Written by Anonamas

INT. HOME - MORNING BLACK SCREEN. An alarm suddenly sounds. After a few seconds the alarm is silenced and a voice is heard. NICK Fuck. INT. HOME - MORNING - MOMENTS LATER Short montage of NICK rushing out of bed, messily getting dressed and getting his notes and books in his bag briskly. INT. HOME - MORNING - CONTINUOUS Nick rushes down the stairs from his room and is putting his wallet in his pocket roughly. A COIN drops out of his wallet in his haste. He doesn’t hear it as the carpet dulled the sound. Nick grabs his keys in a hurry and leaves the house via the front door. The coin is rolling away before stopping on the floor. It’s clearly a dollar coin. INT. HOME - MORNING - MOMENTS LATER Immediately after Nick leaves, a different bedroom door is shown. Seconds later it is opened and out walks a still sleepinduced DAVE. INT. HOME - MORNING - CONTINUOUS Short montage of Dave getting ready at a leisurely pace. Montage ends with him walking out of his bedroom fully dressed and ready to leave. INT. HOME - MORNING - MOMENTS LATER Dave walks into the living room and is headed for the back door. He sees something on the floor. It’s the dropped dollar from earlier. Dave picks it up, shrugs, pockets it, and exits out via the back door. FADE TO BLACK. FADE IN:


EXT. CITY - MORNING As the picture fades in, the screen is SPLIT. Events on both sides are occurring concurrently. The LEFT SIDE is of Nick’s day. The RIGHT SIDE is of Dave’s day. On the left, Nick is briskly walking towards the bus station. He gets to the bus station in time; his bus isn’t here. Reaching for his wallet, Nick pulls out his bus ticket. All the rides on the ticket are used up. Sighing, Nick puts the ticket in his pocket and heads to the ticket office right next to his stop. After digging in through his wallet for money for a bus ticket, he is a dollar short. NICK Shit. Nick puts his money back in his wallet and quickly heads off too find an ATM. After getting money out, buying a ticket and rushing back to the bus station, Nick manages to turn up in time to just miss his bus by seconds. On the right, Dave is walking at a leisurely pace. He reaches a coffee shop and finds a friend waiting for him out front. DAVE’S FRIEND Morning. DAVE (Yawning) Morning. DAVE’S FRIEND Coffee? DAVE Too poor. DAVE’S FRIEND Not too poor to spare a dollar so I can get one? ATM is too far. Dave pulls out a wallet, opens the coin purse and pulls out a dollar. He hands it to his friend. DAVE Here. DAVE’S FRIEND Cheers.


Dave’s friend heads in, leaving Dave by himself outside. Moments later, Dave’s friend comes back out with 2 coffees and a sandwich. He places 1 coffee in front of Dave and starts eating the sandwich. DAVE Hmmm? (Gestures to the coffees and sandwich) DAVE’S FRIEND I was the 50th customer or something today so I got a 2 for 1 deal and a free sandwich. Count yourself lucky. Saw our lecturer behind me. Thank god he didn’t recognise me. DAVE Cool. Dave takes the coffee and the duo head off. EXT. UNIVERSITY 1 & 2 - LATE MORNING On the left at University 1, Nick is almost running from the bus station and towards his class. He nearly runs into a couple before quickly apologising while still on the move. He reaches his class and is a little out of breath. The lecture room is empty. Nick shows some slight frustration, but lets it slide. He reaches for his phone and checks the time. He is a little taken back at the time and rushes out and to his next class. On the right at University 2, Dave and his friend are walking and talking. Dave still has his empty coffee cup and is looking for a bin. He finds one and tells his friend he’ll catch up. He heads to the bin and tosses his cup. As he is walking back, an ATTRACTIVE GIRL is in view. She has a clipboard in her hands and is looking quite distressed. As Dave is walking back to his friend, the Attractive Girl comes up to him. GIRL HI! Do you have a few seconds? DAVE Uhh Sur..


GIRL Awesome! I have an assignment due in a bit and I need a random person to fill out this survey, so can you help me out? DAVE Sure... Attractive Girl thrusts the clipboard into Dave’s hands. He fills out the form and gives back the clipboard. GIRL Oh my god! You are a lifesaver!! Thank you!! Hopefully I’ll see you around! Attractive Girl launches herself into Dave’s arms. He is taken back and before he can react, she is off. Just before she leaves, she gives Dave a dazzling smile before running off. Dave is left with a slight perplexed look before he walks off to catch up with his friend. INT. UNIVERSITY 1 & 2 - MIDDAY

On the left, Nick is rushing to his next class again. He rushes into a large building and is looking for his room. He finds the room and walks in a little flustered but relieved. Finding the SIGN-IN tutorial sheet on a desk at the front of the classroom, Nick goes directly for it. As Nick is about to grab the sign in sheet, his TUTOR takes the sheet out from his just as he touches it. TUTOR Sorry mate. NICK Can I sign in? TUTOR No, you were late. NICK I was only (checks phone)...10 minutes late, its not that late. TUTOR You were still late. Be on time next week and I’ll let you sign in then. NICK You’re serious?


TUTOR If I wasn’t, we wouldn’t still be talking right now. Nick is annoyed but masks it in a slight polite smile. He stands in his spot for a few seconds before calmly walking out of the classroom. On the right, Dave walks into his lecture room. It is empty save for Dave’s friend and another CLASSMATE with balloons in his hand. Classmate passes the balloons to Dave. DAVE Where is everyone? DAVE’S FRIEND Lecturer is sick with food poisoning. Cancelled all his classes this week. DAVE The one you saw earlier? He looked just fine. DAVE’S FRIEND Apparently he ordered a bad sandwich. Poor guy, but a day off for us! DAVE And the balloons? CLASSMATE To celebrate the cancellation of class! DAVE You’re not serious... CLASSMATE (Laughs) Lighten up, I found them here before we came in. Some club must have left them here. DAVE’S FRIEND Come on, lets go. The three leave, balloons in tow. EXT. UNIBAR 1&2 - AFTERNOON On the left, Nick walks into the unibar and finds his FRIEND waiting for him. The two greet each other.


NICK’S FRIEND You look like you could use a drink. NICK You have no idea. NICK’S FRIEND Cool, you get the first round. Nick gets out his wallet and starts counting his money while walking to the bar. He comes back immediately. NICK I don’t have enough, can you get this round? NICK’S FRIEND Fine, I’ll get it. Friend leaves for the bar as Nick gets comfortable in his seat. Friend comes back shortly with 2 beers. NICK’S FRIEND (CONT’D) Cheers! NICK Cheers. Both drink deeply. Nick looks a lot more relaxed after his sip. Just as the two start to talk, Nick puts his beer down on the table. He places it to close to the edge and it spills all over him. NICK’S FRIEND Dude! You wasted a beer! NICK Story of my life. NICK’S FRIEND I suppose you can get the next round now. Nick grabs his bag and gets ready to leave. NICK’S FRIEND (CONT’D) What are you doing? NICK Going home before my day gets better. Touch wood. (Touches the table, sarcastically). NICK’S FRIEND You owe me a beer!


Nick gives his friend an over the shoulder wave and leaves the unibar. On the right, Dave, his Friend and his Classmate walk into the unibar and find a table. Dave has the balloons tied to his bag. DAVE’S FRIEND Right, drinks! CLASSMATE Nothing for me. DAVE Still too poor. DAVE’S FRIEND So I’ve been told. But because of your investment in my coffee this morning had paid off handsomely, I’ll shout you one. DAVE Cool, cheers. Whatever you get would be great. Dave’s friend walks off to the bar. His Classmate is looking at the balloons. CLASSMATE Are you going to drag them around all day? DAVE They’re growing on me. Dave’s friend comes back with multiple beers and places them at the centre of the table. DAVE (CONT’D) Hmm? (Sceptically pointing at the beers). DAVE’S FRIEND Some special cheap beer day today. Beer is beer! DAVE Can’t complain about that. Dave and his Friend reach for a beer. Classmate is about to reach for one before Dave’s Friend slaps his hand away. DAVE’S FRIEND You didn’t want one, so none for you!


The trio proceed to chat and have a good time. Moments later, the Attractive Girl from earlier walks into the unibar and spots Dave and his 2 friends. She heads over to Dave’s table. GIRL Hey, fancy seeing you here! DAVE Oh hey. How did your assignment go? GIRL Really well! I couldn’t thank you enough! DAVE Anytime. (Beat) Would you like to join us for a celebratory drink then? GIRL Sure, if your friends don’t mind? CLASSMATE/DAVE’S FRIEND Not at all/Go for it. GIRL Awesome! I’m Bec by the way! DAVE I’m Dave nice to meet you. Again. Bec seats herself at the table and introduces herself to Dave’s 2 friends. Just as Bec is about to go get herself a drink at the bar, Dave’s Friend offers her a beer he bought earlier. She takes it appreciatively while Classmate has an incredulous expression at being the only one without a drink. The four proceed to have a good time and chat away. EXT. UNIVERSITY 1 BUS STOP & UNIVERSITY 2 - LATE AFTERNOON On the left, Nick is waiting at the bus stop. He is clearly feeling a bit uncomfortable with his beer-soaked crotch. Nick’s bus is just visible in the distance. He pulls out his phone to check the time. Just as he does so, the phone slips through his fingers and drops to the ground with an audible THUD. Frustrated, Nick quickly retrieves his phone. The front is unscathed, but when Nick checks the back, it is all SMASHED.


On the right, Dave is walking back home alone after spending time at the unibar. His phone suddenly goes off and he casually reaches for it in his pocket. Checking his phone, Dave sees that he has received a TEXT message. From Bec. ‘Today was fun! We should do it again! Are you free tomorrow anytime?’ A small smile had found it’s way to Dave’s face as he proceeds to reply to Bec’s text while heading back home. EXT. HOME - NIGHT On the left, Nick is walking up a few steps to his front door. On the right, Dave is walking up a few steps to the back door. Nick unlocks the front door first and enters inside the house. Left side fades to black. Dave unlocks the back door second and enters inside the house. Right side fades to black. FADE IN: INT. LIVING ROOM - MOMENTS LATER An empty COUCH is shown. Moments later, Nick sits down on the left side of the couch with a beer in his hand. He looks exhausted by his eventful day. Moments later, Dave comes on screen and sits down on the right side of the couch, also with a beer in one hand, balloons in the other. NICK Hey man. How was your day? Dave takes a sip from his beer. DAVE Yeah, not bad. How about you? NICK Yeah, not bad. Both take a sip from their beer. CUT TO BlACK. CREDITS END OF FILM