APRIL 24-26, 2009

The Capital District Key Club Board is preparing the 2009 Capital District Key Club Convention at the Richmond Marriott, Richmond, Virginia to be held April 24-26, 2009. The Richmond Marriott staff is working along with the District Board to make the convention an outstanding event.Tentative plans for the weekend include a “HOEDOWN” (informal dance) on Friday evening. The committee is planning several motivational programs, informational forums, and other “fun” activities on Saturday including a walk for Heifer International, this year’s Governor’s Project. The Governor’s Gala Dinner and Dance on Saturday night will be a highlight of the convention. Seating for this will be assigned on a

first registered basis. To be registered, all forms and money must be in.
The convention will end on Sunday morning with the installation of the 2009-2010 District Board. As you enter the Friday evening Opening Session, you will be greeted by our band of MOOVERS and SHAKERS and be transported back to the FARM. This year’s theme will be a cross of THE FARM and also GREEN is KEY motif and décor. Put on your coveralls, jeans and appropriate attire, but “Daisy Dukes” are not considered appropriate. Key Club International President Kia Albertson-Rogers will make an Official visit to our District this year at the District Convention. After the Saturday morning General Session, there will be several forum and workshops conducted by District Board members. Students will be able to participate in the oratorical , essay and talent contests. Last year’s format of an entire curriculum for adult advisors will be repeated with a different cast of characters ! There will be an outdoor walk to promote the “Heifer International” project followed by a Pizza lunch at no charge. In addition to the motivational and educational experiences of the convention, attendees will be involved in the election of the 2009-2010 District Officers. Award winners will be announced for the various individual and club competitions that will be judged during the convention at the Governor’s Gala on Saturday night.

Capital District Policy requires one adult chaperone for every eight students and also requires convention attendees to stay at the convention hotel. There is no limit of the number of students attending from a club. Registrations will be accepted up to the room capacity of the Richmond Marriott. Only those Key Clubs and members in good standing that have paid annual dues may attend the Capital District Convention. The Registration Cost for the convention is $108.00 per person. The registration includes four food functions. A continental breakfast will be served on Saturday and Sunday mornings before the General Sessions for all attendees. A Pizza lunch will follow the Walk on Saturday The Saturday evening Awards and Recognition Banquet is also included in the registration costs. Cancellations can be made in writing to the District Administrator up until April 18, 2008. There will be no refunds after this date Deadline for Reservations for Convention is April 13, 2009. There will be $20.00 Late Fee per registrant after the deadline date. Make Convention Registration checks payable to Capital District Key Club. Registrations will not be accepted without total payment. All hotel registrations are processed through the District Administrator. The Richmond Marriott will not accept direct reservations. Make Hotel Registrations check payable to Richmond Marriott or submit Credit Card information. To guarantee rooms at the Marriott, reservations must be completed by APRIL 13 Last year several schools had to stay at the overflow hotel. Mail Convention and Hotel Registration to: Joe Stankus District Administrator 1229 Bellevue Avenue Richmond VA 23227 If you have questions, direct them to: 804-564-5668

Key Club_________________________________________________Division_____ Contact Person_________________________________________________________ Address__________________________________________________________ City___________________________________State________Zip___________ E- Mail_____________________________________Telephone_______________ Adult Registrations Name Position 1._______________________________________________________________ 2._______________________________________________________________ 3._______________________________________________________________ 4._______________________________________________________________ Key Club Registrations (names to appear on badges) 1_______________________________________11______________________ 2_______________________________________12______________________ 3_______________________________________13______________________ 4_______________________________________14______________________ 5_______________________________________15______________________ 6_______________________________________16______________________ 7_______________________________________17______________________ 8_______________________________________18______________________ 9_______________________________________19______________________ 10______________________________________20______________________ Total Number of Adults ________ Total Number of Students ________ (Late Fees = $20 per registrant ________ Total Registrations__ x $107.00= $________

The Richmond Marriott requires the total room cost at the time of registration. This should simplify the arrival and departure procedures. Adjustments can be made after the initial registration by contacting the hotel and District Administrator. Refunds will be made after the close of convention. Entire room cancellations must be made by April 13, 2009. Room Registrations must be made through the District Administrator. Confirmation will be sent to the contact person. The Richmond Marriott will not accept direct requests. The hotel will not assign shared rooms of Key Clubs. Key Clubs will be assigned rooms as requested on the hotel room reservation form. If clubs wish to share rooms to reduce costs this needs to be determined at the time of registration. The billing will not be split; therefore, financial arrangements need to be worked out between clubs. If ADVISORS wish for us to be put you with another advisor, please let us know. Adults may not room with students There is a reduced parking charge of $14.00 per night in the adjacent parking garage. This can become an incidental charge or paid directly at the time of departure to the parking garage attendant. Valet parking is available at an additional charge. Plan to arrive at the Richmond Marriott between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. Rooms will not be ready before this time. Your cooperation will be appreciated.

2008 Capital District Key Club Convention Richmond Marriott Room Rates Type Single Double Triple Quad Rate per Night (Including tax) $123.41 123.41 123.41 123.41 Total (Two nights) $246.82 246.82 246.82 246.82 Cost Per Person (Two nights) $246.82 123.41 82.27 61.71

GENERAL INFORMATION 1. Rooms will be assigned as received. 2. Full payment is required at time of registration. Make checks payable to Richmond Marriott. 3. Cancellation Policy – (a) Changes in student information can be made in writing to the District Administrator no later than April 20, 2009. (b) Room cancellations can be made in writing by notifying the Richmond Marriott no later than April 13, 2009 by 4:00 p.m. Refunds will be made following the convention. 4. Mail reservation request information and check to the District Administrator. HOTEL RESERVATION INFORMATION Key Club___________________________________________Division___________ Contact Person__________________________________________ Address_______________________________________________________________ City___________________________________State___________Zip_____________ Phone (____) ___________________E-Mail___________________________________ Credit Card Information Card Type______________Exp. Date___________________

Card Number_____________________________________________________________ Name as it appears on Credit Card____________________________________________ Signature________________________________________________________________ Total Number of Single Rooms Total Number of Double Rooms Total Number of Triple Rooms Total Number of Quad Rooms _______x $246.82 =_______________ _______x $246.82 =_______________ _______x $246.82 =________________ _______x $246.82 =_______________ $_____________

Total Amount Payable to Richmond Marriott

Key Club_____________________________________Division_________ Please Print Information

Adult Section
Name Room #____ 1. 2. 3. 4. Room #_____ 1. 2. 3. 4. M/F Club

Key Club Section
Room #____ 1. 2 3 4 Room #____ 1 2 3 4 Room #____ 1 2 3 4 Room #_____ 1 2 3 4

January, 2009

From the Administrator’s Desk
Enclosed is information about the 2009 Capital District Key Club Convention to be held in Richmond on April 24-26 In order for registrations to be processed the entire registration fee must be submitted with the registration forms. Seating for Saturday’s Governor’s Dinner and Talent Presentation will be based on date of completion of entire registration packet Confirmation Packet, Medical Forms, and additional information will be mailed upon receipt of registration information. No refunds will be given for changes after APRIL 18, 2009 Please be sure to indicate an e-mail address for the contact person. In keeping with District Project “Green is Key” Confirmation Packets will be emailed. Thank you Joe Stankus District Administrator