It goes without saying that I certainly did not complete this task purely by myself. It was due to the tolerance, cooperation, dedication and love of others and by God’s guiding grace that ultimately resulted in the completion of this challenging and time consuming, but fruitful, assignment.

First and foremost, I would like to express gratitude to my Additional Mathematics teacher, Mr. Saw Seong Moh on his tremendous support and teachings. His guidance definitely helped tremendously and his assurance that, “It’s very easy, you can do it!” was a constant motivator to complete this assignment.

Furthermore, a very big thank you to both my parents for all the encouragement and moral support that was given to me while completing this work. Their willingness to help me survey packaged drinks, buy the necessary materials to do this project, and to help me out with the printing, all while busy with their own working lives, truly made an impact.

Last but not least, I express my greatest appreciation to my friends, to Charlene Chee, Debbie Poh, Nur Afiqah Roslan, Shauna Bandusena, Sherine Aman, Stephanie Mekantus, Rashidah Kamaluddin and whomever may have helped directly or indirectly, whose cooperation and love made this whole thing possible. This project, I dedicate to you.


I, along with my fellow classmates, were given a task by our Additional Mathematics teacher, which was the Additional Mathematics Project Work of 2012. This project is titled, “Properties of Packaged Drinks in Malaysia”. A packaged drink is an individual-sized container that generally comes with an attached straw that can be removed and inserted for drinking. A packaged drink is considered an aseptic container, meaning it is manufactured and filled under sterile conditions and requires no refrigeration or preservatives to remain germ-free. Along with its portability and convenience, the juice box has gained widespread popularity due to the brick-shaped container's composition of unbreakable materials and tight seal. Although they are available in a variety of sizes, virtually all juice boxes have the same basic design features. Each of these features was designed to serve a specific purpose. First, the rectangular, brick-shaped design was chosen for its convenience, particularly during transport. Second, the materials from which juice boxes are made were selected to keep the beverages inside safe and fresh. A variety of packaged drinks are manufactured in Malaysia. This convenient beverage can be seen in various grocery stores and supermarkets all over the country. There is a big market for it in this country as this drink is portable and affordable. Packaged drinks are mostly favoured by children. As packaged drinks are mostly made out of cardboard, this beverage can be recycled, and should be recycled as it will cut down the natural materials needed for its production.

DS Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.“PART 1” Packaged drinks are commonly served during parties. There are many types of packaged drinks sold in our country. Nestle Products Sdn. Bhd. Desa Cattle (S) Sdn. Bhd. Lam Soon Sdn. Green Spot Co. Milk Industries Bhd. Table 1. Ltd. Amoy Canning Corporation (M) Sdn. celebrations or events. Bhd. Brand Yeo’s Ice Lemon Tea V-Soy Soya Bean Milk Ribena Blackcurrent Desa Fresh Milk (Chocolate) Delite’s Wintermelon Dutch Lady Full Cream Milk Drinho Lychee Drink Nestle Milo Manufacturer Yeo Hiap Seng Bhd. 3 . Bhd. (a) List the type of packaged drinks presently available in our country and their manafacturers. The types of packaged drinks presently available in our country.

Dutch Lady Full Cream Milk 4 .(b) Collect pictures of at least five different packaged drinks and their prices that you can find in the supermarket or shops. Yeo’s Ice Lemon Tea Photo 2. Your answer should include at least one type of Sabah products. Delite Wintermelon Photo 6. Ribena Blackcurrent EXAMPLE EXAMPLE EXAMPLE EXAMPLE EXAMPLE EXAMPLE EXAMPLE EXAMPLE Photo 4. Desa Fresh Milk (Chocolate) Photo 5. EXAMPLE EXAMPLE EXAMPLE EXAMPLE EXAMPLE EXAMPLE EXAMPLE EXAMPLE Photo 1. V-Soy Soya Bean Milk Photo 3.

EXAMPLE EXAMPLE EXAMPLE EXAMPLE EXAMPLE Photo 7. Drinho Lychee Drink Photo 8. The range of prices of drinks available in our country. BRAND RANGE OF PRICES Big 5 . Nestle Milo Small 6-In-1 Pack Yeo’s Ice Lemon Tea V-Soy Soya Bean Milk Ribena Blackcurrent Desa Fresh Milk (Chocolate) Delite’s Wintermelon Dutch Lady Full Cream Milk Drinho Lychee Drink Nestle Milo Table 2.

Students’ Name A B C D E F G H 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Patricia Bernadette Theresa Jessica Phoebe Clara Jacelynne Sherine Debbie * * * * * * * * * 6 . As an assistant marketing manager. Dutch Lady Full Cream Milk Type of Drink No. Ribena Blackcurrent D. Yeo’s Ice Lemon Tea B. Collect data on the preferred packaged drinks of at least 50 students. Nestle Milo E.“PART 2” Maju Jaya Sdn. Drinho Lychee Milk Drink (Chocolate) H. (a) Based on your survey. Legend A. V-Soy Soya Bean Milk C. Desa Fresh G. you are required to carry out a market survey. Delite’s Wintermelon F. is a newly formed company that manufactures packaged drinks. list at least five types of packaged drinks that are the most popular among the students. Bhd.

10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 Rebecca Shauna Rashidah Stephanie Charlene Nur Afiqah Vanisthaa Cassandra Keisha Deltrese Shaniqua Emma Jean Nora Manpreet Alexandria Elinore Elaine Alison Muneera Faye Hafsah Wani * 7 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * .

33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 Shasini Jacqueline Ruth Magdalene Marina Ebba Nicola Gwen Aishwarya Gail Iskandariah Amy Kerry Ann Mona Theodora Azula Mai Ty Lee * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Table 3. Preferred packaged drinks of 50 students. 8 .

To make your data more presentable. 9 . Frequency table of the preferred drinks. Type of Drink Yeo’s Ice Lemon Tea V-Soy Soya Bean Milk Ribena Blackcurrent Desa Fresh Milk (Chocolate) Delite’s Wintermelon Dutch Lady Full Cream Milk Drinho Lychee Drink Nestle Milo Total Frquency Frequency 8 6 6 9 4 6 5 6 50 Table 4. you are advised to include: (i) a suitable frequency table based on your data.(b) You need to present your data to the manager.

(ii) suitable chart(s)/graph(s) or any relevant representations. Preferred packaged drinks among students 10 . Preferred Packaged Drinks Among Students 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Chart 1.

Ribena Blackcurrent. It appears that the V-Soy Soya Bean Milk. the chocolate flavoured Desa Fresh Milk is the most favourable packaged drink among the students with 9 students opting for it.479019946 In conclusion. Mean= 8+6+6+9+4+6+5+6 8 = 6. Dutch Lady Full Cream Milk and Nestle Milo were all equally liked as each drink had 6 votes. Yeo’s Ice Lemon Tea comes after it with 8 students vouching for it. 11 .25 Standard Deviation= 1.(iii) conclusion. The preferred packaged drink after that is the Drinho Lychee Drink with 5 students choosing it and Delite’s Wintermelon appear to be the least favourite among the 8 drinks.

5 12 . Sugar contents of each drink.0 22. Tabulate your findings.(c) Based on your survey.8 15. Use consistent measurements so that comparison can be done accurately. Sugar Content (g) 24. Brand Yeo’s Ice Lemon Tea V-Soy Soya Bean Milk Ribena Blackcurrent Desa Fresh Milk (Chocolate) Delite Wintermelon Table 5.0 19. (i) Identify the sugar content in the five types of packaged drinks in (a).0 2.

long term consumption of these packaged drinks will only endanger our health. osteoporosis. It leads to hyperactivity. To put it in brief.5 5 = 16.(ii) Calculate the mean and the standard deviation of the sugar content. 13 . anxiety.0 + 19. It is advisable that a non-diabetic consume no more than 40g of added sugar per day. especially that of Yeo’s Ice Lemon Tea. Were too much of these drinks were to be consumed. is rather high. diabetes. and crankiness in children and contributes to the reduction in defense against bacterial infection.0 + 2. weakening of bones. discuss the effects of long term consumption of these packaged drinks on our health. As shown.0 + 22.66 Standard Deviation = 8. Too much intake of packaged drinks may cause obesity. Hence. no more than one packaged drink should be drunk in a day.006397442g These packaged drinks may not benefit much to our health. formation of kidney stones. and thus.8 + 15. difficulty concentrating. it may put one at various health risk. the content of these drinks. though there would be no harm to indulge in them once in a while. Mean = 24. and may even cause cardiovascular diseases. It would be better to forgo these drinks and opt for water instead.

0 5. 14 . 10 possible dimensions of a packaged drink.5 cm 2 materials used.0 6.5 13.0 5.0 13. the width is 3.0 7.0 7.0 Table 6.0 3.5cm.5 5. (ii) Hence.0 13. Amount of packaging materials used (cm 2) Length (cm) 5.0 12.0 5.0 5.0 6.5 12. which only amounts to 192.0 5.0 6.0 6. include the amount of packaging material used.0 4.5cm and the height is 12.0 4.0 13. The dimensions of the cuboid that uses the least amount of packaging material is when the length is 3.5 12. Given that the shape of the packaged drinks is a cuboid with volume of 250ml. the manager decides to minimize the usage of the packaging material for the drinks.0 14. state the dimensions of the cuboid such that the least amount of packaging material is used.“PART 3” As an environmentally friendly manufacturing company.0 Width (cm) Height (cm) 4.0 4. (a) (i) Find 10 possible dimensions of the cuboid.0 5.0cm.0 12.0 3.0 14.

the manager wants the base of the cuboid to be in golden ratio. 15 . golden number. divine proportion. painting. industrial design. optimization. A golden rectangle can be cut into a square and a smaller rectangle with the same aspect ratio. and perceptual studies. music. The golden ratio is often called the golden section or golden mean. golden proportion. The Greek letter phi (φ) represents the golden ratio. and write a brief explanation about the golden ratio. (i) Search the Internet. book design. medial section. in which the ratio of the longer side to the shorter is the golden ratio as they believe this proportion to be aesthetically pleasing. The golden ration can be applied and observed in many fields. Its value is as follows: Many artists and architects have proportioned their works to approximate the golden ratio. and mean of Phidias. divine section. finance. Other names include extreme and mean ratio. namely aesthetics.(b) For aesthetic reason. architecture. golden cut. especially in the form of the golden rectangle. Two quantities are said to be in the golden ratio (φ) if the ratio of the sum of the quantities to the larger quantity is equal to the ratio of the larger quantity to the smaller one. nature.

488653 4.2 3.982462 4.0 4.809172 4.80 4.52 7.340278 16 .2 4.25 6.5 3.36111 16. Amount of packaging materials used (cm 2) Length (cm) 3.80 8.12 9.44 5.7 5.6:1.8 5.64 8.1 5.44 9.16 8.96 9.4 4.0 Width (cm) 4.1 4.7 4.384216 7.27285 9.60 5.20 7.05633 11.25911 15.6 4.82064 10. Tabulate your answers.28 5.00 8.24 6.56 6.007305 5.41344 10. include the amount of packaging materials used.295062 8.507705 6.2 5.(ii) By using the ratio 1.12 5.08 6.0 3.60 Height (cm) 17.358368 5.070764 7.96 5.781684 6.25879 14.51644 12.165289 4.6 5.1 3.68 7.7551 12.778476 5.84 8.6 3.644768 4.36 7.5 4.85771 8.562478 5.9 4.34803 13.28 9.5 5. find the possible dimensions of the cuboid.716049 7.76 5.92 6.7 3.04 7.88 7.450514 8.0 5.3 3.073336 6.40 6.48 8.9 6.4 3.32 8.3 5.72 6.8 3.4 5.9 5.3 4.8 4.765625 9.

(iii) Hence. Width = . Check your answer by using Calculus. and Height = 17 .0cm and a height of 6.0cm. V = 250 cm3 Amount of packaging materials used Therefore. state the dimensions of the cuboid such that the least amount of packaging material is used.26cm. Length = . a width of 8. The dimension of the cuboid that uses the least amount of packaging has a length of 5. Calculation using differentiation.

Its cost is also relatively cheaper than that of other shapes.5 5. Type of Drink Yeo’s Ice Lemon Tea Ribena Blackcurrent Delite’s Wintermelon Length(cm) 5.0 273.0 Such dimensions were used as the dimension of a cuboid is the most convenient shape to produce and store.0 5. give reason(s) why manufacturers use these dimensions.0 14.0 Total Surface Area (cm 2) 274. 18 .0 4.0 12.0 7. Measure the dimensions of at least three different types of packaged drinks.0 406.0 Width(cm) 4. In your opinion.(c) Packaged drinks come in different sizes and volumes. A cuboid is a rather stable shape which enables consumers to place the drink on a flat surface without the risk of it toppling over.0 Height(cm) 13.

Total Surface Area (cm 2) h = 6.25) = 241. Your discussion may include:   The cost of packaging materials. Discuss briefly the usual materials used to package the drinks. Hence.“FURTHER EXPLORATION” Suggest three other shapes for the packaged drinks.3523 Shape Volume(cm 3) Height(cm) Cylinder 250 6.25cm r = 3.1207 h = 6.25 Cone 250 6. discuss the pro(s) and con(s) of each of the shapes that you have chosen.1804 A = πr2 + πrh = (22) + (6.25cm r = 6. The cost of production and storage.25) = 220.5682)2 7 + 2 (22) (3.25 19 .1804) 7 (6. Discuss which material(s) is/are more environmentally friendly.5682)2 7 (6.1804)2 7 + 2 (22) (6. that will have the same height as in part 3(b)(ii).5682 cm A = 2πr2 + 2πh = 2 (22) + (3.

9544)2+ 4{ ( 1 ) 3 ( 10.9544)(6.9544cm A = Area of the base+ Area of 4 triangular faces = (10.25cm l = 10.Pyramid 250 6.25 h = 6.25)} = 211.285546 Shape  Pro(s) The base is rather stable   Easy to grip Cost is relatively cheap   Con(s) May slip out of hand easily if wet Could roll away easily should it topple over Cylinder   Stable base Attractive shape    Pointed top may cause injuries Not easy to grip May roll away easily if toppled over Cone 20 .

aluminum. cardboard is the safest for Mother Nature as it can decompose faster than glass or aluminum.   Stable base Attractive shape Will not roll away if it topples over  Pointed top may cause injuries  Not easy to grip Pyramid Among the materials used to package drinks are glass. All of the aforementioned materials except plastic are quite environmentally friendly as they may be recycled. cardboard. However. “REFLECTION” 21 . plastic. etc.

A lot of research and calculations had to be carried out in order for its completion. Though the most important thing I’ve learnt throughout the entire course of completing this project is perseverance. This has made me realise that recycling is indeed a very beneficial and environment-saving activity and I now recycle much more. There were times when all hope seems lost but some way or another. This project was no easy task. I will particularly make sure I’ll recycle my used packaged drinks.While you were conducting the project. illustrations. This of course. 22 . I’ve found strength to go on. I’ve learnt various new information such as the golden ratio and the effects of prolong consumption of packaged drinks. I must also attribute to the moral support of family and friends. what have you learnt? What moral values and recycling activities do you practice in your school and at home? Represent your opinions or feelings creatively through usage of symbols. drawing or even in a song. I’ve also learnt how much materials are really used in making packaged drinks.

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