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Climate Change and its Relation to Energy

By John Paily Grace Ne Age Research

Everything about nature can be reduced to energy or spirit and matter. The problem of climate change needs to be addressed from this point, making it simple and comprehensible to all but not few scientists. In short we must address climate change from the point of heat and heat cycle The day and night cycle is heat cycle. The climatic cycle is a heat cycle. We are probably at the peak of universal heat cycle poised for a transition. What can help us survive this transition is the Principle and Design by which nature functions to sustain certain energy to matter ratio and thus the heat such that life survives. To know the truth, stand back to observe the day and night cycles in which we exist. When west awakes to sunlight/heat/energy and goes into apparent disorder, the east simultaneously sleeps to darkness to create new order. The earth has a parallel world design. When sunlight peaks in west it gives way to darkness and simultaneously east peaks in darkness and give way to light. This reality speaks that The system is instantaneously connected and there exist a perceiver who acts to change The fact that this change takes place slowly over a period of time, invariably means the system not only has dual world design, but has multiple world design where communication takes place in time. The day and night cycle that has 12 hour peak of heat and coldness, is embedded in another cycle of 12 month manifesting as climatic cycle with bigger peaks of heat and cold. Bigger cycles of 12 year and so on exist to form a Universal Time Cycle.

The above reality means that earths environment has many grid points through which smooth change of day and night and climatic energy changes occur. When these grid points gets affected the smooth changes of energy cycle is affected. If we try to increase the heat or cool the environment unilaterally then the system breaks down. Very clearly, our reckless burning of fossil fuel, industrialization and our intrusions into the night cycle in which earth works to cool is exponentially increasing the heat. This is dissolving the grid points through which the smooth change of climate is occurring. This is leading to Accelerated Climate Change and increased natural catastrophes. In our ignorance we are disrupting the Principle and Design of earth and her functioning. We are digging our own grave. We must note that Noble Laureate James Lovelock has expression great destruction of humanity because of increasing heat. Nature from common sense point of view is governed to basic opposing forces Sun manifesting as fire associated with wind Earth manifesting as water Sun is unwinding force and earth is the winding force. They give way to one another smoothly. As the grid points are dissolved unilaterally it is common sense the change of this force is accelerated. There will be sudden peak and fall. Thus we are seeing huge natural catastrophes from fire and wind. Earths opposition is leading to flash floods and snows and the winding is leading to increasing earthquakes. This eventually leads to huge volcanic eruptions that can virtually annihilate much of human population. Volcanic dust is known to cool earth. The situation of the world is augmented by increased loss of forest and greenery. Plants we know absorbs light and heat and create biological mass that unwinds into space. The increased heat is shearing the environment and is making all the ecological systems

unstable. The instability of human mind manifesting into violence and war and self-destruction is also related with it. The biggest threat to humanity is coming from non-enlightened religious leaders, who are fishing in trouble waters trying to advance their number and increase their material wealth than transforming people. These fanatics are polarizing the world in the name of God pushing it towards war and self-annihilation. One must note the world is already filled with weapons of mass destruction that can destroy humanity in minutes. The nature and her working are simple and simple solutions exist to our complex problems, yet we resist awakening to simple truth. The Accelerated Climate Change and the huge destruction coming our way can be dealt once we awaken to the Principle and Design on which earth functions. We can alleviate the suffering of common people. This is what the intellectuals of temples of science and religion are called for by the Lord There is a necessity to review the foundation of science and evolve to understand nature, life and God in simplicity. I write this because more than our ignorance nature manifesting into Accelerated Climate Change and climate catastrophes, what is threatening us is our ignorance of God. The world is polarizing in the name of God and is moving to self-annihilation. We must note that we have already developed weapons of mass destructions that can wipe out humanity in minutes and days. This danger can be overcome when we realize the Parallel Space-Time Reality that contains higher information, knowledge and power that coexist with Material Space-Time Reality. Nature is pressing us to evolve to know the Truth. The more we delay to awaken to Truth, greater would be destruction humanity has to endure. Truth can change the scenario of the world and take us into Golden Age where Humanity can live in harmony with Nature.

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