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Is Being Gay, Okay?

Duke Jeyaraj So Homosexuality is cool, the courts have ruled. Being gay is okay, is what they assert. Lesbianism is legal now in India. At least in New Delhi. Hmmm This is what the greatest book in the world, the Bible, has to say about one of the hotly debated burning issues of our time: CREATION When God created the world He could have shown us that He was fine with homosexuality. He could have. But He did not. He could have created one set of Adam and Eve and put them under one tree and married them off. You guys are a straight married couple - My blessings are upon you! He could have said. He could have created one more couple, Adam1 and Adam2 and solemnized their wedding under yet another tree in the Garden of Eden. God could have blessed saying, My homosexual married couple - my choicest blessings are with you. He could have created couple No.3 - Eve1 and Eve2. He could have visited the tree under which they were copulating and uttered, Be fruitful and multiply - my blessings are with you, you lesbian couple! But he did not. As someone smartly put it, God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve or Madam and Eve! You know why? Homosexuality never entered his mind as a valid way of living. So it is not an option His creatures (us) to consider. The Maker knows what is best for his makes, right?!! From the very way God has designed the body of a male and the body of the female, it is quite obvious that a male was meant to have intercourse with a female only, isnt it? COMMAND When God issued a set of commands to Moses, he made sure he included a straightforward command about Homosexuality. He did not dodge the issue. He did not sweep it under the carpet. Instead, he told Moses to tell his People, Israel, Do not sleep with a man as you sleep with a woman. (Lev 18:22). God reserved a word for such behavior: abomination (ESV).
New York is known for its sky-scrappers. Sodom and Gomorrah was known for the rampant sin of homosexuality.

Some homosexuals might call homosexuality awesome. But God calls it awful. CZARS The czars (kings) of the Bible times like Asa, Jehoshaphat and Josiah took a strong stand against male prostitutes of their time. Those days the lady folk were not allowed to go out that freely. And who do you think used the services of these male prostitutes? Males mostly. Yes, these guys provided homosexual services for their male clients. King Asa put them away (I Kings 15:12), King Jehoshaphat exterminated them (I Kings 22:46), and King Josiah broke down their houses (II Kings 23:7). Rehoboam, the king of the kingdom of Judah did what was evil in the eyes of the Lord (I Kings 14:22).The following verses elaborate that general statement. In verse 24, the Bible talks about the presence of male prostitutes in this kings time. So male

Shahid Afridi can block 10 straight balls. Yes, that can happen. But God apologizing to the Sodom that wont happen!

congratulate you for your homosexual behavior. He is, make no mistake, getting ready to condemn you, my homosexual friend, for this outrageous behavior. If he Some Bible time kings took strong action did not do that, against male prostitution which primarily he would have served homosexuals. to apologize to the city of prostitution was one evil that Sodom. And that wont happen. King Rehoboam allowed to the Shahid Afridi might block 12 Lords displeasure. balls without taking a single run, CONDEMNATION but that will not happen. God, the Sinless One, never Las Vegas is known for apologizes to anyone. So before gambling. New York, for Gods fierce condemnation skyscrapers. Tirupathi, for strikes you, my gay buddy, I am laddoos. And the city of Sodom appealing to you in love- repent was known in the Bible times for from the sin of homosexuality! If rampant homosexuality. And we are still alive, despite our what happened to that city? God homosexuality and other sins, it rained fire on them, the Bible is because of the great grace of records (Genesis 19). That was God - a grace that is waiting for his way of firing the us to repent! And that grace homosexuals. What fell on them wont wait forever! And time is that day was just a temporary running out! fire, mind you. It just took away their physical life. An eternal fire that would torment their souls and bodies awaits the sold-out, stubborn homosexual offenders of Sodom, we read in the Bible book of Jude (Jude 7). God, I am Jesus did NOT say, A man will leave his father afraid, will not and be joined to another man! be ready to

CHRIST Jesus, God in human flesh and bone, talked a lot about sex and marriage. He went back to the story of creation found in the book of Genesis to teach what Gods plan was for sex and marriage. A man will leave his fathers house and be joined to his wife, he taught (Mark 10:7). He did not teach, A man will leave his fathers house and be joined to another man. He did not teach, A woman will leave her family and be joined with another woman. He said that some folks have been born as eunuchs (Math 19:12). But never did he say, some people have been made homosexuals by God. When Jesus died on the Cross, our sins were laid upon Him. He bore ours sins on his body (I Pet 2:24). Our bodies should be punished for the sin of homosexuality. That punishment is death. Hear this for yourself from the Bible: If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them (Lev 20:13). We deserve punishment for our other sins, too, from the all-Holy and allJust God who cannot and will not wink at sin. But Jesus says, I love you. I will take your punishment. He was bound, blind-folded, boxed, bruised, bloodied and broken for your sin and mine. COMMUNICATION When Paul communicated Gods truths with believers in Rome, he talked about this issue. In his very first chapter he talked about homosexuality as a condition you fall into, when you

stubbornly fall away from God (Rom 1:26, 27). Homosexuality was a punishment that God allows in your life, when he sees that you are hell-bent on rebelling from him. Later Paul in his communication with Timothy writes that homosexual behavior was one way you break the laws of God and become disobedient to Him (I Tim 1:8-11). While writing to the church at Ephesus, Paul acknowledges the only plan that God ever had for marriage was this: ... a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh (Eph 5:31). No other permutations and combinations were permissible! CORINTH In one of the churches Paul ministered to, there were former homosexuals (I Cor 6:9-11). After naming homosexual behavior as one of the sins in the sin list, he writes, Such were some of you. Paul warns, if they returned to such behavior and

hander, he or she is not making a moral choice. But when one makes a choice of homosexuality over a normal manwoman relationship, one does make a moral choice. And God has not created anyone with a homosexual bent. Some were created as eunuchs, yes. But as homosexuals they werent. We choose a homosexual lifestyle using our inborn sinful instincts Jesus was nailed on the cross for our instincts inherited sins, including the sin of homosexuality from the first man, Adam. Just like persisted in it, they would not Ethiopians naturally have dark enter the Kingdom of Heaven. skin, we too have naturally They would not go to heaven. I inbuilt instincts to sin. This is have good news for you. If it was the teaching of the Bible (Jer possible for the people of Sodom 13:23). But through Jesus, we to turn from their homosexual can overcome those sinful behavior, it is possible for you instincts. When Jesus died for us too. God does not want you to on the cross, our sins and sinful live in this sin and perish. He desires were nailed with Him does not want your riddance. He (Gal 5:24). We could have many wants your repentance. other natural desires and inborn bents that are surely sinful - the CLARIFICATION desire to have many sexual So people say they are born with partners, the desire to murder, a homosexual bent and so they the desire to rape, the desire to have every right to be have sex with animals, etc, etc. homosexuals. This is how their But those natural desires should argument goes: Some are born be curtailed, curbed, cleaned and lefthanders. Some others are consecrated with the power of born right-handers. Similarly, the blood of Christ and the Holy some are born homosexuals Spirit. They should not be used while some others are born as a justification for our sins. straight. God made us Justifying homosexual behavior homosexuals and so we dont saying you were born a homowant to be straight! Come on! sexual is as stupid as saying that When one makes the choice of you are a shop lifter because you being a lefthander or a rightwere born with that instinct!

While Jesus said some people were born eunuchs, never did He say that some people are born as homosexuals.

The Bible condemns homosexual behavior very clearly as this essay points out. Some others say that David and Jonathan were homosexuals and that God was cool about their relationship. There is no biblical warrant to believe that if you have understood what the whole Bible says about this issue. The message of one part of the Bible should not contradict the message of another part of the Bible - this is the cardinal rule of Bible interpretation. Yes, it was true that Davids love for Jonathan was a very deep love a love deeper than the love he had for women (II Sam 1:26). The word that is used here by the Septuagint, the most respected and the oldest available Greek translation of the Bible, for the love David had for Jonathan is certainly NOT eros - the Bible word for sexual love. So my friend, say bye to the sin of homosexuality and every other sin you may be in. Sin is anything Jesus would not do. His Blood, shed for you on the Cross, will cleanse you. And you will be a new person. You will have a joy and peace which homosexuality can never give you. You will be filled with inexpressible and glorious joy something no sin can give you.
Duke Jeyaraj, the writer of this article and a former HSBC employee, is now a full time essayist and traveling evangelist. Duke, who is based in Hyderabad, is the founder of the ministry that publishes this mag and is married to Evangelin and is the father of Dale and Datasha.

talk to a group of 500 modern youth in the New Life AG church, Hyderabad, titled, TAMING TOUGH TEMPTATIONS (also titled, What the Bible Teaches About Sex). The DVD of this message can be made available to you (along with two other messages of mine titled, TRUE ROMANTIC LOVE n COMMON YOUTH QUESTIONS ANSWERED), if you live in India for just Rs.100/ - (Rs.200/- for overseas addresses). You could deposit the amount in Dukes ICICI Account Number:024401000969 and sms your full address and pin code to me at 919441352433. So here is the YouTube link for Is Being Gay Okay - Duke Jeyaraj: Click on the link http:// watch?v=hLvrHCUT6AQ now to see the same message now! WANT TO HEAR THE SAME MESSAGE FROM YOUR CELLPHONE? You could also freely download an audio message of mine onto your cell phones on the same topic by clicking on The message is titled What The Bible Teaches About Sex.
- Duke Jeyaraj

WANT TO SEE THE SAME MESSAGE? If you are person who loves to see things and not merely read about them, find a YouTube video, link of which is found below, featuring my talk on this hot topic of homosexuality titled IS BEING GAY OKAY? I say this for the Glory of God that this was one of the few talks of mine that has been interrupted by crowd applause. It was part of a

Dukes Youtube clip on homosexuality will keep you on the edge of your seats!

Reckless Abandon
Stephen Jothiraj I picked this phrase, Reckless Abandon, from Ed Mccully (one of the five missionaries along with Jim Elliot who died in Ecuador trying to reach a primitive tribe with the Gospel). I have one desire now - to live a life of reckless abandon for Ed McCully, who won the Lord, putting all my an oratory contest at energy and strength into it, Ed Mccully wrote in Wheaton College, gave up a prestigious a letter to Jim Elliot. Ed Law School Seat to go McCully was president of his senior class at as a missionary. Wheaton and won the National Hearst Oratorical Contest in San Francisco in 1949. He wrote this when he gave up his seat in Marquette University Law School and went into ministry. I tried to pick out a similar phrase or a life lived in similar fashion from the Bible and needless to say I bumped into the man Paul. Reckless abandon for God - the phrase neatly summed up his life after conversion. Paul writes in his journal, I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me (Acts 20:24). This breed of men lived a life of reckless abandon for God because their life had no value to them. Gods will was more important. Pauls t-shirt line was their life-motto - For me to live is Christ and to die is gain. Their thoughts were soaked in it. Their actions showed it. Their life spoke it. What courage it must have taken to write something like that. A life of reckless abandon would mean that God could use you however he wanted. John the Baptist was the best preacher in town but his ministry lasted for a very short time and some of it was in the jail. Paul wanted to preach to the Jews, but he was sent to the Gentiles. Philip was doing a wonderful job in Samaria while he was sent to the desert road. S tephen, a man full of Gods grace and power, did great wonders and miraculous signs among the people, was asked to take care of the distribution of food. Moses, at the prime of his life was sent to tend sheep. This is reckless abandon. Can God ask us young people to go do the thankless job of tract distribution while our guitar skills and swanky English lay useless in our skill set bag? Can he trust us with food distribution when we want to preach? Can he trust us with embarrassment when we are looking for signs and wonders? Can he trust us in faithful prayer when we are trying to fill our schedule with events? God is not looking for heroics rather humble surrender. He is not looking for accomplishments rather abandon.

Can God ask us young people to go do the thankless job of tract distribution while our guitar skills and swanky English lay useless in our skill set bag? Oh Lord invade my compromised life. Let my thoughts of heroics turn to humble surrender. Let my ambitions turn to abandon. Let me die so that Christ would live in me. Stephen Jothiraj, the young writer of this piece works with TCS in Bangalore and blogs at

Can I Dance to Bollywood Item Numbers?

Shweta Mabel Ninan rest of the world, I think. However, America leads the way when it comes to corrupting an art form like dance. Children and young girls dance to songs with objectionable lyrics and their dance moves mimic those of Bollywood item numbers, pole dances, etc professional what does God think of them? dancers who No, I dont do that kind of groove sensually and dance, she said, when I asked seductively. To them, that is her if she took pole dancing dance. classes, one of 10-15 types of dance classes that were being The discussion between my jazz offered by Hype Studios in teacher and me continued while California. we were on our way home. W ow! I thought to myself, Carrie teaches Contemporary Am I dreaming? Shes danced Jazz at Hype and I had been her in California all her life, student for 2 months now. We influenced by Hollywood. Why had just finished practising for is she different from other an Open House performance. I was surprised to learn that she thought pole dancing was cheap because most Americans think it is fun and sexy and just another form of dance. Shes been a jazz instructor for several years now and has her own dance company. I was shocked when she told me that dance, to her, was something sacred and that her body was sacred too. She felt that sexy and vulgar dance moves would corrupt her body and take away from dance its sacredness. The way of Jesus, the way of the Cross, is a narrow The dance scene in America is way and only a few enter it! anything but sacred - like the professional dancers? I jumped at the next gap in her speech and told her that I agreed with her opinions on dance. I wondered if having such strong values didnt jeopardise her career as a dancer. As though she heard me, she said, Im in the minority you know. But I dont care. I stand up for what I believe is right. Carrie surprised me even more when she told me that she does not even train under dancers who teach dance that is meant to be seductive. I went to take a class in Hollywood one day from a well-known choreographer, she narrated At one point, he asked us to move seductively like we were strippers. I looked him straight in the eye and walked out of his class. You know, Mabel, thats not the only time I did that. Ive walked out of several dance classes. I didnt have time to find out if she was Christian or if the basis for her beliefs was the Bible but I was encouraged and inspired to stand up for dance that is holy and pleasing to God. If she, an American born professional dancer surrounded by a media that promotes provocative and vulgar dancing as acceptable, could turn her back on dirty dancing, then how much more should I, a Christian with a passion for dance ministry? If youre passionate about dancing that is clean, get ready to face criticism and ridicule. The Jesus way is the narrow way (Math 7:13). You are in the

youre asked to dance in a club/ pub/disco where the environment breeds lust. And if pole dancing is ever taught in India, say no. Gods anger blazed against the people of Israel who were dancing The story of the golden calf in the Bible around the Calf of teaches us that dances that seduce should be Gold that Aaron shunned helped them. minority. But thats exactly why Reason one for this was obvious: you should never give up. Say no they worshipped idols. I believe, when youre asked to dance to there is a second reason for this, Bollywood item numbers. Say no as well: their pagan revelry when youre asked to dance to (Ex 32:6 New Living Bollywood songs that say Hare Translation). The same Hebrew Ram, Hare Ram, Hare root word used here in this Krishna You must be able to passage was also used to depict mean what you say (sing and the sexual touching that went on dance to) - that is the message between Isaac and Rebekah in of Mathew 5:37. Say no when Genesis 26:8. Yes, sensuous,

lust-inviting body moves while we dance upsets the creator of our bodies, God, unless of course we are dancing that way with our life partner in private! With every action, youre making a choice to stand up for dance that is sacred and pleasing in Gods eyes, or to give in and blend in with a culture that glorifies the vulgar dance. Dont let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God remould your minds from within (Romans 12:2, J.B. Phillips Translation). (The author of this piece lives with her husband in the United States and is actively involved in the ministry of training young people to use dance as a means to glorify God and build His Kingdom).

Weak Weekends?
Abhimanue Vonteddu
How much time do you spend in the Lords presence, everyday? How much time do you spend reading the Word of God? How much time do you spend meditating on the WORD of God? How much time do you spend in prayer? How much time do you spend in intercession? Before you convict yourself to the uttermost allow me to say this: We all work Monday through Friday about 12 hours a day. Atleast the most of us do. And a few even work on Saturdays and weekends. Its always a hard days night. And whats the first thing that comes in to our mind after slipping out of our shoes in our apartments? This feeling: I must just RELAX. Of Course! And what or where do we look up to for relaxation? Hmmm. Ill tell you: the television, the CD player, the theatre, videos, sports, clubs, pubs, discos, drugs, alcohol, pornography, etc... The avenues we chose for resting makes us restless, in our souls, very often. Our weekends are potential times when our relationship with our Lord ends as we tamely lose to temptation and we become weak, further and further, in our inner being. Now that we are Christians, lets see what the GOOD BOOK says: Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest (Math 11:28). Now those are the words of Jesus. Precisely thats what they are. So what is our task now? Keep yourself from forms of rest that wreck your hearts serenity and lose yourself completely in the presence of the Lord! Do it this weekend! Then you will truly rest! Then, you will renew your strength and mount up with wings like eagles in the special journey called life (Isa 40:31).

Do you lose to temptations, weekend after weekend?!

(Abhimanue, the author of this piece, recently quit his job with The Swiss Bank (UBS) and joined the Gideons International as a fulltime staff in Hyderabad).

Rahul Gandhi, Saul, Prabhakaran and Myself

Duke Jeyaraj
This Newsweek magazine article on Rahul Gandhi made delectable reading. Not that I am a Congress Party supporter. Not that I am a big Rahul Gandhi fan. However, this article, trust me, was simply superb. I am talking about an article titled, The Quiet Revolutionary by Sudip , Mazumdar. You may want to read some excerpts from this riveting piece which unveiled Rahul for me: Over the past three years he has worked hard to acquaint himself with poor, rural India by making numerous visits to remote, neglected villages, where he would listen to locals complaints while sitting cross-legged on their dirt floors, sharing their meals and sometimes even sleeping in their homes. On occasion he would lead villagers to government officials to demand better services or organize sit-ins in dusty towns to highlight the plight of the poor His discovery . of India tour (a riff on Nehrus book of the same name) was dismissed by the media and scorned by his opponents, one of whom referred to Rahul as an aquarium fish. Y Rahul et persisted, often making unnoticed trips to remote tribes, panicking his security detail. Calculated or not, such moves are extremely rare for a politician of Gandhis stature in India, where most leaders prefer to travel in airconditioned comfort (Newsweek, June 8, 2008). The Donkey Discovery Drive of Saul This piece about young Rahul reminded me of the life story of another young man in the Bible. His name? Saul. He was down-toearth enough to obey his dads man save us? (I Sam 10:27). What about you? When leadership roles are thrust onto you, do you become cocky? Do you go, Now that I am king, everyone better respect me in everything! Learn from Rahul. See phase one of Sauls life and start phasing out your pride. Duke, the Student Body President I have been there. I have been in leadership roles. I was the Class Representative, first, S tudent Body President, later, when I was a Masters in Divinity Student of Southern Asia Bible College. For me, those roles meant that I had the platform and privilege to serve the maximum of students in the college. That responsibility wasnt given me so that I could act big. That task wasnt thrust on me so that I could boss around. And serve the students of the college, I did by teaching classmates, subjects like Minor and Major

A Newsweek magazine article on Rahul Gandhi reminded me of a Bible Character.

donkey-search command (I Sam 9:3). He was meek enough to seek out his dads lost donkeys. He did not strut, Daddy, have you gone crazy? You want ME to search for these lost donkeys?! Come on, find someone else! Or if they are so important to you, why dont you go, yourself! And when he was doing the D cube (the Donkey Discovery Drive), he was modest enough to take the advice of his servant (I Sam 9:6-10). His humility and the quality of placing people before self stood out like it stood out in Rahul. He ducked so that no one would see him when it was announced he would be the first king of Israel (I Sam 10:22). That was his way of saying, I am not worthy of this awesome honor. Just as Rahul is patient and calm, and focused on the work he felt called to do, despite being called by uncomplimentary titles, Saul also was. He held his peace despite being despised, with taunts like How can this

King Saul did not want to work under the leadership of Prophet Samuel. That was the core issue.


Prophets which they were finding difficult to grasp, long after classhours, by bargaining with the members of faculty to give students more time to finish their assignments, by working very hard to run a quiz which kept the entire student body spell-bound. Lets come back. Lets get back to that article about Rahul. Here follows a very interesting point that he makes: .he (Rahul) also enjoys enormous advantages especially his family name and his rising popularity. This stature will only grow if Rahul manages to remain uncorrupted. Of course, it will be all too easy for him to succumb to the status quo, to do just well enough to achieve high office and then to stop fighting. But that would be a tragic waste of Indias greatest hope in a very long time. What David Had & What Saul Didnt What this author feared about Rahul actually happened to Saul. As the days went by, humble Saul became haughty Saul; the unassuming Saul became the arrogant Saul. He insulted Prophet Samuel, the man who was God-appointed to guide him, before a battle. He did not think it was right to wait for him, as a mark of respect, to come and offer the battle-beginning sacrifice. He also insulted Samuel after a battle, by not destroying everyone and everything, as per the Lords command through Samuel. And to cap it all up, he had the audacity to lie about it. And what was even more painful for his Maker was that he played the blame game (I Sam 13:11; 15:24) instead of truly repenting like David who too was confronted about his sin by another prophet. And when God chose David as the king over him, Saul sulked. He launched several

assassination attempts on David that betrayed the bitter jealousy he harped against David. And at the end of his life, the balloon of his pride became bigger and bigger. Was that Prabhakarans body? He could not accept defeat in the battle with graciousness. He could have gone down fighting till the very last breath as a martyr for the nation he led. But he didnt. Instead, he fell on his own sword to end his life an act that betrayed his stubborn pride. He did that after his bodyguard refused to obey his command to bring his life to an end. His death brings to my mind, what Anita Pratap wrote in The Week about the chief of LTTE, Prabhakaran: I am not saying that I know for sure that Prabhakaran is alive. What I am saying is that this version of his death (as presented by the Sri Lankan Army) does not ring true.Prabhakaran is an extraordinarily proud man, one who believes he is fighting to restore the honour and glory of the Tamils. He will not allow himself to be desecrated. So not only will he swallow his cyanide, have his bodyguard shoot him to make his death doubly sure, but he will ensure that his body is blasted to bits, so that no corpse ever surfaces (The Week, May 31, 2009). Both Saul and probably even Prabhakaran were proud, arrogant and stubborn even at the end of their lives. How sad!

It was at the fag end of his ministry that Jesus washed the feet of his disciples just days before his death on the Cross. Jesus was humble not only at the start of his life, but even right at the end. It is easy to be humble at the start of our careers be it in a corporate career or in a ministry based career. But as we become more popular, as we hear people praising us and patting us on the back more often, pride slowly can slip in, if we are not careful to keep it at bay. We must take the cue from Jesus and be humble right till the end. We can take the cue from Billy Graham too in this regard. Billy Grahams amazing humility!

Billy Graham humble, start to finish!

Even after having become the man whom God used to preach the Gospel in person to maximum number of people in the planet in all of history, this evangelist made a statement that spoke volumes about his humility. He quipped once that the first question he would ask after he entered Heaven would be this: Why me, Lord? Why did you choose a farm boy from Nor th Carolina to preach to so many people, to have a wonderful team of associates, to have such a part in what you did in the latter par t of the Twentieth Centur y? Call that humility. Call that graciousness. Do you have it? If you have it, will you continue to have it, right till your death, even if you become big?

Was this really Prabhakarans dead body?


When Dhoni Did Not Hit Out Or Get Out

Duke Jeyaraj India still needed a nearimpossible 8 runs to win. At that juncture, when it was far to late, Dhoni heaved his bat and thrashed a four. I can tell you that stroke came far too late. India, by then, had virtually lost that crunch game versus England in the Lords Cricket Ground. The lords of the Twenty20 Game limped out of the Yousuf Pathan did not wait to go for the World Cup with their big shots like Dhoni did in that crucial heads hanging low. T20 World Cup game against England. Sadness and regret was writ across their faces. The asking rate is climbing. This is a must-win game for India, if they had to stay in the Twenty20 That makes me recall something. World Cup 2009. India had to That makes me recall how we win this game versus England if also postpone going for the big one like Dhoni. The BIG ONE I they were still to be in the hunt mean here is Jesus and the for the World Cup Title. But you salvation He offers. We tell cannot believe what you are ourselves, Theres always time seeing: Indias Captain, to come to Jesus! Theres always Mahendra Singh Dhoni is time to get saved! How foolish blocking, pushing and scratching such an idea is! The Bible talks and just about managing to take about times when it could be too singles and twos. He isnt even late for us to come to Jesus and trying to go for the big hits. The get saved. For instance, we trade-mark shovel stroke that has cannot get saved after we have landed many a ball in the crowd died. There is no chance for he is not playing it. You can salvation after we die this is see that his batting partner, the teaching of the Bible (Heb Yousuf Pathan is trying hard. He 9:27). Also, we cannot get saved hits an one-handed six in the last after we have hardened our over, remember? At that point in hearts beyond a certain limit a time,Dhoni had only two options limit that God sets for us, which in front of him: to hit out or get He alone knows if we have out. Yes, the batmen who could crossed or not. This message clear the park were cooling their jumps out from passages such as Genesis 6 and from Romans 1 heels in the Indian hut in case he and the stories of Pharaoh and got out trying to hit a six. And King Manasseh in the Bible. We so when it came to the final ball must not forget that it becomes of that Ryan Sidebottom over, too late to get saved after Jesus appears in mid-air to judge us, all of a sudden. When Jesus comes back the second time, He is not coming back to offer salvation but to execute judgment (Rev 1:7). During that final judgment time, there is no way anyone can get saved. No Gospel message will be preached

After you die, no chance will be offered to you to be saved, the Bible teaches

then. No altar call would be given then. Why should we still scratch around with sin even after knowing very well that Jesus came to save us from sin? Sin makes us sad. Doesnt it - after an initial elation? Why not join Jesus Jesus who died for us, sinners, on the Cross and waits to embrace us with arms open wide? Why not do it this very second, lest it becomes too late?


If God Did a Twitter/Facebook Update .

Duke Jeyaraj 140 characters to say what you want to at that point in time. You can tweet about something as banal as your craving for cinnamon latte . (The Week, August 2, 2009).. This article also talked about the big way, this phenomenon had caught the imagination of Mallika Sherawat visited Twitter.coms netizens of the headquarters. What would be Gods World, including update on what you are REALLY doing in some celebrities. your Twitter account? Mallika Sherawat, compare its figures with the made it a point to visit number of visitors it had in May Twitter literally yes, 2008. Dont applaud yet for she physically walked Facebook. Reserve your into the buildings that applause for Twitter. The reason housed the Twitter grew a whopping headquarters of 1318% in the same period!, a website (Source: Open, 18-24 July she used often, in San 2009). Francisco, during a visit to the United States. When I mulled over what I have Open, an newly opened written so far in this article, a news magazine in India, question grabbed my mental reported a piece of faculties. Which question? This information that spoke question: what if God took a great deal about the control of my computer immense popularity of keyboard and did Twitter or these two sites Facebook updates for me? What Facebook and Twitter. would God, who knows me in While Facebook had and out, write, there? What 316,000,000 visitors as Saul was praying right after his would God, who knows what I on May 2009 as conversion. That would have been am really upto at that moment, compared to the figure Gods update on Pauls Twitter script about this guy called Duke of 37,323,000 for account! Jeyaraj? Have those sort of Twitter. Facebook grew questions tickled your brain? a stupendous 155% when you The Week magazine had a very interesting account of two top developments in the Internet world developments that have changed the world forever. Here are excerpts from the article I am referring to: In these past five years, thanks to these two inventions ( and, the world, from a global village, has shrunk further to a street where everyone is dropping into the others home for a quick chat and sometimes an animated discussion on current affairs Facebook status updates let you tell the world how you are feeling in a couple of crisp lines while Twitter allows you only


I am letting my imagination flutter. Here is one scene that shapes up in my mind: God, typing out a Twitter update on a young man by the name of Saul. Saul from Tarsus. This is what He is writing: Saul is praying, right now. That is what I can come up with when I read Acts 9:11 and transport it to the Twitter times of today. God told Ananias to go and speak to a crooked man who He had just straightened with the aid of a blinding vision from heaven. This man was now praying in a home perched on a street aptly called Straight!! Would God have a left a similar Twitter update about me? I wish that I would spend more time in prayer to give Him an opportunity to do that. My longing is that I would plead with Him for lost souls, time and again, so that He could do that. What then, would God enter in my Twitter account about what I am upto that very second? He

Dont be so addicted to that you dont have time at all to read Gods book

probably would make this entry in my Twitter account: Duke is busy making frequent updates on at the expense of his Daily Devotion time and Family time. And that would be very painful for both of us God and I to read. What would God enter about you, my reader friend, about what you are actually upto ,this very second?

Would He go like, My Son, is busy watching porn using one Internet window, while he is typing this update on that hypocritically goes, I am far too busy preparing for my presentation in college/office tomorrow, using another window? You are not enjoying what you are reading, are you? Give me permission, please, to go on. May be, this could be your Makers Facebook update about you: Shalini, while harboring bitter feelings of jealousy against Sweety on the inside, was just playacting to write thus: I could not be happier that Sweety, my colleague, is going to marry tall, dark, handsome, Rahul. I will let you to complete this article for yourself. I am not able to complete this because I have a lot of soul-searching to do about this whole thing I am writing about. And I have got to do it, NOW, lest it is too late.

The Own Goal that Bertrand Kicked.

Duke Jeyaraj
Russell shot an own goal, so to speak in a famous essay, Why I am Not A Christian, if one had the discerning eye to decipher it. He writes, Do you think that, if you were granted omnipotence and omniscience and millions of years in which to perfect your world, you could produce nothing better than the Ku Klux Klan or the Fascists? By writing this, he concedes that there is evil in this world. If there is evil in the world, there must be good. If Bertrand Russell kicked there is good and evil in this world, there must be a moral standard by which one can decide what is evil and what is good. an own goal in his famous essay, Why I am And if there is a moral standard, there must be an Absolute Moral Not A Christian, did you Law Giver. And that Moral Law Giver is God. But what Russell know? tries to do in this essay is to disprove his existence! An own goal!


Swayamvar: Rakhi Sawant Vs Eliazer, The Servant

Duke Jeyaraj
One TV show that grabbed the eye-balls in India is this one the Holy Spirit included in the this: I dont want my son to Biblical record of Isaacs bride marry an unbeliever from Canaan but only a believer! hunt which carries pertinent principles we must keep in mind Keep on traveling till you meet when we go about a life partner one! Keep on searching till search. In this chapter, Eliazer, you meet one! Here is where the servant of Abraham chooses a many young people trip and fall. They fall in love with life partner for his master s son, Isaac. Here were the qualities he cute and cool unbelievers looked for in that person when he they bump into in their chose: college, in their offices. Gods 1. He chose a believer He was message for such folks is the same as Abrahams message asked to go on a long journey, a journey that lasted atleast was for Eliazer: Swear to me 21 days according to some that you will not choose a life Bible Scholars, to look for a partner who is not a believer! wife for Isaac. The reason for (Eliazer by placing his hand under the thigh of Abraham this was not hard to guess: in the area Abraham lived there was making a solemn oath to were hardly any believers of this effect in line with the the living God with a transformed life of no-idolatry. Abraham explicitly forbade Eliazer from choosing a girl from the daughters of the Canaanites (Gen 24:3). Canaanites were a wicked people who were recipients of a curse from the God-attested Noah, we understand from a previous Bible reference to them (Gen 9:25). So, Eliazer decided that he would keep the essence of traveling till he met a believer girl for what Abraham his masters son, Isaac, however long was driving home that journey would take! to Eliazer was

Would you choose your life partner using biblical principles or...?
which Shobhaa De talks about: Rakhi Sawants bizarre reality show has garnered respectable ratings which comes as a surprise to skeptics who had scoffed at the idea of Rakhi playing the coy dulhan and choosing a future husband on the sets of a TV show. But thats exactly what shes doing. Shes on a roll. From a spirited, wild and whacky woman who was forever putting a foot in her mouth, Rakhi is currently playing the demure bride-to-be, gaze modestly lowered, head chastely covered(The Week, August 2, 2009). What about you? Would you like to choose your life-partner the way Rakhi did with TV cameras panning you from head to foot? I dont think so. What would be the Biblical way of going about a Swayamvar a life partner hunt? To answer this question, youve got to read Genesis 24 the story


She not only of fered the ultra-thirsty Eliazer, water. She also offered the same for the gallonsgulping camels that Eliazer rode on. It was no easy task. It must have involved a lot of sweat, I bet. 5.He chose a Giver: Choose a believer with beauty that Rebekah, was willing to tape cant measure as your life give room to stay in her partner home for the longdistance traveler Eliazer; traditions of those times (Gen 24:25). Marriage is a Gen 24:9). give-and-take relationship. So 2. He chose a Good-looker a marriage between two Eliazer bumped into Rebekah givers, trying to out-do each who was very attractive in other, is bound to work! appearance (Gen 24:16). 6. He chose a Converser: There is nothing unspiritual Rebekah converses with her about wanting to marry a family and narrates to them pretty girl or a handsome boy. about how she dramatically But we must NOT make met Eliazer (Gen 24:28). One beauty the first and final of marriages primary deciding factor when it comes purposes is for meaningful to our life partner choice. But conversations. It is not all remember that beauty is about having sex, 24/7. A temporary it could married man is writing this disappear instantly if piece, by the way. someone throws acid on your partners face (God forbid it) or a disease wrecks havoc on your partners body (We pray that it would not happen). 3. He chose a Holy-walker. The girl that Eliazer chose for Isaac, was a virgin, the Bible records (Gen 24:16). She was beautiful on the inside as she Marriage is not about having was on the outside! She had sex all the time. Its about beauty that tape could not meaningful conversation measure the beauty of between the lifepartners. holiness. In other words, Rebecca was holy in her walk! 7. He chose an Obeyer: When 4. He chose a Hard-worker. The Rebekah said, Ill go! to say, I do! she actually was girl that Eliazer chose for obeying God. She certainly Isaac was electric when it overheard it when Laban and came to completing a task she Bethuel said, This thing has voluntarily would take up.

come from the Lord! (Gen 24:52,58). This was how, her thought process got going: Since this thing is from the Lord, I must make it happen! Let me go with this man, to make that happen! 8. He chose a respecter: When Rebekah spotted the man she would marry, she covered herself, in line with the traditions of the times she lived in as a mark of respect and love for her would-be husband (Gen 24:65). You cant marry the person, you cant respect, can you? Would you take the cue from Eliazer in your Swayamvar? And I can tell you, if you do, you would have a wonderful married life!
You gave and we... Moved by the Holy Spirit, willing Indians have contributed for the ministry of Duke Jeyaraj, the founder of G4 Mission, the organization that publishes this magazine. Its only fitting, then, the details of how the money so sent in, was spent, for the period, June to August 2009 (three months)is furnished. Here they are: Printing Charges Rs. 11,000/-; Internet and Printout charges Rs.2000/-; Communication charges Rs.3000/-; Refreshments while on duty/during Bible Study Rs.2800/ -; Local Transport Charges Rs.1600/- Magazine / CDs / Books Dispatch Charges Rs.6000/-; Book, CD Production work Rs. 2700/-; Office Cum Residence Rent Rs.11,000/- Salaries Rs.36,000/-; Outstation travel and food Rs. 1200/-; Raw Material for this issue Rs.1700/-; Office cum residence new location moving charges Rs. 2500/-; Offerings given to other ministries Rs.7000/-; Board Meeting Related Expenses Rs.2000/-; Computer Repairs Rs. 2000/GRAND TOTAL Rs.92,000/-


The Missionary Call from Unbelievers

Duke Jeyaraj
The cover picture of The Sunday Indian magazine looked like the cover picture of a Christian magazine. It had the picture of a man a man whose eyes were closed, a man who was in the posture of solemn prayer. These were the lines printed on the cover: Helpline God: When everything around you starts looking dismal and depressing, spirituality and prayers become the last refuge even for preppy yuppies. To support the claims made in the cover page, some stunning statistics were furnished inside. Take this: 5 crore people visit Sabarimala in Kerala every year, where the annual income is 120 crores. This year there has been a 20% increase in the flow of pilgrims. 30,000 to 40,000 pilgrims visit the overflowing Jagnanath temple in Puri, Orissa, everyday. Large number of youngsters from Bangalore have swelled the attendance in the Dharmadhikari of the famous temple of Karnataka, Shree Kshetra Dharmasthala. On holidays, the headcount there, go upto even 15000, despite the deplorable state of the roads to this place. This trend is also seen in the atheistic Dravidian movement influenced Tamil Nadu. There is this Shiva Temple in Thiruvannamalai town (in Tamil Nadu). Newly married couples go there during full moon. And they actually walk the entire 14 kilometers around the hill that surrounds the temple. Earlier very few people used to visit the temple but in the last few years, the number has increased (Source: The Sunday Indian, 29 March 2009). Hanumania: Young Indians turn to the hep god for help, this was another cover headline that rehammers the same phenomenon The Guinness Book of World Record had marked that place, as the place with the densest population in the entire planet at that point in time. Why were they taking a dip in those muddy, condemned foot-wear floating waters? They believed such a dip would take their sins away. When I watched all of this, a question came into my mind. It was this: Who would tell them about the fountain filled with blood drawn from Immanuels veins? Who would tell them that when sinners plunge beneath this fount they would loose all their guilty stains? Then I told the Lord, I will give the one life I have to share the Goodnews about Jesus and the cleansing sinless blood that He shed on the Cross! Are your spiritual antennas up to catch the missionary call that comes from sincerely wrong unbelievers and what they do? Are you devout to discern the challenge for ministry that comes from the hunger the pagan people for the things of God? The spiritual hunger the Sailors in the Ship disobedient Jonah got into, showed, should have served as a missionary call for Jonah. They all cried out to their own gods, in desperation, while our man, Jonah was sleeping and snoring. Later, when this reluctant prophet preached to the pagan people in Nineveh, they all repented including those from the animal kingdom. It was as if they were waiting for the message of the Prophet to repent! See how eager to receive the truth, unbelievers are! From that enthusiasm comes an evangelist enrollment call. Paul saw the vision of a man from Macedonia who said, Come over

There were days in which secular magazine covers told us that there was no hunger for God in the world. But not any longer.
from another national news magazine (The Week , March 1, 2009). I can connect with what you just read in paragraph number one. While I was a student of Agricultural Engineering in Allahabad Agricultural Institute I have seen something similar. And seen it with a broken heart. In a place not too far away from my college was the Sangam the confluence of the rivers of Ganga, Yamuna and the mythological Saraswati. Braving cold winds and bearing with temperatures as low as 2 degrees centigrade, I have seen people disrobing and taking a dip in that massive waterbody with icy-chill water during a religious festival called Kumbh Mela. Lakhs of them would do it.


and help us! This vision of a spiritually craving man, was enough to move him to move as a missionary to that vicinity (Acts 16). What Paul saw in a vision, we see in reality the desperate hunger the people have for God in times such as these, when the economic downturn is taking its toll, is very obvious. From that hunger comes a missionary call if only you can care to hear it. After Paul saw live this time he was not seeing a vision the many idols in the city of Athens, his heart was disturbed (Acts 17). He wastes no

time in preaching the Gospel to them having detected a missionary call jumping out from their sincere worship of many idols. When the topic in your office meanders towards gods and temple-visits you have a golden opportunity to share the Gospel in such settings. Since it was your religious friend who does not know Jesus, who began that religious conversation, you too automatically have the license to pitch in with a goodnews presentation, without

being accused of pushing religion. Dont goof-up at that time. Dont stay tongue-tied. Dont pretend as if you have a laddoo in your mouth at that juncture. Dont just nod you head politely to all what you hear in that coffee table or dinner table. Go for it. India is hungry for a real Savior during these turbulent times. And only Jesus, the real Savior, fills the bill. And if you dont present Jesus, who else would? And if you dont do it, then and there, where else would you be able to do it?

Spiritual Swine Flu

Duke Jeyaraj
A leading national news magazine ran a v ery informative article on the Swine Flu epidemic sweeping across the globe. This is what they said: In India, 17 have died and over 1000 have tested positive. This flu has spread to 22 Indian cities, faster than most pandemics. So far 168 countries are affected with , 1.75 lakh confirmed cases and 1,400 are left dead. The United States tops the list with 436 deaths and over 50,000 H1N1 cases ( India Today, August 24, 2009). It is indeed quite sad that many folks are getting affected by the HIN1 virus. But what is even more sad is that a lot of people are getting affected by what I call as Spiritual Swine Flu. What is that? you might ask. It is the perpetual habit of a believer to return to the sin he was just forgiven from, without much second thought. It is that detestable disease in a Born Again Christian a disease that triggers him to bounce back to the same sin, he was washed b y Jesus blood from, time and again. The Bible describes this dangerous spiritual disease for us in a passage in II Peter: For it would have been better for them never to ha ve known the way of righteousness than after knowing it to turn back from the holy commandments delivered to them. What the true proverb says has happened to them: The dog returns to its own vomit, and the sow, after w ashing herself, returns to wallow in the mire (II Pet 2:21-22). This passage talks about the false teachers in Peter s time. These guys were believers at one point in time. They were saints. From that exalted position they became sows pigs. Pigs, which compulsively returned to their sty of sin. Swine, which rolled back to the same old muck (the muck of porn-watching coupled with masturbation, the muck of having affairs outside of marriage, the muck of gossip, the muck of pride, the muck of telling lies, etc). Do you also show Spiritual Swine Flu, symptoms? We can be cured from this deadly disease which is far more dangerous than actual Swine Flu. Why is Spiritual Swine Flu more dangerous than actual Swine Flu? Here is why: When it comes to actual Swine Flu only 8 out of 1000 people infected with the H1N1 virus, the Swine Flu causing virus, die, according to statistics. When it comes to Spiritual Swine Flu, all the folks having it will die I am referring to eternal death in hell only to be born again for everlasting punishment (Rev 21:7,8)! It is all the more important then, that we must act quickly to get cured of this disease that will take us to hell. The cure is available: a regular, disciplined dose of Bible, Prayer, Fellowship and Witnessing should keep us spiritually fit so that we will not fall back in the same old sin, again and again. If we do fall into the same old sin, we must run to Jesus and ask him for forgiveness with a broken, repentant heart. His blood will wash us white. Though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again! (Prov 24:16). There will come a day, when we the holy we - will land in the place where there is no sin. This will happen when Jesus returns or when we die. Till then, we must gamely struggle with and consistently win over sin!

Are you showing symptoms of Spirtual Swine Flu?


In Cocnizant as a Christian
The story of Sharon Preethi in her own words
Changed labels Proud, argumentative, disobedient, talkative, quarrelsome These were some of my labels when I was in school. Contrast these labels with the award I was given when I graduated from college Best outgoing student with Exemplary Behaviour. Sounds totally discrepant? Not because any of those labels were incorrect. Certainly, I have become a completely different person. How did I change? Well, thats a story. Living in interior villages I was born in a Christian family to an engineer and a dietician, which my parents were. As a child, I remember talking to the Lord, and listening to Him. I related to God as my dear Father. Later, our family moved to a village where God called my parents for full-time ministry. No electricity, no proper roof for the house. Through it all, the One Who called remained faithful. Even in Dharmapuri, the most backward district in Tamil Nadu, God helped me to study in good schools. I went to bed, weeping After Class 5, I slowly started moving away from the Lord. This loving Father I had known all along suddenly became irrelevant to me. Without a relationship with Jesus, I could only sin. I chose to move away from my Source of Strength. And the result? My life was full of fights, quarrels, arguments, and the list could go on. I felt unloved. My marks started going down the drain. I even failed in one subject when I was in Class 6. I have helped classmates write love letters. Whenever I argued against my parents or disobeyed them, I would be punished. Even through this phase of my life, I was regular in Bible reading, prayer and in attending church. But, I didnt relate to God through all these. I hated myself, because I could not get better, with the best of my efforts. Most nights, I would go to bed weeping. But, my Maker had not given up on me. One night One such night, when I was in Class 7, I was weeping as usual. Looking back, I realised how far I had gone from the God who loved me. Jesus loves me, He died for my sin I knew it all. But I had not lived it. That night, I started confessing my sins to Jesus. I asked Jesus to wash away my sins, and I began to trust the power of the blood Jesus shed for me on the cross. I asked Him to forgive me and take control of my life. I hated the way I had been living. Baptised by Pastor Dad Then, life started changing. There was a U-turn in my behaviour. From Class 8, I stood first in class. Two years later, I was baptised by my dad, who is now a pastor. God started using this good for nothing person. God filled me with gifts and talents, so that I could do His work.

Sharon Preethi
Learning to lead worship I started leading worship in church when I was in Class 9. Not because I had great voice. In fact, my voice was bad. I was given a lot of suggestions. My dad suggested that I pray about it and practice regularly, like another worship leader did. I liked the idea, but I lacked the discipline to practice regularly. At one point, God reminded me that I hadnt surrendered my voice to Him, yet. I used to listen to secular songs, occasionally. As I surrendered my voice to God, I made a commitment that I would sing only to glorify God. I stopped listening to secular songs. Now and then, I would be tempted to listen to secular songs. After all, they do no harm, I told myself But, God has helped me overcome such temptations. Then, something amazing happened. My voice


improved! But, by then God had taught me that worship is not about the quality of my voice, but about my relationship with the Lord. I no longer care how well I sing, or how well I play the guitar. Worship is all about God, not about me. Studying Visual Communication After Class 12, I had to decide which college and which course I should choose. My friends and teachers thought I was really crazy to choose Visual Communication. Their reason you have marks good enough for engineering. Neither I nor my parents wanted my marks to decide the field I should choose. I decided on Visual Communication because I wanted to be a writer. I joined Bishop Appasamy College, Coimbatore, and I was excited about the course, the college, and all that I was learning. But, it took me more than two years to feel comfortable in my class. I enjoyed everything else in college, except my class. I felt left out, because my classmates thought I was too outdated, and I didnt know how to have fun. How I struggled to stop! I wanted to be part of the college choir. I admired the choir and the way they lead the chapel services. God did not allow me to join the choir for two years. I accepted it as His Will. Meanwhile, some girls came and told me that a guy in the choir liked me. Some one likes me?! I told myself. I was curious to know more about this guy, and the more I started thinking about it, I started liking him, too. The girls had all news about him. But

had delayed this. God had to chisel out the rough edges before I joined the choir. I was very happy about another chance to serve the Lord. God gave me opportunities to write scripts for the college Christmas play and for skits to be enacted by the Scripture Union. He allowed me to lead worship in CSI All Souls Church, Coimbatore, where I used to go for services, while in college. The Lord has taught me so many things about worship, and there is still a long way to go. Cognizant Training Champ When I finished college, I was confident of getting a job as a journalist, because I had freelanced as a reporter with The Hindu for two years. But, God had different plans. I joined Cognizant as an instructional designer in August 2008. I had absolutely no plans of joining an IT company. When I first stepped into Cognizant, I had so many fears. How will I even survive in such a competitive world? How will I cope up with people who are more intelligent and smarter than me? I finished my training and I was one of the first to be allotted to projects. My turn for the personal feedback session came. Among other things, my trainer said, Your core values are good, and I believe that is because of your religious belief. Well, it is because of the One who has chosen me. I got an email the other day, saying I have topped the overall training performance in my batch. Something I expected the least! Looking back, the only thing I can see is Gods grace. I really dont deserve anything.

I got an e-mail the other day, saying I have topped the overall training performance in my batch.
we had not spoken to each other. He was not a believer then, and I knew that I should not entertain such thoughts. But, by the time I realised that, many of my friends knew about it, and they started teasing me with him. How I struggled to stop thinking about him! I prayed about it, and shared it with parents and my mentor. This is what my dad told me: Dont look at the stone that you want to avoid; instead look at the path, so that you can avoid the stone. God told me one thing flee. He said, Flee from the girls who would tease you with him or talk about him. Avoid every chance to see him. This, I did with Gods help. Slowly, I stopped thinking about him. Praise the Lord. I never felt so free! Sharon, you are incharge! After this, the lecturer who was in-charge of the choir told me, Sharon, I want you to take charge of the choir, and I want you to lead worship in the chapel services. This happened in my final year. Now, I knew why God



After the Message I Wanted to Publicly Confess My Sin.

Tanyu Elvis Shey
Like a Leech and Lion When I was still unsaved, I used to club drink and smoke a lot and I was highly addicted to porn. But when I got saved all those bad habits stopped instantly. After a long time one of them came back and that was the habit of watching porn . I had been battling with it and seeking counsel but it clung to me like a leech. I prayed and fasted and this habit did stop for a time but after a few weeks it will come back hunting me like a hungry lion. When the desire to watch it I prayed and fasted and this porn- comes, it is like there is a force surfing habit did stop for a time but that overtakes all of your will to af ter a few weeks it will come back deny, even when the Spirit is at same time telling you not to. I hunting me like a hungry lion. would actually feel a spirit pulling me to it and taking control over I come from Cameroon, a small me and it would not let me go of me country in the armpit of Africa in until I watched it. Even when away Central Africa. This country is very from home, the thing would come famous for football in the world. over me and take away every other You can click on this link to see the desire from me and put a strong map desire in me for it. images/map/Cameroon_map.jpg . Presently I am studying (in an university in Hyderabad, India,) RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineering) and I am also a CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) which qualifies me to be an I.T. network engineer. After Duke preached. But I did not give up and continued to fight it and ask God for deliverance constantly. Then during the summer camp at the New Life AG Church, Secunderabad, after Duke Jeyaraj preached a challenging message, the Holy Spirit told me to say it publicly in order to be set free. I walked up to Duke, who just finished preaching, and told him about my desire to publicly confess the sin I was repenting from. Since we had a crunch for time that day with the Holy Spirit Baptism session following, I was not given an opportunity to do that. But God saw my heart and knew I was ready to obey him and he delivered me from it. But there were a lot of people there who may have struggled like I did. That is why the Holy Spirit wanted me to do it that day. The Devil fools us Before I used to be worried being alone in the house for fear that I would be tempted. But now I am free from all that. I dont care how people will look at me when they read the testimony. I only care what God now thinks of me after this confession. The Devil fools us into hiding our sins and try to solve them on our own in private. But there is nothing as powerful as the as a public confession of the recurring sin you are repenting from (Read James 5:16). It seriously disgraces and puts the Devil to shame because truth is the only thing that puts the Devil to shame.

Our Ministrys New Logo

I requested quite a number of young people whom I knew had great computer design skill to design our ministry logo, for the last 3 y ears. And one young person took that challenge very seriously and worked tirelessly to do that. I am referring to Eugene Pandian , my contemporary in Allahabad Agricultural Institute who now works in Bangalore. The logo he designed in found in the last page, between the two CD covers in colour. The logo has a message. Let me elucidate that to you. You see a hand that is trying to grab a young man who is falling helplessly, there, don t you? That is symbolic of our ministrys main goal of grabbing the Google Generation from going to Gehenna (the Greek Word that Jesus used to depict hell). - Duke Jeyaraj


Your Keyboard Punches, Encourages Us!

(Testimonies about our ministry received thro the Internet that has encouraged us)
Dear Duke Your poem on Rohit Sharma hitting 21 runs in that IPL game was great! Praise the Lord for the creative ideas He gives you...Go for it - Rajani Joseph Chacko, The US Dear Duke, I praise God for the work that He is doing through you. You have been a constant source of encouragement to me. I believe that there are many like me, who are blessed by your insights. I pray that your love for Christ, passion for spreading the Gospel, and vision and burden for the young people never fades. - Derin Justin, Mumbai Dear Sir Duke Im so glad to say that you are one of the best teachers I have ever had. I was a student of Central Bible College, New Delhi, when I sat in your class. Those were the best days of our life! Your Bible insights about lust, sex, etc changed me a lot and I did transfer those to my close friends. Sir, I am happy to let you know that God has brought me now to Kuwait and I have started a church. Isnt that amazing? Pastor Blesson John, Kuwait Wow Duke, U R same as B4. Nothing has changed about you. Only yr beard cut has changed a bit. And by seeing yr profile, I find U were de same as U were in SABC (Southern Asia Bible College, Bangalore) where I was your classmate. Always busy, always a Fire Preacher, an Innovative Preacher, always trying to find something new - thats u . I can not just imagine sitting in one of yr services. Hope God wills so...! Ive kept everything cherished in my heart the times we spent together during those 2 precious years. Wish.... they could come back again!!!! Soo G8 to find U in FB (Facebook). Pastor Joseph Rai, Siligury Hello Duke, A friend of mine, got me your magazine. It is amazing! Praise God, He is using your talents for His glory to expand his Kingdom. I started reading your blog and found that there are lots to read. The content is very specific and direct to the youth. This is what is needed for Christian youth, and which is seldom received from the churchesEnjoyed reading your mag. It sure is a blessing to many. Loved the way you write, totally attention grabbing :) I am going to pass the mag to my teammate.- Beulah Duke anna, We talk very straight to ppl and we do not care abt its consequences That is what you said when you preached in our church last Sunday. I liked that! A young man, Chennai Dear Duke, Your email (on how you found your lifepartner) has caught me spell bound and I couldnt take my eyes off the screen till I completed the last line. A Corporate Employed Person in Hyderabad Dear Duke anna , Wow!!!! Thats amazing!! I cant believe you just shared this with me (about how you met your wife via mass email). Its so encouraging. I hope and pray that I too will have a story to tell someday. Thank you so much! Hephibah Vedamuthu, WCC Student, Chennai Duke, I must applaud your unique work in outlining and summarizing the Books of the Bible through monthly Bible studies and all of that will be of good use in your doctoral program. A College Professor in the US Hi Duke, Both of you and your wife are doing a great job :-) and I really like the way your wife and you preach. :-) Hazel, one person who has videographed many of our messages Hello Duke.. It was a blessing to hear you speak at Wesley Church, Musheerabad a few days ago...I learnt a lot about the aftermaths of vague decisions taken without the consent of God...I have learnt a lot about marriage and choosing the right partner...I picked up a DVD with your messages on Wise Life Partner Choice and Relationships and its worth hearing a million times... - Kenny thro Orkut scrap Sis. Evangeline (Duke)...Awesome preacher. - A comment found on Facebook by one young person below a photo of Evan preaching


Warning The What-The-HellGeneration About Hell

G-4 Mission Ministry Report by Evangelin Duke
Christie passes away The Bible Study of I Samuel in the month of July, unexpectedly became the last one for Christie Vincent. She passed away after a prolonged battle with heart disease in Chennai, later that month. Despite her numerous health problems, Bible-hungry Christie made it a point to be there for many of the 21 different Bible Book Summary Studies that Duke has lead. Our heart-felt condolences to bereaved family of Christie. The Bible Study group would miss her. Inter-church Bible Study @ Home In our newly rented home in the Tirumalgherry area of Hyderabad, we had a Bible Study on 9 August. We studied the book of II Kings. Duke used the word EXILED as an acronym to bring out practical lessons from this book in which both the exile of the Northern Kingdom of Israel and the Southern Kingdom of Judah is is recorded, to summarize its message. Folks from different churches such as the Assemblies of God, Secunderabad Bible Fellowship, Calvary Temple, WFC, etc were present. Life-Changing Youth For Christ Camp Duke preached in the Youth for Christ (YFC) Camp at the Word and Deed Centre in Hayat Nagar, Hyderabad this May following the loving invitation of Annan Ebenezer Devaraj, the YFC Coordinator for Hyderabad. For the 200 young people who were present, this camp proved to be life-changing. Dukes freedom-themed message was based on the Bible Story of the deliverance of the demonized man

The last three months (May to August 2009) have been truly Godblessed. We could not thank God enough for what He chose to do through us tiny us. May I share with you some news from our end so that you too can join us in thanking God? Bible Study in Bro. Christophers home In the home of Brother Christopher in Dr. A. S. Rao Nagar in Hyderabad, Duke continued to lead Bible Studies, once in a month. The books of II Samuel (June) and I Kings (July) were two Bible books, he took up and summarized in a practical way. He used the very characters found in these books as acronyms for the outlines he developed for these distinctive Bible Studies. For example, the message of the book of II Samuel was wrapped around the name DAVID JESSIE! Bible Study in the Daniels Flat In the large flat of Daniel and Madgalene, perched in the centrally located area of Somajiguda, Duke lead similar Bible studies on the books of Judges (May), Ruth (June) and I Samuel (July). In the study on the book of Ruth, Duke brought out simple yet sublime lessons on finding a life partner and making a marriage work. This talk was audio recorded. The mixed crowd that attends these unusual Bible Studies is steadily increasing. We have young people from the corporate world, doctors, children, people in full time ministry from various agegroups and churches who make it a point to come from different parts of Hyderabad. Duke speaks for over 90 minutes in each of these studies, but the time just flies because of his innovative and interesting approach.

Our children, Dale and Datasha, pose with a young lady who gladly received our tract, during one of our train journeys.
of Gerasenes (Mark 5). After the message, several young people gave their hearts to Jesus. There was a brisk sale of Dukes Resources message CDs, books and magazines. Soul-charging Summer for Jesus Upon the friendly summons of Pastor Younus Samuel of the New Life Assemblies of God Church, Hyderabad, Dukes local church, Duke preached in the Summer For Jesus a youth revival convention. Over 1000 young people were present that evening in the month of May. Duke took the mike, walked all across the stage and then even strolled down the aisle and communicated a powerful missionary challenge message from the book of Jonah, titled, Have you heard, Joes Go? using an informal style . Young people, with tears welling up in their eyes, told the Lord, Here I am send me! at the end of that message. Atrocious alternatives to Marriage In the same meeting, Duke lead a workshop titled, Atrocious


Alternatives to Marriage. The young people sat at the edge of their seats with their eyes popping out as Duke talked with biblical depth and brutal honesty about lifestyles that are presented by the secular media as equally cool such as homosexual relationships, living-in, playboy behavior, etc. Does not the Bible exhort us to, Cry aloud; do not hold back; lift up your voice like a trumpet; declare to my people their transgression, to the house of Jacob their sins. (Isa 58:1 ESV)? The 120 in Shalom Gardens... Over 120 young people from 7 towns/cities and the country of Rwanda attended the Countdown 2009 - an inter church youth camp organised by the Trichy Team under the fatherly patronage of Bro. Ravinderan in the serene Shalom Gardens in Trichy. Duke challenged them by a message on temptations, first up, based on an imaginary interview he did with Bible Characters who beat temptation and lost to temptation. Almost all the audience vowed to the Lord that they would lead a holy life by incorporating the practical steps suggested in that powerful talk. Duke answered questions, the young people had, for over two hours on varied topics such as life partner choice, women in preaching ministry, etc in this camp. In one other session, while Duke answered the questions posed by the guys in the camp on sex, love and marriage, and other intimate taboo matters, I did the same with the lady folk. The youth were enlightened. When Duke became my translator I had the privilege to teach the young people on the subject matter of relationships with parents, elders, friends and the opposite gender in a candid talk from the Bible. Hear this: Duke, who usually speaks with a Tamil Interpreter to Tamil

Evangelin Dukes message on the Holy Spirit, with Bharat translating into Tamil, was preached with anointing and unction in Trichy.
audiences, served as my Tamil Translator! Later with Bharat of Karunya Institute of Technology, standing next to me to interpret, I preached a practical message on the Holy Spirit. The flow of that message was just out of the world. And the booming voice with which it was delivered was appreciated, all the more, because it came from a ladys mouth. About 20 people received Holy Spirit Baptism. It was a powerful time indeed. Later Duke challenged the youth with the message, What Motivated Paul to Dedicate All His One Life To Jesus and His Work. 20 young people gave their lives for fulltime ministry following that message by coming forward to the altar call given for missionary martyrdom. Almost, all of the rest of the youth vowed to use their time, talent and treasures for Gods Kingdoms extension in some way or the other. The CDs, books, magazines we took along, carrying our messages, were sold briskly (for over 2000 rupees). On TV Shruthi Joy, one of our most active volunteers had Duke to answer questions on finding a lifepartner, on how to make marriages to work and living in, in a TV talk show, she directed, called Probe. This show would be telecast at 4 pm on a Sunday afternoon in Aradana TV (and could be seen also at the same time at Plans are in the anvil for Duke to preach in this channel in a program that would be called, Honest Talks on Hot Topics. Meanwhile a TV channel based in Trivandrum will beam a talk show on Sex, Love and Marriage in which Duke was the guest to regions as far out as the gulf countries. Witnessing during travel Train travel times are good witnessing times. When we traveled to Trichy for our meetings there, we could give out our tract, Bubbly Outside Yet Empty Inside, to our copassengers in the train. Duke would walk to nearby compartments to give out that specially crafted Gospel handout to interested folks.


We have guys who walk up and down the train selling movie CDs in our trains. But we dont have enough folk who would do the same to share the Gospel! Would you, my reader friend, change the situation, by deciding to distribute tracts during your travels? Contact us to grab those tracts. In Homes, with the Word! Duke was invited to speak in a prayer meeting at a packed Roman Catholic Home in Hyderabad this July. A young lady from that home was to leave for the US for higher education. Duke brought an apt, articulate message from the life of Bible Expatriates like Joseph, Daniel, Ezekiel, etc, to mark that occasion. On yet an another occasion, Duke was in the home of Brother Emmanuel Nune in Bowenpally, Hyderabad speaking in a CareCell meeting. Duke spoke on what we must do when a crisis hits us. Duke in India Today Groups site! A part of Dukes article on homosexuality (a part in which the Gospel was explained), the lead article in Issue No. 18 of our mag, The Days was appeared in the website of the widely seen India Today Magazine Group this July. Duke was responding to a blog by Zaka Jacob, one of the news anchors of Headlines Today, the Groups English News Channel on homosexuality. What gave us immense joy was this: in a small way we were able to broadcast the Gospel in a leading secular website! Meanwhile, Mumbais Light of Life magazine continued to publish Dukes writings every month. The latest one was titled, Just three words to witness for Jesus! Increasing our Internet Presence! To increase our Internet Presence and thereby reach more people Duke joined, apart from and

Updates about our ministry with pictures, info about latest ministry products and requests for prayer are all passed out through this convenient forum. The number of hits on our website, www.TheDaysofYour has now shot up to over 76,000. Solomon Paul, a young working professional in Bangalore, voluntarily sends the mass SMSs you receive from Dukes mobile number 9441352433 via the web.

Dukes message on Jeroboam I, in the Anna Nagar Branch of the Apostolic Christian Assembly, Chennai, on a Sunday morning, was talked about long after he preached it. The Board Meeting The Board Meeting of the ministry that runs this magazine, G4 Mission, was conducted in Chennai on the 28 th June. The Board members, Mr. A. Jeyaraj, Pastor A. Gnanasekaran, Mr. Y. Silver Ramesh along with Duke, the founder were present. Mr. Xavier Navamani Raj and I, the two other Board Members could not join in. The ministry reports and accounts were submitted. We are glad to inform our readers that the Lord blessed us with offerings to the tune of Rs.2,92,932 (of which we spent Rs.2,87,904 doing the Lords Work) in the financial year 2008-09. All of these were received from Indians who believe in the vision of this ministry to grab the google generation from Gehenna. All of this were received, despite us NOT asking anyone PERSONALLY for any financial support or donation. Individuals gave to our ministry upon the prodding of the Holy Spirit. With love offerings coming to us increasing steadily, Duke requested the Board to fix a neither too high nor too low salary for

Duke joins Doctoral Program Duke was honored and humbled when there was a loving call from Southern Asia Bible College, the college in which he did his M. Div., asking him to join the Doctor of Ministry program there. And Duke was only too glad to accept that invitation. This means that Duke would be in Bangalore for three weeks a year (in Feb, in June, in October) for the next four years doing this course. Inter-church youth meeting Brother Solomon Patha, an Indian living in Australia, invited Duke to speak in an Inter -church Youth Retreat at Wesley CSI Church, Musheerabad, Hyderabad in the month of July. Duke spoke two messages that kept the young people at the edge of their seats one from the life of Absalom, and another on relationships. Several young people rededicated their lives to Jesus in this meeting. There was a super sale of Dukes books and messages CDs here.


both of us who now fully devote all our time for the ministry of G4 Mission. Billy Graham and Our Salaries! These lines from Billy Grahams autobiography, JUST AS I AM, motivated us to take this step: I was embarrassed to discover that this (love) offering (given me) in Atlanta (where the 32 year old Billy Graham held an evangelistic meeting with the cooperation of 135 churches in the year 1950) was larger than the sum most clergy made in an entire year. We had to find some other way to support ourselves than through love offerings. Cliff agreed with me. I got in touch with a wise old friend, Dr. Jesse M. Bader, evangelism secretary for the former Federal Council of Churches. Youve incorporated your ministr y, he said, so let the board put you on a payroll as a salaried employee. The salary, he urged, should compare favorably with that of a typical minister in any average large-city church. We put his recommendation into action, and that has been our guideline ever since. Revival Stirring Sunday Message! Duke preached Gods Word in the Sunday services of two churches in Chennai. He began by preaching a reviving message in the Apostolic Christian Assembly in Anna Nagar from the life of King Jeroboam, the first. This church was talking about this message long after it was preached. Later, he went to Ruah Revival Church, lead by Pastor Alwyn Thomas, in Kodambakkam to preach there from the book of Jonah and challenge the crowd of 500 there for ministry involvement. Pastor Alwyn remarked that Dukes

The home of Daniel and Magdalene was packed with people as Duke lead in the Practical Whole Book Summary Study of I Samuel.
message stirred a little revival in his church with 20 people showing a public willingness to join fulltime ministry within a weeks time at the end of that service. Dukes contemporary in Southern Asia Bible College, Pastor Rajiv Hubert, organized the days events. We are looking for an Owned Place This issue of our magazine got delayed because we moved houses (and as a result our office also moved because we live in an officecum-residence). It took quite a while to settle down in the new place near my sons school, which is also closer to heart of the city. In the long run, we are looking for an owned place that God would give us, so that we can use that place as an office cum residence for this ministry. If the Lord leads you to donate your home for this cause, please let us know through an email at or by making a phone call at +919441352433

Duke Speaks @...

Duke will speak, God willing, in the following places in four different Indian states in meetings organized by six different Christian organisations: August 28 - Campus Crusade for Christ Meeting, Hy derabad September 5-6 K arunya Institute of Technology, Coimbatore September 21-23 Indian Evangelical Mission Convention, Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh September 26- Mennonite Church Youth One Day R etreat, Hyderabad. October 1-3 Youth For Christ National Discipleship Camp , Hyder abad October 17-19 BTCYF Youth Camp , Mumbai (Both of us, speak).

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