D. McDonald, and makes the following statements from firsthand knowledge, under penalty of perjury: I am of legal age, sound of mind, and I am competent to testify in all matters before the Court. This is my Affidavit sworn to and made freely in support of Mr. Stegeman, personally known by me. Let it be known that I have read the Motion and Brief in Support of Motion. I was personally present for every one of the hearings mentioned, in both Probate Court and Superior Court, everything stated in the Brief is true and correct. I am the custodian of all the Exhibits attached to Mr. Stegeman’s Brief. The copies are unaltered from Original documents, which due to Mr. Stegeman’s financial situation could not be obtained Certified. June 13, 2002, in violation of O.C.G.A. §§15-9-36, 29-5-6, 29-5-8, and other statutes DeKalb County Probate Court Clerk Jeryl Rosh declared Mr. Stegeman guilty of criminal acts, appointed John C. Joyner as Guardian of the Property for Geneva S. Caffrey. Mr. Stegeman continues to receive Collection Notices for debts of the Caffrey Estate. Several credit card debts were written off after Ms. Caffrey’s death but there is no way of knowing if it was Lillig or Joyner who opened the charge accounts or which one placed the charges in her name. My computer had been blocked from viewing the OJS website and I was unable to view any details of Mr. Stegeman’s or any other case at DeKalb County until I changed internet providers. After the change, I found that Mr. Stegeman’s Appeal and Void Judgment been scheduled for a peremptory calendar hearing scheduled for November 20, 2008. I drove Mr. Stegeman, who does not own a care, to the hearing. He does not like

to drive due to the many medications he takes for his disabilities and difficulties manipulating into his wheelchair from the car. I have read his Brief in full and he has stated exactly what I would state about the hearing and all other matters. I can think of nothing that he may have omitted. This 31st day of December, 2008, __________________________________ JANET D. MCDONALD 821 Sheppard Rd. Stone Mountain, GA 30083 (770) 879-8737

State of Georgia,
County of DeKalb
Appeared before me this 2nd day of January, 2009, Janet D. McDonald, known personally by me to be competent and to be of legal age, who on Oath, and under penalty of perjury, stated that all information in this Affidavit is from first hand knowledge, that all statements are true and correct. I personally examined and copied the Documents used as Exhibits, they all appear to be Original, unaltered documents

Sworn to and Subscribed before me this 2nd day of January, 2009


______________________________ Notary Public, State of Georgia


Affidavit of Janet McDonald