Life is slowly winding down for me, due partly from old age, and partly from a poisoning from

a house I rented and lived in. We stayed there for 18 months, finally had to leave, because going in made my fiancee severely ill. It had less effect on me, because I was her caretaker originally; she needed a live in caretaker from prior medical problems. The landlord took 9 months to fix a leak in the ceiling tiles, but the damage was already done. Among our research finding out what was wrong with us, we discovered it only takes mold caused by water intrusion about 6-7 days to start growing, and 7-10 days mycotoxins may be produced. The truth I want to get to is that this house is/was insured by Grange Mutual Insurance Co., out of Columbus, Ohio. At first, they appeared to want to be very helpful. We soon discovered they had lied to us, given us misinformation, withheld information regarding OUR immediate health, and have dragged this out for 3 years. Obviously, they are just waiting for us to die, and everything will just fade away. I can prove anything I say about Grange on paper. This T2 poisoning has cost us friends and family both. Most of them treat it as a flying saucer story, because it is being suppressed by the insurance companies, along with the medical field. They are mostly unaware that this is the same poison Saddam Hussein used to kill about 3000 of his own countrymen, in the northern part of Iraq. As for the medical profession in Augusta, mainly MCG, they said in an interview with Mary Morrison on channel 6, "there is no such thing as toxic mold'. I couldn't believe it when I heard a COLLEGE say that. When we called there to see if they treated aspergillosis, the answer was yes. About 2-3 months ago, the Metropolitan Spirit published a pretty

good sized article about MCG having a mold problem themselves. Over 200 cases reported and ignored, or people fired. I wonder why none of the bigger media outlets didn't pick up on that? NBC, CBS, ABC, the Augusta Chronicle. Haven't seen a word. I did notice all the Metro Spirit boxes have disappeared from MCG grounds..... As for individual doctors: Dr. V. Pentavorn, my previous allergist, was informed of my fungal infection, and was shown a copy of my PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test to prove it. I don't know if she knew what it was or not. She still knew I had a fungal infection, and still prescribed me an inhaler (Nasonex) which clearly states on it's website, "Do not use this product if you have any fungal infection". Dr. Jack Austin, the only infectious disease doctor I saw in the yellow pages besides MCG didn't believe a word I said, tossed the PCR on his table and told me he thought the doctors I was dealing with were charlatans. All this without even asking their name. He then gave me a test for a hernia (drop your drawers, face left, and cough). I was completely puzzled at this time. I also wondered why he didn't suggest any other test to prove/disprove my complaint. Aren't we paying the doctors to do a job, which includes listening to our complaints? Maybe I should see a veterinarian. They seem to be able to solve problems without the patient talking. As I said above, I can and will if necessary prove anything I have said here. My purpose is not lawsuits, money, or the like. I simply want people to know what some of these doctors are doing, or pretending to do. I was also shocked when I found out less that 40% take the Hippocratic Oath anymore.