/ˈɔ·səm/ adj

/ˈkɜr·ɪdʒ/, /ˈkʌr·ɪdʒ/ n [U]

Causing feelings of great admiration, respect, or fear: an awesome achievement SLANG Your new haircut is awesome (= extremely good).

› The ability to control fear and to be willing to deal

/ˈbju·ti/ n [C/U]

with something that is dangerous, difficult, or unpleasant: He lacked the courage to tax the American people to pay for his Great Society programs. It took me several months to get up the courage to ask her to lunch.


/kəˈreɪ·dʒəs/ adj

An attractive quality that gives pleasure to those who experience it or think about it, or a person who has this attractive quality: [U] The Grand Canyon’s natural beauty attracts tourists from all over. [C] At 37 she was known as a great beauty. Beauty can also mean an attractive appearance: [U] Women’s magazines feature articles about diets and beauty tips.

›She showed herself to be a courageous journalist.

/ˈkru·əl/ adj

› Extremely unkind and intentionally causing pain:

Her classmates made some cruel remarks. Is the death penalty cruel and unusual punishment? I think it’s cruel to put a dog in a cage.


/ˈkru·ə·li/ adv

/ˈbɔr·dəm/, /ˈboʊrd-/ n [U]

She treated him cruelly before the divorce.

/ˌdɪs·əˈpɔɪnt·mənt/ n [C/U]

When you are bored: She varies her workouts to avoid boredom.

› The unhappiness or discouragement that results

/kəˈrɪz·mə/ n [U]

The ability to attract the attention and admiration of others, and to be seen as a leader: To be a great leader, a person has to have some charisma.

when your hopes or expectations have not been satisfied, or someone or something that is not as good as you had hoped or expected: [U] Her disappointment showed on her face. [C] After two losing seasons, we felt he was a disappointment as a coach.

/ɪmˈbær·əs/ v [T]


/ˌkær·əzˈmæt·ɪk/ adj

› To cause someone to feel anxious, ashamed, or

›He was the charismatic leader his people had hoped

/ˈtʃær·ɪ·ti n [C/U]

uncomfortable: He knew that letter would embarrass him and later he tried to get rid of it.

Embarrassed Embarrassing

/ɪmˈbær·əst/ adj /ɪmˈbær·ə·sɪŋ adj

›They sat in embarrassed silence. ›[+ to infinitive] It’s embarrassing to be caught telling a

› the giving of money, food, or help to those who

need it, or an organization that does this: [U] She does a lot of work for charity. [C] We donate to a number of charities. › Charity is also the belief that you should help people: [U] He visits homeless shelters out of charity.

Embarrassingly Embarrassment

/ɪmˈbær·ə·siŋ·li/ adv /ɪmˈbær·əs·mənt/ n [C/U]

›an embarrassingly poor performance ›[U] She forgot her lines and blushed with

/ˈkɑn·fə·dəns/, /-ˌdens/ n [U] (SURE FEELING)

/fəˈmɪl·jər/ adj (KNOWN)

› a feeling of having little doubt about yourself and

› easy to recognize because previously

your abilities, or a feeling of trust in someone or something: He has a sense of confidence, even arrogance, about what he does. Consumers’ confidence in the economy is strong. Her colleagues lost confidence in her.

experienced: Familiar sights A familiar face I’m not familiar with current research in the field.

or an act showing this quality: [U] She found his dark features handsome. [C] She’s a joy to work with. buildings. [T] I have always hated speaking in public. Loyalty to my work. Definition › (of someone) willing to give help or support. but full of mischief. [+ To infinitive] I hate to say it. with Republicans taking over five more Democratic seats. form judgments and opinions based on reason: He’s a child of normal intelligence but he’s emotionally immature. and to The governor’s popularity will probably guarantee his reelection. esp. [T] Kelly hates her teacher. Definition › Always giving help and encouragement: Happiness /ˈhæp·i·nəs/ n [U] People close to Woodruff are fiercely loyal and quick to shower her with superlatives. Glory /ˈglɔr·i/.Fury /ˈfjʊər·i/ n [C/U] Kindness /ˈkɑɪnd·nəs/ n [C/U] Definition › Extreme anger or force: Definition › the quality of being generous. that is slightly bad or Definition › To strongly dislike someone or something: causes trouble but is not intended to harm anyone: Some of the neighborhood kids like to get into mischief.: a lonely and deserted road Loneliness /ˈloʊn·li·nəs/ n [U] ›Some elderly people live in isolation and loneliness. /ˈgloʊr·i/ n [U] (ADMIRATION) or (of something) causing this feeling: A lonely child My lonely room › A lonely place has no people. etc. /ˈlɔɪ·əl·ti/ n [C/U] ›[C] My loyalties to my family come before my loyalties Definition › The feeling of being pleased or happy: Our children have brought us so much happiness. /heɪt/ n [U] Definition › liked. or (of something) larger than usual or expected: A generous donor Food in generous portions Definition › (of someone) feeling sad because you are alone. of a child. but was attracted mostly by his kindness. Definition › Great happiness or pleasure: [U] My heart was full of pure joy. Mischief /ˈmɪs·tʃəf/ n [U] Hate /heɪt/ v [I/T] Definition › behavior. Lonely /ˈloʊn·li/ adj more than is usual or expected. She’s a cute little girl. but I don’t think Leo is the right man for the job. › A joy is a person or thing that causes happiness: [C] His daughters were the joys of his life. or to influence the way people act or think in important ways: The election results showed that the Democrats had lost power. Power /ˈpɑʊ·ər/ n [U] (CONTROL) Joy /dʒɔɪ/ n [C/U] Definition › The ability or right to control people and events. esp. and caring [U] The battle raged with mounting fury. enjoyed. Definition › great admiration. helptul. honor. Winning the championship was the crowning glory of her career (= it was her highest achievement). [C] She has done him a kindness by reading his books. and praise that you earn Loyal /ˈlɔɪ·əl/ adj by achieving something. or admired by many people or by ›Hate and bigotry can only make our lives more Intelligence /ɪnˈtel·ɪ·dʒəns/ n [U] (THINKING ABILITY) most people in a particular group: In-line skating is increasingly popular. . Popular /ˈpɑp·jə·lər/ adj (LIKED) Hate difficult. Generously /ˈdʒen·ə·rə·sli/ adv ›Please give generously to those in need. or something which deserves admiration or honor: He basked in the glory of his victory. Generous /ˈdʒen·ə·rəs/ adj about other people. Popularity › /ˌpɑp·jəˈlær·ɪ·ti n [U] Definition › The ability to understand and learn well.

you cannot move easily and your muscles hurt when moved: He was unable to turn his head because of a stiff neck. add more sour cream. Prudence /ˈpru·dəns/ n [U] ›A little prudence would be appropriate. /-dʒekt/ n [C] (AREA OF DISCUSSION) Responsibilitynoun (DUTY) /rɪˌspɒnt . We take pride in the high quality of our food. The storm is gathering/gaining strength. Repetition language. › Relief also means the reduction or end of pain: Aspirin may give you some relief. [C] The dinner party was a great success. It seemed like a good idea to change the subject. but so far without success.ti/ /-ˌspɑːnt . [U] His portraits were awkward in style. or someone or something that achieves positive results: [U] We’ve tried to contact him. Relief /rɪˈlif/ n [U] (HAPPINESS) Strength /str ŋkθ/. group of people. /ˌrep·əˈtɪʃ·ən/ n [C/U] ›[U] It takes time. Sadness /ˈsæd·nəs/ n [U] Definition The feeling of being sad or unhappy: There was a look of great sadness in his eyes. Making baskets requires skill more than physical strength.səˈbɪl. The strength of a drug is its ability to have an effect. and repetition to learn a Respect /rɪˈspekt/ n [U] (ADMIRATION) Definition › admiration for someone or something that you believe has good ideas or qualities: I believe people had more respect for teachers back then.ə. Repetitive /rɪˈp t·ɪ·tɪv/ adj Definition › expressed or happening in the same way many times: a repetitive task a series of repetitive motions Style /stɑɪl/ n [C/U] (WAY) Definition a way of doing something. esp. She takes her responsibilities as a nurse very seriously. Definition › a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction that you get because you or people connected with you have done something good: Their son’s outstanding academic record was a source of great pride to them. Definition [C or U] something that it is your job or duty to deal with [+ to infinitive] It's her responsibility to ensure the project finishes on time.t i/ Definition Something that is being discussed or considered: School officials broached the subject of extending the school year. If your body is stiff. Definition the ability to do things that demand physical effort. uncertainties. Definition the achieving of desired results. patience. one that is typical of a person. If the dough is stiff.Pride /prɑɪd n [U] (FEELING OF SATISFACTION) Have a responsibility to sb to have a duty to work for or help someone who is in a position of authority over you The company says it cannot cut its prices any more because it has a responsibility to its shareholders.ɪ. you have responsibility for clearing up the room after the class. . Style is also a special quality that makes a person or thing seem different and attractive: [U] I like this team – the players have style. Subject /ˈsʌb·dʒɪkt/. Prudent /ˈpru·dənt/ adj Stiff /stɪf/ adj [-er/-est only] (FIRM) Definition › showing good judgment in avoiding risks and Definition Firm or hard and not bending or moving easily: He had stiff leather shoes on. place. /str ŋθ/ n [U] (PHYSICAL POWER) Definition › a feeling of happiness that something unpleasant has not happened or has ended: She breathed a sigh of relief when she finished her exams. [C] The book is written in the style of an 18th-century novel. or the degree to which something is strong or powerful: After having surgery. or time: [C] Puente fused Latin with other musical styles.sɪˈbɪl. careful: His decision was prudent and timely. it takes a while to get your strength back. Success /səkˈses/ n [C/U] Have responsibility to be in a position of authority over someone and to have a duty to make certain that particular things are done Who has responsibility here? Jenny.

a country. The storm turned out to be one of unexpected violence. Stutter /ˈstʌt·ər/ v [I/T] Territory /ˈter·əˌtɔr·i/. too lazy to answer in words. she has been subject to attacks of depression. [C] Last night’s heavy snow came as a complete surprise. Stutter /ˈstʌt·ər/ n [C] I type up tapes of people talking. He didn't even acknowledge my presence (= show that he had seen me). or the truth or existence of something [+ -ing verb] She acknowledged having been at fault. Acknowledge verb /əkˈnɒl. We stayed in the hotel's bridal suite (= the rooms for recently married people). when it belongs to or is connected with a particular country. Violence /ˈvɑɪ·ə·ləns/ n [U] Definition extremely forceful actions that are intended to hurt people or are likely to cause damage: racial/ethnic/domestic violence She was concerned about the amount of violence on television.Surprise /sərˈprɑɪz/.dʒekt/ Definition Be subject to sth to have or experience a particular thing. admit or recognize something. pay levels or job losses to control a group of people. Bridaladjective /ˈbraɪ. admit or recognize something. [C] The UN is sending aid to the occupied territories. The government won't even acknowledge the existence of the problem. /sə-/ adj [not gradable] The basketball player paid a surprise visit to the campus on Thursday. Shrug Surprise /sərˈprɑɪz/. Historians generally acknowledge her as a genius in her field. or space. Please acknowledge receipt of (= say that you have received) this letter. or the feeling caused when something unexpected happens: [C] Don’t tell Ann we’re having a party for her – I want it to be a surprise. /-ˌtoʊr·i/ n [C/U] Definition to speak or say part of a word with difficulty. . DC.dəl/ [before noun] Definition of a woman about to be married. or are not sure about something: [I] My brother just shrugged in reply. Definition an area of land. or the truth or existence of something to mention an idea. Wealth /welθ/ n [U] (MONEY) Definition a large amount of money and other valuable possessions: His wealth is so great that money doesn’t mean much to him. [+ that ] She acknowledged that she had been at fault. /ʃrʌg/ n [C] Bill’s only explanation was a careless shrug of his shoulders. They refused to acknowledge (= to recognize officially) the new government. or a situation Natural resources and a well-trained workforce make a country wealthy. esp. Practice     to accept. In recent years. especially something unpleasant Cars are subject to a high domestic tax.ɪdʒ/ /-ˈnɑː. Embroilverb /ɪmˈbrɔɪl/ [T] Definition to cause someone to become involved in an argument or a difficult situation [R] She had no desire to embroil herself in lengthy lawsuits with the tabloid newspapers. Wealthy /ˈwel·θi/ adj 2. person. they gave us everything we asked for. The United Nations was reluctant to get its forces embroiled in civil war. Subject adjective (HAVING) /ˈsʌb.lɪdʒ/ [T] to accept. /sə-/ n [C/U] Shrug /ʃrʌg/ v [I/T] (-gg-) Definition an unexpected event. [U] To my great surprise. possible plan or action for other people to consider to refuse to continue working because of an argument with an employer about working conditions. [+ object + to infinitive] She is usually acknowledged to be one of our best artists. Definition to raise your shoulders to express that you do not know. all the stutters and everything. sea. esp. by repeating it several times or by pausing before it: [I] He doesn’t normally stutter when he speaks. or of a marriage ceremony The magazine had a section on bridal wear (= the clothes that a woman wears at her marriage). do not care. or animal: [U] Maryland gave up territory to form Washington. You must acknowledge the truth of her argument.

Definition filled with some material: Children love stuffed animals. or losses to be smaller than they might be. [M] He gambled away most of his money. Force /fɔrs/. Swelling /ˈswel·ɪŋ/ n [C/U] [U] We won’t know how serious the injury is until the swelling subsides. and the buds on the trees are beginning to swell. Physics A force is a power that causes an object to move or that changes movement. To gamble is also to do something that you think is worth doing although it might not succeed or you might lose money: [+ that clause] We’re gambling that enough people will show up at the concert to cover our expenses. [U] She had to use force to get the old window open. His chest swelled with pride at being chosen (= He felt extremely proud).Couple /ˈkʌp·əl/ n [U] (SOME) Stuffed /stʌft/ adj [not gradable] Definition two or a few things that are similar or the same. [I] One of his eyes swelled shut. esp. Definition careful in the way that you make decisions or spend money so that you avoid unnecessary risks: They insisted that the deal is fiscally prudent and would not put the city budget at risk. Usher someone/something in Definition to welcome someone. strength or power: [U] The force of the wind knocked down many trees during the hurricane. prudent financial planning ACCOUNTING prudent accounting is based on the principle of not showing assets or profits to be greater than they might be. in a company's accounts: Normal prudent accounting principles require that prepayments should be written down where it can be seen that they will not be fully recoverable. often violent. /foʊrs/ n [C/U] (PHYSICAL POWER) Definition physical. especially because young and without experience She had grown from a gauche teenager to a self-assured young woman. prudent to do sth It would be prudent to delay interest rate cuts until early next year. [T] Immigrants swelled the city’s population (= increased it). Regal /ˈri·gəl/ adj Definition suitable for or in the manner of a king or queen: a regal bearing Squat /skwɑt/ v [I] (-tt-) (SIT) Definition to position yourself close to the ground by bending your legs under you and balancing on the front part of your feet: He squatted down and picked up some pebbles. . or two or a few people who are in some way connected: I’m packing a couple of sweaters in case it gets cold. [I] FIG. Definition to become larger and rounder: [I] It’s spring. Gaucheadjective /gəʊʃ/ /goʊʃ/ Swell /swel/ v [I/T] (PAST TENSE swelled. /ˈgæm·blɪŋ/ n [U] Gambling in the form of state lotteries is used to raise money for education Gambling Prudently /ˈpruːdəntli/ adverb Failure on the part of banks to act prudently has resulted in a global recession. or signal the beginning of something: The party was an elegant way to usher in the new year. if the result of a future event happens as you hope: [I] Some people like to gamble even though the odds are against them. Gamble /ˈgæm·bəl/ n [C usually sing] Starting up a new business is always a gamble. Gamble /ˈgæm·bəl/ v Prudent /ˈpruːdənt/ adjective Definition to risk losing money in the hope of winning a lot more money. PAST PARTICIPLE swollen /ˈswoʊ·lən/ orswelled) (INCREASE) Definition Awkward and uncomfortable with other people.