends around him so I like the camaraderie that they show. tilak on the forehead and a happy expression is already becoming a mega brand. There was not one second that he sat down and watched the film. while stationery. which developed W Chhota Bheem in 2008 for POGO. however. video games. as six-year-old Arav Sharma explains. the children’s channel of Turner International India Pvt Ltd.” says Rajiv Chilaka. released just a few weeks ago. A few weeks ago.

Raju has a fair amount of fan following. Given the hunger for an Indian cartoon hero that thousands of children in India could identify with . So far 4 seasons of the animated serial have been aired. the biggest strength of Chhota Bheem lies in the fact that it showcases the journey of a 10-year-old boy who is helpful. to classic toons like Tom and Jerry. from local. Chhota Bheem’s popularity soared within weeks of its launch and since then the “property” has only been growing. 2008 on POGO. Chhota Bheem has been aired on POGO in English. contests. contemporary fantasy-adventure like Ben 10. Regular on-ground events make sure that kids across the country meet their favourite toon superheroes. there’s a growing demand for quality content in this space that spans everything. The audience. Turner International India.and they did identify with Chhota Bheem . Check out the new episodes of season 5 every Sunday at 9. In his view. humanity. trust. Showcasing the message of friendship. strong. It’s positive and parents feel secure that their kids are watching this stuff THE MIGHTY TRIO: Chhota Bheem (centre) with his best friends Chutki and Raju i BHEEM BHAM BHOOM Chhota Bheem was launched on April 6. And you thought only the ‘Khans’ made the box-office click? 108 August 2012 www. intelligent and fun-loving. And given that Chhota Bheem’s friends also have an ardent fanfollowing (for the uninitiated. According to Desai. both fans of Chutki. with more choice in kids’ entertainment today. thanks to its soaring popularity. without being completely in-your-face. Launched in 2008 on POGO. Chhota Bheem along with his friends Chutki and Raju who live in Dholakpur. is always on various rescue missions). animators at Green Gold Animation began working overtime to complete 60 episodes. in the next few months. friend who has two girls. The serial also has a massive online presence with games. Adding the proverbial feather in the cap has been the success of the film and the toon’s growing merchandising business.30 am on POGO.” says Also on the cards is a larger portfolio of mobile-based games. So. Chhota Bheem’s best friend who sports rosy cheeks. “Children aspire to be like him. is becoming far more discerning than before.airindiamagazine.pop pourri i small screen Chhota Bheem and his friends are always on a rescue mission. director (content). spin-off short films featuring his friends are also in demand. A film based on Bheem’s best friend Raju titled Mighty Raju v/s the Great Pirate has recently been released. according to Desai. mythoinspired series like Chhota Bheem. is where Chhota Bheem’s success comes from. videos on Chhota Bheem. episodes specifically featuring his friends will continue to dominate the channel. Log onto: Pogo. Chhota Bheem started with just 13 episodes but within weeks. according to Krishna Desai.short films also started getting made specifically for the channel. With roughly 140 episodes that have already been telecast. Hindi and Telugu languages. the makers of Chhota Bheem are already prepping their hero for the next big mission: Another full length feature film that will release by 2012-end. brave. With the success of its first film. honesty. One of the most popular Indian cartoon characters. a dazzling smile and a bindi on her .

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A321 www. Sanchari CHANNEL 5 Bollywood Music Videos YRF Hits 16 channels 1 channels 2 Bollywood Latest Indian ClassicalShobha Gurtu & Surashri Kesarbai Kerkar Dance Hits . A320.R: The Makeover.Western The Legends IndianNaushad & Gulzar English Pop Ghazals-Mehdi Hasan & Faiz Ahmed Faiz Jazz & Rock Children The Legends Western Donna Summer & The Carpenters Yaadein. Ratan Singh Rathore CHANNEL 2 Hindi Classic Aradhana Cast: Rajesh Khanna.RK Films & Films of Yesudas Evergreen Hits Western ClassicalTrans Siberian Orchestra & Luciano Pavarotti channels 3 channels 4 channels 5 channels 6 channels 7 channels 8 channels 9 channels 10 channels 11 channels 12 secoNd fortNiGht outbouNd Thales i3000 Inflight Entertainment System on A319. Robin Wright Penn CHANNEL 4 Mixed Bag F. Sujit Kumar. Sharmila Tagore. Manish Chaudhary. Vikram & Betal. Amrita Puri. Christine Taylor CHANNEL 4 Mixed Bag Up Close & Personal With PZ: Salman Khan. Farida Jalal CHANNEL 3 Hollywood Drama Message In A Bottle Cast: Jesse James. Surya The Super Cop: Khooni Ke Khoon Ka Raaz. Vince Vaughn. Parineeti Chopra. Kevin Costner. Mia Uyeda CHANNEL 2 HINDI CLASSIC Amar Prem Cast: Rajesh Khanna. Sujit Kumar CHANNEL 3 Hollywood Comedy DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story Cast: Ben Stiller.Blood Money Kati Patang Message In A Bottle Shanghai Blood Money Cast: Kunal Khemu. Animare vxLr 2012 127 .A Digital Story CHANNEL 5 Bollywood Music Videos YRF Hits 15 DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story Ishaqzaade AuDio Thales i3000 CHANNEL 1 Hindi Latest Ishaqzaade Cast: Arjun Kapoor.I. Om Prakash. Gauhar Khan. Paul Newman. Sharmila Tagore. Vinod Mehra.

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Ketaki Mategaonkar. Samantha Ruth Prabhu. Urvashi. Judi Dench. Shruti Haasan. Sridevi. Ragini Dwivedi. Mukesh. Priyanka AAPNU TO BADHU PVT. B 747 WRATH OF THE TITANS Cast: Ralph Fiennes. Anoop Menon LIFEU ISHTENU (KANNADA) Cast: Karthik. Rajendra Prasad YE MAAYA CHESAVE (TELUGU) Cast: Naga Chaitanya. Salim Kumar GAANA BAJAANA (KANNADA) Cast: Radhika Pandit. Nutan. Vrinda Ahire. Nikhil Chinappa PEEPLI [LIVE] Cast: Omkar Das Manikpuri. dev Patel THE BEST ExOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL Cast: Bill Nighy. Dilip Raj KOTE (KANNADA) Cast: Prajwal Devaraj. Nayantara KERALA CAFE (MALAYALAM) Cast: Mammootty. Santosh Juvekar. Swastika Mukherjee. Trupti Bhoir. Archana Gupta. R. Kalki Koechlin. B747 SINGAM (TAMIL) Cast: Suriya. Bhavana. Ravi Shanker GOLKONDA HIGH SCHOOL (TELUGU) Cast: Sumanth. Kajol DIL TO PAGAL HAI Cast: Shah Rukh Khan. Dilip Prabhavalkar. Subbaraju LIFE BEFORE WEDDING (TELUGU) Cast: Nishanti Evani. Padmesh Pandit. Rohan Gudlavalleti BOR BOU KHELA (BENGALI) Cast: Tapas Pal. Raj Purohit KHARRTIK (KANNADA) Cast: Karthik. Karisma Kapoor LAMHE Cast: Anil Kapoor. Lalu Alex. Dev Patel www. Madhuri Dixit. Shah Rukh Khan. Moushmi Chatterjee. Bhagat Baliwalla PARKE PAISE PARMANAND (GUJURATI) Cast: Arvind Vekariya. Nav Bajwa KAKHONO BIDAY BOLO NA (BENGALI) Jisshu Sengupta. Judi Dench. Gurpreet Ghuggi. Rajeev Khandelwal. Santhanam SHAALA (MARATHI) Cast: Anshuman Joshi. LTD (GUJARATI) Cast: Apara Mehta. Sangeetha. Rajni Sharma and Asrani ANURAAG Cast: Vinod Mehra. Sapna Saran 7 AUM ARIVU (TAMIL) Cast: Suriya. Asif Ali. Biplab Chattopadhyay BAAVA (TELUGU) Cast: Siddharth Narayan. Pranithi. Kamalika. Anjali. Katrina Kaif Lifeu Ishtenu Traffic SHAITAN Cast: Neil Bhoopalam. Ananya. Zeenat Aman ANARI Cast: Raj Kapoor. Charul Bhavsar. Makrand Anaspure. Tapas Pal FIGHTER (BENGALI) Cast: Jeet. Rahul. Ashok Kumar MOHABBATEIN Cast: Amitabh Bachchan.Sonali Kulkarni AGADBAM (MARATHI) Cast: Makrand Anaspure. Raghuveer Yadav KHICHDI -THE MOVIE Cast: Supriya Pathak.airindiamagazine. Devyani Thakar. Mukta Barve AATA PITA (MARATHI) Cast: Bharat Jadhav. Siddharth Jadhav PARADH (MARATHI) Cast: Siddharth Jadhav. Kottayam Nazeer TRAFFIC (MALAYALAM) Cast: Sreenivasan. Samvrutha Sunil. Jitendra Joshi reGioNal moVies Thales i4000 and i5000 audio-video on demand Inflight Entertainment System on B777. Nilesh Joshi PIYA TUMI (BENGALI) Cast: Rishi. Trisha Krishnan. Sreekumar. Liam Neeson. Sam Worthington. Ferdous. Archana Gupta. Raj Purohit RANG CHHE RAJJA (GUJARATI) Cast: Siddharth Randeria. Manjot Singh. Swathi Reddy. Johny Tri Nguyen. Josh Hutcherson. Rajeev Mehta. Kunchako Boban. Avinash. Suresh Gopi. Astha Munshi. Ashwin Kakumanu VELAYUDHAM (TAMIL) Cast: Vijay. Sudha Belawadi. Sharvanand MUMMY & ME (MALAYALAM) Cast: Kunchacko Boban. Malobika. Genelia D’Souza. hollywood moVies (latest) Thales i4000 and i5000 audio-video on demand Inflight Entertainment System on B 777.Lamhe Janala TEES MAAR KHAN Cast: Akshay Kumar. Tarun Chandra. Anupam Kher Amogh Talathi Man Madan aMbu (taMil)  Cast: Kamal Haasan. Uttam Mohanty KUDUMBASREE TRAVELS (MALAYALAM) Cast: SJayaram. Makrand Anaspure PURE PUNJABI (PUNJABI) Cast: Karan Kundra. Madhavan ENGAEYUM EPPOTHUM (TAMIL) Cast: Jai. Guinnes Pakru. Saif Ali Khan. Chinmayi Ghatrazu. Locket Chatterjee. Nutan. Rajatav Datta JANALA (BENGALI) Cast: Shankar Chakravorty. P. Venugopal. Venugopal. Hansika Motwani. Ajmal Ameer BODYGUARD (MALAYALAM)) Cast: Dileep. PATA NAHI RABB KEHDEYAN RANGAN CH RAAZI (PUNJABI) Cast: Tarun Khanna. Rohington Cheson PAPPA PADHARAVO SAVDHAN (GUJARATI) Cast: Rajiv Mehta. Abhay Shah. Neeru Bajwa. Sudha Belawadi. Archana Kavi MANIKIAKALLU (MALAYALAM) Cast: Prithviraj Sukumaran. Saranya Mohan. Bill Nighy THE HUNGER GAMES Cast: Jennifer Lawrence. Lalita Pawar BALIKA BADHU Cast: Sachin. Prithviraj MUMBAI PUNE MUMBAI (MARATHI) Cast: Swapnil Joshi. Anang Desai. Jagathy Sreekumar. Anushka Shetty. Dilip Prabhavalkar. Srabanti. Girish S BAND BAAJA BAARAAT Cast: Ranveer Singh. Priyodarshini. Krishnudu. Mahesh Kokate SUMBARAN (MARATHI) Cast: Makrand Anaspure. Anushka Sharma DON Cast: Amitabh Bachchan. Liam Hemsworth THE BEST ExOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL Cast:Bill Nighy. Aishwarya Rai YEH DILLAGI Cast: Akshay Kumar. Hitesh Sampat KO (TAMIL) Cast: Jeeva. vxLr 2012 129 . Amar Noorie DEOOL (MARATHI) Cast: Nana Patekar. Avinash.

Robin Wright Penn DEVIL WEARS PRADA Cast: Anne . CHANNEL 4: ENGLISH POP Handpicked international chartbusters. CHANNEL 7: JAZZ & BLUES Thales i4000 and i5000 audio-video Kahani Comedy Circus Ki 10. Burman.EntErtainmEnt GuidE MIRROR MIRROR Cast: Julia Roberts. Michael Caine 10. VIBRANT STAGE Work of renowned theatre personalities. THE HEALING TREE The film explores the rich biodiversity of India & its potential for natural healing. Sudesh Lahri. CHANNEL 6: INDIAN CLASSICAL Renditions by famous maestros. Burman chat about their school and other trivia.C Cast: Cliff Curtis. etc.a man of many calling.D. Mason Gamble. Steven Strait INCEPTION Cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt. CRADLE BY THE STREAM A journey into the rich cultural and mythological traditions of Varanasi. CHANNEL 13: YAADEIN. B 747 DENNIS THE MENACE Cast: Walter Matthau. MADE IN BOLLYWOOD Stars and stalwarts articulate what Bollywood means to them. Emily Blunt. Krushna Abhishek. CHANNEL 2: CHILDREN Selection of melodious songs for little ones. Kevin Costner. CHANNEL 14: YAADEIN.RAFI & SD BURMAN A selection of solo songs sung by Rafi & composed by S. YOUNG TURKS JEWELLERY . A BRUSH WITH LIFE The documentary looks at the life and works of Satish Gujral . Stanley Tucci DODGEBALL: A TRUE UNDERDOG STORY Cast: Ben Stiller. here’s a memorable lineup. LIVE MY LIFE! . CHANNEL 3: COUNTRY Sit back and tune in for country flavour. B747 CHIDIYA GHAR-EPISODE 6: GOMUKH AND GHOTAK’S FIGHT. CHANNEL 12: WESTERN CLASSICAL Sounds of Western Classical music. FOOTSTEPS OF NIKITIN A contemporary filmi journey tracing the route of the 15th century Russian Afanasy Nikitin’s travel to India. Katie Holmes.VIDYA BALAN Vidya Balan talks about films. Sumona Chakravarty. Joan Plowright MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE Cast: Jesse james. Christine Taylor A CINDERELLA STORY Cast: Jennifer Coolidge. CHANNEL 8: REWIND Evergreen English songs. THE ALKAP STORY A traditional form of mass communication from Murshidabad THE MAKING OF A NATION . CHANNEL 5: GHAZALS Jagjit Singh’s most popular ghazals. others LAPATAGANJ . Armie Hammer From the likes of Ella Fitzgerald to John Patitucci. TALES OF AKBAR AND BIRBAL Watch. CHANNEL 9: SILVERSCREEN HITS A delightful compilation of famous movies soundtracks.PART 7: CINEMA AND THE NATION Evolution of the film industry BEYOND TRADITION The film explores the genesis and growth of contemporary dance practices in India.HAI KHABAR GARAM UNKE AANEKI Biji has to pay a bribe for his ex-flame Sukumari to top her exams.C Sanchari Mirror Mirror 130 August 2012 www. Paul Newman. Chad Nichael Murray. Vince Vaughn. CHANNEL 10 : SIMPLY ROCK Unforgettable evergreen rock numbers. ADOOR: A JOURNEY IN FRAMES A cinematic portrait of the renowned filmmaker Adoor Gopalakrishnan.PRIYANKA CHOPRA Tripti Bansal and Priyanka Chopra audio on demand Inflight Entertainment System on B 777. Camilla Belle. CHANNEL 11: TAKE IT EASY A soothing compilation for your easy listening pleasure. A FRAGMENT OF HISTORY A reconstructed biography on the life of Subhalakshmi. Meryl Streep. Leonardo DiCaprio. 2 A power packed performances from Kapil Sharma. Omar Sharif. STEPS AND STRIDES A series of 10 short films drawing on some of the most unique and inspiring initiatives taken by the people of India to usher change WATERING THE GRASSROOTS Benefits of micro financing in rural economy CAN YOU HEAR ME? The success stories of different community radio initiatives from across the country VIBRANT COLOURS The journey of the Indian publishing industry hollywood moVies (classic) Thales i4000 and i5000 audio-video on demand Inflight Entertainment System on B 777.000 B.LATA & RD BURMAN Songs sung by Lata Mangeshkar & composed by R. Hilary Duff BATMAN BEGINS Cast: Christian Bale.airindiamagazine. as Birbal uses innovative methods to solve Akbar’s problems.000 B.D.GILI & D’DAMAS Find out what it takes to run a successful jewellery business in India. Ellen Page short subject coNteNt (indian) Thales i4000 and i5000 audio-video on demand Inflight Entertainment System on B777. Lily Collins. KAHANI COMEDY CIRCUS KIEPISODE NO. B 747 CHANNEL 1: BOLLYWOOD HITS Latest and popular Bollywood numbers. Liam Neeson. BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE . Koyal & Mayuri ask Babuji to interfere and put an end to Gomukh & Ghotak’s bickering.

airindiamagazine. FACETS OF OUR MUSIC.KHooNI KE KHooN KA rAAZ up CLosE & pErsoNAL WITH PZ  -SALMAN KHAN surABHI . SWAMI VIVEKANANDA . INDIA INNOVATES The show focuses on 4 major breakthroughs. RASIKAPRIYA A cinematic exploration of the poetry and notes of the ragas of Indian classical music.I. AN INDIAN SYMPHONY This film looks at the era that transformed the world’s largest democracy into the worlds’ second fastest growing economy. CLASSIC HITS 3 . CHANDRAYAAN-1 INDIA ON THE MOON The epic voyage of Chandrayaan TALES OF AKBAR & BIRBAL Watch how Birbal solves Akbar’s problems TALES OF PANCHATANTRA It is a collection of attractively told stories on the ways that help people succeed in life.I. A WORLD OF BEAUTY AND GRACE ISLAMIC ARCHITECTURE OF INDIA Many of India’s Islamic monuments are recognised as World Heritage.r. WHY CAN’T I? The show creates awareness about the importance of education of young girls.0: TOWARDS A NETWORKED NATION UIDAI The film on UIDAI or Aadhaar project.18 Latest Bollywood music videos.THE MAKEoVEr sArABHAI V/s sArABHAI-sAHIL’s HoLdoVEr CAr r.rEd ForT Renewing India Lokapriya Animare . LIVING STORIES: STORYTELLING TRADITIONS OF INDIA The show on storytelling traditions of vxLr 2012 131 . THROUGH A LENS CLEARLY RAGHU RAI’S INDIA India through the eyes of Raghu Rai. RESURGENT MANAS The resurgence of the Manas National Park and animal reserve in Western Assam.suICIdE YAA MurdEr surYA THE supEr Cop.AN INTROSPECT This documentary presents Vivekananda in his own captivating words and images.EpIsodE No 198 YEs Boss -MoHAN’s HuNgEr sTrIKE F.I. DESIGN CLASSICS OF INDIA This show explores traditional and classical design forms of India.r . RENEWING INDIA A film on the success stories of alternative and renewable energy projects.CHAKKAr AspATAL KA YEs Boss. GRANDPA’S TREASURE OF WONDERFUL STORIES Grandpa’s of tales of bravery and glory. LOVE SONG OF THE WORLD Story of Bauls. SANCHARI A holistic view of Bharatnatyam. OUR INSTRUMENTS A film on the history of Indian music and instruments.d.THE MoNKEY ANd THE CroCodILE F. LAxMAN KI duNIYA. TEACHER’S ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS PRESENT ACHIEVER’S CLUB-VIDYA BALAN Fabulous lives of self-made achievers. RENEWING INDIA Stories from Indian mythology.JHArKHANd rEVIsITEd INdIAdHANusH. SIx YARDS OF GRACE: THE HANDCRAFTED INDIAN SAREE Watch the untold story of the saree BHINNA SHADJA The musical journey of renowned Hindustani vocalist Kishori Amonkar. THE SKY IS NOT THE LIMIT Journey of India’s space agency-ISRO. MAHATMA: A GREAT SOUL OF THE 20TH CENTURY The film attempts to tell the story of M K Gandhi and his quest to find truth.A Digital Story A Cinderella Story www. A LA CART! FOOD ON THE STREETS OF INDIA A journey through four Indian cities for an authentic street food experience. ECHOES FROM THE PAST The show sheds light on some of the most iconic monuments of India’s capital city. B747 KArAdI TALEs . INDIA IN SPACE This show records the birth and progress of ISRO and India’s contribution in the area of space research.ANTIquE pEN C.from the past to present times. short subject coNteNt (western) Thales i4000 and i5000 audio-video on demand Inflight Entertainment System on B777. VIKRAM & BETAL Stories from Indian mythology. INDIA UNLIMITED The film explores the impact of globalisation on the Indian economy. A PERFECT BLEND A panorama of visual text for tea lovers around the world. INDIA 2. A SHORT HISTORY OF INDIAN SPICES Take a trip back in time as this documentary explores the history of Indian spices. through their songs and lifestyle. K. ARE YOU LISTENING? Bauls celebrate the diversity of civilization. MUSICAL BANDS OF INDIA The Musical Bands of India epitomise ‘Unity in Diversity’. HUM SAB EK HAIN This show traces the history of cricket. HEALING THE WORLD A documentary film on medical tourism.4 Collection of classic movie songs. YRF HITS 13 . LATEST HITS 16 .14 Unforgettable Yash Raj Film Videos. ANIMARE The film chronicles India’s dramatic entry into the pulsating arena of animation. THE STORY OF GITANJALI The poems from Tagore’s Gitanjali. LOKAPRIYA A journey into the heart of the Hindi film music industry. THE CARBON MERCHANTS Empahsises on low carbon economy initiatives to foster economic growth. a cult of travelling minstrels THE SHILLONG CHAMBER CHOIR AND THE LITTLE HOME SCHOOL Neil Nongknrih and the world of music he KO has created for under privileged children.

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D .schEdulE AIR INDIA FLIGHTS ORIGIN Abu Dhabi Agartala DEST Delhi Mumbai Guwahati Guwahati Guwahati Guwahati Kolkata Kolkata Kolkata Kolkata Silchar Cochin Chennai Delhi Delhi Hyderabad Kuwait London Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Muscat Newark Guwahati Guwahati Guwahati Imphal Kolkata Kolkata Delhi Delhi Delhi Kanpur Kanpur Delhi Delhi Delhi London Sharjah Delhi Mumbai Delhi Kolkata Kolkata Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi Delhi Chennai Cochin Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Dubai Goa Goa Hyderabad Hyderabad Hyderabad Kolkata Male Male Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Muscat Pune Trivandrum Delhi Mumbai Delhi Indore Mumbai Chennai Delhi Delhi FLIGHT NO AI 0940 AI 0944 AI 9772 AI 9756 AI 9756 AI 9756 AI 0744 AI 9728 AI 9728 AI 9728 AI 9772 AI 9502 AI 0982 AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI 0818 0011 0982 0981 0131 0131 0614 0985 0191 0985 0191 9758 9758 9758 0711 0711 0713 9812 9812 9812 9812 9812 0972 0111 0462 0111 0971 0442 0441 0880 0722 0722 0940 0941 0940 0509 0510 0804 0804 0505 0501 0503 0404 0993 0517 0993 0517 0977 0516 0772 0263 0265 0640 0604 0610 0608 0977 0517 0263 0333 0331 0633 0634 0634 0537 9604 0878 FREq D D 1.7 12. 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D D D D D ….2.2.7 D 12.6..7 D D D D D D 1.3…. 1.2.7 D 1.67 .567 D DEP 0005 0240 0830 1820 1850 1920 1120 1820 1850 1920 0830 1140 0650 0805 2225 0650 2100 0400 0400 0705 2000 2145 2000 2145 1210 1430 1535 1230 1230 1400 1430 1435 1625 1430 1435 0445 1100 1440 1100 2030 1620 1710 1415 1440 1515 2015 2015 2015 1550 1220 0555 0615 0930 1310 1630 2010 1810 0815 1810 0815 1730 1850 0605 0910 1145 0645 0835 1900 2120 1730 0815 0910 0855 2050 0910 1945 1945 1310 1230 1400 ARR 0515 0655 1025 1920 1950 2020 1215 1930 2000 2030 0915 1305 1020 0930 2350 0830 2225 1130 0505 0805 2110 2315 2310 0755 1315 1535 1640 1310 1455 1500 1655 1700 1825 1510 1515 0555 1210 1550 1900 2215 1805 1805 1625 1535 1610 2225 2225 0515 1640 1320 0835 0850 1205 1545 1910 2245 2120 1305 1915 0920 1840 1955 0830 1120 1315 0820 1010 2035 2300 2105 1110 1010 1155 2320 1025 2030 2220 1455 1430 1600 AIRCRAFT STOPS ORIGIN 319 319 ATR ATR ATR ATR 319 ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR 320 320 321 320 320 321/77W 321 319 319 77L 319 77L ATR ATR ATR 319 319 319 ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR 320 321 321 321/77W 320 319 321 321 319 320 319 319 319 321 321 319 319 321 319 319 319 319 319 319 319 319 319 319 320 319 319 319 321 319 319 319 320 321 321 320 320 320 320 CR7 319 DEST Delhi Kolkata Mumbai Port Blair Delhi Mumbai Ahmedabad Bangalore Bhubaneswar Cochin Cochin Colombo Colombo Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Dubai Goa Hyderabad Hyderabad Hyderabad Kolkata Kuwait Kuwait Madurai Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Muscat Paris Port Blair Sharjah Singapore Singapore Trivandrum Trivandrum Visakhapatnam Delhi Frankfurt Hyderabad Agatti Bangalore Chennai Chennai Delhi Delhi Jeddah Kozhikode Madurai Mumbai Mumbai Muscat Riyadh Sharjah Sharjah Trivandrum Delhi Kozhikode Mumbai Chennai Chennai Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Abu Dhabi Ahmedabad Ahmedabad Allahabad Allahabad Allahabad Amritsar Amritsar Amritsar Aurangabad Bagdogra Bahrain Bangalore FLIGHT NO AI 0474 AI 0770 AI 0670 AI 9603 AI 0863 AI 0863 AI 0981 AI 0510 AI 0537 AI 0520 AI 0510 AI 0273 AI 0274 AI 0440 AI 0045 AI 0143 AI 0430 AI 0539 AI 0043 AI 0905 AI 0975 AI 0535 AI 0981 AI 0545 AI 0766 AI 0981 AI 0975 AI 0671 AI 0569 AI 0674 AI 0571 AI 0907 AI 0143 AI 0549 AI 0967 AI 0346 AI 0358 AI 0513 AI 0967 AI 0537 AI 0126 AI 0126 AI 0126 AI 9501 AI 0509 AI 0519 AI 0509 AI 0466 AI 0047 AI 0963 AI 0963 AI 9503 AI 0682 AI 0055 AI 0909 AI 0929 AI 0933 AI 0935 AI 0465 AI 0658 AI 0657 AI 0658 AI 0274 AI 0276 AI 0912 AI 9820 AI 9820 AI 9820 AI 0941 AI 0817 AI 0010 AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI 9811 9811 9811 0461 0112 0971 0441 0879 0941 0803 FREq D D D 12.....6.6.567 D D . . D 1.2.

2…. D D D D D .7 1. D D 1.3. .5....3. D D D D 12345.67 D D D ….7 D .6.2...56.67 ..4.2...3.4.67 D .3.34567 vxLr 2012 133 .. D D . .... 1.567 D D D D D . . D D D D D D D D D D D D DEP 0930 0945 1310 1645 2010 1340 1800 0500 1120 1705 1000 0610 1030 1235 1235 1355 1355 1715 2020 0125 1730 1830 0700 0135 0955 1305 1510 2025 0125 1000 1700 0755 1655 1400 0650 0950 1330 1930 2210 0755 1800 0650 1300 1115 1950 1215 1235 0955 0955 1150 1150 0730 1310 1030 0700 0955 1030 1320 1700 2030 0700 0545 1405 0705 0720 0720 1615 1830 1040 0600 0700 0800 0900 1000 1215 1300 1300 1400 1445 1700 1800 ARR 1205 1230 1545 1925 2245 1935 1915 0700 1320 1900 1045 0850 1315 1515 1515 1645 1645 2000 2300 1015 2030 2135 1150 0345 1040 1350 1600 2220 0620 1405 2120 1020 1920 1450 0850 1200 1530 2140 0005 1150 2030 0850 1350 1225 2330 1315 1335 1055 1055 1315 1315 0900 1455 1320 0905 1255 1235 1535 1910 2240 1305 0710 1900 0800 0815 0815 1715 1930 1155 0755 0905 1000 1105 1205 1620 1610 1500 1705 1805 1900 2220 AIRCRAFT 319 319 319 319 319 321 320 CR7 319 320 321 321 321 320 320 320 320 320 321 319 / 77W 321 319 321 319 CR7 CR7 CR7 321 77W 321 321 320 CR7 319 319 321 319 321 321 320 320 ATR 319 320 77W 319 319 CR7 CR7 ATR ATR 319 321 320 321 CR7 320 321 321 321 321 319 77W 320 320 319 319 320 ATR 321 321 321 321 321 319 319 321 319 321 321 320 STOPS ORIGIN DEST Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Muscat Nagpur New York Paris Paris Patna Patna Patna Port Blair Pune Pune Raipur Ranchi Riyadh Riyadh Riyadh Shanghai Sharjah Sharjah Singapore Srinagar Srinagar Srinagar Surat Tirupati Tokyo Trivandrum Udaipur Vadodara Varanasi Vijayawada Visakhapatnam Dimapur Kolkata Kolkata Dibrugarh Guwahati Imphal Kolkata Kolkata Kolkata Kolkata Bangalore Chennai Delhi Goa Goa Hyderabad Kozhikode Mumbai Mumbai Visakhapatnam Chicago Delhi Hyderabad Bangalore Bangalore Bangkok Chennai Delhi Delhi Dubai Hyderabad Kuwait Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Pune Agartala Agartala Aizawl Aizawl Aizawl Delhi FLIGHT NO AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI 0810 0624 0805 0602 0315 0317 0973 0469 0101 0101 0143 0409 0407 0415 9603 0851 0849 0469 0809 0925 0925 0925 0348 0969 0971 0380 9623 0821 0825 9607 0542 0306 0465 0471 9619 0406 0544 0451 0705 0705 0709 0709 9752 9751 0709 0705 9702 9702 0994 0906 0996 0994 0984 0952 0938 0956 0984 0952 0127 0126 0126 0994 0518 0330 0976 0866 0660 0993 0518 0975 0866 0660 0662 0330 0518 9771 9755 9757 9757 9757 0890 FREq D D D D .7 D D D 12.3.5. .2.67 . D D 1.4567 ..5........2.. 1. D ..4.2.2..2. 1..4.4...2.2.67 D .4..ORIGIN DEST Bangalore Bangalore Bangalore Bangalore Bangalore Bangkok Bhopal Bhubaneswar Bhubaneswar Bhubaneswar Chandigarh Chennai Chennai Chennai Chennai Chennai Chennai Chennai Chennai Chicago Cochin Cochin Coimbatore Dammam Dehradun Dehradun Dehradun Dubai Frankfurt Goa Goa Guwahati Guwahati Gwalior Hyderabad Hyderabad Hyderabad Hyderabad Hyderabad Imphal Indore Jabalpur Jaipur Jammu Jeddah Jodhpur Kabul Kanpur Kanpur Kanpur Kanpur Kathmandu Kathmandu Khajuraho Kolkata Kolkata Kolkata Kolkata Kolkata Kolkata Kozhikode Leh London Lucknow Lucknow Lucknow Lucknow Lucknow Ludhiana Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai FLIGHT NO AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI 0506 0506 0502 0403 0504 0332 0634 9603 0877 0473 0864 0439 0429 0044 0142 0044 0142 0042 0540 0127 0465 0048 0657 0913 9819 9819 9819 0995 0127 0865 0659 0889 9611 0421 0560 0542 0544 0839 0126 0889 0634 9807 0612 0821 0991 0471 0243 9801 9801 9811 9811 0213 0215 0406 0401 9801 0762 0020 0764 0022 0657 0445 0111 0411 0411 0411 0811 0969 9803 0688 0657 0665 0887 0865 0471 0612 0863 0421 0441 0659 0634 FREq . D D D D . . D 1..2.4. D D D D D D D D D D D D D ..5..4… …. ..5.... . D D D D D D D .. 1…… ….67 D D .2.. .4.2.7 ..5.7 ..4.7 .345..3.3.67 12345.7 1.5.56. D 12.. D D D ..3….67 12.6.67 .7 D D D D 12.7 1…… . D …..2..45.5.2..5.7 .67 1.567 1234. D D D D D D D D D .2.7 .3….3.3.2….2.4.... D D .7 1.. D DEP 1800 1900 2000 2100 2250 2250 1920 0545 0130 0130 1315 0710 1300 1805 0500 0500 1600 0545 1305 0440 1525 1900 1140 1830 1830 0005 0550 1115 1210 1240 0950 2110 1730 1215 1745 1030 1330 15:20 1215 1215 1310 1155 1150 0940 1155 1330 1405 1525 2250 2230 0005 2250 2340 0055 1330 1820 2340 0055 0815 0700 0700 0410 1345 2230 0735 0700 1500 2000 1345 2030 0700 1500 1640 2230 1345 0615 1700 1045 1305 1415 1835 ARR 2000 2100 2210 2305 0055+1 0055+1 2125 0710 1140 0710 1855 0840 1435 1940 0930 0700 1800 0820 1445 0645 1730 2105 2020 2240 2215 0755 0715 1345 1330 1415 1340 0845 2200 1430 1915 1145 1700 17:30 1255 1445 1445 1235 1245 1025 1445 1445 1555 1720 0515+1 0430+1 0445 0315+1 0620+1 0550 1900 2245 0405+1 0800 1015 1820 0005+1 0515 1810 0745+1 0900 1110 1900 2120 1625 2225 0805 1605 1740 2335 1440 0810 1800 1150 1410 1515 2055 AIRCRAFT 321 319 319 321 321 321 319 319 77W 77W 77W 319 320 320 CR7 320 321 319 321 332 332 332 332 320 320 77L CR7 320 321 CR7 321 332 321 319 CR7 320 319 321 320 320 319 319 ATR ATR 319 320 ATR ATR 319 321 321 319 321 321 321 320 321 321 77W 77W 77W 319 319 321 320 321 321 319 319 320 321 321 321 321 319 ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR 320 STOPS 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Dibrugarh 1 1 Dimapur 1 1 Dubai 1 1 1 1 1 Frankfurt 2 Goa 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 Guwahati 1 Chicago Colombo Cochin Dammam Delhi www..6.3.3….5.. 1.67 12345.4.7 D D .6. D ….

3….7 1.7 1..67 D D 12..2.. 123.4… D D D DEP 1955 0825 0825 1100 1045 1105 1130 1130 1935 0825 1130 1335 0615 0615 1335 1045 1550 1525 1835 0330 0630 1705 0745 0915 1900 2050 0640 0945 1615 1910 2050 2030 2050 1005 1725 1035 1835 0615 0815 0710 1635 2115 1920 1005 1240 1610 0700 1245 1645 1045 1045 1645 1230 1245 1345 0825 0750 0750 2100 0910 1110 1430 1545 0915 1300 1140 2315 0130 2200 2315 2315 0130 2315 2200 1415 1350 1350 ARR 2210 0920 1025 1150 1145 1230 1235 1235 2110 0925 1230 1435 0700 0700 1535 1245 1640 1705 2015 0435 0735 1810 0845 1020 2005 1015+1 0850 1150 1820 2120 2250 2225 0620+1 1305 2015 1240 2225 0730 0935 0840 1755 2245 2105 1110 1340 1700 0800 1325 2055 1130 1245 1740 1340 1500 1455 0900 0835 1025 2220 1110 1200 1610 1700 1005 1345 12:40 0905 0940 0550+1 0700+1 0700+1 0905 1005 0840 1515 1620 1430 AIRCRAFT CR7 ATR ATR 320 ATR ATR 320 319 ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR 319 319 320 319 319 319 320 320 320 319 / 77W 321 319 321 319 319 321 319/77W 319 744 319 320 319 319 744 319 319 319 319 321 319 321 319 320 ATR ATR 320 320 319 319 ATR 320 320 320 ATR 319 319 320 319 320 319 744 77W 744 744 744 77W 744 744 319 319 319 STOPS ORIGIN Jorhat DEST Guwahati Kolkata Tezpur Delhi Allahabad Allahabad Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Kolkata Delhi Delhi Kolkata Varanasi Delhi Varanasi Agartala Agartala Agartala Agartala Aizawl Aizawl Bagdogra Bagdogra Bangalore Bhubaneswar Chennai Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Dibrugarh Dibrugarh Dimapur Dimapur Dimapur Dimapur Guwahati Guwahati Guwahati Guwahati Hyderabad Imphal Imphal Imphal Jorhat Kanpur Kathmandu Lilabari Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Port Blair Shilliong Shilliong Shilliong Silchar Silchar Silchar Silchar Tezpur Yangon Cochin Coimbatore Delhi Dubai Jeddah Mumbai Mumbai Sharjah Ahmedabad Chennai Chennai FLIGHT NO AI 9769 AI 9719 AI 9769 AI 0244 AI 9811 AI 9811 AI 9802 AI 9802 AI 9812 AI 9812 AI 9801 AI 0214 AI 0216 AI 0248 AI 0252 AI 0405 AI 0405 AI 0743 AI 9727 AI 9727 AI 9727 AI 0711 AI 0713 AI 0721 AI 0721 AI 0771 AI 0769 AI 0765 AI 0763 AI 0021 AI 9802 AI 0761 AI 0701 AI 0023 AI 0705 AI 0709 AI 0705 AI 0709 AI 9701 AI 9701 AI 9739 AI 0729 AI 0729 AI 9729 AI 0618 AI 0711 AI 0713 AI 0723 AI 9719 AI 9802 AI 0247 AI 9739 AI 0676 AI 0618 AI 0775 AI 0773 AI 0787 AI 9719 AI 9711 AI 9711 AI 9705 AI 9709 AI 0753 AI 0753 AI 9709 AI 0227 AI 0962 AI 0658 AI 0658 AI 0937 AI 0963 AI 0962 AI 0658 AI 0997 AI 0982 AI 0976 AI 0982 FREq….4.67 D 1. D .in .6..4.4567 24 6 3 15 24 6 15 D D 1246 2467 135 135 D 3567 24 1 357 1246 246 3 D D D D D 15 D D D 246 37 246 37 357 1 24 .67 .2.3…. .4… D D 135 12345.4.7 D D 1. .airindiamagazine. D D D D D D D D D 12345.5.3.7 ...3.67 .7 12.2.3..6.5.7 D D D 12.7 .3.4. 12.4.4. 1.4… 1.4. 1.4.2..67 D D D .7 . 12.67 .5.4.4..3….7 .67 D D D… 1..4..5.3…..4..2..schEdulE Hyderabad Jaipur Amritsar Kuwait London ORIGIN DEST Delhi Dimapur Imphal Imphal Jorhat Kolkata Kolkata Kolkata Kolkata Lilabari Lilabari Lilabari Silchar Silchar Tezpur Tezpur Delhi Mumbai Ahmedabad Bangalore Bangalore Bangalore Chennai Chennai Chennai Chicago Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Dubai Frankfurt Goa Jeddah Kolkata Kuwait Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Muscat Pune Tirupati Vijayawada Visakhapatnam Aizawl Delhi Dimapur Guwahati Guwahati Kolkata Kolkata Kolkata Silchar Bhopal Delhi Mumbai Delhi Delhi Mumbai Delhi Leh Srinagar Mumbai Cochin Delhi Hyderabad Kozhikode Kozhikode Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Delhi Mumbai Udaipur FLIGHT NO AI 9612 AI 9751 AI 9751 AI 0889 AI 9769 AI 9740 AI 0730 AI 0730 AI 9730 AI 9739 AI 9739 AI 9767 AI 9759 AI 9771 AI 9767 AI 9769 AI 0422 AI 0421 AI 0981 AI 0978 AI 0515 AI 0518 AI 0536 AI 0982 AI 0546 AI 0127 AI 0559 AI 0543 AI 0541 AI 0840 AI 0127 AI 0951 AI 0127 AI 0517 AI 0965 AI 0617 AI 0981 AI 0616 AI 0527 AI 0964 AI 0618 AI 0051 AI 0977 AI 0517 AI 0542 AI 0544 AI 0952 AI 0713 AI 0890 AI 9752 AI 9752 AI 0890 AI 0724 AI 0713 AI 0711 AI 9708 AI 0633 AI 0633 AI 0634 AI 9808 AI 0611 AI 0612 AI 0822 AI 0450 AI 0821 AI 0648 AI 0962 AI 0990 AI 0964 AI 0962 AI 0962 AI 0930 AI 0962 AI 0964 AI 0472 AI 0471 AI 0471 FREq .5.. 1. ….5.2.2.. ….. D D . 1237 D 357 1246 D 124 15 1246 24 D D D D D 124 6 37 2467 135 13 57 135 15 36 D D D 134647 257 D D 135 2467 135 DEP 1205 1455 1205 1450 1330 1335 1125 1525 1530 1535 1125 1000 1555 1605 1425 1355 1355 0950 1650 1730 1750 1100 1100 1300 1340 1810 1850 1805 0700 0950 1325 1345 1700 2015 1005 1005 1005 1005 1150 1310 0635 0935 0935 1740 1405 1100 1100 1500 1140 1325 1350 0635 0600 1405 1645 1955 0530 1140 1150 1310 0530 0530 1300 1335 0530 1105 0820 1350 1350 1000 1720 0820 1350 2015 0005 0005 0005 ARR 1350 1700 1245 1755 1410 1415 1220 1625 1655 1700 1255 1125 1710 1710 1505 1705 1445 1045 1800 1835 1900 1200 1325 1400 1440 2040 1945 2010 0905 1210 1625 1550 1910 2230 1140 1235 1255 1120 1345 1505 0805 1050 1050 1915 1600 1310 1210 1610 1435 1455 1515 0925 0845 1755 1930 2235 0735 1320 1330 1450 0705 0705 1405 1435 0815 1350 0905 1425 2005 1230 2015 1005 1655 2245 0605 0900 1020 AIRCRAFT ATR ATR ATR 319 ATR ATR CR7 CR7 ATR ATR CR7 319 321 319 320 320 320 319 ATR ATR ATR 319 319 319 320 319 319 320 321 321 CR7 320 321 321 320 319 320 319 ATR ATR ATR 320 319 ATR 319 319 319 320 ATR CR7 319 ATR 319 319 319 320 319 ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR 319 320 ATR 319 744 321 321 321 744 744 321 321 320 320 320 STOPS 1 1 Kabul Kanpur Kathmandu 1 1 Khajuraho Kolkata 1 Gwalior Hyderabad 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Imphal 1 1 1 1 1 1 Indore 1 Jabalpur Jaipur Jammu 1 Jamnagar Jeddah 1 Kozhikode 2 1 1 1 1 Jodhpur Kuwait 1 2 134 August 2012 www.7 12.. 1234. .. D D .3.4..5.. D .3.4… .2.5. D D D 1..7 .6.7 .3.3.2.

7 5 D D 246 247 5 13 2467 D D 247 135 13457 26 135 D 13457 26 13457 26 D D 246 D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D 1347 256 D D D D D D D D D D D D D D 25 DEP 0005 0005 1040 1045 0745 0745 0945 1455 0945 1455 2130 2130 1315 0525 0840 0850 0850 1800 1345 2020 1215 1400 1530 1500 1405 1210 1210 1210 1210 1250 0005 0145 0510 1750 1830 1500 0615 0915 1630 2035 0200 0605 1025 0700 0700 0940 1715 1700 0950 0600 0605 0700 0800 0900 0900 1000 1105 1300 1330 1500 1650 1650 1700 1800 1900 2100 2300 1600 2030 0515 1300 1500 2015 1330 0615 0835 1430 ARR 0635 0830 1200 1200 0835 0835 1045 1640 1230 1535 1350+1 1035+1 0305+1 0625 0945 0950 0950 1900 1545 2240 1325 1500 1630 1540 1645 1545 1630 1350 1350 1410 0135 0250 0615 1900 1950 1550 0750 1050 1805 2215 0745 0835 1235 1045 0855 1140 1900 1850 1150 0800 1025 0900 1000 1200 1110 1205 1515 1500 1640 1805 1905 1905 1900 2005 2100 2300 0100 1720 2155 0620 1405 1605 2120 1515 0735 0955 1555 AIRCRAFT 320 320 319 319 319 319 ATR ATR ATR ATR 77W 77W 77W 320 320 320 319 319 319 320 ATR 319 319 ATR 319 320 320 320 320 321 319 321 319 319 77L 319 319 319 321 319 321 320 319 321 320 319 319 319 321 321 320 321 321 319 321 321 319 321 319 319 321 321 321 321 321 321 319 320 321 321 321 321 321 319 319 319 744 STOPS 1 ORIGIN DEST Hyderabad Hyderabad Indore Jaipur Jamnagar Jeddah Jeddah Jeddah Jodhpur Kolkata Kolkata Kolkata Kolkata Kozhikode Kozhikode London Lucknow Madurai Mangalore Muscat Nagpur Nagpur Newark Raipur Rajkot Ranchi Riyadh Riyadh Singapore Trivandrum Udaipur Varanasi Visakhapatnam Ahmedabad Bangalore Chennai Cochin Delhi Hyderabad Mumbai Delhi Mumbai Mumbai Raipur Delhi Paris Ahmedabad Mumbai Chennai Delhi Delhi New York Delhi Delhi Delhi Bhubaneswar Chennai Delhi Kolkata Bangalore Delhi Delhi Goa Hyderabad Delhi Mumbai Mumbai Delhi Mumbai Cochin Delhi Delhi Delhi Mumbai Mumbai Delhi Amritsar FLIGHT NO AI 0619 AI 0050 AI 0633 AI 0611 AI 0647 AI 0963 AI 0965 AI 0931 AI 0472 AI 0675 AI 0617 AI 0774 AI 0776 AI 0657 AI 0963 AI 0131 AI 0625 AI 0671 AI 0679 AI 0985 AI 0627 AI 0629 AI 0191 AI 0649 AI 0655 AI 0809 AI 0921 AI 0927 AI 0342 AI 0667 AI 0472 AI 0695 AI 0651 AI 0986 AI 0978 AI 0908 AI 0910 AI 0974 AI 0978 AI 0986 AI 0469 AI 0628 AI 0630 AI 0469 AI 0102 AI 0102 AI 0144 AI 0144 AI 0142 AI 0102 AI 0142 AI 0101 AI 0410 AI 0408 AI 0416 AI 9604 AI 0550 AI 9604 AI 0788 AI 0518 AI 0852 AI 0850 AI 0517 AI 0518 AI 0469 AI 0650 AI 0656 AI 0810 AI 0810 AI 0928 AI 0924 AI 0924 AI 0924 AI 0920 AI 0920 AI 0349 AI 0972 FREq D D D D D 136 25 1357 D D D D D D 136 246 D D D D D D D D D D 2 24 D D D D D D 135 D 1.6.7 5 vxLr 2012 135 .4..airindiamagazine...Mumbai New York Paris Riyadh ORIGIN DEST Goa Hyderabad Delhi Delhi Jammu Srinagar Guwahati Guwahati Kolkata Tezpur Amritsar Delhi Mumbai Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Mumbai Sharjah Delhi Chennai Chennai Cochin Bangalore Chennai Chennai Trivandrum Trivandrum Mumbai Abu Dhabi Ahmedabad Ahmedabad Ahmedabad Ahmedabad Aurangabad Bangalore Bangalore Bangalore Bangalore Bangkok Bhopal Bhubaneswar Chandigarh Chennai Chennai Chennai Cochin Coimbatore Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Dubai Dubai Goa Goa Goa Goa Gwalior Hyderabad Hyderabad Hyderabad FLIGHT NO AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI 0976 0982 0446 0446 0449 0448 9740 9767 9740 9767 0112 0112 0130 0970 0412 0412 0412 0812 0626 0969 9804 0672 0672 9504 0266 0264 0264 0264 0264 0680 0945 0012 0986 0643 0144 0442 0603 0639 0607 0609 0330 0633 0669 0570 0671 0572 0681 0657 0601 0633 0864 0806 0611 0866 0809 0472 0677 0422 0442 0310 0314 0660 0658 0888 0605 0623 0957 0983 0984 0865 0661 0659 0422 0615 0617 0965 FREq 2467 135 13 5 15 3 1234. D 135 D D D D D D D D D 357 D 357 D D D D 12567 D 12567 D 123457 123467 D 123457 123457 D D D D D 35 2 5 6 35 1 47 1356 DEP 1845 2050 0605 0900 1005 1415 1430 2055 1105 0610 0835 1830 2015 0950 1415 0630 1045 0940 1100 2205 0625 1840 0130 1220 1650 1000 0415 2315 0005 0630 1105 0830 1040 0005 2200 2300 1150 2310 2200 0005 0740 0830 2040 0740 1630 1630 1625 1625 2200 0655 2200 0925 0920 1515 2015 1000 0755 1000 0815 1520 0740 1840 1205 1520 0855 1440 1840 1525 1525 0210 0710 0800 2230 1700 1900 2200 2340 ARR 2005 2215 0715 1040 1105 2015 2015 2330 1340 0850 1240 2110 2300 1305 1600 1130 1300 1320 1215 2310 0750 2000 0755 1400 1755 1445 0540 0040+1 0750 0835 1220 1030 1220 0615 0435+1 0345+1 1625 0325+1 0235+1 0410 1025 0955 2215 0820 1830 0540 1950 1700 1515+1 1830 0935+1 1140 1100 1650 2150 1200 1005 1430 1020 1810 0940 2040 1305 1625 1025 1620 2000 1710 2000 0915 1355 1445 0515 2335 0135 0200 0355 AIRCRAFT 319 319 320 319 319 744 744 77W 319 320 319 319 319 321 744 77W 319 319 321 319 320 319 77L 319 319 321 332 744 332 319 319 319 320 319 319 319 320 319 319 319 319 320 319 319 77W 77W 77L 77L 77W 77W 77W 77W 319 320 320 CR7 321 CR7 319 319 320 321 319 319 319 319 319 321 321 744 332 332 332 744 332 332 320 STOPS Leh Lilabari 1 1 1 1 1 London 1 Lucknow 1 1 Ludhiana Madurai Male 1 1 1 Mangalore Mumbai Muscat 1 1 1 1 Nagpur 1 AI 0864 New York Newark Paris 2 Patna 1 Port Blair 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Pune Raipur Rajkot Ranchi Riyadh 1 Shanghai Sharjah www.

... ..3…...6...56..7 12345. 7=Sunday...6..airindiamagazine.. All times are local.. ....2.6. 332=Airbus ... 12345..744=Boeing 747..4567 D D .CR7=CRJ Abu Dhabi Singapore Srinagar 136 August 2012 www.. D D D 123456 ..4567 1. D .56.2..456...2..... D D D D ... .. D D 1625 1030 0005 2120 1040 1825 1700 1645 0555 0230 1230 1805 1325 0910 0450 1245 1935 1805 1805 0645 0825 1555 Kolkata Kuala Lumpur London Los Angeles Amsterdam Ankara Antalya Bangalore Bangkok Mauritius Moscow Mumbai AiR iNDiA fLiGhtS frequency: 1=Monday..7 D D DEP 1910 0720 0800 0140 1540 1410 2345 1650 1655 1330 1330 1705 0300 1850 0225 0605 0520 0850 0410 0140 0115 1750 1910 0740 0840 1810 1920 1930 1935 0745 0750 1215 0735 1100 1040 1110 1115 2200 1345 1330 1410 0850 0855 1000 1325 0815 1010 1600 0720 0725 0735 0750 0800 0805 0815 0955 1300 1405 1200 1145 1645 1955 1300 1935 1650 1005 1010 1100 2350 1025 1550 1455 1900 1905 1545 2135 1835 1835 1925 0540 ARR 2020 0920 1000 0825 0650 1750 0210 1825 1830 1450 1450 1950 0720 2225 0710 1025 1120 1330 0905 0600 0620 1135 0920 0850 0950 1905 2015 2025 2030 0855 0900 0030 0845 2350 1240 1235 1240 2325 0035 1600 1720 0940 0945 1240 0100 0910 1205 0355 0920 0925 0935 0830 0840 0845 0855 1035 1545 1540 1305 1300 1805 0420 1405 0430+1 1755 1215 1120 0005+1 0630+1 1120 1820 1040+1 1445 1450 1915 0455+1 0335+1 0215+1 0300+1 0800 AIRCRAFT STOPS 1 1 Shilliong 1 Dalaman Dar-e-Salam Delhi Silchar Singapore Denver Detroit Durban Dusseldorf 1 Frankfurt Srinagar Surat Tezpur 1 1 1 Tirupati Tokyo Trivandrum 1 Udaipur 1 Vadodara Varanasi Vijayawada Visakhapatnam 1 Istanbul 1 1 Izmir Johannesburg Yangon CODE SHARE FLIGHTS WITH OTHER AIRLINES Adana Adis-a-Baba Istanbul Dar-e-Salam Delhi Mumbai Nairobi Frankfurt Istanbul Istanbul Chennai Frankfurt Singapore AI* 6076 AI* 7557 AI* 7552 AI* 7550 AI* 7555 AI* 8538 AI* 6084 AI* 6080 AI* 6747 AI* 8755 AI* 7241 D D D D D 12. .6...4.5...... 321=Airbus A321.3.... 1..67 D D D D D .67 12345.7 1....4.5..2..3....7 …4.6. 1234.... 1.56... ..7 1. . .4. 1....3.. 12345.. 319= AIRBUS A319.. 77L=Boeing 777LR.6...5..5.4567 .6. 12. 6= Saturday. 135 135 134567 2 134567 2 36 D D 13457 26 D D D D D D D D 135 D 2467 135 D D D 13457 13457 D D D D 15 DEP 0005 0005 1300 2340 2340 0005 2340 0005 1340 1340 1350 1510 0720 0720 0935 0730 0920 0940 1445 1515 0730 1045 2105 0915 0835 0745 1415 1425 1425 0915 1445 1555 1305 0835 0835 1430 1440 1430 1440 1130 0720 0620 1430 1515 0600 0600 1050 0915 1940 1300 1300 1505 1945 1550 1230 1230 1115 1735 1735 1130 1130 0845 1820 1820 1300 1435 ARR 0735 0535 1800 0625 0555 0515 04351+1 0535 1435 1700 1530 1650 0810 0805 1025 0805 1100 1110 1550 1615 0815 1205 2225 1215 1125 0905 1540 1700 1505 1005 1625 1640 1350 1110 0920 1820 1820 1530 1540 1655 0825 0735 1545 1630 0645 1025 1120 1125 2225 1515 1340 1620 2115 1705 1340 1320 1315 2120 1825 1220 1455 1055 2225 1920 1440 1535 AIRCRAFT 320 320 320 320 320 321 320 320 ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR 319 320 ATR 321 320 77L 332 CR7 321 320 320 319 CR7 ATR ATR ATR ATR 321 321 321 321 332 320 320 320 320 321 321 320 319 320 319 319 319 CR7 320 320 320 319 319 319 320 320 321 321 321 320 319 STOPS 1 ORIGIN Berlin Cape Town Chennai Chicago Colombo Copenhagen DEST Frankfurt Johannesburg Johannesburg Frankfurt Frankfurt Delhi Mumbai Frankfurt Frankfurt Istanbul Istanbul Adis-a-Baba Adis-a-Baba Colombo Frankfurt Istanbul Mauritius Munich Moscow Vienna Zurich Frankfurt Frankfurt Johannesburg Johannesburg Frankfurt Frankfurt Frankfurt Frankfurt Amsterdam Amsterdam Bangalore Berlin Chennai Chicago Copenhagen Copenhagen Copenhagen Delhi Denver Detroit Dusseldorf Dusseldorf Los Angeles Mumbai Munich Oslo Pune Stockholm Stockholm Stockholm Stuttgart Stuttgart Stuttgart Stuttgart Stuttgart Washington Adana Ankara Antalya Dalaman Delhi Izmir Mumbai Istanbul Cape Town Durban Mumbai Singapore Singapore New York Frankfurt Frankfurt Frankfurt Tokyo Bangalore Delhi Mumbai Delhi Adis-a-Baba FLIGHT NO AI* 8876 AI* 7608 AI* 7614 AI* 8759 AI* 8636 AI* 6045 AI* 6041 AI* 8571 AI* 8571 AI* 6082 AI* 6082 AI* 7556 AI* 7553 AI* 6046 AI* 8761 AI* 6071 AI* 6745 AI* 8763 AI* 6536 AI* 6034 AI* 7703 AI* 8634 AI* 8646 AI* 7634 AI* 7638 AI* 8844 AI* 8844 AI* 8844 AI* 8844 AI* 8539 AI* 8539 AI* 8754 AI* 8867 AI* 8758 AI* 8637 AI* 8576 AI* 8576 AI* 8576 AI* 8760 AI* 8635 AI* 8647 AI* 8851 AI* 8851 AI* 8641 AI* 8756 AI* 8811 AI* 8534 AI* 8766 AI* 8504 AI* 8504 AI* 8504 AI* 8829 AI* 8829 AI* 8829 AI* 8829 AI* 8829 AI* 8645 AI* 6077 AI* 6085 AI* 6081 AI* 6083 AI* 6070 AI* 6079 AI* 6074 AI* 6078 AI* 7623 AI* 7643 AI* 7624 AI* 7261 AI* 7243 AI* 6335 AI* 8640 AI* 8642 AI* 8642 AI* 7205 AI* 6746 AI* 6744 AI* 6748 AI* 6535 AI* 7551 FREq D .3. . D 1.2...7 ....45..2....45.7 247 1356 D 247 D 124 124 6 37 135 2467 135 2467 2467 135 13 57 135 D D D D 1357 D D D 3 2467 5 1. 1.. 5=Friday.3.. 320=Airbus A320. 77W=Boeing 777ER.5.7 ..34567 D D D .schEdulE ORIGIN DEST Chennai Cochin Cochin Delhi Delhi Kozhikode Lucknow Trivandrum Jorhat Kolkata Kolkata Kolkata Agartala Guwahati Guwahati Imphal Kolkata Kolkata Kolkata Kolkata Tezpur Chennai Chennai Delhi Mumbai Delhi Delhi Delhi Jammu Leh Delhi Guwahati Guwahati Kolkata Silchar Delhi Delhi Hyderabad Hyderabad Delhi Bangalore Chennai Chennai Chennai Cochin Delhi Male Mumbai Sharjah Delhi Jodhpur Mumbai Delhi Delhi Kathmandu Khajuraho Mumbai Delhi Hyderabad Bhubaneswar Chennai Delhi Dubai Hyderabad Mumbai Kolkata FLIGHT NO AI 0968 AI 0934 AI 0936 AI 0970 AI 0972 AI 0998 AI 0970 AI 0968 AI 9719 AI 9719 AI 9712 AI 9712 AI 9771 AI 9760 AI 9772 AI 9707 AI 9706 AI 9710 AI 0754 AI 0754 AI 9709 AI 0347 AI 0359 AI 0381 AI 0343 AI 9624 AI 0826 AI 0822 AI 0822 AI 0447 AI 9608 AI 9767 AI 9769 AI 9710 AI 9710 AI 0541 AI 0541 AI 0541 AI 0541 AI 0307 AI 0507 AI 0968 AI 0264 AI 0264 AI 0466 AI 0466 AI 0263 AI 0668 AI 0967 AI 0472 AI 0472 AI 0471 AI 9620 AI 0405 AI 0251 AI 0406 AI 0696 AI 0840 AI 0840 AI 0537 AI 0537 AI 0452 AI 0951 AI 0951 AI 0652 AI 0228 FREq D D .4.4.......7 D D D D 1... . 4=Thursday.7 D D 1....3. D D D D 1. . 2=Tuesday....3…7 ...... 3=Wednesday. D D D D D D D D D 12.. .

3=Wednesday.. 7=Sunday..airindiamagazine. 737 = Boeing 737 Frankfurt Istanbul Munich Doha Kuala Lumpur www. All times are local.4. D D D vxLr 2012 137 . D D D D D . 4=Thursday. 2=Tuesday.... 7=Sunday All times are local. AiR iNDiA eXPReSS fLiGhtS frequency: 1=Monday. 6= Saturday. D D 12....4567 23456 ..4. 4=Thursday.6.. 5=Friday. 2=Tuesday. 12345. 3=Wednesday.56.567 1..2. 6= Saturday....1=Monday..7 1. D D .3. 0.567 . 5=Friday.ORIGIN DEST Colombo Frankfurt Istanbul Johannesburg Mauritius Munich Zurich Delhi Frankfurt Frankfurt Mumbai Adis-a-Baba London Frankfurt Hong Kong Seoul Bangkok Hong Kong Kolkata Kuala Lumpur Seoul Tokyo Frankfurt Frankfurt Frankfurt Frankfurt Delhi Frankfurt Delhi Mumbai FLIGHT NO AI* 6042 AI* 8757 AI* 6075 AI* 7625 AI* 6749 AI* 8765 AI* 7701 AI* 8762 AI* 8808 AI* 8808 AI* 8764 AI* 7554 AI* 6336 AI* 8531 AI* 7203 AI* 7201 AI* 7242 AI* 7204 AI* 7262 AI* 7244 AI* 7202 AI* 7206 AI* 8507 AI* 8826 AI* 8826 AI* 8826 AI* 6033 AI* 8644 AI* 7704 AI* 7702 FREq D D D 12.3.234567 D D D DEP 0310 0250 0555 0205 0400 0105 0050 2000 1850 1900 1130 1820 2145 1840 0120 1410 1600 1750 2100 0835 0925 0925 1240 1830 1835 1840 1315 1755 1245 0945 ARR 0530 0750 1015 0725 0830 0555 0615 0645+1 1955 2005 2325 2025 1000+1 2045 0635 1835 1725 2135 2235 0930 1645 1730 1450 1925 1930 1935 0005+1 0805+1 2355 2140 AIRCRAFT STOPS ORIGIN DEST Mangalore Mangalore Mumbai Pune Trichy Trivandrum Dubai Abu Dhabi Al Ain Bahrain Cochin Cochin Doha Dubai Kuwait Kuwait Mangalore Mumbai Muscat Salalah Sharjah Chennai Trichy Cochin Kozhikode Kozhikode Mangalore Dubai Abu Dhabi Bahrain Doha Dubai Dubai Kozhikode Kuwait Mumbai Muscat Bahrain Chennai Cochin Doha Dubai Kozhikode Mangalore Pune Trivandrum Trivandrum Kozhikode Mangalore Sharjah Sharjah Trivandrum Dubai Mumbai Cochin Kozhikode Trivandrum Kozhikode Trivandrum Chennai Trichy Abu Dhabi Chennai Chennai Chennai Dubai Kuala Lumpur Singapore Abu Dhabi Bahrain Cochin Cochin Doha Dubai Kozhikode Mumbai Muscat Salalah Sharjah FLIGHT NO IX IX IX IX IX IX IX IX IX IX IX IX IX IX IX IX IX IX IX IX IX IX IX IX IX IX IX IX IX IX IX IX IX IX IX IX IX IX IX IX IX 0814 0814 0212 0212 0612 0538 0195 0363 0331 0473 0474 0393 0473 0343 0389 0393 0389 0302 0337 0341 0337 0621 0621 0394 0390 0394 0390 0193 0817 8199 0819 8133 0813 0390 0389 0802 0817 0241 0206 2044 0241 FREq D 3 36 36 356 125 5 23567 4 123456 123456 6 123456 134 247 6 247 2 13456 5 13456 1357 1357 6 247 6 247 124 247 6 3 3 D 247 247 15 247 257 2 5 257 14 2 15 14 5 2 13456 247 13456 13456 57 14 36 4 5 5 13456 4 D D 46 46 D 1357 356 1357 D 367 7 7 5 7 125 5 2 57 4 4 DEP 0110 1300 1950 1950 0900 1745 0540 1800 0825 1555 0405 1540 1555 2005 1540 1540 1540 0955 1100 1050 1100 2325 2325 2310 2310 2310 2310 1510 1015 1000 1000 1000 2200 0730 1745 1030 1015 1100 1815 1555 1100 0500 1815 1915 0500 1555 1555 1345 1515 1345 1345 1305 0635 0125 1510 1430 1430 1540 1330 1115 1115 1515 0140 1335 1335 1535 1335 0345 1715 1555 0425 1910 1555 1405 2015 0800 1000 1150 1000 ARR 0625 1815 0215+1 0030+1 1450 2335 0750 2010 1050 1745 0450 1630 1925 2230 1955 1955 1635 1150 1255 1330 1450+1 0040 0300+1 0645+1 0825+1 0825+1 0620+1 1745 1220 1140 1130 1210 0010 0825 1955 1215 1425 1210 2015 2005 1355 0815 2005 2045 0550 1805 1805 2110 2000 1450 1450 1825 0815 0215 2020 2110 1925 2110 1915 1430 1250 1820 0245 1430 1430 1815 2240 1020 1955 1755 0520 2005 1935 1645 2110 1020 1215 1410 1240 AIRCRAFT 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 STOPS 1 Munich Jaipur Kozhikode Nairobi New York Oslo San Francisco Singapore 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Stockholm Stuttgart Kuala Lumpur Kuwait Vienna Washington Zurich Lucknow Mangalore AIR INDIA ExPRESS FLIGHTS Abu Dhabi Chennai Cochin Kozhikode Mangalore Muscat Muscat Trichy Trivandrum Kozhikode Dubai Doha Doha Doha Doha Mangalore Mumbai Abu Dhabi Kuala Lumpur Mumbai Singapore Trichy Trichy Trichy Abu Dhabi Bahrain Bahrain Doha Doha Dubai Kozhikode Kozhikode Kuwait Mumbai Salalah Trivandrum Trivandrum Cochin Cochin Kozhikode Mangalore Mumbai Trivandrum Amritsar Cochin Jaipur Kozhikode Lucknow IX 0614 IX 4522 IX 0348 IX* 0818 IX 0817 IX* 0818 IX 0614 IX 5388 IX 0332 IX 0191 IX 0241 IX* 0244 IX 0473 IX 4733 IX 0820 IX* 0244 IX 0613 IX* 0622 IX 0602 IX 0682 IX 0682 IX 0621 IX 0613 IX 0419 IX 0473 IX 4733 IX 0473 IX 4733 IX 4199 IX 0394 IX 0473 IX 0393 IX 0402 IX 0465 IX 0465 IX 4733 IX 0474 IX 4744 IX 0474 IX 8200 IX* 0244 IX 4744 IX 0192 IX 0452 IX 0196 IX 0344 IX 0194 46 3457 23567 247 247 247 46 367 4 236 257 257 123456 7 6 257 46 1357 2 D D 1357 46 3457 123456 7 123456 7 126 6 123456 6 5 4 4 7 123456 7 123456 3 257 7 125 126 4 134 124 1910 2155 2110 1310 1310 1310 1910 2055 1140 0535 1305 1305 1835 1845 1230 1305 1315 1610 1015 0155 0155 0155 1315 1825 1410 1410 1410 1410 1400 0735 1410 1720 1000 1000 1000 1410 2025 2035 2025 1230 1455 2035 2355 1730 2330 2320 0905 0245 0330 0235+1 2000 1425 1425 0045+1 0245+1 1700 0735 1355 1355 1925 1935 1915 2105 1820 2240 1215 1020 0300 0300 1420 2055 1745 1755 1925 1935 1630 0825 1500 1955 1210 1410 1100 1505 0450 0520 0315 1905 2105 0335 0435 2305 0435 0450 1420 Al Ain Amritsar Bahrain Chennai Cochin Doha Dubai 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 737 1 1 Mumbai 1 1 1 1 IX 0211 IX 0203 IX 0208 IX 0211 IX 2044 IX 0205 IX* 0350 IX* 0818 IX 0337 IX* 0350 IX 0554 IX 0211 IX 0212 IX 0466 IX 3422 IX 3422 IX* 0350 IX 0536 IX 0681 IX 0681 IX 0613 IX 0614 IX 0681 IX* 0622 IX 0611 IX* 0622 IX 0682 IX IX IX IX IX IX IX IX IX 0537 4733 4744 2044 4733 5377 3422 0502 0549 1 1 Muscat 1 1 Pune Salalah 1 Sharjah 1 1 Singapore Trichy 1 1 Trivandrum 1 1 1 1 IX 0465 IX 0535 CoDe ShARe fLiGhtS with otheR AiRLiNeS AI* =Code Share flight operated by other airline..5...

Dr ugha djrk gS A Map not to scale Cartographers: ttk maps This map is for illustrative purposes and does not imply the expression of any opinion on the part of the publisher or their sponsors concerning the legal status of any country or territory or concerning the delimitation of frontiers or boundaries.routE map ¸ÉÒxÉMÉ® Srinagar ú Jammu ±Éä½þ EÖò±±ÉÚ +ÆiÉnäǶÉÒªÉ Domestic .k / Air India .in .k .vj bafM.vj bafM.airindiamagazine. gS rFkk fdlh ns”k .k ds laca/k esa izdk”kd vFkok mlds izk.Dlizsl / Air India Express Leh Vɨ¨ÉÖ +¨ÉþÞiºÉ®ú ±ÉÖÊvɪÉÉxÉÉ Ludhiana Kullu Amritsar Chandigarh Dehradun SÉhb÷ÒMÉgø näù½þ®úÉnÚùxÉ Ênù±±ÉÒ Delhi ±ÉÒ±ÉɤɮúÒ Lilabari Jodhpur VÉÉävÉ{ÉÖ®ú VɪÉ{ÉÖ®ú =nùªÉ{ÉÖ®ú Jaipur Kanpur EòÉxÉ{ÉÖ®ú ±ÉJÉxÉ>ð Allahabad Lucknow Patna Gaya Bagdogra ¤ÉÉMÉb÷ÉäMÉ®úÉ Guwahati MÉÖ´ÉɽþÉ]õÒ Ê¶É±ÉÉÆMÉ Dibrugarh Êb÷¤É¯ûMÉgø Tezpur iÉääWÉ{ÉÖ®ú Jorhat VÉÉä®ú½þÉ]õ M´ÉÉʱɪɮú Udaipur Indore Gwalior <±ÉɽþɤÉÉnù Varanasi {É]õxÉÉ Ênù¨ÉÉ{ÉÖ®ú Imphal Shillong Agartala +½þ¨ÉnùɤÉÉnù ®úÉVÉEòÉä]õ Ahmedabad Jamnagar Khajuraho JÉVÉÖ®úɽþÉä ´ÉÉ®úÉhɺÉÒ Ranchi MɪÉÉ Silchar ʺɱÉSÉ® Dimapur +MÉ®úiɱÉÉ Aizawl <¨¡òÉ±É VÉɨÉxÉMÉ®ú Rajkot <ÆnùÉä®ú Vadodara Surat ´Éb÷Éänù®úÉ Bhopal ¦ÉÉä{ÉÉ±É ®úÉÄSÉÒ +É<ÇVÉÉä±É ºÉÚ®úiÉ I N xÉÉMÉ{ÉÖ®ú Aurangabad D Nagpur Raipur Jabalpur Hyderabad I ®úɪÉ{ÉÖ®ú VɤɱÉ{ÉÖ®ú A EòÉä±ÉEòÉiÉÉ Kolkata Mumbai ¨ÉÖƤÉ<Ç +Éè®ÆúMÉɤÉÉnù ¦ÉÖ¤ÉxÉ䶴ɮú Bhubaneshwar Pune ARABIAN SEA {ÉÖhÉä ½èn®É¤ÉÉn Ê´ÉVɪɴÉÉbÉ Goa Visakhapatnam ʴɶÉÉJÉÉ{É]õxÉ¨É BAY OF BENGAL Vijayawada MÉÉä´ÉÉ Êiɯû{ÉÊiÉ Tirupati Chennai Mangalore ¨ÉéMɱÉÉä®û Bengaluru Coimbatore ¤ÉåMɱÉÚ¯û SÉäxxÉè {ÉÉä]õÇú ¤±ÉäªÉ®ú Port Blair Kozhikode Lakshadweep (India) EòÉäZÉÒEòÉäb÷ EòÉäªÉ¨¤ÉþiÉÚ®ú EòÉäÎSSÉ Agatti ÊiɯûÎSSÉ®úÉ{{ɱ±ÉÒ Tiruchirapalli Andaman and Nicobar Islands(India) +MÉÊkÉ Kochi Madurai ¨ÉnÖù®èú Thiruvananthapuram Êiɯû´ÉxÉxiÉ{ÉÖ®ú¨É INDIAN OCEAN . 138 August 2012 www.g ekufp= fp=e.k izns”k dh oS/kkfud fLFkfr vFkok ljgn .kstdksa ds fdlh er dks vfHkO.k lhekvksa ds lhekfu/kkZj.

vj bafM.g ekufp= fp=e.Dr ugha djrk gS A This map is for illustrative purposes and does not imply the expression of any opinion on the part of the publisher or their sponsors concerning the legal status of any country or territory or {ÉʶSɨÉÒ BʶɪÉÉ West Asia EÖò´ÉèiÉ Kuwait ùnù¨¨ÉÉ¨É Dammam ¤É½þ®úÒxÉ Bahrain nùÉä½þÉ Doha ¶ÉÉ®VÉɽ Sharjah nÖù¤ÉÉ<Ç +ɤÉÚ vÉɤÉÒ Dubai Abu Dhabi ¨ÉºEò] Muscat +±É BäxÉ Al Ain ºÉ±ÉɱÉÉ Salalah +¨ÉþÞiºÉ®ú Amritsar Ênù±±ÉÒ Delhi VɪÉ{ÉÖ®ú Jaipur ±ÉJÉxÉ>ð Lucknow VÉnÂùnùÉ Jeddah Ê®úªÉÉvÉ Riyadh www. gS rFkk fdlh ns”k .k lhekvksa ds lhekfu/kkZj.k / Air India .kstdksa ds fdlh er dks vfHkO.k ds laca/k esa izdk”kd vFkok mlds izk.k .airindiamagazine.k izns”k dh oS/kkfud fLFkfr vFkok ljgn .in +½þ¨ÉnùɤÉÉnù Ahmedabad I N D I A ¨ÉÖƤÉ<Ç Mumbai ½èþnù®úɤÉÉnù Hyderabad MÉÉä´ÉÉ Goa ¤ÉåMɱÉÚ¯û Bengaluru ¨ÉéMɱÉÉä®û Mangalore EòÉäZÉÒEòÉäb÷ Kozhikode SÉäxxÉè Chennai ÊiɯûÎSSÉ®úÉ{{ɱ±ÉÒ Tiruchirapalli ʴɶÉÉJÉÉ{É]õxÉ¨É Visakhapatnam vxLr 2012 Map not to scale Cartographers: ttk maps .vj bafM..Dlizsl / Air India Express EòÉäÎSSÉ Kochi Êiɯû´ÉxÉxiÉ{ÉÖ®ú¨É Thiruvananthapuram 139 .

routE map GREENLAND +ÆiÉ®®É¹]ÅÒªÉ International A NORTH AMERICA ºÉÉìxÉ £òÉÎxºÉºEòÉä ʶÉEòÉMÉÉä BÊbxɤÉMÉÇõ Edinbu ¤Éä±É¡òɺ]õ Belfast b¤ÉùʱÉxÉ Dublin Lo bֺɱÉb { Toronto San Francisco Chicago Detroit ]õÉä®úx]õÉä bä÷]ÅõɪÉ]õ New York Newark xªÉÚªÉÉìEÇò xÉä´ÉÉEÇ ÊV Denver bäx´É® Washington ´ÉÉ˶ÉM]õxÉ ±ÉÉìºÉ BÆÊVÉ±ÉºÉ Los Angeles NORTH PACIFIC OCEAN NORTH ATLANTIC OCEAN SOUTH AMERICA SOUTH PACIFIC OCEAN SOUTH ATLANTIC OCEAN .airindiamagazine.j mM+kusa dsoy rHkh izpkfyr dh tk. Map not to scale Cartographers: ttk maps 140 August 2012 www.l-.wfu[k ds chp lh/kh mM+kuksa dks NksM+dj½ rFkk ..ds fy. laidZ miyC/k gksxk A The Code share fights to Europe (except direct between India and Frankfurt/Munich) and the USA will operate only when there are online AI international connections.axh tc vkWuykbu varjjk’Vª .w-. dksM “ks.wjksi ¼Hkkjr rFkk ÝSadQVZ@E.

Dlizsl / Air India Express dksM' vxLr 2012 141 .j / Codeshare b÷¤ÉÇxÉ Cape Town Eäò{É ]õÉ=xÉ Cape Town Eäò{É ]õÉ=xÉ .Aberdeen +¤É®b÷ÒxÉ Oslo +É亱ÉÉä Stockholm º]õÉäEò½þÉä¨É w York Oslo ªÉÉìEÇò ¨ÉÉxÉSÉäº]® EòÉä{ÉxɽäþMÉxÉ BÊbxɤÉMÉÇõ Edinburg Manchester Moscow Copenhagen ¤Éä±É¡òɺ]õ Belfast B¨ºÉ]ìúb÷¨É ±ÉÆnùxÉ Amsterdam ¤É̱ÉxÉ Berlin b¤ÉùʱÉxÉ Dublin London £åò bֺɱÉbÉ¡Ç Dusseldorf º]ÖEò¡ò]Çõ õ Frankfurt õ]õMÉÉ]Ç Stuttgart {ÉäÊ®úºÉ Paris ʴɪÉxxÉÉ Vienna ZÉÖÊ®SÉ Zurich ¨ªÉÚÊxÉJÉô ÊVÉxÉä´ÉÉ Geneva Munich ¨ÉÉìºEòÉä ʱÉ+ÉxºÉ +É亱ÉÉä Stockholm <ºiÉÉƤÉÖ±É Lyons Istanbul ´ÉÉEÇ Aberdeen ewark +¤É®b÷ÒxÉ ±ÉÆnùxÉ <WÉʨɮ Izmir bžÉ¨ÉxÉ º]õÉäEò½þÉä¨É TURKEY +xÉE®É Ankara +nÉxÉÉ Adana ¨ÉÉxÉSÉäº]® urg Manchester ondon bÉ¡Ç Dusseldorf {ÉäÊ®úºÉ Paris ZÉÖÊ®SÉ Zurich VÉxÉä´ÉÉ Geneva B¨ºÉ]ìúb÷¨É Amsterdam EòÉä{ÉxɽäþMÉxÉ Moscow Copenhagen ¤É̱ÉxÉ Berlin £åòEò¡ò]Çõ Frankfurt º]Öõ]õMÉÉ]Çõ Stuttgart NORTH ʴɪÉxxÉÉ Vienna ¨ªÉÚÊxÉJÉô Istanbul ¨ÉÉìºEòÉä RUSSIA Dalaman +x]žªÉÉ Antalya Munich ʱÉ+ÉxºÉ ATLANTIC OCEAN <ºiÉÉƤÉÖ±É TURKEY Lyons <WÉʨɮ Izmir bžÉ¨ÉxÉ +xÉE®É Ankara +nÉxÉÉ Adana EòɤÉÖ±É Kabul Ênù±±ÉÒ Delhi Ahmedabad ¨ÉÖƤÉ<Ç Mumbai ¤ÉÒËVÉMÉ Beijing Dalaman +x]žªÉÉ Antalya CHINA Amritsar +¨ÉþÞiºÉ®ú AFRICA Shanghai ʺÉ+Éä±É Seoul ]õÉäÊEòªÉÉä Tokyo +ÉäºÉÉEòÉ Osaka ¶ÉÆPÉÉ<Ç +½þ¨ÉnùɤÉÉnù AFRICA SOUTH AMERICA xÉè®úÉä¤ÉÒ Nairobi +ÉÊnùºÉ +¤ÉɤÉÉ Thiruvananthapuram {ÉÖhÉä Pune ½èþnù®úɤÉÉnù Hyderabad ¤ÉåEòÉìEò ¤ÉåMɱÉÚ¯û SÉäxxÉè Chennai Bangkok Bengaluru ÊiɯûÎSSÉ®úÉ{{ɱ±ÉÒ Tiruchirapalli Êiɯû´ÉxÉxiÉ{ÉÖ®ú¨É Male EòÉ`ö¨ÉÉÆbÚ÷ Kathmandu gøÉEòÉ Varanasi MɪÉÉ Dhaka Gaya INDIA EòÉä±ÉEòÉiÉÉ Kolkata ªÉÉÆMÉÚxÉ Yangon ´ÉÉ®úÉhɺÉÒ +ÉÊnùºÉ +¤ÉɤÉÉ PACIFIC Hong Kong Th ½þÉÄMÉ EòÉÄMÉ OCEAN r c xÉè®úÉä¤ÉÒ äNairobian an F To S isco Addis Ababa Addis Ababa ¨ÉɱÉä EòÉä±ÉÉ䨤ÉÉä Colombo Seychelles ºÉäÊSɱÉÒWÉ INDIAN OCEAN Singapore É EòÉä Eò òÉÎxºÉº ngeles Los A ºÉÉìxÉ £ EÖò+ɱÉÉ Kuala òÉä To ÉE nÉ® BºÉ ºÉɱÉä¨É ±É¨{ÉÖ®ú Lumpur ±ÉÉìºÉ BÆÊVɱɺ Dar Es Salem ˺ÉMÉÉ{ÉÖ®ú Seychel ºÉäÊSɱÉÒW Dar Es Salem nÉ® BºÉ ºÉɱÉä¨É ¨ÉÉìÊ®ú¶ÉºÉ Johannesburg Mauritius VÉÉä½èþxºÉ¤ÉMÉÇ Durban AUSTRALIA Johannesburg VÉÉä½èþxºÉ¤ÉMÉÇ Durban b÷¤ÉÇxÉ SOUTH ATLANTIC OCEAN .Dr ugha djrk gS A This map is for illustrative purposes and does not imply the expression of any opinion on the part of the publisher or their sponsors concerning the legal status of any country or territory or concerning the delimitation of frontiers or boundaries.kstdksa ds fdlh er dks vfHkO. gS rFkk fdlh ns”k .k .g ekufp= fp=e.vj bafM.k / Air India .k izns”k dh oS/kkfud fLFkfr vFkok ljgn .vj bafM.k lhekvksa ds lhekfu/kkZj. www.airindiamagazine.k ds laca/k esa izdk”kd vFkok mlds izk.

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