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Web Analytics 1.0
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Click Stream data Visits Visitors Geo Targeting Average time spent Funnel conversion Landing page optimization Conversion rates….

In Brief we were looking at the What, When & where questions

What did we miss? .

Advent of Web 2. Achieving marketing ROI with onsite optimisation & behavior targeting . BlackBerry. KPIs sans insight   Demand for more insights rather than aesthetically presented numbers/ Ratios.0     User generated content Content distribution through Rss & Xml Rich internet applications Non traditional browsers like iPhone.

Change in how Web Analytics is perceived by SEM .

Large gap in off-site and on-site spending… Off-site Resources Email marketing Affiliate programs Behavioral Targeting Paid search management Banner advertising Call center referrals Search Engine Optimization Offline marketing to web In-store Web promotion On-site Resources Registration optimization Site testing Web analytics Usability testing Large Investment Gap .

On-site engagement determines conversion success Campaign Traffic Referred Traffic Paid search management Banner advertising Call center referrals Direct Traffic Search Engine Optimization Offline marketing to web In-store Web promotion Off-site Marketing Spending Email marketing Affiliate programs Behavioral Targeting Critical On-site Engagement Experience Layer Determines Conversion Rate Campaign Landing Pages Home Page Product Category Pages Attrition losses Conversion Process Attrition losses Successful conversion .

How automated 1 to 1 targeting works: Visitor arrives at your website CMS (Serves content) Call goes out to Visitor Profile Repository First-time visitor build profile Content library Optimal content decision sent to CMS retrieve profile Repeat visitor Visitor Profile Repository Self-learning Predictive Modeling Engine .

If we could answer a few questions. we could determine what page to serve to each customer What is this visitor doing now? Where is this visitor Located? What is their online experience like? Highly predictive anonymous visitor profile What have they done before? Offline Customer Variables How did this visitor arrive here? When is this visit occurring? How frequently & recently have they visited? Have they already expressed what they want? .

What data is used to select the relevant offer? Site Behaviour Variables Environment Variables Customer/prospect New/return visitor Previous Visit pattern Tools usage IP address Country of origin Time zone Operating system Browser type Previous Product interests Searches Previous online purchases Previous Campaign exposure Previous Campaign responses Screen resolution Offline Customer Variables Referrer Variables Referring domain Campaign ID Affiliate PPC Natural search Temporal Variables Time of day Day of week Recency Frequency Search keywords Direct/bookmark .

Lloyds TSB Initial Page .

Profile A .

Profile B .

Profile C .

Profile D .


Targeting on the secure logoff page .

Temporal targeting 3:15 PM .

1:45 AM .

0 is the inevitable response to the changing Internet A reflection that:  Page views are becoming less relevant as a fundamental measure on some sites  Quantitative data alone doesn’t tell us enough about visitor engagement  The browser wars are starting over again.Why Web Analytics 2. this time on mobile devices  Available reporting mechanisms are increasingly inadequate  The nature of measurement is changing rapidly .

to drive a continual improvement of the online experience that your customers.Web Analytics 2. and potential customers have. .0 is (1) (2) (3) the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data from your website and the competition. which translates into your desired outcomes (online and offline).



Arrive at Insight 1. graphics. including text. . 3. 4. Competitive Analysis — Your competitors may be running campaigns or launching products/features that are impacting your site’s performance (could be either up or down). this means A/B testing the design of your website. everything. Multiple Outcomes Analysis — All those objective outcomes need to be measured to see if the site is really driving the desired outcomes. Experimentation & Testing — In it’s simplest form. Voice of the Customer — The results can be tied back to analytics data and may reveal customers’ true motivations. banner ads. 2. 5. buttons. Clickstream — Typical web analytics.

Customer Experience Management    The core value of CEM systems is the ability to capture and report on every interaction a visitor has with a site. It is highly diagnostic as it helps to determine whether the abandonment was audience or application related. Pinpoints the true source of the problem .

Tools such as CEM. VOC & Click Stream give us a complete view of our customer behaviour.Customer is still the king   Hence understanding the customer/ visitor behaviour through both quantitative & qualitative ways are critical. .


0 The real problem we would all eventually face is  Web 3.0 will be about mobile computing     All the same problems … On smaller screens … With different usability challenges … Potentially without JavaScript and cookies … Every request for information could be tied to a good unique ID Every request for information could be coupled with a geographic location  But Web 3.Web 3.0 will create unique opportunities   .

Web Analytics 3. and observed visitor behavior?   Web 3.0 Some new questions we’ll be able to ask with Web Analytics 3.0!      Which of our stores was the visitor in or near when they came to our site? What offers do we have in the visitor’s neighborhood at work or at home? Can the visitors location or demographic profile be used to disambiguate search? Which ads work best based on the visitors phone browsing platform and time of day? What message would be most appropriate given time of day.0 will bring advertisers and marketers closer than ever to their customers And how will we help them take advantage of these new opportunities . geographic location.

Brent Hieggelke CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT ND WEB ANALYTICS From KPIs to Customer Transactions .0! .Avinash Kaushik   .Eric Peterson Multiplicity: Succeed Awesomely At Web Analytics 2.Source  Improving Customer Acquisition through Analytics .

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