Music is one of those things, regardless of how creative, passionate, and the In the commercial sense of music, you

can listen to love one can hold for music, regardless of the person, everyone however the radio, music channels and the lyrics and you will small has a love for some form of music. find that all lack depth and that personal drive that makes music such a treasure. Most of the ‘so called’ Music is not simply a ‘cool’ sounding vibe which brightens the mood. It is the artists speak of only how to bed the next woman or how f*****king wasted you got at the last party. Music expression of ones individuality. A literature of an artist’s life experiences; expressed through their lyrics and a passion they have to entertain a crowd. in some aspects is not appreciated as it should be; it It is something to be admired and treasured as an important part of our his- takes real dedication, hardship and a development of tory and culture. Yes, it is true that music comes in many different comes in personal character. many different forms, from the different genres, instrumentals to even simply This is just one example of how many bands from The Beetles, The Who, Metallica Oasis etc the list a national anthem of a country they all instil a feeling, that feeling of true goes on and on all of which have had a significant efemotion, you know? It drives our passion and motivations to action. fect on music showing that being a true artist is Music can be a very influential thing; its aim is to inspire things; breaking from hardship, inspiration to pursue an ambition. Think for a second, what more than just releasing a single, it requires hours has music done for you? As I stated previously music if taken seriously and of practise and a passion which drives you to want to given the respect it deserves, it is a literature of ones personal experiences. succeed. It takes a lot for a musical artist/band of exceptional quality to challenge the cultural conventions of a society that a majority would consider the ‘mainstream’ with the power of their voice and musical talent. This is something that some of us feel is missing from today’s music scene. Music is what you make it. Admit tingly the headline for this article in Switch has a sarcastic connotations ‘Not another one hit wonder’ it is almost suggesting that sigh, this is simply a play on words as it is simply our desire for music to return to its origins.

One upcoming artist has caught the eye of the Switch Mag team; he is a Birmingham lad 17 he is your typical conventional sounding young adult; college, all the social qualities of a youthful young lad trying to better himself. However we heard a rumour that he likes to play music we attended one of his small gigs and we can say we were astounded, never have we seen such talent for one thing another how one so young could evoke such passion in an audience only sized at 50 people it was a sight not seen for a long time.

The ‘mainstream’ lacks musical creativity and authenticity with many of the artists of today sounding no different from other. Many of us here at switch fell that music has become too trivialised; the way in which one dresses in today’s society is seen to dictate their musical preferences, how can this be? Music has always defined the person. Not music defining your dress. It is fair to say that with particular styles of music certain fashion trends apply, however literally music has become fashion and to me this is a disservice to something that is so precious and instils the values of society. Music has inspired men and women alike to do great things, heroic deeds, make something of themselves; music to some of us helps through times of hardship as it can be that voice in which we relate to and not feel alone. How about you, what has music really done for you?

With the mix of rock and indie we feel that all your creative and musical needs will be satisfied and you will understand what music really is and why it has lost its value and is being taken for granted. With the mix of rock and indie we feel that all your creative and musical needs will be satisfied and you will understand what music really is and why it has lost its value and is being taken for granted.

This young prodigy is called Brad; he has a great passion for music which is very admirable we managed to catch up with him after his concert at a small place renowned by the people of Birmingham for hosting some of Rock’s most influential figures. This place is ‘Ballroom Birmingham formally known as the Hummingbird’ We could only get a few words from this talented young person ‘I love music, playing in front of my supporters is all the thanks I need.’ Not only is he passionate for his music he is humble and very desired quality and something which is lacking in our music industry today, so I would watch over young Brad as I have feeling he is going places. Oh and give a like on Facebook he said he would appreciate it.

So then, Music is something which is to be appreciated by all not just a vibe but a literature of ones personal experiences with the strengths of both Rock and Indie.

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