ActiVia eCDN

Intelligent eCDN Management for STRATACACHE Appliances
Enterprise Content Delivery Networks
Key Product Features
• • • • • • Web-based graphical user interface Role-based system allowing multiple concurrent users Centralized cache configuration Centralized cache monitoring Centralized cache management Centralized content pre-positioning

Large-enterprise and network-centric organizations rely on their Intranets to optimize business productivity and deliver critical applications and content to end-users. As networks continue to evolve in scope, mission, and complexity, more applications compete for limited WAN resources. This creates performance and reliability challenges when supporting an ever-growing list of new application and service initiatives. To overcome resource challenges and empower critical new application services, enterprise managers embrace Enterprise Content Delivery Networks (eCDNs). eCDNs provide intelligent, application aware, delivery services that utilize centralized application managers and distributed edge cache and content delivery appliances.

Administrator Highlights
• • • • Robust management engine for remote service control Powerful scheduling interface for configuration and pre-positioning Multiple-view for monitoring via flat list, tree view or geographical map Comprehensive, ongoing performance feedback for all remote operations on caches Authenticated login to a personalized, role- and scope-based environment Powerful search engine to perform operations on groups of caches

STRATACACHE eCDN Management with ActiVia
ActiVia eCDN provides an integrated management framework for advanced application and content delivery through the Enterprise Content Delivery Network. It serves as a centralized configuration, monitoring, and management point for maintaining and optimizing the distributed edge cache devices.

Cache Configuration
• Centralized backup and restore of cache configuration • Centralized push of template configuration files • Operations can be performed on a single cache or a group of caches • Operations can be immediate or scheduled • Groups of caches can be selected using a multi-criteria search engine including: o Cache properties

Cache Monitoring
• Centralized monitoring of cache health • Centralized monitoring of HTTP service health • Group of caches can be selected using the multi-criteria search engine • Multiple available views: o Flat list o Tree view o Geographical map o Geographical aggregation of cache variables o Configurable SNMP or email alarms

Geographical properties

Content Pre-Positioning
• Pre-positioning of any cacheable objects • Pre-positioning can be performed on a single object or a directory tree using wild cards • Pre-positioning can be performed on a single cache or a group of caches • Pre-positioning can be immediate or scheduled • Group of caches can be selected using the multi-criteria search engine • Real-time feedback on completion of pre-positioning jobs

eCDN & Operator Maintenance
• Caches can be added or removed from the eCDN anytime • New users can be added or removed from the tool anytime through a superuser account • Users can be restricted to a subset of any of the 4 main group of operations • Simplified interface can be provided to non-technical users through a pre-filling of key parameters

ActiVia eCDN for STRATACACHE Appliances

Minimum System Requirements
ActiVia software is compatible with industry standard configurations: • • • • • RedHat® server Linux on Intel®-based
Infrastructure Manager STRATACACHE Core Cache Constellation Manager Application Manager

1GHz processor or higher 2GB free disk space, minimum 1GB memory, minimum 10/100Base-T Ethernet network

ActiVia is compatible with all STRATACACHE appliances running StrataCORE version 3.x or higher.



End Users

End Users

Figure 1: ActiVia eCDN deployment

ActiVia eCDN Licensing Information
CM-E/500 • Single site server software license • Maximum managed nodes: 500 CM-E/1000 • Single site server software license • Maximum managed nodes: 1000 CM-E Node • Single appliance agent software license

Figure 2: ActiVia eCDN infrastructure deployment and configuration interface

Figure 3: ActiVia eCDN map-based geographical and drill down view for monitoring

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