How to Double Your Learning & Memory Skills by a Weird-Strategy In 30-Seconds. Yes, really.  1.

Your personal coconut (skull) weighs three-pounds.  2. Your brain requires about 25% of all the Oxygen that your body uses.  3. You brain also requires about 23% of all the Glucose (bloodsugar of your entire body.  4. To experience your personal Ah-Ha! moments of knowledge and new skills, your brain must have a steady supply of Oxygen to your hundred-billion neurons (nerve-cells). But you know that.  5. How? You diaphragmatically (deep from your diaphragm) inhale to suck in that oxygen four (4x) times, and exhale with the sound, “Hum-m, Hum-m, Hum-m, Hum-m.” You know that too.  6. About Glucose: this is the energy (life-force) of your brain. Neuroscience in the past, believed that you had to digest tons of sweets, candy, & junk-food to get blood-sugar (glucose) to your brain for learning and memory.  7. New (November, 2012) research has proven you only have to “swish-around” in-your-mouth lemonade to activate Glucose. You do NOT have to swallow it. But you must use real SUGAR, not a sugar substitute.

 8. Rinsing your mouth with real-sugar stimulates your carbohydrate sensors on your tongue. Sugar-substitutes do nothing to activate Glucose for your brain.  9. What occurs next is, Glucose arouses your Attention and Concentration to focus on NEW learning and long-term memory.  10. Learning and memory skills improve up to 80% after just 20seconds of Rinsing with sweet lemonade. The benefits last up to four-hours. You & I both think it’s weird, but the research has been replicated internationally, and holds up.  11. The results appear to motivate you to search-out to fulfill your goals. Motivation comes from Self-Values, & Emotive Investment of your desires. Who cares how, if it works?  12. The researchers say, your brain stops working on auto-pilot, and focuses your Energy (Glucose) on fulfilling your goals, and satisfying your Feelings of desire. Great idea. Endwords We have offered this “mouthwash” with lemonade to our “executive” classes, and the results were positive for improved business success. They keep using it, and Email us, “it’s the best thing after learning speedreading101 itself.” We suggest you do a “mind-experiment”.

If it works for you, and you notice improvement in learning & memory, Use It! Remember it only requires about 20-seconds, and lasts for up to four-hours. Here, at Speedreading101, we love this strategy. Students use it as a “warmup” before exams. Executives use the Glucose-Rinse before presentations, or interviews. We personally use it in negotiations because the energy makes us creative. See ya, Copyright © 2012, H. Bernard Wechsler -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------