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Updated November 2o13

First Name / Surname: Atilla Erdem Mobile Phone: 0 (530) 401 31 45 E-mail Address: atilla.erdem @ Permanent Address: Mursel Uluc Mahallesi, 934th Street, 3/4, Burak Apartmani, Dikmen-Ankara, 06450 Date / Place of Birth: 29 Apr 86 / Ankara National ID Number: 31774709592 Marital Status: Unmarried Status of Military Service: Postponed until 01 Apr 13


Institution: Gazi University, Faculty of Commerce and Administration Principal Subject: International Relations Date of Graduation: 24 Jan 11 Title of Qualification Awarded: Bachelor’s Degree Level in National Classification: 3,02 over 4.00 (Honours Degree) Institution: Dr.Binnaz Ege-Dr.Rıdvan Ege Anatolian High School Date of Graduation: 15 Jun 04 Title of Qualification Awarded: High School Diploma Level in National Classification: 4.70 over 5.00 (Honours Degree)

Institution: Politics & Diplomacy Academy of Turkey, Bilkent University Type of Education: I. International Politics & Diplomacy Congress i Dates Attended: 8 Mar 12 - 11 Mar 12 Type of Attendance: Participation and Poster Presentation ii Qualification Awarded: Certificate of Participation Institution: Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research (SETA) Type of Education: SETA 2011 Fall Semester Saturday Seminars iii Dates Attended: 12 Nov 11 - 31 Dec 11 Qualification Awarded: Certificate of Participation

Organization: United Nations (Ankara, Turkey) Department: Office of the UN Resident Coordinator (RCO) Occupation Held: Internship iv Dates Attended: 6 Feb 12 - 2 Mar 12 Organization: International Strategic Research Organisation (USAK) Department: USAK Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies Occupation Held: Scholar-Internship v Dates Attended: 01 Nov 11 - 02 Dec 11

Organization: Turkish Center for International Relations & Strategic Analysis Type of Organization: Non-governmental organization Occupation Held: Internship vi Dates Attended:

03 Oct 11 - 28 Oct 11

Employer: Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV) Occupation Held: Moderator at the Constitution Platform Citizens’ Meetings vii Dates Attended: 07 Jan 12 – 04 May 12 viii

Employer: Bod Medien Publishing Occupation Held: Freelance translator for iMacLove ix Dates Attended: 16 Jan 12 – 24 Feb 12


Languages: Turkish English French

Listening Reading

Interaction Production C1 Advance A2 Basic


C2 Proficient C2 Proficient C2 Proficient C2 Proficient C2 Proficient C1 Advanced C1 Advanced C1 Advance A2 Basic A2 Basic A2 Basic C1 Advanced B1 Independent

Social Skills: Good ability to adapt to multicultural environments, gained through my travel experience abroad. Computer Skills: MS Office 2007 / 2010 (at advanced level) Internet Applications (at advanced level) CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 (at good level) Artistic Skills: Watercolour painting, gained through training and school activities.

I have no driving license. On the other hand, I do not smoke. I am disciplined and trustworthy. I have a national certificate of English level (KPDS 2009 point: 86). All certificates are attached along with this CV.
PUBLISHED WORKS  Review of Hezbollah: The Story of the Party of God: From Revolution to Institutionalization

  

(The Middle East in Focus), by Eitan Azani. Review of International Law & Politics, Spring 2012, 8 (29): 165-7. Interview with Elvan Aydemir, published on USAK Stratejik Gündem, 29 Nov 2011. “USAK Ortadoğu Uzmanı Dinçer: Mısır’da mevcut yönetim halkın taleplerine cevap vermiyor.” Reporting published on USAK Stratejik Gündem, 22 Nov 2011. “Prof. Dr. Fuat Keyman ANALİST’te yazdı: AB’ye esnek tam üyelik anlayışını tartışmaya başlamalıyız.” Reporting published on the official website of USAK, 10 Nov 2011; USAK Stratejik Gündem, 11 Nov 2011. “USAK Uzmanı Mehmet Güçer: Türk diasporasının potansiyellerini kullanmalıyız.” Reporting published on USAK Stratejik Gündem, 04 Nov 2011. “Doç. Dr. Selçuk Çolakoğlu: Çin dünya ekonomisinde dinamizmi temsil ediyor.” Reporting published on USAK Stratejik Gündem, 03 Nov 2011.

EVENTS  Participant at the Seminar: “Making a New Constitution: In the Case of Iceland” Economy Policy Research Foundation of Turkey, 24 Jan 12.  Paper of Congratulation for Painting Contest. Dr. Binnaz Ege - Dr. Rıdvan Ege Anatolian High School, 19 May 03  Paper of Attendance at Interscholastic Facility of Theatre, Art and Music. Çankaya Regional Administration, 23 May 2000 REFERENCES

Person: Assist. Prof. Dr. Serpil GÜDÜL Occupation: Lecturer at the Department of International Relations , Gazi University Contact Information ************** Contact info is intentionally hiden, and will be provided upon request Person: Ms. Halide ÇAYLAN Occupation: Office of the United Nations Resident Coordinator, UN House, Ankara Contact Information ***************** Contact info is intentionally hiden, and will be provided upon request Person: Ms. Gülay KILIÇ Occupation: Research Assistant at USAK Center for Eurasian Studies, Ankara Contact Information ************** Contact info is intentionally hiden, and will be provided upon request Person: Ms. Sultan Erdem Occupation: Officer at the Revenue Administration (T.C. Gelir İdaresi Başkanlığı) Contact Information ************ Contact info is intentionally hiden, and will be provided upon request Person: Assist. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Şahin Occupation: Lecturer at the Department of International Relations , Gazi University Contact Information ************ Contact info is intentionally hiden, and will be provided upon request


Content of Congress: The Arab Spring: Reasons and Effects (What is the position of Turkey in the revolts, What is the role of EU in the spring: An approach to EU’s enlargement and neighborhood policy, Anti-Americanism perspectives in the geography, A comparative analysis between the revolutions in Eastern Europe and in the Middle East, A pure freedom movement or part of a Transatlantic plan, Forum: What will happen )

One of the selected participators who present poster. Title of poster presented is “Turkey vs. Iran: Freezing The Regional Influence Of Iran Out”


Content of Seminar: Introduction to Islamic Thought, Islam and the West, Introduction to Western Thought, Contemporary Western Thinking, The modernization of Turkey, Modernization of Ottoman.

Main Responsibilities: To provide support to filling of the documents in the RCO, to conduct research to support elements of UN reform and other areas relevant to the work of the RCO, to provide support to organization of UN meetings and workshops, to provide translation and interpretation service when required, to provide support to RCO in establishing the Monitoring and Evaluation System of the United Nations Development Cooperation Strategy.

Main Responsibilities: To organize the journal of the USAK regularly, to attend the lectures, to revise the given texts, to make reporting of the conversations and articles of USAK experts, to write a book review, to make an academic presentation to USAK experts about “Why Iran Seeks Influence on the Arab Region?”

Main Responsibilities: To prepare daily bulletins, to attend the lectures, to translate the texts of War Injuries Ordinances of Pakistan and Romania.

Main Responsibilities: To welcome the participants, to manage the discussion without manipulating, to making each participant talk about the constitutional issues within the specified timeframe, to explain the basic constitutional issues if required, to note the course of the discussion and forwarding it to the administration centre, to prepare an overall report at the end of the meeting.

Ankara Citizens’ Meeting (08 Jan 12), Konya Citizens’ Meeting (22 Jan 12), Edirne Citizens’ Meeting (05 Feb 12), Diyarbakir Citizens’ Meeting (19 Feb 12), Izmir Citizens’ Meeting (04 Mar 12), Antalya Citizens’ Meeting (11 Mar 12), Samsun Citizens’ Meeting (25 Mar 12), Bursa Citizens’ Meeting (01 Apr 12), Trabzon Citizens’ Meeting (07 Apr 12), Erzurum Citizens’ Meeting (22 Apr 12), Istanbul Citizens’ Meeting (28 Apr 12).

Main Responsibilities: To translate the given pages from English into Turkish, to write a news article for iMacLove, to keep up-to-date with iPhone, iPad, Android and their applications.

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