Much has been regarded about the corporation in its predominant sense in the contemporary time, but ironically

, the glory days of the now corporation was once opaque or better yet, attention unpaid, that's why it's a bit vague to define its true identity. The Corporation documentary film, in its opening statement, referred to the corporation as an insignificant entity in the past, but it is interesting to note that in the modern era, its sense of being is impeccable because of the high regard given to profit-making to sustain the needs of every individual. I believe that the idea of profit-making is the utmost reason why people become dehumanized. We praise money as much as anything else. Yes, it’s important but it’s not everything. It is just alarming to note that long disputes over leadership, trust and wealth are always placed at the hotbed the corporate world. In examining the real status of how well the corporation could influence the lives of the people, some reputable US companies, along with interviews from top executives, were also exemplified. Origins and influences were set off to help understand the nature and issues surrounding the corporate world. In determining the real essence of the corporation, we are faced with the challenge of determining as well the assets behind it the people. Apparently, these people are highly-driven towards profit-making to give a strong push to the longevity of the business. However, in doing such, they are also faced with such strong desire to have more money over matter, hence, psychopathic behavior trends up. It is a big challenge for the corporation to examine clearly the right mix of the people suitable for the job, especially those in the accounting department. As a legal entity, one its best features is its ability exist with continuity, but its limited liability points out a big downside on the financial aspect. People, therefore, need to conjoin their efforts towards a common goal, just like in any team sport. You just can't win if you don't cooperate or if one resorts to indirect cheating. That’s very unethical and there is no true glory to that. All the more, self-interest is good but must be done responsibly and in doing so, one has to make sure that he is also putting up the same effort for the common good of the business As seen in some clips, Corporate Social Responsibility is one good example that good corporations must engage in. There is more to the corporate world than profit-making. Reforming the consideration for making profit by dealing with the active compliance to the self-regulating environment is one way of giving back to the people what has been out by them, good karma that is. Benevolent drive to the social norms should be a continuous drive as this gives the true identity of a true corporation.

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