I never described the modern history of this nation in detail before. There are so many individuals that look at my words from Australia (or the land down under). Therefore, I decided to write thoroughly about Australia. I respect the Aussies. As a Yank, many of us don’t know too much about Australia. Now, it's time to do it. The brother right here is going to do my thing with soul, rhythm, reasonable grace, and a whole lot of pure soul. Soul power is important too. I will forever keep it 100. In order for any human being to witness a cogent history of Australia, a person must understand the history of the Aboriginal peoples. They are the first human beings that arrived in Australia. They traveled from Africa of course, then into India, Sri Lanka, and other parts of Asia into the continent of Australia. Australia's history therefore is incredibly linked to the wonderful Aboriginal peoples. Like my people, they suffered oppression and triumphs. They endorsed unjustifiable hard aches and glorious improvements in their lives. They have arrived into the continent of Australia in the time frame between 40,000 to 60,000 years ago. All humans come from Africa (that means that everyone genetically has its

origin from the Black African melanated people). According to researchers, they devised extremely ancient artistic, musical, and spiritual traditions. At first, the Aborigines organized a hunter gatherer lifestyle, which is typical of the Neolithic human lifestyle. The early population in Australia back then at the time of the first European contact could have been a population of 750,000. During glaciation, New Guinea and Tasmania were joined to the continent causing travel to be more readily available among human beings during that time period. The early Aboriginals stopped hunting during certain times of the
years in order for populations plus resources to replenish. They enacted fire stick farming. They introduced the dingo dog (from 3,000-4,000 B.C.) into the continent. Religious practices including cremations were common during the ancient times of Australia. A lot of art and the religious Dreamtime religious practice are loved by the Aboriginal individuals. Like any indigenous people, the Aboriginals

the Aboriginals received the right to vote and the right to human citizenship. Also. Jessica Mauboy. Yet. It's one of the official flags of Australia under section 5 of the Flags Act 1953. farm workers. so no stone will be left unturned. The good news is that people of every color exist today that want equality and justice for all people. People from across the Earth (rom the Caribbean. Yet. Some starved to death. David Guilpilil. Vincent Lingiari. David Unaipon. Back in those days. Bowravielle. Captain James Cook from Britain went into the more fertile eastern coast of Australia by 1770. the English wanted private property rights and massive cultivation of the land. This oppression will be written by me in further detail in the near future. the Aboriginals suffered many massacres. unjustified oppression. Harriet Ellis. and so many other brave souls. Shirley Andrews. Soon. etc. Noel Pearson. During the 1960's.) helped us in the American civil rights movement too. People of color definitely should have that right of self-determination. Civil Rights Movement. the Aboriginals back then and today fought for their rights too. Australia. because back thousands of years ago. That should be a reminder to us that we have a long way to go in conclusively opposing inhumanity towards man. Kempsey. Their names include Faith Bandler. and so many others. It's a shame that it had to take until 2008 for Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to make a formal apology to the Aboriginal peoples. Some suffered diseases like smallpox. the Aboriginals (like the Native Americans) didn't have a concept of land ownership. Asia. Still. I understand where the Aboriginals come from when they talk about their oppression. The Brits later decided to create the policy of making Australia a penal colony. Mary Bennett. etc. Gary Foley. They were educated to be trained in domestics. Ernie Dingo. It's a common history of seeing how people of color being murdered by terrorists basically. there are issues of discrimination in Australia like there are in the United States of America. Albert Namatjira. Pincer Manguari. Robert Anderson. and instituted an environmentally friendly existence. This is blatantly criminal and immoral. Aboriginals also fought for equal wages and economic rights as well. The white elites tried to assimilate Aboriginals into their culture. Africa. They were hunter gatherers. Marjorie Broadbent. there were no domesticated animals or crop cultivations. Sydney is a beautiful city with great architecture). The Freedom Rides included visits to Walgett. This was achieved by many people in Australia. In the early 1600's. Like my people (or black people). Many of them include of course Cathy Freeman (She participated in the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. The students opposed segregation in a pool). The good and the unfortunate portions of Australia history will be exposed by me. Many Aboriginals and students from the University of Sydney protested against racial discrimination in February of 1965. Their existence in Australia came be found in the Mungo Man remains as far back as 40. we Americans made the U. We can't forget the Aboriginal heroes that fought for human rights. It's like the great burden situation where some people believed that the Aboriginals needed to be educated in order to integrate into white society. In America. the Aboriginals have organizations and strong activists that promote equality and true justice for humans in general. Dutch sailors by the names of William Janszoon and Drik Hartog contacted Aboriginals in the 1600's. Gulargambone. The Aboriginals thousands of years ago had a great culture like today. Christine Anu. the land belonged to the whole human race collectively. The famous Australian Aboriginal artist Harold Thomas designed the Aboriginal flag back in 1971. Europe. Their population dramatically decreased. Therefore. the Aboriginals were very nomadic human beings. which is sick. We fought for our rights. This was called the Aboriginal "stolen generation" where biracial children were forcibly removed from their parents. They ate foods. and Moree (where violence ensued. which according to some was an invasion of the island. they couldn't vote or own property unless they renounced their culture and cut family ties. Albert Namatjira was an Aboriginal who fought for his citizenship rights too in the late 1950's. In many cases. The crazy thing about it is that very few people on Earth know about this history. The Brits came to the east coast of Australia in 1788. You know me. developed art.suffered through massive. This was the first UK major settlement of the island. Their actions will not be forgotten. The children couldn't travel without permission. Jean Jimmy. Lupna Giari. As a black man. because to the Aboriginals.S. The Aboriginals created their own Civil Rights Movement as well. they organized themselves into clans or tribes. It has 250 distinct language groups. and others. the movement for . There are tons of role models for Aboriginals. Many student Freedom riders were spat at by the racists in Moree. tradesman. The people of color inside of Australia experienced genocide too in their homeland. Many white people wanted freedom for Aboriginals like Doris Blackburn. Australia is diverse obviously. because a person of color has the God-given right to preserve their own culture without cultural destruction. You can't talk about Australia without talking about the Aboriginal peoples.000 years ago.

INTERFET was commanded by an Australian Major General Peter Cosgrove. justice. Australia worked with the Western forces in the First Gulf War. East Timor rightfully became an independent state by May 20. They headed their own movement for justice and human dignity. . Prime Minister Bob Hawke of Australia was famous in the 1990's. 6 others were wounded as well. The Howard government dealt with issues of East Timor too. Patricia Rowe. and freedom in Australia. Their efforts today ought to be respected. So. Labor won the 1990 federal election. suicide. The situation was that East Timor wanted independence from Indonesia and some anti-independence militia factions caused violence there.N. The good news is that Aboriginals and non-Aboriginal Australians day in and day out are fighting for the same equality. and other issues. Regardless of what we feel about gun rights. Joyce Nixon. It happened in Sydney. 2002.Aboriginal rights was headed by Aboriginal people period. Aboriginals still suffer alcohol and drug abuse. The Liberal Prime Minister John Howard made uniform gun laws after the deaths of 35 people in the Port Arthur massacre. Later. This caused a benefit to the Aboriginals along with the Aboriginal flag coming about. Carmen Lawrence became the first premier of the Australian state by 1990. in 1967 after a National Referendum on Aboriginals there were major changes in how our indigenous natives were treated and in fact it was also the first time they were given the vote and actually counted as part of the population in National census statistics. A referendum in 1967 for equal rights received a 90 percent yes vote. to handle the crisis in East Timor. the Strathfield Massacre came about. The Aboriginals and all other Australians for that matter still aren't free. This program was called International Force for East Timor or INTERFET. Carole Dickinson. large tracts of land were being returned to the descendants of the original Aboriginal inhabitants. we should do all we can to prevent such tragedies from occurring in any location of the world. Australia became more multicultural and multi ethnic. Australia sent military forces to handle the humanitarian and security crisis inside of East Timor from 1999-2000. The program involved a multinational peacekeeping task force that was mandated by the U. Robertson Kan Hock Voon. In the 1990's. As the decades passed. Australia where a deranged shooter named Wade Frankum killed himself and 8 others in an attack. Australia is continuing forward in the 21st century. Victims of the massacre included Roberta Armstrong. In the early 1990's. This 1991 event increased the issue of gun control discussion in Australia. By the 1990's. Rachell Milburn and George Mavris.

Brisbane. Perth.7 million people. we should always give respect to the Australian Aboriginal peoples. Melbourne. It's a very developed country. Gold Coast-Tweed. you have the supreme power lying in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them. They deserve respect and dignity. The executive and legislative branches are interconnected. The largest cities in Australia in terms of population are Sydney. The Prime Minister must answer politically to the legislature. In other words. Abbott . the Prime Minister. Some Aboriginals protested Australian Day. Australia is known for establishing close ties with nations in the Pacific Rim (like America is. but the Electoral College ultimately determines the identity of the next President of the United States of America. In the Presidential system. In the States. is part of the legislative body. Mr. Newcastle. The Prime Minister of Australia is of course Julia Gillard and the Governor-General is named Quentin Bryce. Genocide is always immoral regardless of where it happens to. when you have a Parliament. In the States. etc. What is a parliamentary system? It's different from our Congressional system that I experience from the states. They are the indigenous peoples of Australia. Canberra. It is made up of 6 states and numerous territories. We vote for the President. Its population is about 22. while laws are evaluated by the judicial branch (or the Supreme Court). the legislature is elected by the people and then must appoint or recommend for appointment one of its members to be the chief executive. Adelaide. Now. Their government is a federal parliamentary system with a constitutional monarchy. because it has the second highest human development index in the world (That's HDI in short). The power of Congress is divided into two branches. the executive branch is headed by the President or one man.Australia has a lot of other interesting information as well. The parliamentary system is a democratic government where the ministers in the Executive branch get their legitimacy from and are accountable to a legislature or Parliament. we the people elected members of the legislature. In a parliamentary system. Australia is the sixth largest country in the world in terms of land size. because of obvious reasons. Australia has their dollar currency. Power is more divided in parliamentary system than in a Presidential system where the President has the supreme executive power (with checks and balances of course). The West wants to have influence in the Pacific Rim as a means to act as a political buttress or buffer against the growing geopolitical influence of the nation of China). Its economy is the 12th largest in the world and it has the fifth highest per capital income in the globe. As human beings. That means that Parliament governs the nation with ceremonial influences from Queen Elizabeth II.

When you have people fighting for single payer health care. that's real.opined that aboriginals “…can be very proud of the respect in which they are held by every Australian. and equality." I wonder if Mr. and speak the truth to power in favor of the interests of the human race (not in the interests of the select few). We will fight. we should always love the Australian peoples and we should be honest. .” He added. protest. So. Abbott would say that to the Jews about the Holocaust. The ruling class harmed Australia back in 1788 and we must continue to promote the interests of the people in 2012. which is definitely real. When you witness a lot of young people being energized to promote freedom. then all of us aren't free yet. The long work toward freedom continues because we aren't totally free yet. "I think a lot has changed since then. justice. We will never move on when anti-immigrant rhetoric is the order of the day is some parts of the world (not only in the USA). The reality is that we will never move on until oppression is eliminated from the Planet. When you have the end of the mainstream capitalist system coming about. that's real. So. and I think it probably is time to move on from that. the protesters to the Australian Day event months ago were right. We have to be real and come real. We will never move on when individuals lack public health care and lack educational opportunities in the globe. We will never adjust to bullying or wicked historical revisionism. When any person lacks civil liberties or lacks human rights.

For the most part... One group called “Infrastructure Australia” called for the privatization of publicly owned infrastructure.. After 9/11. education. Australia worked with the West to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan. Julia Gillard is more centrist on issues (except on a few). The good news is that a lot of Australians are disagreeing with this abrupt proposal. and could be sold on the stock market for between $116 and $140 billion. I remember those games like yesterday. a measure that boosts government revenues through interest payments. Gillard is in error to support the agenda of the criminal war on terror. Julia Gillard in 2010 became the first female Prime Minister of Australia.” -Cathy Freeman In 2000. and controversial actions on basic democratic rights. Of course. which is very historical indeed. Now. Howard formed the Goods and Services Tax in the year 2000 as well. The corporate media in Australia still wants more evil cuts to social programs. Sydney Australia hosted the 27th Olympic Games. The reason is that . Swan also announced that large companies will soon have to pay company tax on a monthly rather than quarterly basis.1 billion dollars.“…You got to try and reach for the stars or try and achieve the unreachable. and training. This includes cuts to funds to parents of new children. austerity measures. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd led a bipartisan Parliamentary apology to the Stolen Generation. In 2008. the Labor government of Prime Minister Julia Gillard wants more spending cuts as a means to have a fiscal surplus. Their privatization would provide a bonanza for the major banks and corporate investors. Gillard is wrong support to support some militarism. Historically. Quentin Bryce became the first female Governor General of Australia. These assets have an estimated value of between $195 and $219 billion. privatization is surely a mechanism where a select group of corporate interests control areas wherefore the poor and disadvantaged suffer in a harsh level. the courageous Cathy Freeman participated in track and field including other Australian athletes. It was the time just before I was a senior in high school. while triggering substantial job cuts and higher costs of living for working people. In the year of 2001 Australia celebrates its centenary of Federation. about 88 Australians died in the 2002 Bali bombings. In 2002. They assume that the surplus will be just 1. Australian governmental leaders support the evil war on terror.

Love thy neighbor is replaced in many circles . One piece of good news is that the Supreme Court said that citizens can monitor the police when they conduct arrests (because the Court refused to hear a case). They want man to be without restrain in the marketplace. Fascism and imperialism are linked being a two headed enemy. The ACLU praised the ruling. Education. enhancing health care. but because things or successful policies can be mismanaged. but he was wrong to assume that education can't add virtue.S. The hypocrites in the West can lecture us on democracy and freedom. Mandeville loved greed. imperialism is slicker. We know the real founder of that economic system. they are demonized and some have been murdered by the establishment (via many arms). historically. He was an economist and satirist. “The ACLU of Illinois continues to believe that in order to make the rights of free expression and petition effective. That is why I am firmly opposed to vulgar capitalism. We need jobs with an action of having a living wage. but they regularly institute laws in the world that violate human civil liberties and political expression. One of the other founders of this current system was Bernard Mandeville. and worldwide. Anytime when workers try to promote real reforms. we certainly need to defeat poverty once and for all. saying it would focus its efforts now on the district court. We see the fruit of the modern establishment. Workers and activists fought against fascism too. but deny the value of a public social safety net. protesters being assaulted by peacefully protesting in the face of authoritarian police. That is why cut throat capitalism and economic corruption is one reason in my opinion on why our national cultural problems grown in the first place. He wanted private vice as a means to enhance social prosperity." Enough said. Pakistan. He wrote the famous work entitled. individuals and organizations must be able to freely gather and record information about the conduct of government and their agents – especially the police. the conquest of Afghanistan. "Law. These drones kill people form a far distance and it's evil." The problem with the Austrians is that they want to advance contradictory positions. Now. and Liberty. and stabilizing our profound standard of living in the world. but be an altruist at home. but every human being has the right to execute self-defense during extreme circumstances. We should always oppose imperialism and the concept of Empire. Things can fail not because of silly reasons. so that the ACLU’s program of monitoring police activity in public can move forward in the future without any threat of prosecution. His views were praised by Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek in his book called. He was right that many wealthy are crafty. things become more clear. The reality is that laissez faire capitalism doesn't work. there is bloodshed. There has been this "democracy" in action by murderous drones coming about in Libya. These anti-human rights laws don't just transpire in America. missiles in Libya. Hopefully.” When you get older. "The Fable of the Bees.many public resources have been a great benefit in protecting our environment.” the group said in a statement. potent designation. but in Europe as well. can add virtue to any society if applied in a positive. Now. In revolution. Ending poverty can benefit all people in the world. today. we can have a bloodless revolution. They claim to believe in freedom. but all of the poor and the homeless as well. we need justice not just for the workers. Legislation. “We now hope to obtain a permanent injunction in this case. Britain and the U. It is you know who. The book criticized charity schools that helped the poor. We have surgical strikes against the people of Iraq. governments killed over 2 million Iraqis in the past nearly 10 years. Now.

compassion. The materialism. case studies. This vulgar economic libertarianism is an affront to real morals indeed. the greed. and the excess is a common fixture of much of the beastly Western system indeed. Mandeville. The DHS wants to create a platform for communication and information sharing about countering violent extremism among law enforcement agencies across the nation.” the Countering Violent Extremism DHS page states without naming specific . The Department of Homeland Security boss Janet Napolitano addressed a joint session of the Major Cities Chiefs Association and the Major County Sheriff's Association winter meetings on Monday. These false prophets had influenced the neoliberal policies of the IMF. That is why Mises and Hayek are wrong to assume that the market has some mystical powers to end poverty alone. The recession is a product perfectly of reaping what some have sewn. These actions include them to violate and cause irrelevant Posse Comitatus. and the WTO. the World Bank. The globalists regularly use capitalism as a means to economically forward their plans and agenda of a new world order. DHS is at it again in 2013. The reality is that we need virtue. Adam Smith. The end result of pure capitalism is not heaven on Earth. The DHS underscored the Department's collaboration with law enforcement to counter what they deem as "violent extremism. but riches for the few and slavery for the many. The DHS have since used its words carefully. The merchants believe in the false notion that the marketplace excluding even love or justice can cause prosperity. Locke. The modern capitalist system is based on the social relations between merchants for the interests of merchants. human unity. political. and other resources. or other ideological beliefs have promoted and used violence against the homeland. active shooter incidents." The FBI and the DHS have worked together in a new training resource web portal that wants to get access to hundreds of countering violent extremism training materials. The meeting had the DHS and their allies to boast about the federal government's America to "money over everything" and "It is all about me. and real justice for our social prosperity to grow vociferously. Napolitano conflated gun violence. “Groups and individuals inspired by a range of religious. real education. That is why we must not only expose the weaknesses of Communism. There has been a lot of criticism after the DHS document on "rightwing extremism" came about. but the weaknesses of cut throat laissez faire capitalism too. and violent extremism. A press release on the DHS website outlined the information." That is why some of the views of Hobbes. analytic products. and others are the mottoes of Western society presently. and justice.

In 1920. I reject the kill list against human beings and even an American citizen was murdered by this list without due process of law. Army along with other agencies did something. Vincents Hospital in Sydney and he created the first Australian heart transplant specialty center. She tried to give her time to others and collected food and clothing for on forwarding to soldiers in the front line (during World War I). The DHS also created a "Homegrown Violent Extremism Lexicon" the blurs the lines between Second Amendment activists (under the phrase of militia extremists and sovereign citizen extremists (to racist skinhead extremists. This caused the first hung Parliament in Australia since the 1940 election. cutting cane. Chang spent many hours in the redevelopment of artificial hearts and the introduction of new surgery techniques in an effort to increase the success rate of heart transplants. improve preparedness. I am consistent. These evil acts are trying to desensitize human beings to accept the tyrannical militarization of society. KTRK-TV in Houston reported that the U. I do believe that Australian heroes among numerous quarters ought to be made known of the intrepid accomplishments too.groups or individuals. the DHS wants to work with local enforcement in trying to prevent future shootings. There was Edith Cowan.” Also. He became Australia’s greatest heart surgeon. felling scrub. which can trample down the concept of Posse Comitatus (and the real principle of separation between local law enforcement and the federal government). He worked in the Australian government as a player in trying to improve the conditions of his homeland. This was the first time the Treaty’s . She was selected as the first woman in Parliament.” the DHS press release dated January 28 states. In 1984 a young girl by the name of Fiona Coote who herself became well known as a community ambassador came to the fore after Dr. Victor Chang was an immigrant pioneer of Australian heart surgery. He worked at St. Alarmed residents called the police and complained about gunshots and helicopters. He was a Senator for Queensland in 1971 until 1983. They united with America in the war against Afghanistan under the mutual defense clauses of the ANZUS Treaty.S. So. She lived on a property in Geraldton. This similar act of a military came after another outrageous training exercise in Florida last week. lone offenders. They took over the Carnegie Vanguard High School in Houston on Monday. North of Perth. and strengthen security and resilience in schools and other potential targets while working with partners at all levels of government. She tried her best to advocacy rights for women and children. The Army didn't give any details about why the training came about. Last Thursday. She led the Labor Party to win a narrow victory against the Liberal-National Coalition of Tony Abbott. I don't agree with warrantless spying against American citizens. and unwitting co-optees or a target of the FBI as it manufactures’ fake terrorism). I abhor drone wars and state secrecy too. Chang carried out a most successful heart transplant on her. the West Australian Parliament passed a Bill allowing women to be elected. “DHS will expand ongoing efforts to prevent future mass casualty shootings. Now.We know that the DHS is very willing to use the gun violence after Sandy Hook massacre as a means to integrate state and local partners with the DHS. we should be independent thinking human beings. the military helicopters simulated combat over a freeway in downtown Florida. Australia has worked with Afghan soldiers to patrol the poppy fields in the Baluchi Valley Region in April of 2010. Federal troops rappelled down on building and mass transit platforms as stunned residents hit the deck as they respond to machine gun fire echoing across the city. Their "Active Shooter: How to Respond" handbook talks about how potential active shooter victims to “find a place to hide where the active shooter is less likely to find you… behind large items” and “[b]lockade the door with heavy furniture. I oppose the extension of the Patriot Act. The first Aboriginal Member of Parliament was named Neville Bonner. Dr. He is remembered by Australians in her portrait as found on the Fifty Dollar note. and working on cattle stations. Julia Gillard is the first woman to be elected Prime Minister of Australia in 2010. Neville had a great work ethic by cutting timber. *Also. She was born in 1861. I don't agree with the National Defense Authorization Act or the NDAA. She passed away at the age of 72. So. He worked day in and day out in a way to assist the quality of health for human beings in Australia. especially in enclosed urban communities. The federal government is acting in the wrong when it doesn't inform citizens when it conducts questionable military exercises in residential neighborhoods. This has been going on for years and decades. Houston residents have been rattled by government fire and helicopters.

By Timothy . Even Tony Abbott went too far in criticizing Gillard and Prime Minister Julia Gillard responded to him in a strong. courageous fashion as a means to defend her dignity.clauses on acting to meet a common danger had been invoked since it was enacted in 1952. I will give Julia Gillard positive on one issue though. Julia Gillard legitimately defended herself against sexist attacks from conservative party opposition members in Australia.

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