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Communications Workers of America AFL-CIO Local 1022

500 State Hwy No. 33W, Room 1B, Millstone Township, NJ 08535 Telephone: (732) 446-2201 FAX: (732) 446-6152
BETH CORNWALL, President AMY T. LAFFERTY, Vice President MICHAEL C. TRAVALI, Secretary-Treasurer

Dear CWA Local 1022 Brothers and Sisters, Healthcare Assistance with Member Support knows a little something about recovery and it doesnt happen overnight or without hard work and a strong network of support. With that in mind, they chose to be a part of our recovery network by making a donation to the American Red Cross in honor of our Union Members. HCAMS has national certification in areas of incident debriefing, additionally they offer confidential 24 hour a day 7 day a week services for post traumatic stress disorder which may become important to our members in the coming weeks. Its a critical time for all employees and we need to recognize the post trauma signs and symptoms. HCAMS is ready to assist with issues such as: Post Hurricane Stress Anxiety Related Conditions Drug and Alcohol Dependencies Explosive Anger or Low Energy Grief and Loss Counseling

This service is a continued effort to assure the well being of our members and their families. Their staff has over 50 years of combined experience working with employees dealing with stress disorders, behavioral health, and dependency issues. Job protection is their number one goal particularly in these difficult times. The negative affects of trauma may begin to present in ways that will require specialists; please reach out to HCAMS to ensure the emotional recovery effort that must coincide with the structural recovery of our State. This recovery may last well into next year and its affects will linger even longer. Please call them at 1-888-828-7826 at your earliest convenience. Sincerely, The Executive Board For more information visit


You cant exercise your rights...if you dont know your rights.
Terry Livorsi

Job Protection

Membership Assistance Membership Assistance Services provided for you Services provided for you family at no cost. and yourand your family at 1-888-828-7826 Callno cost.
Working in cooperation with your Union, we offer services to deal with many personal issues including:

Drug and Alcohol Dependence Prescription Medication Dependency Addictions of all Kinds Stress Related Conditions Sleeplessness Job Discipline Problems Related to Stress Explosive Anger This is a Low Energy confidential Concentration Difficulties program that is Adolescent Problems available Family Problems 24 hours a day everyday! Relationship Problems

Terry Livorsi has 19 years of professional experience in the behavioral services field. He founded Health Care Assistance with Member Support, serving as CEO and Certified Employee Assistance Professional & Crisis Counselor. Terry aids employees and their family members concerned about recovery planning, utilizing 26 years of his own personal recovery experience. His firm offers intervention services, treatment referrals, aftercare support, health insurance advocacy and back-to-work conference facilitation. He and his staff present testimony for disability hearings, disciplinary hearings, and court appearances. Terry has served and assisted this partial list of clients: NJEA affiliates, CWA, AFSCME, PSEA affiliates. NEA-NY, NEA and NJPSA, AFT. Call Terry today!

Your single point contact for member assistance

1-888-828-7826 or email www.UnionSupport.Org

in cooperation with your union.