Death A Poem By Anthony J. Fejfar © Copyright 2007 by Anthony J.

Fejfar Death is on my shoulder, For all to see, Gateway from life, To Eternity. My Soul has been to Heaven, Many times, Multidimensional Future, Many time lines. Death is just a passage, A Door no more, Multidimensional Future, Forevermore. I see myself as many, Lives I’ve lived, Multidimensional Future, For all to see. God is in the Heavens, For all to see, Sharing Life of Mystery, For Eternity.


My Archangel in the Heavens, There for me, Watching over, For Eternity. Meaningful Happiness, Is my choice, This is my end, For which, I rejoice. God is in the Heavens, Satan on the run, Multidimensional Reality, So much fun. I’ve lived this life before, Many a time, My life is my future, I turn on a dime. My life is now before me, Short or perhaps long, My God gives me Intuition, Love and Song.