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John Stonestreet Postmodernism P.


Ultimate Reality Is Knowable Secular Humanist/Marxist (Physical) Cosmic Humanism (Spiritual) Christianity/Islam (God)


Post-Modernist (Socially constructed)

Ideas have consequences but they also have histories

Post-Modernism is basically a cultural mood


There is no absolute truth Brittany Spears Madonna Eminem = No Identity (random)

Quarter life crisis (.com)

Matrix Neo new Trinity On way to zion

No Set Worldview (all)

No Worldviews are true So all worldviews are valid

- pomo

Art Realism Impressionism Modernism (communication) (interpretation) (there is no reality)

There is nothing but interpretation

It does not matter what you think the scripture means it matters what it means

History is not all its cracked up to be The good old days werent really good

There are no legitimate foundations of knowledge

Postmodernism is nothing but decoration on modernism

Building Example Postmodernism is really critiquing humanism and modernism Gender-identity goes back to pomo no identity

Ideas have consequences and ideas have histories

St. Anselm For I seek not to understand.. Faith come before

Roman Catholic - Reformation Explorations Francis Bacon Scientific Revolution Philosophs


Reason went up revelation went down Shipmaking boom (during age of exploration) Biology boom (crisis of belief because of new discovery in new world) Rene Descartes quote

Religious Skepticism (check notes modernity) Find the Big Story instead of read it

Immanuel Kant quote

Age of Enlightenment

Thomas Carslile quote

20th century age of utopian visions (failed 5)

Nietsche and Karl Marx (God was center of society and now no God God is dead Philosophical)

Nietsche The Madman (read) Only one who knew utopia wouldnt happen because you got rid of God you must redefine everything

The Battle of ideas is the battle of definitions of words

Nietzsche now looks like prophet

WWI Depression WWII 60s AIDS and Divorce

Sanger Planned Parenthood Loved Hitler and was racist Hitler got ideas from American scientists

Post Modern Period

Jean Francois Lyotard quote

Key thinkers Post modernist Fathers Nietzsche Derrida Of Grammatology book Deconstruction: meaning is not located in any text Beyond Good and Evil book Said God is dead Said Truth is an illusion

We think, we get to make up meaning (affects Bible study)

Foucault Madness of civilization book The Order of things book Discourses of power: language is used to oppress others

No such thing as normal or right

Foucault most quoted source in academia (by far) Nietzshe is second

Richard Rorty Philosophy and the mirror of nature book Anti-foundationalism

LOOK UP Anti-Foundationalism

Stanley Fish Theres no such thing as free speech: and its a good thing too (article)

A Latino Judges voice by Sonia sotomayor (US Supreme Judge)

St. Augustine Confessions

No Big Story is a Big Story No absolute truths is an absolute statement No perspectives is a perspective