Ecology of Language and Place, Winter 2009 This schedule is subject to revision.

WEEK 1 The Power of Place: Politics &Ethnopoetics Monday 1-5 -Introductions: 6:006:45 -Workshop 1: 6:458:00. Ethnopoetics and An Ecology of Language and Place WEEK 2 The Power of Story: Monday 1-12 Lecture/Workshop: R & R Transformation Myths: Levels of Language & Narrative. -Workshop 3: Family Stories--Part 2 Storytelling Mixer Research Methods Randy Stilson/ Computers: 9:00-10:00 (In Library) ---------------------------DueReview Zeke’s Lushootseed Alphabet ---------------------------Wednesday 1-14 Joe McHugh: Artist, Archivist, Activist: Family Stories, radio production. -Workshop 4: Language, Linguistics, and Lushootseed. Review Lushootseed, phonetics, (Lushootseed Alphabet.) -Seminar --------------------------Due – Seminar paper -Begin to research a folktale of a particular place.

Weekly Program Schedule See website for details on readings & assignments.
WEEK 4 Language & Place: Monday 1-26 Storytelling Workshop, Family & Place. Council of All Creatures, improv. and development. with Peter Donaldson, R. & R. -Finding Stories, Creating Meaning -First “Final Project” Mixer & Meeting: Due Statement of special project. ---------------------------Due –review website ---------------------------Wednesday 1-28 Storytelling Workshop w/ Peter Donaldson -Film: The Last Nomads, Teachings of the Tree People, or Vi Hilbert XeVuceda. -Seminar: WEEK 5 Weaving Words Monday 2-2 Mid Quarter Potluck: Storytelling Workshop w/ Peter Donaldson, R. & R.


WEEK 3 The Power of Words: Monday 1-19 ML.King Day: No Class ---------------------------Wednesday 1-21 Peter Donaldson: Introduction to Salmon People. The Power of Words -Workshop 4: R. & R. Language, Linguistics, and Lushootseed. sXudXud VeA ti, song of the power of words. (Words, semiotic principles, words as living objects or things.) Chief Shelton’s “The Changer;” “yehaW,” “duIibeA.” -Seminar Cont. stories of powerful people & places. --------------------------Due-Seminar paper -Continue to research a folktale of a particular place FIELDTRIP Thursday 1-22 “Salmonpeople” with Peter Donaldson, arrive before 6:30 p.m. TESC Experimental Theatre, COM Bldg.

-Salmon Stories, Songs, & Egg Painting -Structure of Language Workshop/poetic patterns, R & R -Special Project Group meetings. Editing and preparing manuscripts. Editing and developing electronic media. ---------------------------Due: (3 copies) First draft of final project essay, or project outline --------------------------Wednesday 2-4 Zalmi (esweli?) Zahir: Weaving & Words— the language of Basketry Traditions. -Basketry Stories and cedar rope-making workshop. -Seminar

-Film: 8:00- 9:30 Whaledreamers -Seminar: 9:30-10:00 ---------------------------See Drupal site for Syllabus, weekly reading assignments, handouts, & details each week. -Seminar paper due each week. Due: See Reading Response 1 for details. Power of Story -Wisdom of the Mythtellers ---------------------------Wedsnesday 1-7 Guest: 6:00-7:30 Zalmi (esweli?) Zahir--The Power of Place & Names -Lushootseed (xelSucid) Language & Linguistics -Name songs, and circle Workshop 2: 7:30-9:00 Stories of Powerful People & Places: R. & R. -Seminar 9:00-10:00 --------------------------Due -Seminar paper 1 -Review Zeke’s Lushootseed Alphabet.

---------------------------Due- Seminar paper --Next week--First Draft OR outline of Final Project.

---------------------------Due- Seminar paper

Ecology of Language and Place, Winter 2009 This schedule is subject to revision.
WEEK 6 Stories for a Council of All Creatures Monday 2-9 -Storytelling Workshop w/ Peter Donaldson, R. & R. President’s Day: No Class ---------------------------Due- Title and Outline of Folktale ---------------------------Wednesday 2- 18 Workshop 5: Language, Linguistics, and Lushootseed. Orality/Literacy Language, Linguistics, and Lushootseed. Narrative Structure, differences in various cultures. (The minutia of performance, paralinguistic expressions, the patterns of narrative structure.) Storytelling Performances: Mapping, Dialogue, Characterization-Improv. games: 3 part stories, gibberish interview character dialogue, etc. -Seminar --------------------------Due-Seminar paper -Map of Folktale FIELDTRIP Sunday 2-22 Native American Stories of Washington 1:00-5:00 Longhouse With: Pauline Hillaire Curtis DuPuis Harvest Moon Virginia Beavert Cecil Cheeka Elaine Grinnell Delbert Miller WEEK 7 Stories of Place Monday 2-16

Weekly Program Schedule See website for details on readings & assignments.
WEEK 9 Bringing Stories to Life Monday 3-2 WEEK 10 Final Presentations Monday 3-9 Final Project Presentations ---------------------------Due: Portfolios of all written work --------------------------Wednesday 3-11 Final Project Presentations


WEEK 8 Metaphore & Meaning Monday 2-23 Susan Christian: Playback theatre, storytelling improv. games.

Language, Linguistics, and Lushootseed. Lushootseed morphology, how it works. Folktale Performances & recordings. ---------------------------Due – ---------------------------Wednesday 3-4 Lecture/Workshop: TBD -Presentations of final projects . -Seminar: ---------------------------Due- Seminar paper

-Workshop 6: Language, Linguistics, and Lushootseed. Linguistic Diversity, Universality vs. the ways languages differ, genetic diversity: animal communication. Mammals and birds. ---------------------------Due- Practice Performances ---------------------------Wedsnesday 2-11 “Council of all Creatures, ”Storytelling Performance with “Sacred Gardens” Program & Peter Donaldson -Seminar --------------------------Due -Seminar paper

Translation—Chief Seattle’s speech, oratory, cultural and ancestral memory. Language, Linguistics, and Lushootseed Metaphors and ways we use them in language, and why. technological terms and stories, etc.) ---------------------------Due- Dialogue Script of Folktale ---------------------------Wednesday 2-25 Lecture/Workshop: TBD (Possibly--Ethnographic Research Methods, Genealogy, Mapping Personal History, etc.?) Folktale Performances & recordings. -Seminar - Final Project Meeting: --------------------------Due-Seminar paper

---------------------------Due: 3 Copies of self and faculty evaluations.