Seattle Scream

10 December 2068 Ë Issue 37

Another Aztlan-Amazonia War in Columbia?
Aztlan and Amazonian military and paramilitary forces clashed on the outskirts of Bogotá for the third night in a row. Casualties are rumored to be in the hundreds but precise information is hard to come by as both nations are attempting to control media access to the area. Each side accuses the other of starting the latest conflict which seems to have flared up over a border crossing. Reliable reports indicate that Amazonian police forces fired first but that Aztlan responded with military assets. Dozens of vehicles have been destroyed along with at least six buildings. Civilian casualties are confirmed at more than 200 with Red Cross response teams setting up an emergence evacuation center and hospital next to the Bogotá airport. The two sides have repeated clashed since they carved up the nation of Columbia in 2049. UN and OAS negotiators are trying to establish a cease fire but without success so far. The violence is expected to continued.

Body Lottery-Seattle for the week of 3-9 December 2068, the winning number is:

Winter Concert Series Begins Across Seattle
The Seattle Metroplex cements its reputation as a center of music in the modern world with its Winter Concert series with music ranging from traditional Native American to the latest in ElectroBlast. More than 250 events are officially part of the three-week long Winter Concert series with hometown favorites Gossamer and Interstate 5 headlining the opening show downtown on Friday. One of the highlights of the series will be the Christmas Eve concert in the Omnidome featuring the Seattle Children’s Choir and a host of popular stars of children’s entertainment. For more mature Seattlites there is the Rock In The New Year concert on New Year’s Eve at the Omnidome and several other venues linked by realtime simicasts. Seattle Winter Music Passes are availible that allows access to the major venues and discounts on a wide variety of music and entertainment related goods and services across the Metroplex.

Congratulations to the lucky winners! Condolences to the relatives
of the victims.

Bio-Terrorist Attack Hits Medical Complex
A team of bioterrorists released dangerous biogenic materials into the Santa Maria Medical Research Corporation compound after attacking and injuring one member of staff and a security guard. Lone Star and the EPA have confirmed the corporation’s report that no dangerous biological material had escape from the secure area of the building. Emergency response by Greenbond Environmental Solutions ensured that the secure areas remained sealed and have begun clean up procedures in cooperation with Santa Maria. “We have no idea why anyone would attack us,” said Santa Maria Chief Scientist Matthew Martinez. “We are a medical research company seeking cures for rare disease, who would want to harm us?”

Employment Up in Seattle
For the third straight quarter unemployment dropped in Seattle. Job growth in retail, shipping and construction has continued apace.
“We are proud of the initiative shown by the people of Seattle,” said Metroplex Business Advisor Bob Routhe. “The opening of the California market and strong growth in trade with the NAN have both opened opportunities for Seattle businesses.” The strong growth of the Seattle economy is expected to continue through the 4th Quarter of 2012.

Protect Yourself against Goose Flu
The CDC has issued warning about the new strain of Goose Flu circulating through the Metroplex. Various medical providers are providing flu shots and boosters at reasonable rates.
“While the Goose Flu is rarely lethal,” says Dr. G Singh of Seattle General. “It is often debilitating and always unpleasant. Protect yourself through the approved and recommended ways.” Contact CDC-Seattle for more information.

Seattle Stress to play the Mexico City Aztecs
The Seattle Stress Premier Combat Soccer League team plays against their bitter rivals the Mexico City Aztecs at the Omnidome on Friday. The bad blood between these teams dates back to 2059 when the Aztec decapitated Miles Monroe, the Stress’ lead striker at the time, during a match in Mexico City.

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