just 1 mile south of the river 3 min 27 ½ sec from downtown kitchen serves 7 days 7 am to 1030 pm 445-9197

I hope he asks for my phone number I wonder if she’ll give me her number

1703 south first street austin, texas 78704

“it just doesn’t get any more austin than this”
kick back under our grove of beautiful giant oak trees along bouldin creek, listen to free live local music, pitch some washers and enjoy some hand-made appetizers & sides:

with queso –or- guacamole 599¢ or have all three amigos for 749¢

hand-cut & seasoned with freddie’s special stuff

 chips & salsa 329¢

 fries 199¢

 a big ol’ basket of fries 499¢  spinach dip 599¢  homemade hummus 439¢  spinach quesadillas 699¢
nachos are served freddie style: the good stuff is plated and the chips are crisp on the side

 sweet potato fries 329¢  hot tater chips made to order 199¢  onion rings hand-breaded to order 499¢
can’t decide…..get a combination of chips -or- sweet potato fries -or- fries with some hand-breaded onion rings

(our onion rings have a lone star beer batter)

 nachos 799¢

 con pollo 999¢

 chings, swings or frings 399¢

 wings buffalo  teriyaki  carolina gold
8 for 799¢  12 for 1099¢

 homemade taboule 359¢
TRANS Trans Fat including our specially FAT

 hand-breaded chicken strips 699¢  chili cheese fries 599¢  blue chips 599¢

Freddie’s Menu is Free of ALL blended Fry Oil

with choice of one dressing or country gravy cheddar, mozzarella, jalapeños & sour cream our homemade chips with melted blue cheese, chives & tomatoes

We may add a Gratuity for parties of 6 or more No Separate Checks Max of 4 Credit Cards per Party (There’s an ATM machine at the Host Stand)

green & soup stuff
the little salad 399¢
(regular – or - caesar)

the big salad 599¢

backyard burger basics
all of these backyard basics can be made with chicken, grilled portabella, veggie patties, or our fresh never frozen all natural black angus 1/2 lb beef patties
choose from: cheddar  velveeta  pepper jack  swiss  bleu white american  mozzarella  provolone  queso

add a little salad to any burger or sandwich 199¢ add grilled or fried chicken or grilled fish to a salad 399¢ ranchchipotle ranchbleu cheesejalapeño honey mustard raspberry vinaigrette  southwest  oil & vinegar  caesar mixed greens, grilled chicken, kidney beans, tomatoes, tortilla chips, cheddar, mozzarella & southwest dressing mixed greens, mozzarella cheese, turkey, sliced egg, crisp bacon, diced tomatoes & choice of dressing mixed greens, tomatoes, cukes, crumbled bleu cheese & raspberry vinaigrette dressing (add grilled chicken for 200¢)

choose your dressing

 royale with cheese 749¢

southwest salad 899¢ cobb salad 999¢

 the old standbys 799¢

cranberry walnut salad 899¢

 the banana fire 829¢

avocado + homemade hummus + sprouts + pepper jack hot wing sauce + bleu cheese + banana peppers

 the nouveau south Austin 899¢

mushrooms & swiss -or- bacon & cheddar

 the bleu shroom 899¢

freddie’s homemade chili or soup de la day cup 299¢ bowl 399¢

 the cowboy 829¢

bleu cheese + grilled mushrooms + bacon

honey jalapeño bbq sauce + grilled onions + cheddar cheese

 the eskimo joe 899¢

special sandwiches
grilled portabella sandwich 899¢
a marinated grilled portabella mushroom cap served with grilled onions, red peppers, homemade hummus, spring mix, bleu and swiss cheese on a whole wheat bun

 the patty melt 779¢

pineapple + bacon + cheddar cheese

texas toast + velveeta + grilled onions

…or try one of freddie’s signature burgers
you might not think meat, peanut butter, bacon &
bananas would be good together, but whenever elvis comes in, he always has one (or 2). served on texas toast with a side of honey bear.

the fredelvis 899¢

chicken salad with pine nuts & cranberries on wheat 2 large grilled tilapia fish tacos with shredded cabbage and chipotle tartar sauce served in warm flour or corn tortillas with refried or black beans and spanish rice. chipotle-tortilla wrap stuffed with hand breaded fried chicken strips, avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, grilled onions, pepper jack cheese and jalapeño honey mustard. (no substitutions, please) served with our own honey jalapeño bbq sauce fresh oven roasted turkey and crisp bacon served triple decker on toasted bread with lettuce, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and mayonnaise served on toasted texas toast toasted texas toast served open faced with tomatoes, 10 slices of bacon and queso (health nuts can have it on whole wheat)

chicken salad sandwich 699¢ grilled fish tacos 899¢

crispy chicken wraps 799¢

1/2 lb of all natural black angus beef stuffed with pepperoni, mozzarella and pizza sauce served on choice of bun with lettuce, tomato, pickle, onions

the stuffed frederonie 899¢

customize yours
white  whole wheat  texas toast honey jalapeño bbq sauce  grilled onions  banana peppers jalapeños  ranch  another cheese  refried beans salsa  hummus  hot wing sauce  sprouts  add some 89¢ stuff  bacon  avocado  guacamole  mushrooms  chili pineapple  red pepper  queso  onion rings

pulled pork sliders 799¢ club sandwich 739¢ the b.l.t. 619¢

 what bun do you want   add some 59¢ stuff 

freddie’s heart attack 799¢

phat phreddie’s phamous philly 799¢
ribeye  chicken  veggie

add some fries to your sandwich or burger for only


serious meals
served with salad & choice of side: greenbean casserole  steamed broccoli  spanish rice green chile cream corn  garlic mashed potatoes handcut fries – either regular or sweet potatoes
tender beef or a chicken breast hand breaded, deep fried to a golden brown and smothered in country gravy a seasoned chicken breast grilled & topped with homemade hummus, sliced tomatoes, mushrooms & swiss cheese served in a tin pie pan and…if you don’t think this meal is serious…just skip the maalox after lunch served with jalapeños and onions (the frito pie does not come with a side or a salad) a seasoned 8 oz ground chuck steak is smothered with grilled mushrooms, onions and brown gravy

waffles ‘n stuff
omg…this stuff is delicious
and each is served with 2 belgian waffles, honey butter, syrup & honey

chicken fried steak or chicken 1099¢ chicken chez freddié 1099¢

waffles are the bun...1/3 lb pork sausage patty is the meat

chicken ‘n waffles 899¢ chicken fried steak ‘n waffles 1099¢ pork chop ‘n waffles 999¢ waffles ‘n sausage burger 899¢

freddie’s fabulous frito pie 899¢

kid chow (12 & under)
cheddar cheese burger 499¢ grilled cheese 499¢ chicken nuggets 499¢ hot dog 499¢ p.b.j. 399¢
(all above are served with side of fries & soft drink or milk) waffle 399¢ - served with bacon & soft drink or milk

freddie’s salisbury steak 999¢ 8 oz center cut pork chops

(over 12 – add a dollar)

what’s happening at freddie’s

served with freddie’s secret sauce & apple compote a sashimi grade yellow fin tuna steak seasoned with lemon pepper and served with a side of jalepeño honey mustard 2 large portabella mushroom caps handbreaded and deep fried to a golden brown with cream gravy.

1 for 999¢

2 for 1399¢

seared tuna steak 1499¢

texitarian portabellas 1099¢

satisfy your texan urges and be a vegetarian

sweet sweet stuff
a deep fried egg roll wrap filled with cream cheese & raspberries & served with blue bell vanilla ice cream a pbj sandwich is deep fried & served with blue bell vanilla ice cream & raspberry sauce…don’t knock it ‘til you try it! yes, that’s right, a warm moon pie with blue bell homemade vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, walnuts & whipped cream a warm homemade brownie with walnuts served with blue bell homemade vanilla ice cream & chocolate syrup (only in winter when there’s a fire)
consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness

raspberry cream cheese wrap 399¢ fried pbj 399¢

1/2 price selected appetizers  275¢ frozen ritas 250¢ wells 299¢ jack 250¢ tall boys (lone star, pabst, coors, miller high life) 

happy hour all day mon + tue-fri 4-7 pm

bloody mary & maria buffet 50+ items sat & sun 11-4 live music inside & out two throws tuesday

moon pie sundae 399¢

brownie & ice cream 399¢ s’mores 299¢

thu, fri & sat & sun (open mic on wed)  have 2 throws at one of the washer pits, get one in the hole & your meal is free!!  check out all your favorite games

11 big tv’s inside & out

Weekday Lunch Combo Specials 11am-4pm
Two large hand-breaded filets. Fries are the designated side. Choose a different side if you like. Freddie’s Homemade Chili layered with garlic mashed potatoes, green chili cream corn & melted cheddar & mozzarella Taboule Salad is the designated side. Choose a different side if you like

Fish & Chips

TexMex Shepherd’s Pie

1/3# Jumbo all beef dog served with Freddie’s homemade chili and melted cheddar. A fried filet with pineapple, lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole & chipotle tartar sauce on a toasted bolillo. Put your napkin in your shirt! Breaded fried chicken, avocado, tomatoes, grilled onions, mozzarella cheese & jalapeño honey mustard dressing served on a bed of lettuce Chipotle-tortilla wrap stuffed with Hummus, Avocado, Tomatoes, Sprouts, Spring Mix, Red Onions, Green Peppers, Pepper Jack Cheese & Honey Jalapeño Sauce (No Substitutions, Please) Velveeta, White American, bacon, tomatoes on 3 slices of toasted Texas Toast

Chili Cheese Dog

Fried Fish Po-Boy

Hummus, Olive & Taboule Plate Chicken Salad Sandwich Cheese Burger

Mrs. Freddie’s Special Salad Veggie Wrap

Chicken Salad with pine nuts & cranberries on wheat 1/3 lb. 100% Natural Angus Beef, fresh never frozen (59¢ or 89¢ add-on toppings are available) Hand made veggie patties with choice of cheese (59¢ or 89¢ add-on toppings are available) served with a side of chipotle tartar sauce.

Veggie Cheese Burger Fried Fish Sliders

Triple Decker DE-luxe Grilled Cheese Choice of Any 3-Sides for 699¢

little salad  taboule salad  cup of soup  greenbean casserole  steamed broccoli green chile cream corn  garlic mashed potatoes & gravy  potato chips handcut fries (regular or sweet potato)  spanish rice

each includes your choice of one of these sides

Frequently Asked Questions
Who the hell is Freddie?
(He’s much better looking today)

What’re Freddie’s favorite drinks?
At 9, Freddie liked Ovaltine
Today, he prefers Freddie’s Crutch for 399¢
(a shot of Jack & anything or nothing) (299¢ at Happy Hour)

Freddie is the Owner This is Freddie at 9

On hot days, Freddie likes the Summer Crutch: a Frozen Jack & Lemonade – also 399¢
(299¢ at Happy Hour)

or, perhaps he’ll have a 16 oz Tall Boy for 300¢
(Lone Star  Miller High Life  Coors  Pabst) (250¢ at Happy Hour)

After a hard day’s night, what is Freddie’s favorite hangover cure?
The 50 item Bloody Mary Buffet available Sat or Sun from 11 to 4 -orThe half carafe of Mimosa for 599¢

Adult Beverages

specialty drinks
made with texas’ own republic tequila, paula’s texas orange, and agave nectar served up in a ball jar for extra volume and garnished with a slice of fresh jalapeño
made with jack daniels’ tennessee honey whisky summer badger: iced tea and a twist of lemon winter badger: hot coffee & whipped cream …have a couple & you too won’t give a s#!t

happy hour stuff
all day monday + 4 to 7 tue to fri
(yes…these are the reduced prices) big ol’ basket of fries 199¢ chips & salsa 164¢ chips, salsa & guac or queso 299¢ chips, salsa, guac & queso 375¢ chili cheese fries 299¢ homemade hummus 219¢ spinach quesadillas 349¢ spinach dip 299¢ blue chips 299¢

the texican martini 795¢

selected appetizers at 1/2 price

freddie’s honey badger 650¢

patrón 100% agave silver tequila, patrón citronge premium orange liquer, fresh squeezed lime juice with a splash of oj malibu rum, peach schnapps, vodka, pineapple juice and grenadine

perfect patrón margarita 850¢

freddie’s love potion 650¢ dirty shirley 550¢

shirley temple’s sinister sister, made with austin’s own tito’s handmade vodka, sprite and a splash of grenadine cruzan black cherry rum, fresh squeezed lime juice with a splash of soda and sprite with a cherry on top

frozen ritas 275¢ all well drinks 250¢ tall boys 250¢
(lone star, pabst, coors or miller high life)

(or any other “jack &” drink or shot of jack)

the crutch or summer crutch

happy hour drink prices


black cherry limeade 550¢

the peach tea press 550¢
local graham’s sweet tea vodka, absolut peach, sprite, and soda

a tasty blend of cranberry, lemonade, and local graham’s sweet tea vodka jack and coke: freddie’s personal favorite to help get through those long days spent satisfying the many demands of his customers

the porch swing 475¢ freddie’s crutch 399¢

woodchuck pear cider  saint arnold elissa ipa stella artois  rio blanco pale ale  blue moon austin amber  widmer hefeweizen  pacifico bootlegger brown ale  negra modelo  Guinness sierra nevada  fireman’s 4  dos equis  corona michelob ultra  tecate (can)  shiner  miller lite coors  coors lite  bud  bud lite  o’douls pinot noirchardonnaymerlot sauvignon blanc

bottled beers

wines by the glass or bottle 50 item bloody mary buffet sat & sun 11 to 4 mimosa half carafe just 599¢

freddie’s summer crutch 399¢
a frozen jack & lemonade

mon-fri 7 am–11 am

sat & sun 7 am -2 pm BREAKFAST

fresh start
assorted juices med 229¢


freddie proudly serves third coast fair trade organic coffee for just 99¢
lg 329¢ 499¢ 399¢ 499¢ 299¢ 459¢

orange  apple  cranberry  grapefruit  pineapple  tomato

big ol’ bowl of fruit smoothie bowl-a-granola
freddie’s own homemade granola with fresh fruit

eye opener 2 eggs any style, toast or biscuit 349¢ rise & shine 2 eggs any style, toast or biscuit 399¢
and potatoes

sub 2 pancakes for 2 sides 129¢…for 1 side 259¢ add 2 pancakes to any menu item below for 359¢ no charge to sub grits or fresh fruit for any side

all american

a refreshing blend of orange juice, yogurt, banana, strawberries, & honey…thick & rich…a meal in itself.

2 eggs any style, toast or biscuit and potatoes plus sausage, bacon or ham



a large fresh egg put in a 499¢ hole in texas toast x 2, grilled in butter on both sides and served with a side of potatoes.

biscuits & sausage gravy with 2 eggs any style

eggs freddiedict

split a biscuit, add sausage 599¢ patties, eggs and queso. Served with a side of potatoes.

freddie’s s#!t on a shingle frittatas migas

hand held devices
scrambled eggs  sausage  bacon  potatoes cheddar or mozzarella cheese  corn tortilla chips  ham green peppers  mushrooms  refried beans  black beans jalapeños  grilled onions  avocado  guacamole

bacon with sausage gravy on texas toast served with potatoes


choose any three ingredients on your choice of corn or flour tortillas

breakfast tacos 249¢

an Italian style baked omelette served 699¢ with a side of potatoes and toast or biscuit…ask your server for today’s selections

three eggs scrambled with green peppers 699¢ peppers, tomatoes, onions, salsa & corn tortilla chips covered with melted cheddar cheese & served with refried or black beans, potatoes & flour or corn tortillas.

49¢ for each additional ingredient

sausage 249¢ egg 249¢ sausage & egg 299¢ bacon & egg 299¢ add cheese to any 59¢ 2 fried eggs, 1/3 lb. pork sausage patty and your choice of cheese and bun or texas toast 2 fried eggs, 5 slices of bacon, lettuce and tomatoes on your choice of bun or texas toast

biscuit and…

four slices of french bread dipped in custard, grilled and topped with fresh cut fruit and whipped cream old fashion buttermilk –or- special of the day one 249¢ two 429¢ three 529¢ add blueberries, strawberries, bananas, or granola for 49¢ per pancake order waffles ‘n stuff from the lunch & dinner menu

ultimate french toast


pancakes pancakes pancakes

breakfast sausage burger 549¢ breakfast b.l.t. 499¢

waffles ‘n stuff

ala carte & other stuff
sausage or bacon ham potatoes refried or black beans sausage gravy 229¢ 329¢ 199¢ 179¢ 179¢

blueberry muffins are complimentary with a meal or 79¢ each on their own mimosa half carafe just 599¢

1-2-3 egg(s) 129¢-179¢-229¢ cup-bowl grits 199¢-299¢ oatmeal (with or without raisins) 299¢ side of fresh fruit 179¢ toast or biscuit 179¢

More Gluten Free Stuff

Gluten Free Menu

freddie’s menu items listed below and on the back are gluten free
chips & salsa –or- queso –or- guacamole a big ol’ basket of fries nachos with or without grilled chicken wings with buffalo sauce blue chips


you can have anything from this section of the menu when ordered with freddie’s gluten free bun with the following “no-no’s” no-no to “the cowboy” no-no “the fredelvis” no-no to ranch dressing no-no to chili no-no to onion rings

backyard burger basics

regular fries – or- sweet potato fries hot tater chips  steamed broccoli garlic mashed potatoes w/o gravy


chicken chez freddié seared tuna steak pork chops (but no special sauce)

serious meals

any salad but can’t add fried chicken and need to specify gluten free & it will come w/o croutons dressing choices blue cheese  oil & vinegar jalapeño honey mustard  Caesar

green & soup stuff

cheddar cheese burger grilled cheese (order both with the gluten free bun)

kid chow (12 & under)

weekday lunch specials
cheese burger with gluten free bun mrs. freddie’s special salad (substitute grilled for fried chicken)

these sandwiches are gluten free when ordered with freddie’s gluten free bun grilled portabella sandwich chicken salad sandwich the b.l.t. freddie’s heart attack

special sandwiches

gluten free breakfrast
it’s easier to list the “no-no’s” toast biscuits flour tortillas gravy muffin eggs in a hole eggs frediedict s#!t on a shingle french toast granola pancakes waffles

(more stuff on the back)